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    1. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    2. Anger DILD

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:24 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Had 1 Lucid dream
      Tags: cupcake, fight, snow
    3. Flesh king!

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:49 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 23rd 2019

      Spiral world, here I come!

      I am walking on a grass field and become lucid. Once I am lucid start to wonder where the birds from last night are at and try to look out for them but before I can find them, remember I have goals!

      Now, I know that there are goals to be accomplished but… just… can’t remember them for my life! Try to think hard about them and only come up with a shitty goal of eating. Which is always my goal anyway, if I don’t eat normal food will eat my enemies so… end up waking up without accomplishing anything.

      Back to sleep.

      I am on top of a mountain. Or am I? RC while going down and remember the size of the place, but then again I am human so it is as big as a mountain to me.

      While going down see another bird, this time it is normal sized for the planet. So much in fact that I can feel its gravitational pull and it seems me as food also. I just kill it with a giant meteor and look at it fall to the ground, become in a corpse much bigger than any of the mountains that where there before.

      I try not to think too much about it when I feel something hit me from behind! Yes, the damn goal! I have to use the vortex and see where it takes me to, but then I also want to see what happens with the body because there seems to be creatures living on its feathers, so just observe for a while until I wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am walking around a fluffy black space. Become lucid while walking around and realize that I am actually where the bird was at before… well, was alive.

      I jump down but only get to another body part, so teleport away and remember about my goal! Oh right, so quickly fly to the sky and then make the giant vortex in the sky, go through it and end up falling… backwards? It seems like it did nothing but I am at a different location and the vortex is bringing up things from the waking world? I can see a subway that ends up above ground, I can see a kiosk, a mountain range, a canyon like the Grand Canyon and pebbles from this world still eclipse it.

      How fun.

      I go down the sky and see some of the birds from before but… different? There is an army of the black ones!

      I quickly teleport down and start fighting them, get the upper hand until I realize there is more coming and find it difficult to just fight them physically… fine. Raise my hand and bring down a meteor big enough to darken the sky, but that isn’t big enough for this place? I make it bigger, at least as big as our sun.

      Before I know it, something has jumped from the ground up to it and breaks it apart, another bird, this one is bigger than human but smaller than other creatures, maybe two or three times the size of a human.

      I teleport instantly to it, while the black birds are looking. The sun meteor was not only shattered, but turned to dust! I enhance myself and prepare for battle.

      The bird looks to have feathers made out of leather… no, skin, much like that of humans.

      It prepares to punch me so fight seriously, considering how strong it seems.

      The thing pushes me back and there is an explosion where our fist met. Some part of the ground below us is blown apart and before I know it the thing is throwing me towards the ground.

      Teleport myself above it before crashing to avoid damaging further the ground and then punch it on the back of the head. The thing uses the momentum to turn around and flap its flesh wings then attack me with some kind of black bomb.

      I stop it midair and then absorb it, then make it do an explosion contained within a barrier, we both get some damage and the flesh bird seems to be angry about it.

      It launches at me, we start fighting within the barrier.

      I try to avoid punches and kicks because each time we hit each other the damage could potentially break my barrier and damage the ground. Who is this, and why is it so strong?

      Start to scan around to learn more about this creature. For humans, this is akin to what in our world would be called the demon king or whatever, at least in manga. It seems to be the highest level the birds I had fought the other day can get at, and this one isn’t as strong as others, as it is really old, but seems to be the current boss.

      I make a supernova and the thing absorbs it with that black bomb from before. Try to absorb it but now it makes it blast point blank when I get close enough to absorb it.

      Open my mouth and scream with some magic to dissipate the effect of the bomb, then the thing throws a flesh feather at me that, like the black birds feathers blocks my magic properties.

      So while the scream does cancel out some of the damage it is not what I desired and finally the barrier breaks.

      I start getting mad and excited. Scream again from the ground where I fell at and attack the bird with it, it somehow flies past the sound and down to the ground where I am. But use the soundwaves to draw an invisible magic circle to encage it, then start to attack in quick succession and encage it.

      Its flesh peels itself and feathers start to fly around.

      The spin around its body and become an attack force, I avoid most of them and start eating them. The fallen king has no intention to lose, but I can feel through scan the terror in the hearts of other creatures!

      What are they, where are they? Who are they? The minions, no, the family, the followers of this powerful but old king. He is trying to protect his precious boy who will be the next king.

      I do not dislike him, nor their way of life so I do not mean to kill him, but he is difficult to deal with.

      Eat all of the flesh feathers then when I am about to punch him and deliver a good blow something explodes inside of me… what the hell! The flesh feathers.

      The king jumps at me and starts hitting me, there is an earthquake and I have to dissolve first the flesh feathers then push it out of the way and encage it with a black hole. Quickly try to make a sealing spell but the damn thing is resistant even to the black hole. Stop it and look at the destruction… we have gone too far.

      Teleport in front of it and head-butt it then uses dance and start hitting it while making a new barrier, I am about to win when something enters my barrier, his son and daughter, both flesh birds already! They stop me and prepare to fight.

      From what I saw of the father, I am still not ready to fight them both, not after fighting the father so just teleport away and wake myself up after finding a good place to rest.

      Back to sleep.

      I am resting… feel tired as hell. Become lucid while trying to stand up. Feel too tired to stand up right now so just eat around what I have. Transform a few things into cakes and eat to my hearts content before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Talking to someone, become lucid while talking and realize I am in… the subway I summoned with the giant vortex. It is quite different to the ones I am accustomed to, as this one seems more modern and is painted in blue and white.

      Well, realize the main issue, the army of birds are coming to this thing I summoned and will kill all humans, so I get into the first station and leave at the last one. Do see humans are trying to hide in the subway hardest part but I know it will do nothing and just escape because I am still feeling a bit weak.

      While travelling, see the son of the king and decide I want to speak with him… not in human form, scan? I just hide myself and wake up before I get a chance to speak to him.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back into the dream. Somehow am lucid from the beginning and see the son of the king, use Scan and follow his life.

      Apparently the daughter wants to be queen and is stronger all in all, the son is not bad but he is not strong enough yet, it seems his wings been made of flesh are still not working.

      I pretty much help him out to work it out, fix his wings, make them usable and other things while he is travelling.

      He does realize what is happening and that someone is inside of his body but does not mind as I am helping out.

      Though I am sure he does not know that I am actually the one who nearly killed his father who after talking with him, seems to be super upset that he lost a fight, he thinks himself no longer able to be king and not fit either, he wants either son or daughter to take over his role and rule his race.

      Humans who are their primary prey are not as numerous as before and they need to hunt bigger things now that are harder to cook. It seems them are toxic to most and need to be prepared and they like their food raw.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in a puddle of water… or not? Become lucid when standing up and see the son afar. Make myself into scan and finish my work.

      After that the son flies over to the vortex and admires the things I brought fort. All the humans seem to have been captured now.

      He likes the… the kiosk. It has some figures like angels, a lot of metal works in gold and silver and seems to be made out of marble. Really beautiful. The mountain range he explores, a lot of unknown animals to them.

      They don’t touch them, could be poisonous and they are weak, so not a treat.

      He then goes to the canyon where his sister is destroying it. They end up fighting and they finish the father calls for them and tells them to fight during the festival to know who will become king or queen. I wake up after.
    4. Been sick sucks

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:48 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday 22nd 2019

      I didn’t sleep for long due to been super ill, but did manage to explore some more of the big planet, unfortunately, could not find anyone to fight.
    5. I officially like this planet

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:48 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday April 21st 2019

      Nitro! Or looks alike whatever

      I am walking around some plain, or possible just a rock who knows, this place is big as shit.

      Find some place to hide on and then see a bunch of things that look like Nitros from the series Toriko. I am not sure if they really are, so get closer and take a look at them.

      While the things look similar, they are not the same. They ARE birds, so they have feathers and all, their beaks look beautiful and gleam with a black shine. There is also the fact that their arms are not real arms but mostly like some kind of claw that used to be a wing.

      They look pissed that I am here and start to walk towards me, slowly and looking around and circling around myself.

      I try not to mind it too much until they disappear from sight. Turn back and step back while lowering my head to see one claw pass above my head, hit the thing on its stomach and send it flying out then turn and spin towards the ground to avoid the other three and also kick them out of the way then make a spike come out of the ground as my head is hitting the ground, another one comes from nowhere and is about to hit me with its beak when the spike I made sends it flying out of the way.

      I hear a loud scream and then look behind me then block out of instinct and get thrown a few kilometers back… oh who are you!

      Another one of the birds, this one is obviously stronger than the other ones and the black has gone not only to its beak, but all of its body, its beautiful.

      It jumps at me and I block with my arms again, stay my ground then hit it with gravity but something happens with its feathers and my magic attack is blocked?

      I get thrown back a little bit this time and then it continues to attack, I start to get excited but wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting next to a big rock, stand up and realize that I am dreaming.

      Once I know that I am dreaming realize that I am close to the last place so teleport to the plains and right away feel threatened.

      Teleport again and see something go through my after image, the black bird! I jump at it this time and start attacking it.

      It blocks my attacks and counterattacks. I try to use magic a few more times but it keeps blocking them all with the feathers on its body. They shine black. SO much fun.

      I jump again at the little bird and we continue fighting. Finally get a little ahead of it and grab its head, then place it on the ground and look at it trying to claw at me. It can block offensive magic but my defensive magic seems fine, as its claws can not go through me.

      Hug the thing tightly then try to let it go. It is still mad and goes again at me, so grow my claws and go through its body, skewer it and then make it become soil fertilizer for the ground before moving on. When that happens the bystander birds start running and they look both mad and sad, was kinda looking forward to them attacking me together but whatever.

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping next to a… something purple. Wake up and get lucid from the gravity, then decide I should be doing something else, but what?

      I try to not mind my business much and just walk around, but this place is so big that maybe running or flying would be better, but don’t really want to do that and just continue walking until I wake up again.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around some plains, find out that there is a kind of void? No, it is just a small hole in the ground where a plant is.

      Get lucid while walking over to the small hole and jumping into it, then on top of one of the fruits of the small plant.

      It is purple, and the small fruit is big enough that it contained a big city inside, bigger than the CDMX I go to every day.

      Once I am around the people they ask me if I came from one of the kingdoms outside… uh what? They explain to me a little and I scan the rest.

      Apparently humans are incredibly weak in the food chain and entire armies are needed to fight a small amount of creatures like the ones I fought against before, and they hide in remote places like this one and use weak magic to walk around the planet.

      I try to explain to them but they seem more confused than convinced and stop trying and just start eating from the fruit we are all standing on, which makes them mad! They say I can not eat from the fruit since it is the only thing sustaining our lives, alright?

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping next to a cathedral. Become lucid when standing and then wonder what should be my next goal. Oh yeah! I need to hunt down more creatures from this planet. I am about to leave when a girl wearing a knight’s armor shows up and stops me.

      She says that I cannot leave as we will be going to war in a few minutes. Why? I ask her if that is my problem and she tries to slap me but stops herself, she says it is everyone’s problem.

      The other warriors tell me how she is super famous for been strong and been able to fight on par with even one of the… uh some weird name for the black bird I fought? I want to tell them I killed one but that is probably the reason why they are coming here and decide to keep that to myself.

      Then she says scouts spotted too, also a red one which seems to specialize in offensive magic and is as powerful as the black one if not stronger.

      I want to fight them so agree to stay and fight. They all still believe I must be a very powerful knight from the kingdom as I do not have any injuries and arrived here on my own and flew down to their fruit.

      I try not to argue with them and help with fighting the brown ones, they want the girl to fight the other ones but want to help also.. how confusing! I just am waiting until they arrive to fight myself and disregard the humans, but wake up before I can go ahead and fight them.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back… but it seems the fight already finished? The whole fruit is in flames, they lost! Stupid weak humans who could not defeat the birds who already left. Try to fly out of the fruits to find the birds and then contemplate that if just the surface of the fruit was as big as CDMX… then the damn fruit itself was as big as half my country, and the three would be as big as the continent, so the hole could hold up probably a planet of earths size. Damn.

      While doing that woke up, which made me mad since I just… didn’t fight the birds.
    6. Me been lazy again

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:47 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday March 25th 2019

      Already behind again, so will journal quickly.

      I was talking with my not friend the wolf. He explained that the war had broke out and asked me to stay out of it… why?

      I asked him the reasoning since he did say I should have been on the war before, but he said that I am an outsider to their world and if anything, he would like to give me a much harder task.

      I get excited and say yes, then he reveals the super secret high difficulty task! Which is only to go ahead and protect all the war refugees.

      I am supposed to make a special location for them, so only those who want to go to war will actually fight. So I make a giant underground maze and set up a few guardians then teleport everyone inside who is not pro war.

      I also find that some places will not allow me to teleport so have to go there manually. Do get a few fights but nothing I would greatly enjoy.

      Tuesday March 26th 2019

      Same thing as Monday. This time I had issues with the refugees because they were children who did not want to leave their parents.

      Not like I cared, basically forced them out of the war zone and for some reason, some of the people I had saved before… well races, decided to go along with me and help me with the kids.

      Wednesday March 27th 2019

      I was again protecting the war refugees.

      At some point we got attacked by some group of mages, but I just beat their ass and was chilling there. Some people were happy with me, while I was mostly just doing nothing at all and getting bored.

      Thursday March 28th 2019

      Barely slept at all.

      Only remember making more buildings on my underground maze.

      Friday March 29th 2019

      More remodeling the maze and getting bored, watching the war from the sidelines. Too bad I always keep my word, otherwise would interfere but wondering if they are going to take too long… might as well go and fight them.

      Saturday March 30th 2019

      Still was working with the kids and trying to keep them secure, but my impatience was growing larger and larger and was getting annoyed at just waiting. I think a few people agreed with me but wanted protection for the kids more than anything.

      Sunday March 31st 2019


      A lot of dreams but not enough time!
      Basically, finally had it with taking care of the kids and decided I would actively participate in the war.
      Remember first teleporting to my not friend wolf who wanted to tell me it was the wrong idea but I told him that since this was not my war I would just fight however I deemed needed to be fought and he just agreed when he saw I was not going to back down.

      I finally teleport to the front lines of each race and start to fight them.

      The first one I visit is the humans with their weird technology, who start to shot me as soon as I appear.

      This time since I do not want to delay the fight, just start by teleporting to the robots, they detect the missing shots and try to adjust but already compressing the robots with gravity before moving on to the next target. I think they were in the middle of battle because I can see beastmen behind.

      I kind of like beast men so don’t kill them, just knock them out and then instruct them to pull back before teleporting to the next place.

      This time arrive at some kind of temple, and a lake. I don’t know what is going on but see a lot of fireballs and water towers here and there. Seems like a fight between mages and the beast men… wait what, did the humans and the mages make an alliance?

      I didn’t know anything about it.

      Go into the fight and start taking out the mages. The ones who are casting I bind them down with water and then encase them in ice while the ones healing on the back get dig down on the now swamp environment at their feet.

      Before I know it the night is over and I stopped several fights, which is good but I wanted to continue fighting.

      Monday April 1st 2019

      I was again at the lake with the temple, but there were not only mages but also dead beast men… did I not stop this fight last night?

      I try to find a solution and end up taking over the body of one of the dead soldiers.

      First of all, it seems like they deemed me to be their ally, well the beast men.

      Second, they deem me to be one of the secret weapons so they take out theirs too and the fight becomes more violent and third… someone has been watching this place the entire time?

      Someone jumps atop the soldier I am possessing and tries to kill him again. I just take over their body and then another mage comes over to try and kill the new body.

      I take my own body and then some smoke comes out from them and tries to bind me. I absorb it and then attack them with it.

      They seem surprised and prepare to attack again when I take over one of them, kill him from inside and force him to fight his companion before having to wake up for work.

      Tuesday April 2nd 2019

      I was in the facility with the kids, played a little bit then saw the other adults wanting to fight since I went myself.

      I went to check on the fights and saw several of the super big machines from the humans, ended up destroying one before having to go to work.

      Wednesday April 3rd 2019

      More fighting for the war, this time took out some archemages. But also spent a lot of time travelling in one forest I found which caught my eye…

      Thursday April 4th 2019

      Don’t remember anymore, as I barely slept.

      Friday April 5th 2019

      Too much work at the bakery with husband, no real sleep.

      Did have a lucid in public transportation, fell asleep and was looking through a weird glass.

      Saturday April 6th 2019

      AP attempt (WILD)

      I was tired and could feel myself drifting off quickly
      So just got in a comfortable position and waited to get into partial paralysis
      Then when I felt paralyzed started to let it spread, closed my eyes and let the HH begin
      It took a few tries since I haven't done it in a while
      But finally got to a point where I could dissasociate at least my hands
      Then when I was trying to pull myself, this black thing grabbed my head and suddenly I was next to myself but tied down by a dark aura coming from that thing
      I tried talking to it, but it didn't say anything and proceeded to slowly start biting "something" on my body in bed

      Also did some some fighting again in dreams.

      Sunday April 7th 2019 – April 12th 2019

      Finished the war, but it was so long ago don’t remember properly. Do remember however that I managed to destroy all of the powerhouses, ie the black thing and also the phoenix from the beastmen.

      I also remember talking with my not friend from the beastmen several times, he was always angry about me intervening like I did during the war, so I just scolded him because that prevented thousands of unneeded deaths and also prevented the leveling of zones where a lot of flora and fauna was alive at.

      He did ask me what my next goal would be, told him that I would be going to another world and he agreed, but would like if I could stay for a bit longer or come visit every so often. I just thought that was stupid and ended up going to a lonely location by myself before waking up.

      April 13th 2019

      I remember training some since I was done with the war, in between that tried to do the highest I could go for destruction at the time after activating time compression, I was able to make a supernova with ease and pocket dimensions where I could hide myself.

      April 14th – April 20th

      Finally moved to a new planet, this time I was kinda disappointed because there seemed to be nothing new on this planet.

      That is until on Saturday (The 20th) finally realized that I was just in a small portion of the planet.

      Started flying outside of the place where I was located at and then found something quite interesting.

      While I was in a “big” place, as big as the state where I live at, it was but a small puddle in the middle of a mountain range, which was as small as the trail of fangs left by some creature that passed casually through.

      I went higher and higher until I found out that it was just such a big planet, that most creatures here were big as hell, even though a good deal of the strongest ones are as small as humans and the other ones were just big.

      Did find a few big ones as strong as the small ones, if not stronger, obviously that lead to me going to search for said creatures, starting with the smaller ones.
    7. AP Spinning dive, meditation, chinese garden

      by , 04-24-2019 at 04:20 AM
      5-6 AP.i slept in 90 min intervals. 1,3,4th were naturally 90min, I was worried I might oversleep on 2nd cycle so I did set an alarm for it. Overall 90 minutes were natural to me. I watched some Japanese videos regarding LD, since the japanese term for it randomly came up, it was a sign. I watched several videos and LD is not very popular in japan. However there were some naturals who didn't follow the conventional techniques and I got some cool perspectives regarding it.I also held a rubix cube as I went to sleep. Slept diagonally without pillow on 3rd sleep. I also read RR novels from different genre than usual to get more visualization training.

      So there were 5-6 ap in on the 4th sleep cycle.

      1. I felt the "feeling", had some vibrations, I focused on it but had doubt whether it would work. Failed likely due to belief. Went back to sleep.

      -need confidence

      2. Felt it again, this time I visualized with eyes closed. I had memory for one of the japanese LD video I saw.

      It was a scary one where a guy got followed around by a ghost girl like the one from the ring. He exited his dream but kept having FA with her following him. I had the memory of that in the back of my mind.

      I had some fear and it intensified as I focused on the vibrations. It's the fear of sleep paralysis feeling. But I know I could overcome it. I had DETERMINATION. I told myself I was EXCITED, that I only had to leave the room for a cool experience. So I was up and about, saw the blurred vision of the bedroom. Rubbed hands to stabilize. I tried to jump through the window behind me that was beside the bed. I failed (this part might seperate into 2 AP)

      I tried again, I was repelled the first time but I knew I had to really want it. I stopped caring whether I would break the non-physical glass. I went with all my might and I broke through.

      I was out in the backyard. It was like the usual backyard. But it was snowing. It was somewhat warm though. I rubbed hands to stablize. I began to recall an action I wanted to incubate prior to sleep. I wanted to meditate in my dream again.

      I quickly entered the meditative state and sat down. It was very serene. Time began to slow down. Each petal of snowflakes gently floated down ever so slowly. Time was dilated. It was beautiful. I decided to stand up maybe explore. I just watched the slowness of my surroundings and just being in awe.

      -Determination won out. Meditation is still awesome.

      3.I was back on bed, I thought it was over but I had felt something. A feeling I could do more. I stayed still. Soon I was back in. I juump through the window behind me again. I was diving in forward with a spiraling motion clockwise to give it an extra oomph to break through the window. I broke through.

      It was a breathtaking serene garden. The air was gentle and moist, clean. There were water running in mini stone waterways/canals about 1m tall, perhaps 1ft wide, that ran through the whole place. throughout the garden that gave it that dampness in the air. The stones were grey/black from age and the wetness likely making fungi grow. I could sense the stones were shadow of brilliant bright white shine that would have lit the whole garden alight upon initial construction. The dimness of what was left now was peaceful in its own way however. It also had small square stone ponds that had loctus. With plenty but not a overbearing amount of lush greens that gave it a pleasant scent. It was like a garden of the emperor in the dynasty days. It was pleasant.

      I looked to the right and I saw a middle aged, maybe 50-60 years old asian woman, with black hair pumpy face. We exchanged a few glances. I walked past her afer a bit. I walked past her and saw 2 old Chinese men there.

      Could just be influenced by movies.

      4.I was back in bed. This time I decide to head through the bedroom door that was to the front and to the right. I Acted immediately. I went through the door and through the hallway towards the doro to the back. After I went through I was back into the garden from the previous dream.

      To my right near where the old woman was before, I saw a little child that perhaps reminded me of me. I gently pinch the child's cheeks, they were too marshmallowy ok!

      I walked towards to the right as I did previously and I just decided to meditate. I closed my eyes. But I could still see through my eyelids. A little more blurry than before though. I saw I think an old man and two young women, that looked very wise and and beautiful respectively. I decided that I could maintain my meditative state and do walking meditation as I approached them. As I am approaching them, I rub my hands against each other then touch the stone waterway to immerse my senses there. I keep approaching them. They were expecting me.


      5. I am back in bed. I hear my parents argueing. I realize the sounds were not real. They keep argueing though. There is a happy tune playingi n the background, spongebob-esque cheerfulness. I try to jump through the window to the left side but I fail.

      6. I am back on bed again. Still hearing bit of arguments. Not interested. I aim to jump through the same window. Spinning-dive. I did it! But as I break through the scattering shards of glass, the argument also reaches its climax. My mother yells "I'm leaving!" I think this unstablizes my emotions and awakens me finally. The happy tunes were strong and clearer than before though!

      -In the back of my head I also wanted to wake, to write it all down, could be the primary cause of things ending here

      -perhaps this was a repressed childhood memory or something

      few failed LD after this


      Meditation in dream is awesome

      90 minute sleep cycles are very good for me.

      I think I'm lacking rem, will probably rebound with more dreams tomorrow.

      I had the tingling on my third eye wake me during the xx last few failed ones. I just awoke before i could do much each time. I think the best thing to do during these times is to
      that worked before and gave me long LDs.

      New MILD mantra.

      Holding rubicks cube in hand

      Practice 3rd person, visualization, reflection, act out

      +Next time I will conquer the inception dreams.

      Master the "feeling" induce it whenever.

      90 (+alarm afraid of ovesleeping)
      90+(connected to next, awake short, 2 min?) 2:20(total)

      Always know that I'm dreaming.

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    8. Asking Permission

      by , 04-24-2019 at 04:04 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      04/23/19 Got in trouble last night, but do not seem to be locked up. Had many small lucid adventures, then seem to have gone astral again. The transition started as far as I can tell in the car ride. I get into a car and the woman who is driving says she is taking me somewhere to meet her friend. I weather is frozen and snowy. She is driving us through slush and I tell her I would like to change the weather. I exert control and bring ou the sun and change the scene to more of a lovely southern Cali setting. We end up at a cool swimming pool. I enjoy the feel of the water. I dive down to the bottom and look up at the surface from below. I go back to where the woman is sitting on the edge. She is sexy looking and I want her to be topless. I remember getting in trouble the night before and the advice. I explain to her my situation and politely ask her if she would let me play with her naked chest. She has no problem with this and I proceed. However, I feel the dream start to destabilize and must use a sensory reduction method to bring the dream back. I try again and it is very sensuous and realistic. The dream starts to destabilize again and I realize the problem is my body is becoming stimulated and my heart rate has increased. I stabilize again and decide to just swim. I go through many more scenes with the woman including on where I mention that I am actually dreaming and have a body somewhere else. She smiles and says, "yes, but the question is, am I also asleep somewhere and dreaming?" I do not know the answer to that, having assumed she was native to this place. Later we are in a casino and one of the card dealers is a sexy woman in a bikini top. I am tempted to touch her, but again remember myself and do not. I decide to ask her if I can touch her. She says yes, but to come with her to some place private. She takes me to a lower level and allows me to touch her. I again have trouble keeping the dream stable so I thank her but explain I do not seem to be able to stay astral and deal with the stimulation. I do not remember what all happened after that. The whole sequence seemed over an hour long. I am making progress in fitting in and niot getting in trouble.
    9. Dream Police

      by , 04-24-2019 at 03:46 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      04/22/19 Very eventful night. Had been screwing around lucid for many small adventures when things got intense. I was out flying around and saw the coast off in the distance. Tried flying ultra sonic in a superman pose. Got the scene zipping by. Making progress on my jet speed while maintaining scenery (not simulating by blurring) and flew past the statue of liberty and out over the ocean. Came upon a weird fortress on a rock that rose out of the sea. Things shifted and I became aware that the dream now seemed to have a feel of astral travel. Interesting. I float around examining and land on a ledge finding my way inside. Explore halls and it first seems like a medical building. I try to avoid detection, but eventually there are too many entities and I can not go un-noticed. I now see this more as some kind of mall or something. I try to influence the actions of a couple people sitting at a table, but it makes them unhappy. This is unclear if i am in an astral zone or alone in my mind. Normally I can control DCs flawlessly. I wander around and approach an attractive female who freaks out and yells for me to get away from her. She is basically calling for help. Oh shit. It does seem I am no longer in my head and the entity is frightened. I go back out to the exterior of the building and float around to the other side. I go back in to an open area like a car garage or something. I see weird tree like formations and while examining it meet a weird weasel looking creature. I pick it up and carry it inside. There is a giant koi pond like thing. I wonder if the weasel would eat a fish. I use TK to catch out a fish, but the weasel has left. I realize I have entities trying to surround me and they look unhappy. I try to evade them but end up cornered. I can not phase away and they take me to an office lie space. I am being scolded for showing up in their peaceful area and acting like a jack ass. I realize the woman who called for help felt I was being a creepy perv and only after awaking figure catching a fish and leaving on the ground probably did not help. I have a calm conversation with them trying to defend myself. I explain that as I am not an astral being, I only reach their areas while my body is asleep. I explain that while in this state I do not have the best judgement. I clearly do not make fully thought out judgments almost as if I am drunken. I express I do not want to end up band for good from this zone, but can see that I have often made a horrible freak out of myself. I also express that I have trouble with telling the transition from my dreams to places like this. I can touch women in my own dreams, and will as I am a male ape. It is not intentional so much as instinctual and the seeming intoxication or limited faculties I posses in this state make it difficult. I would never sexually assault a conscious living being on purpose. The main guy actually gives me an instructive lecture on how I can tell an entity from a dc. It does not translate well and comes across something like "see this person and the fine detail in their appearance? Notice this, notice that. Now look at this person, see how such and such. You must learn to be aware at once when you have transitioned to this place. We can not have you assault any more people. In the future I recommend you ask permission from any person you see before touching them or doing anything to them. This should be a policy even when you are in your own mind." I am taken to a location outside of the building when I realize a much more aggressive group of people is coming. I am instantly afraid it is some sort of police or military and that they will remove all my powers and incarcerate me as has happened twice in the past. I ask how I can get away and am told not to. I take off from the guys before the authorities can grab me. I can not change the scene or anything like waking up. I fly along the ground away from them. Soon there are people coming from in front of me also. I take to the sky, but dense clouds push in my way and seem solid. I use huge energy blasts to get through. Before long I am tired and realize I have not got anywhere. I am just outside the building where I began running. I head inside and around a corner. I am surrounded but duck inside what looks like a storage closet and hope they will miss me. At this point my alarm goes off and I am able to wake. I calm myself, and push the snooze button. I try to picture a new scene, but reappear in the storage room and am already in custody. I manage to force myself awake. I really was afraid that I would now spend weeks in a lock up like the first time, going there every time I fell asleep with no access to dream control powers. The next night I was free and was back in the astral environment. It seems I had not actually done much to get in trouble and got off with a warning, this time.