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    1. 28 May: Kidnapped friend's kid, puppies in Mexico and meeting a god

      by , 05-28-2019 at 03:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I meet Laura, think she is in some kind of trouble and needs to hide. One of her kids is in the hands of some bad individuals, which we we manage to locate and bring to our place with the kid (an office at a university). We fight and the baby ends up falling down a window. Luckily there is a mattress below and he is projected onto a cradle that happens to be in the middle of the street, in a perfect safe landing. We want to go get her immediately but there are lots of passer byes who call the police and we are unable to retrieve the baby, because for some reason, despite the kid being hers, Laura is not exactly in good terms with the law and they can't know that she is trying to get her baby. Then the police comes knock at our door and start an absurd interrogation. The office is quite messy, because we fought there with the bad dudes and they find a book about birds on the floor and start asking us scientific names of birds to prove a point. But I know quite a few bird names and say I have them in my land, hence my interest in the book. I don't understand where they are going with that. They leave and can't connect us with the kidnappers or the flying baby.

      In Mexico with mom and another girl. We attend some expo in the outskirts of Mexico City. On return we find some people providing care to street puppies. One has a horrible thing in the eye but they remove instantly. It's painful to see because they don't use any sedative, but then we see the puppies after care and they are all fine, cleaned and healed. They are all black and with white spots, a bit scruffy. My mom holds and kisses one that is totally black. They will be returned back to the street and we feel so sad but we can't take them with us. We hope for the best for the puppies.

      As we walk down the street, a very poor area, we feel a bit uneasy, but I focus on the beauty of their simple way of life and how nobody is disturbing us, so the fear goes away. I feel the presence of my guru and I become lucid.
      I open a tear in the sky, just trying to get out of the dream, but from it comes out a god, a very hunky guy, who throws green energy blasts at me, apparently challenging me. It doesn't affect me, I fly towards him and kick him on the side. He is projected and although he laughs at me he stays on the ground. And then hold I his hand and I kiss it, saying I love him.
    2. Teeth

      by , 05-28-2019 at 09:05 AM

      I was in a building similar to the jap school again. I think i was on the second floor. About teeth falling out. Went to the first floor diagnosis counter where a couple of people tried to help you. I kept pressing my teeth against my mouth to stop them from falling out. Went to the wrong counter with the lady where they couldn't help me. There was another counter where the guy said he could help but it was too late. Telling me about how my teeth are rotting out etc and stuff about Thailand.

      -teeth falling signifying changes. Good or bad? I was trying to resist whatever the change was by holding them in place.


      I woke to outside noise. In one of them awakening I managed to remember to do a technique. I focused on vibrations and it got stronger but I was distracted by the outside noise.


      I was back in the building similar to the one before. I was chased by some dcs when they found me.

      Scene changed fa/or awakening

      I was in a pool park and it was a death survival kind of thing. Pretty grotesque. Related to previous scene, either this scene or previous could have taken place first.


      All nightmares I guess im tired lacking some sleep.

      Did remember to do something when awakened as intended even if not the perfect result.

      Visualization skills appears to have improved drastically.
    3. Please send help.

      by , 05-28-2019 at 03:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well this week or months. have been bad for recall. Can't recall many of my longer non lucids because they weren't interesting enough to hold in my memory. Should I start taking notes again?

      Jamie dreams

      First one is: I dream Jamie started her own psychic webpage as a call psychic. While I am a christian and I don't agree with this. Since I probably gave her the ideas please send me royalties!!!

      Most of these dreams were like hypnagogic imagery while falling asleep.

      second one is she is holding my chin and kisses me.

      In one dream I am on the fortnite map and hanging with some blond girl. Her energy completely blocks out Jamie's and overtakes it completely. I am dumbstruck since no one can steal Jamie's thunder.

      Then I have one where I am reading the message I sent her... I find I can't send anymore messages. she has me on block or something. But her profile picture changes.. twice. I feel intensely rejected in this dream.

      Another where I am trying to find her but she avoids me at every turn.

      In the last one she seems to have gotten over her mood or whatever it was. We are in a fortnite game on opposing teams. but we decide to team up anyway. just me and Her. Our energy seems drawn to one another no matter what. We just walk alone on a hill somewhere quietly.

      Jesus has been strangely quiet in these past few weeks.
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. 28 Мая 2019

      by , 05-28-2019 at 02:45 AM
      Сегодня во сне я был в другом районе. Там со мной были мои друзья. Вместе с друзьями мы махали волшебными палочками. Говорили заклинание "Патронус".
      Потом один друг ушёл домой. С другим другом мы еще погуляли по району. А затем я проснулся.

      Today in a dream I was in a different area. My friends were with me there. Together with friends we waved magic wands. They said the spell "Patronus".
      Then one friend went home. With another friend, we still walked around the area. And then I woke up.