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    1. 5 Jun: Cambridge and Björk on TV

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:43 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At Cambridge (never been actually there). I am looking for the buildings and spaces I had seen in some movie. I go up a terrace to look for a sportsfield that supposedly existed outside the walls of the campus, but it is not there anymore. Instead, there is a poor workers' neighborhood. I see a dog running like crazy and an owner trying to catch it and I go running down because I think my dog Hachi is somewhere on his path and I am afraid he might attack this dog. I get there on time and the other dog owner catches his dog as I reach for Hachi and avoid confrontation.

      With my mom, we are having a brunch, delighted with some buttered croissants and watching tv. There is a live show where a young Björk and my friend Joakim are being interviewed. And I yell "how does that guy know Björk and why he has never spoken of it??" They are talking about some funny episodes from the past, how they met and somehow they had some role to play in each other's life. I rush to the studio where they are live and I catch them backstage when it's finished. I catch them having a personal conversation when they think they are alone. They admit the stories they told weren't true, but they did it to counteract some bad publicity and a negative image that Björk had gained with some story that had been on the news. And they didn't really know each other from before, they just had meet recently and arranged this. I feel so disappointed I don't even go talk to them, just go back to my mom and eat some more croissants.
    2. Donald Trump, Ice Cold, Game Design

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:15 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-05

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Fus You, Donald Trump!

      I am on top of a tall building, perhaps the Empire State Building. There is some kind of gathering there. I get closer and I see the president of the United States is there. Donald Trump is surrounded by secret service people and reporters are gathered. The president is standing near the edge of the building where there is a really tall railing designed to keep people from falling or jumping off. I get closer and I hear Trump saying something about opening a new coal mine that will employ hundreds and make money for him and all his rich friends. When a reporter asks about air pollution Trump says the coal burns clean. I get closer and Trump sees me, then says he can have whatever woman he wants. He reaches to grab me. I tell him if he touches me I'm going to fus him. He grabs a breast and laughs. I drop down to get a better angle and I fus him... FUS-RO-DAH! Due to my angle he flies up into the air and right over the barrier at the edge of the building, disappearing from sight. I wonder if he will make a crater when he lands, or maybe he will bounce? Secret service seems at a loss for what to do.

      So Very Cold
      I am in a strange place. It looks like an old style castle or fortress. I am not very focused on what is going on around me because I am so very cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside. It feels like I might have swallowed some liquid nitrogen and I am currently freezing solid. I walk through the halls looking for some possible source of warmth. There are people around but they all seem distant and cold. They look like Assassins from Assassin's Creed. I need to find warmth or I will freeze through. I go through some more halls and rooms not sure of where I am going. I enter a bed chamber. There is a bed there with an Assassin sleeping in it. I feel warmth from there. I need that warmth. I stumble over to the bed and practically fall into it, crawling under the covers and up against the sleeping Assassin. He wakes and looks at me. It is Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad from Assassin's Creed. He puts his arms around me and holds me, I feel his warmth and now I am able to fall into a peaceful sleep.

      Design a Game, Design a Reality
      I am in a school, I am in a computer class. Everyone is working on our projects. My project is to design a video game, and I am working on a creepy one. I have just finished modelling a student desk and I am placing multiple instances of it in an empty and creepy looking classroom. It is coming out quite good. I make the room dark and add spots on the wall that are cracked and peeling, just enough to make it look abandoned. I add some marks that could be blood stains near a door that will lead to the next room. I need a bathroom break. I lock my computer and get up. I head out the classroom door… and I find I have walked right into the room I was just creating! How can this be? I haven’t even finished making it yet! I walk into the room and the door closes behind me. I turn back and the door is gone! I am thinking this might warrant a reality check when I wake.
    3. 5 июня 2019

      by , 06-05-2019 at 04:34 AM
      Я был с друзьями кафе. Купил нам сладости.
      Затем я оказался с одним другом у себя дома. Дома был беспорядок. Мы с другом стали складывать вещи на стулья. Друг куда-то исчез. Я увидел, что в комнате опять возник мусор.
      Тут в дверь кто-то постучал. Я увидел рядом с дверью в воздухе рисунок мамы. Я открыл маме дверь. Она молча зашла в квартиру. Я стал водить вокруг неё руками - проверял она это или не она. Мама стала светиться жёлтым светом. Я решил, что это не она. Положил ей руку на лоб и втянул в ладонь.
      Затем я решил выйти за дверь. За дверью было искажённое пространство комнат и коридоров. Оттуда веяло страхом. Я зашёл туда. Зрение пропало, но я чувствовал, что спускаюсь по лестнице.

      В это же самое время я почувствовал своё физическое тело на кровати. И я почувствовал ещё одно тело. Из моих ног выходили призрачные ноги, которые повторяли мои движения во сне на лестнице.
      Я сделал рывок и выпал из тела.Зрение появилось и я увидел, что лежу на полу рядом со своей кроватью.Напротив меня был шкаф и рядом с ним лежал какой-то парень. Я махнул рукой в сторону парня и он исчез. Я немного приподнялся, и исчез шкаф.Этот шкаф мы викинули в реале около месяца назад. Появился столик, который стоит там сейчас. Вечером я ложил на этот столик карту. Когда я ложил карту, отворачивался. Я не знал, какую карту я положил.
      Во сне я подошёл к столику (при этом я не мог разогнуться, встать полностью). Моя рука прошла сквозь сумку на столе. В реале этой сумки там не было. Моя рука не смогла пройти сквозь стол - я почувствовал стол.
      На столе лежал ноутбук, пакет, ещё какие-то вещи, но не было карты. Я сдвинул пакет и вытащил карту из воздуха.Это был бубновый король. Я хотел выйти из комнаты, но не смог этого сделать. Стал думать: "Выйти в окно или нарисовать дверь на стене?" В итоге я проснулся.

      Я посмотрел карту. Это была 10 бубновая.

      Потом я заснул. Видел сон, в котором открывал шахту лифта руками.

      I was with friends cafe. I bought us sweets. Then I ended up with a friend at home. There was a mess at home. My friend and I began to put things on the chairs. A friend has disappeared somewhere. I saw that there was garbage again in the room.
      Someone knocked on the door. I saw a mom drawing next to the door in the air. I opened the door to my mother. She silently went into the apartment. I began to drive around her hands - she checked it or not. Mom began to glow yellow light. I decided that it was not her. I put her hand on her forehead and pulled into my palm.
      Then I decided to go out the door. Behind the door was the distorted space of rooms and corridors. From there, breathed fear. I went there. The vision was gone, but I felt that I was going down the stairs.

      At the same time, I felt my physical body on the bed. And I felt another body. Ghostly legs came out of my legs, repeating my movements in my dream on the stairs.I made a jerk and fell out of the body.
      Sight appeared and I saw myself lying on the floor next to my bed. Opposite me was a closet and a guy was lying next to him. I waved my hand towards the guy and he disappeared. I rose a little and the closet disappeared. We wiked this cupboard in real life about a month ago. A table appeared that stands there now. In the evening I laid a card on this table. When I laid the card, turned away.I did not know which card I put. In the dream I went to the table (at the same time I could not straighten, stand up completely). My hand went through the bag on the table. In real life this bag was not there. My hand could not get through the table - I felt the table. On the table was a laptop, a package, some other things, but there was no card.
      I moved the package and pulled the card out of thin air. It was the king of "bubi" (I do not know this word in English). I wanted to leave the room, but could not do it. I began to think: "go out the window or draw a door on the wall?"In the end, I woke up.

      I looked at the card. It was 10 bubi. Then I fell asleep.
      I saw a dream in which I opened the elevator shaft with my hands.
      lucid , non-lucid