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      by , 06-14-2019 at 04:28 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      The dream starts with me reading the "end" of the Book of Exodus (which in the dream has a short 31st chapter to finish it off). I learn something about the sons of Jacob that I forget now. I move on to reading the beginning of the next book, called "Judah" for some reason, but soon I somehow get to thinking of Adam and Eve, which rouses some memories of Paradise Lost (but here the dream grows hazy).

      The next thing I remember I was in a large "historical reenactment village" (much like Plimoth Plantation) inhabited entirely by talking animals. The animals looked totally normal and realistic; they just happened to be able to talk. I was on a "mission" to go around and get two signatures for a petition to force the village management to restore the ruins of a castle that lay on the outskirts of the area. I poked my head into a small "egg-production plant" made of barkless logs and inhabited by a family of squirrels, but they declined to sign.

      I eventually grew hopeless and left the village, which it turns out had been inside a large museum-like building with a large number of dinosaur fossils on display. The ruins of the castle were also an exhibit for some reason. I told my father of my inability to get enough signatures, and he said that he should have realized earlier that our own two signatures would be enough (this is a paraphrase of something Jesus said in John 8, which I read before falling asleep).

      The continuity breaks horribly at this point as I somehow climb a mountain ridge near the village from before and look down upon it. I can see a huge red church, which I somehow know is called "Chester," with a massive square clock tower reminiscent of Big Ben. I get the idea to build a road up here so that everyone can come see the village, so my mother and I immediately start digging a trench for the asphalt to be poured into. The only thing is we have to make it comply with various regulations, so I get out a computer of some sort and look up the specifications for a road.

      I find that we somehow managed to dig it in the correct shape, but that if I want to operate a radio station from the summit at the end of the road, I'm going to need to comply with further regulations. (No idea why I decided to pursue this thread.) The music played on the station must represent all twelve musical scales roughly evenly, and content must also fit the Even and Odd Numbers Act, which I clicked on for more information. Suddenly we were in a car driving down a road through a mountainous landscape listening to a voice on the radio explain the Act.

      The voice said that even numbers tend to be more "serious," while odd numbers are more "comedic." We were to pass a series of examples illustrating this fact. We first passed two girls sitting by the side of the road with boxes of condoms, offering to hand them out. This was the comedic number one, since one of the girls was holding a single lollipop as well. We then heard audio footage of two people chanting religiously. This was the serious number two. As the number three was announced, we had to drive through a shallow pond for some reason. This was the comedic number three. As the number four was announced, we had to drive through a slightly deeper pond that looked about to spill over the edge of a cliff and inundate the town below. This was the serious number four. I suggested to my mother that the town should dig a tunnel through the cliff face to safely drain the pond.

      After all that had happened, I somehow found myself on what I recognized as the "ocean floor." The sky/water/whatever was above and around us was pitch black, but the ground was faintly radiant and allowed me to see. I was playing a game in which I had to move a large amount of jetsam sitting in a pile into a specific shape, but much of it was far too heavy to move without being able to operate a car that was apparently still in working order but missing its keys. I encountered a talking fish who turned on a nearby TV and played a commercial he had acted in for the drink Muscle Milk; it had a poem-like jingle that I tried desperately to remember. Eventually, I found the keys to the car lying on the ground, but as I was about to turn it on, I had a FA.

      I quickly got up out of my bed (and forgot to do a RC!) I still remembered the poem at this point -- which was only four lines long -- and I went to type it up. However, my mother was in my room for some reason and claimed she needed to use my computer to look up the recipe for something (my little brother used to get mad whenever she needed to do this on the old family computer). I frantically said "I'll write it instead," pulled out a pencil and notepad from nowhere, and began to write; as I was writing, I awoke with no recollection of the poem.
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