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    1. The Old Woman and the Cat

      by , 04-30-2019 at 09:26 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream

      2019, 04-30

      I am in a small house that must be owned by a troll. No one else could stand to live in such filth. The place smells like something crawled in about a week ago and died. It makes me think I might vomit. I see movement. But surely nothing could live in this filth... I see a strange cat come out of the shadows and meow. KITTY! The cat is scruffy and has two extra legs hanging from its abdomen, but being the HUGE cat lover that I am, I see the beauty in any cat. And its little smooshed face is still cute. I get down and approach the kitty, reaching out to stroke it. The cat's fur is matted, this cat needs a groomer, but the cat purrs. I hear a voice behind me. I look and see there is a person in the room, an old woman. She looks like the old crone disguise used by the evil queen to trick Snow White into eating the poison apple. She looks puzzled and says Musty doesn't usually let anyone pet him. I say I have a way with cats, I love every cat.

      The old woman soon says, "Put your clothes on for your father's sake!" and I realize I'm naked. That seems odd, so I pinch my nose to see if I'm dreaming. I can still breathe with my nose pinched so I know it's a dream. I quickly put on my clothes. Now I'm ready to leave. I head for the door, but the old woman says there is one more thing we have to do. I ask what that is. She comes so close to me that I can smell the stink coming off of her, she smells like she's the dead thing stinking up this place.

      The woman fiddles with a gold coin as if trying to hypnotize me. She whispers something in my ear about cutting my hair off after having sex, then she laughs. I ask her if she's gone mad, why would I do that? She gets mad at that and says maybe she should send me back to the mayor blind, deaf, and dumb. The parts Mayor Thorin values would still work. I say maybe I should fus her into Oblivion. She gives me a puzzled look, "You'll what me to where?" She then says that sounded like a threat and I'd better watch my pert mouth before I really rouse her anger. She is trying to sound angry but I think she just feels confused as to why her hypnosis failed.

      I leave the house and I lose some lucidity, and the angry woman slams the door behind me. I look up at the stars, taking deep breaths of the clean air. I look back at the small house as I am about to leave and I see a weird pink light inside a window. I peek inside and see the old woman holding a glowing pink crystal ball. The light actually makes her look young, but I can sense the malevolent negative energy coming off of it. If she uses it too much it will consume her, or maybe it already has. I now want to rescue the cat. I creep back to the front door and ease the door open. The woman was looking at the crystal ball in her bedroom so she doesn't see. I lean in a little and quietly call to the kitty. The mutant cat comes over for pets. I gently scoop the cat up, making sure not to accidentally hurt him. I close the door and hurry down the path with the cat in my arms. I am trying to think of the best way to introduce the cat so that I can keep him when I wake up.
    2. Factory on a pretty nice world

      by , 04-30-2019 at 05:15 PM
      1. Just playing minecraft with my brother, we have a little house and then my brother leaves, Then I start building this giant minecraft factory that come from a variety of mods, when Im finished other people join the thing and it gets less minecrafty, the factory now looks like a real factory although I still claim the extra land I used to build it on. Now theres a lot more people and a whole scenario going on, my family is there and other people that i dont even know but they work there. I go outside and look over the edge of a cliff and see the vast cliffs like the grand canyon, I see holes deep down where other houses are and its amazing, I couple times I fall of the thing and that feels pretty good, I die a couple times there although I skip the parts I hit the ground for some reason. Then I go and show the factory to my mum and we go downstairs where the lounge is and she begins about something that I want this stuff idk lol, then she starts playing the piano and she plays it like a god.

      2. Something about a giant tower I now live in from EMT some organization for college students and we play "real life" league of legends there, I go into the battlefield and we fight, then retreat and I still sneak around a bit there.

      (I havent played those games in like a year)
    3. Spy manuscript, chew well

      by , 04-30-2019 at 03:51 AM
      Lacking rem again, likely sign of good meditation and grc.

      Lacking rem for big chunk of sleep. Listened to hemisync to relax then try to sleep once more.


      I am a student of sort in the beginning of the dream. Eventually I'm at a hospital/lab that I think is a research center.

      I'm a spy, and I'm trying to recover some secret files from this place. I'm sitting in front of a computer with a very large screen, maybe 30 inches size or something. I think it's located in France. I'm stopped by a girl and she brings me somewhere. I faint? I end up in a hospital room and the girl was there with her twin. They were controlled by bad people and were trying seduce me to foil my spying mission or something.


      I go back to sleep. I'm at the room with the computer once again. I find the girl there and I recall the details from previously. I think I'm lucid? I wanted to re-do it properly. I understood that she was forced to play this role and I just directed loving feeling towards her. Trying to send some kind of telepathic message to undo her brainwashing. I think it got through and she understood me.


      -Being like a spy thing was related to an audiobook I was listening to "Celestial Prophecy". It was about a guy who went to a foreign country to discover a manuscript containing great secrets.

      Mini AP

      I was back on bed. Just laid there a little. Felt some feeling but did not expect much. My sensation of touch was separated from the body. Didn't have vision. Just left the body and walked a few steps. Perhaps had a little bit of worry that it wasn't going to last and it



      I tried sending gratitude to the food. I chewed it very thoroughly unlike before as it was described in the book. Fully aware and immersed in the process of eating. When I chewed the piece of pork... Tears began to drop. I Felt the life force of the animal... I was just so grateful. Thank you. I chewed the beans, its texture and complex flavors that melted in my mouth that representing all the minerals within. Thank you. The vegetables bursting with juices and vitamins thank you... I ate less, yet I have never been so full. Thank you for your life. Is this awareness or mindfulness? I'm... changing... being transformed?

      Just be
      Always lucid in every dream.