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    1. Update again....

      by , 04-03-2019 at 06:04 AM
      I have been super busy at work and shit.. so this is just an update... 6 lucid dreams since last update... The first 4 was really short, but the 2 last ones were long and vivid (especially the last one). Flying and exploring the dreams in a lucid state has been the theme.

      I'll be back....
    2. AI takeover

      by , 04-03-2019 at 03:51 AM
      couple of dreams and short ld (one started like ap but became more ld)
      still recalling info on some.

      Superstore, Shoes
      I was in a superstore shopping around. Was recommended by my mom to donate blood or something but it was a very sketchy thing. Anyways I am looking around and find 3 pairs of running shoes left, they are pretty cool. There's a kid who couldn't get good shoes so I give away a pair. I gave him the most comfortable oneso the other ones weren't as good, they looked pretty nice though. A futuristic running shoes silver color shiny just like a mirror, had these square bits. You could fold the shoe in half like a box, very cool.

      I am heading to the counter as there's a commotion going on. A bunch of people are robbing the store, one of them was the kid before. Why did I give him the shoes!
      So he seems right beside the cashier and grabs me, puts a knife by my neck to hold me as a hostage as he talks to the cashier. Not this again! But this time my mom wasn't held hostage like the dream before (did I have a tiny bit of awareness?). so I pushed him away a bit, grab something small to parry his knife attack, push him back. Then I grab a chair. Chairs always work well. So I start beating him with the chair, along with all the rest of the group of thugs. It was a nice wooden chair, hard and yellow but not that heavy. It was pretty beat up at the end.


      AI Invasion
      The dream takes place in a resort/amusement park park kind of setting. I'm receiving a backstory from the dream again! (be aware of backstories) So apparently I'm now a man around his 40-50's graying hair, caucasian, buzzcut, tan, lean and pretty handsome looking (imagine a very tanned george cloony, skinnier) . He's the main protagonist here. He's visiting the resort along with some others as kind of a tour, or to test out this resort that's ran almost entire of AI workers. The CEO of this establishment was working under the guy who we took good care of in the same tech company prior. So this young boss wanted us to come check out his place. We talk a bit. He wanted to offer me a job there, wanting my expertise from the previous company.

      It was a very nice sunny day, but the sun was not sorching. Pleasant nice day.

      So we are now just going around the resort/amusement park, and find outselves in a pool. I change the point of view from our MC to someone else. I'm exploring as a young guy now. As I'm heading to the change room, I meet a commedian who is very buff, he's also apparently a body builder. He does something that bother me, I forget what. I go around for a while, trying to find him. He offers me his apology and he says he will let me kick him once as an apology. So he's standing with a very wide stance, at entrance of a corridor in this pool. It's about as wide as if he were to stretch his arm pararell to the ground. So he stretches out his legs and arms and stands in kind of a start shape, or the venturian man as painted by da vinci. So I am setting up my kick but I slip and it was not that effective. Oh well.

      I head out from the Pool and go to the main corridor. There is like a tag or hide and seek event going on in the whole place. If you can get away, you get a prize! So at first we are chased by human employees. There was something peculiar about the guy chasing me but I forget. Later on, the AI bots and AI controlled devices begin to chase us. Some a very large, long and tubular, maybe they are the tube parts of the water park. I look for a plac to hide in every nook and nanny but nowhere is open. I begin a birds eye point view of a fat lady who managed to get away.

      (I think it became night time around here)

      She went into the waters, where the bots can't reach! I am now surrounded by bots in the pool. They are all dark bots. Kind of a shark/cockroach shape. There is one boss bot that comes forward and sucks me/her in. It communicates in images rather than language. Of how the bots have gained consciousness, and their perspective of things. Visions foreshadowing the takeover of AIs.

      The events end. I am heading into a cave as someone else(young guy or MC). It's the path towards the main entrance and they'll announce the winner or something. I am with a boy, long hair dirty blonde, who is super good with tech, an expert hacker. I have a futuristic AR (artificial reality) suit on, and it shows holograms and gives info about the park and other info. The kid hacks into the suit, finds details about the man who programmed the AR suit, and found his stash of porn or something. His comment was "He's got a nice stash." Anyways we get to the entrance.

      I'm wearing the suit,and I see the security bots among other bots near the entrance. The AR suit's Holograms gives a holographic avator for the bots, giving them a cartoony appearance of cartoon guards and staff. As I head closer, something's wrong. The security AI goes berserk, other bots all go berserk. AI INVASION. I get attacked by the bot and loses consciousness....

      (morning here or the event prior)

      I awake(the MC) and I'm on a some kind of boat cafe. A cafe that's on a boat, like a mini cruiseship. There's some kids there, they're playing with their futuristic techs. One of them makes a program and asks the CEO to read it out backwards. He reads it out, it comes out to "something Lucid dreaming" lol, it was a prank from the kid and it makes his cup/food holder spew liquid at his face. Anyways the incident was taken care of somehow. And the young entrepreneur apologizes about the event, asks if he can do anything do make it better. MC says "I want a settlement... don't like feel like work, or people now" He complies and disappear into the shadow.

      The police show up gradually to investigate the event. They'll probably have trouble finding anything out of place. So I casually say, "gator bots" as I walk away. They were one of the bots that went berserk. As they check out the gator bots, one begins to act a little strange begins to attack someone but... Shuts down at the last moment.... Patched?

      *I think the bots found people by tracking brainwaves, hide yo brainwaves haha


      I am at a college entrance and head inside, feeling something amiss. I am walking through the halls and something just feels off. I think that it's a dream and begins to gravity rc. I try a little harder to feel the gravity and look at my toes, very fleshy and pink. Not wearing shoes. So I decided to take a closer look around, I see lockers and some benches behind the lockers. One guy is sitting on the bench, I could only see a part of him. I look away and towards my feet again.

      I wake up

      Spinning numbers
      I wake up but I feel that AP kinda feeling. I concentrate on that feeling and I start to hear spinning kind of sound. Slowly I am gaining vision, of the bedroom, lit by the sun through the open curtains. I can see my shadow and ontop of my head I am spinning a layers of spheres ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) on my head, upon closer inspection they are large numbers that are spinning in circular motions. As I look at that, I hear sounds from the outside. It's outside the dream and it's cars just running in a nearby road or highway. I hear their sounds and they are transformed into a carnival/theme park ride sound. Each time a car goes by, the sound transformed to the ride coming closer, and you could hear peoples screams on the ride... and away... Repeats a couple of times. I regain awareness, maybe emotional disturbance.


      So even the nld had a little awareness, and even dc reminding about LD.

      It seems that dream themes are bleeding in to later ones.

      I did some visual meditation

      My mantra was lucid dream everyday... so the later dreams, sun outside, could be considered day. Perhaps adjust to day and night, to get more earlier dreams lucid.

      Change scene/teleport/dilate time or something to make dreams last longer. Try incubating that.

      Increase duration and frequency... and yer set!

      I read some tasks of the months before sleep, I think it got incubated into my dream pretty quickly. Gonna try to incubate things that help increase the frequency/duration of LD. Or MILD for increase.

      Lucid dreaming every day and night

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