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    1. Travel through darkness and light

      by , 06-20-2019 at 06:24 AM
      After some time of mindlessness (concentration on nothing) my consciousness started to expand... I felt buzzing sound in my head. And my consciousness slowly shifted out of body. And I walked. It was pitch black place... I felt myself to move but I had no reference points to tell that I'm really moving.
      I came into light room. A few young women were chatting on one side of the room. I thought that I will come to them to hear what they're talking, but I was unable to steer to them. I was unable to stop walking. I had not enough will to do that. I walked straight to the wall and through it.
      I was in darkness again. I heard mumbling, talking.... In that darkness... So I was trying to go toward the sound. the sound was going louder, louder, louder .. fainter. So I reoriented myself and again tried to walk toward the sound again.
      After a few tries I got to lighted room with a few non moving women and men. I was walking straight again... Into wall. And I got stuck with head inside the wall. I thought that it was interesting and that to unstuck myself I have to walk backward... So I rotated my body and reversed into wall and through it without problem.
      I was again in darkness. I wanted to meet someone interesting. Even scary ghost would be interesting. I thought that being in darkness and thinking on such topics would materialize something. Then I heard some deep rumbling. Ach something is coming, I thought. And I cleared my mind. Nothing came... I waited for some time
      Then I walked again. I got again into lighted room. It was empty. I walked to window and through it. The glass was trailing as if it was transparent membrane. It didn't allow me to come through. Then it burst into bubbles and I was outside, in the nature.
      There was nothing but meadow behind me. It was night, lighted by big Moon. A diffuse ghost like figure made of tiny light particles was walking by my side. She looked like my soulmate. Then she dispersed. Then she condensed in front of me... And again dispersed. And I was walking forward tirelessly.

      I was listening yesterday this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q02vovRNwFQ I heard parts of it through this experience.

      Rob Dougan- Nothing at all
      I want to be still
      I want to walk into your grave
      where I can shelter in peace
      until all our cares have blown away

      let the whole world fall away
      and fall into my arms
      stay with me
      I don't know how long we've got left
      and so I'm asking you
      to forgive me

      I learn as I go
      to float far away
      into silence
      and just watch your face
      and find some kind of grace
      in that quiet bliss

      can I stay and say nothing at all, at all

      where will we go when we get old
      when the bustle and the noise
      get too frightning
      when each and every angry word
      is banished to the past
      that when I think

      we'll learn as we go
      to float far away
      into silence
      and I'll watch your face
      and read of patience and grace
      in each line there

      work each day
      all for nothing at all, at all
      and the few words I say
      they mean nothing at all at all

      will you walk into the grave with me
      will you leave this empty world
      soft and wistfull
      to sink into the dark, dark earth
      and never reappear would be blissful

      to float far away
      into eternal space
      and God's silence
      where I'll watch your face
      and find patience and grace
      in each line there

      drift away into nothing at all at all
      find the grace to be nothing at all at all
      fade away and end up nothing at all
      at all at all at all

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    2. Muay Thai Training, robo suits

      by , 06-20-2019 at 12:44 AM
      Had 5 ld I think. I woke up at night , I sat up and meditated maybe 2 minutes. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I felt like I had almost the perfect amount of wakeful and sleepiness. I lay down and tried to keep my eyes open a little longer. Barely managed to keep them open while I stared into the darkness. I thought I needed to be able to maintain my eyes open a little at least to be able to be lucid in my dreams so I tried to keep my barely open eyes open. When I could keep them open about 10 seconds without closing I went to back to sleep.

      May have also visualized meditating right before falling asleep here.

      Did mild and shadow work before sleep. Did not try to do it for too long as the day before but just focused more on engaging the exciting feelings.

      I have jotted that I was lucid and meditated

      Ld2: I was in the center of a townhouse or a short apartment complex that were maybe 3-4 stories tall.. I find my friend Allison.

      I lost lucidity around here.

      I follow Allison and we head forward to her or her friends flat. I am there and we hang out. I got into fight with a dc and my kicks were not working. I began to wish I could train my kicks somehow

      I meet the muay Thai champion Sagat, that undefeated muay Thai fighter that also inspired a video game character. I am at a kind of an open area indoors that looks like ymca. He instructs me a 3 times. Micro awakenings that changed location and training in each. Looks like the desire from earlier ld manifested.

      In the first one he made me attack him to test my strikes.

      In the second one he trains me to kick in a smaller gym like place.

      In the third one he makes me do squats I think.

      -I had some FA here I think about jotting down the dreams 2-3 times

      Nld: I am with my mom in the car, she is taking me to a school deep in the forest mountains. Stopped somewhere midway forget where. "archery range" keeps popping up though it was something similar to that I think outdoor place with lush greenery for target practice.

      -mmay have missed a dream here


      I am lucid in the beginning of the dream but I lose lucidity midway.

      I'm at the Japanese school once again, I am at second floor I think where the library was. I am heading down to go outside and I meet a bunch of other students.

      I think I lose lucidity around here swept by the dream plot.

      All the students or people are heading somewhere to the left. I'm not sure where but I follow them for a bit.

      We eventually arrive at a secret science facility sort of place. Each person wears a sort of suit that is filled with liquid that surrounds your body and creates a new sort of android body that surrounds yours. Our mission was to explore this place or something. We head down the hallways and down. There we find AI robots that are hunting us. We eliminate a few and keep on proceeding. I find some weapons I think were swords but eventually I run out of ammo and my armor is disabled from the engagenent w the robos. The robots ignore me and head off to hunt others after they sense no signal from me. I suppose the plot was that they were rogue AI that went berserk.

      I am discovered by a trio one guy a doctor and scientist guy and lady. They do some repair to my suit and we proceed. I find a bathroom look at myself in the mirror. The suit was beautiful really, perhaps the image of a perfect human being in the perfect mathematical golden ratio. In awe, I lose myself for a moment I think, like the state of meditation.

      I have sex there. I'll leave out the details. When I wake i am sore from the event. Too real.

      Dreams felt very long, I thought I definitely slept way too long but I didn't.

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