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    1. 8, Fungust Amongst Us. No dream

      by , 07-23-2019 at 11:24 PM
      for photo 8 "Fungus amongst us"
      No remembered dream &
    2. 23 Jul: Earthquake at my mom's and Indian goddess again

      by , 07-23-2019 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my moms, although a slightly different house. It is in the middle of a city. But still at the top floor. On her room is my late grandma, still alive, laying in bed. I am with her. On the next room is my mom, my dad and some other relatives. The wall separating the two rooms cracks horizontally. My dad thinks the house will crack more and I think there has to be a reason behind it. That's when everything starts shaking. Through the window we see other buildings shaking violently and breaking apart. My dog Soraia is with us, I keep her near. Parts of our house start to collapse, like some outer walls. My grandma on the bed falls down with part of the room. My mom cries in panic. I suggest we all move to under the doorstep. When finally things are more stable, we assess the damages in the house. After the shock I say it is time to go outside because is dangerous to stay. My mom offers to go down the building's staircase and I say it should be me going, because I think it is dangerous for her. She insists and I warn her that she might find dead people. We hear a child cry somewhere on the floors below. She goes anyway. I gather my cats on a crate. Fairly easy to do except for Cuscus which forces me to go to the collapsed room looking for him. Meanwhile my mom returns, says the stairs are blocked 2 floors below. Couldn't find the child. We consider staying there until rescue comes but it might take weeks and it is not safe. So we find there is a connection between the roof to other rooftops of buildings that fell over each other. Through there I find ta way for us to reach the street. Most people seem disoriented but we find a group which seems to have a plan and knows where to go. I consider we join them. Then I am warned that some bad dudes are trying to steal one of my pets from where I left them in crates, near a car. But it is not a cat they are taking away, it is a falcon. I run and insult them but eventually the falcon flies away and escapes them. Then I call him back and he lands on my arm.

      With friends, at some ancient site, like a temple or palace, awaiting for our Guru's teachings. As we wait for info about what's going to happen, Rinpoche drops by and hands over a bunch of papers with poems. He says we should go make copies, distribute them and study the texts. Then he turns away to leave, but our eyes cross and I understand I should follow him. I follow him through a corridor, I stop seeing, everything is dark and then it's like I enter another time and dimension. The floor is covered in flowers and on both sides of the aisle there are people throwing flower petals and offering precious substances. I spot Rinpoche again at the end of this path and at the entrance of a private garden area. When we are there alone, we kiss. He becomes a young, athletic, beautiful prince, with long hair with a bit tied up on top of his head. I also turn into an Indian looking princess-like beauty with a vaporous white dress. We enjoy the sensual delights of being alone and free to love in this solitary magical retreat. Apparently for a long undisturbed time. We have a son. At some occasion I am bathing in a lake and playing with my boy. From a short distance, I see my love looking at us, very serious. He is majestic and he carries a dagger in his right hand. As he walks towards me, I get in some kind of horny surrendering trance. I get out of the water and I lay down on a stone surface and welcome him in my arms. He lays down with me. But he is talking very seriously about people in some other time and dimension. He says with aggravation that they will at some point stop going to temples and looking for us. They will instead go to shopping and movies and other mundane things and we will have to be with them, among them, doing those things with them, for them. Then I black out and start drifting in what I would describe as the multiverse, a dark void where a myriad of universes are laid out in an infinite geometrical matrix and I see them unfolding in their infinite diversity, overwhelmed.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. Horrible asthma but okay recall

      by , 07-23-2019 at 06:13 PM
      I did wbtb once again last night. I got closer and I recall more dreams.
      Dream 1: a friend and I are talking and suddenly we start dating. I go to her house. Which in the dream she lives in a small hotel, she's in one of the rooms in the 400's.

      For the remainder of the dream we just sleep together. Things get pretty saucy at one point

      Fragment 1: I am in a very big building with many other people. We're doing something i don't remember. Maybe with cars.

      Dream 2: me and some others are taking a class of some kind. In the class we compare two things and get points for the more details we notice.

      We do this twice. I can't quite remember the 1st one. I believe it was over gravity and something else. The second one is the only one I participate in. It's over the differences of a robot vs a person made from millions of different robots/nanotechnology.

      Our teacher which I notice is a fairly small and young looking women, tells us how this works and what we're trying to do.

      The first thing I look at is the robot. It had kink in it's neck that was open and exposed showing many different wires. In a way he looks depressed. Though the whole class know that both of these human/robot variants aren't alive.

      The human made from nanotechnology is extremly weird. His head is very big but his limbs are all small and frail. He is getting held up by another machine which makes the whole thing look even weirder. I had to stare at it for a bit to get what the hell I was seeing.

      In all honesty his head looked a lot like thanos lol. The dream goes on and class ends. We are to draw the details we noticed and the robots. I tell our teacher/guide(she have me a weird feeling. Kind of like she's not like other DC's I can't tell. I hope I'm getting closer to finding my dream guide/guides) after all that(I never drew anything) class is dismissed. But I'm hungry. Me and my friend find a microwave nearby and pop bags of popcorn. I accidently opened the first bag but popped it anyways. You'd think popcorn would fly everywhere but the bag stayed normal.

      My friend try's to put his bag on top of mine but I take mine out. Dream ends here.

      I'm getting closer to pulling off FILD. I'm going to try one more time today, after today I'll give myself a full night's sleep without doing wbtb(I did twice today). I want to experiment with FILD and SSILD. I am thinking there may be a way to combine them. But I will save that for when I'm much better at LD's
    4. A distraught movie character time travels in search for her missing husband.

      by , 07-23-2019 at 01:42 PM (Exterminate)
      I went to find and talk to someone my oldest brother was in love with. My goal was to ask her if she had feelings in return. She gave me a blood bag and told me she did not like him.

      Someone jumped from the 5-6th story of a hospital. there were about 3 witnesses. A boy around 11-12 was on the same level as her and took responsibility for calling 911. Moments later a bunch of fireworks "resumed."
      Someone's house caught fire from the fireworks and they ran up instead of downstairs

      I was a female movie character and was running away from a villain with my husband. As we ran out of the hospital the entire thing collapsed toward us. I was running away from it, but my husband grabbed me and pulled me into a pool for cover. The pool was too shallow and provided little protection. He died, but I survived. I wasn't the same. I had severe tinnitus and felt I had debris in my right ear. I think I lost hearing in left ear completely. I felt like I had an emotion change. I warned those around me that I might now be evil.

      I entered the past trying to find my husband. I was in a home my parents used to live in before I was born. I tried talking to those present but they ignored me. It was as if nobody could see or hear me. I shouted at the top of my lungs in desperation. My mom took me aside and asked me who the hell I was and what my intentions were. She freaked out and told me to stay away from her kids. I tried telling her I was their kid, but she didn't buy it. I found out through conversation that everyone present was younger than how I saw them in front of me. They could hear me now, and I asked everyone how old they were. I determined I was in the year 1994, a year before I was born. I gave my mom the details of the name of the person I lost. I couldn't think of his last name, it was never said in the movie. I looked him up on imdb and gave the movie name.

      My oldest brother "woke me up" and complained that I slept on his request to find his lover. I told him I did in fact meet with her in a dream, but she wasn't interested. He insisted on going down there himself and asking. We went down to a high school and found this woman who worked there, but again she turned him down. She offered him a solid handshake and wished him luck in his future searches. She then gave me a giant stuffed teddy bear. She said they had to get rid of them and felt I would like it.

      I was a passenger in a car going down a dark highway. The road had many sharp inclines and declines. It was so bad you couldn't see the road ahead as you had to go up. Then it would go down so sharply you felt as if the car would tumble. I noted how scary this road seemed and as I did the road got smaller and the surroundings got darker and rounder. We had entered a limestone cave. There were parts of the cavern road that only had one lane cause that's all there was room for, and we had to hope nobody was coming the other way. We ended up at a small room with old cars. It was so cramped you could barely fit our car inside. There was about 6 cars parked around, and an exit on the other side. It was decently well lit, but I had a feeling I needed to get out. When I did the driver of the car tried to make it around the cars parked there and through the exit, but the exit was blocked by some of the parked cars. I dragged and pushed the cars out of the way. They were 1920s model Ts. Very nice, and easy to move. I noted there was a workshop down here with so much dust on it nobody had probably been down here in ages. It was weird though, cause we took the highway to get here and there was no exits off the highway, it led 15 miles straight to here.
    5. Sing the database transaction song!

      by , 07-23-2019 at 09:17 AM

      Before 4
      Coming up with ideas for a book. Several character ideas and a kick ass woman. I try to write all the ideas down and consider running them past AB to see if they are cool.

      The dream shifts and I am one of the earlier characters in a sort of starting area for an online game. It is a green forest with ruins of old vehicles. Last of us vibe. Maybe a husk of a plane all overgrown. Down under the wreck are hidden cards that someone has thrown away. Studying these will teach me the spells. Normally this character type shouldn't be able to learn spells... but it is possible to hack the system. I look through the cards. One is ripped in half. Someone else arrives and I quickly hide the cards in a pocket.

      4-6 after wbtb.
      There is a carnival event going on nearby across a canal. I leap the canal and run to the event but then change my mind and go back. Back in some kind of house a woman asks me why I was running and tells me that it is dangerous to jump canals. But I did though. Twice. Afterwards I am up in a car on a hillside and see a massive flood. The water pours down the side of the hill in a huge torrent with gigantic trees amongst it, getting swept away. The DC in the car with me says we arent even supposed to be here at this time. I get out of the car to look but the torrent has stopped. It is just a normal river with tree trunks floating in it. On the bank are some small herb plants that may be important to collect. Later on I sit down and rest. I have a cover which I put up over my head but then become paranoid someone could sneak up on me. A DC with a sign comes and puts it down near me.

      Wake up in an unfamiliar house and go looking for gym gear. In a wooden drawer in another room there is a new gym top that I haven't seen before and socks that are red and grey marked with letters MRW on them.


      I am at a station looking for a train.

      Before 5.45
      Earlier I am talking to MR about work stuff and he asked about the "database transaction song" It was more of a poem but I couldnt recall how it went. Someone came in and told us to change. We were given scarves and gloves. I had smart work shoes on and a pair of trainers and some hiking boots. I asked which would be most appropriate. Hiking boots. Some other people were wearing trainers but I decided to follow advice. We start walking and end up going up some tiled stairs. This leads to an underground chamber with vaulted ceilings between brick arches. It is dark but there is enough natural light to see where we are. One member of the group has a miners hat with head torch. In the distance a group is being shown around. This is an abandoned sewer apparently.

      5.50- 6.30
      I am lying on a bed in an unfamiliar house. There are builders next door talking about whatever job they are doing. Then I feel someone touching me and open my eyes to find a woman seemingly about to perform a sexual act on me. Since I didnt know who she was or where I was the whole situation was a bit off and so I politely declined. She started talking about things that didnt make any sense until I realised that I was one of my previous tabletop roleplay characters. Trying to get me to move abroad to follow some other woman who I was apparently in love with. Not after M... cant go through that (heartbreak) again.
    6. Crazy dreams

      by , 07-23-2019 at 04:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A dream with Jamie in it. We are in a video game or something. Can't remember much just that the vibe is good. I like how she is being really consistent lately.

      Some HH while waking up.

      I was thinking about C and got a flash of a pink heart shaped box of chocolates... Um. No. Spirits do not start this shit again in someone else...

      Some more HH

      Was thinking about C again. Suddenly saw Jesus looking to the side as if he didn't approve. Ah I was wondering what he had to say about that.

      Grossest dream ever

      I'm working at McDonald's when a strange order comes up. On the screen it says some sandwich like a "Dirty Harry.". I am freaking out because I have never in my life heard of this. I ask the till person just what in the hell is going on? She replies that a special employee must make it something to do with someone's maiden name's something something. I am still confused AF. James the manager runs out and says he has to do it. He then performs making the sandwich by toasting the bun. Then he literally starts kissing the wall and slobbering all over it and he's making these loud rubbery kersplunk sounds. He then wipes the open part of the bun on the part of the wall with his slobber all over it and then finishes making the sandwich normally. I am so grossed out that I wake up right away. This is not the first time I have seen James in a dream where he does something absolutely disgusting and I never want him in my dreams AGAIN.

      Boring dream

      I was with all these people I seemed to know in a huge house that was also a mini apartment complex... Hard to explain but I kept wanting to leave and explore the underground tunnels.


      I am with Jamie in What is supposed to be the great pyramid of Egypt. Our roles are kind of strange in this dream - We are both asian, we are also both children, and she's also my older sister. I am trying to get into a room in the top of the pyramid but it's way too small to fit in. Jamie is inside mocking me like a big sister would. I give up and go down a long passage in the dark. I find a lightswitch and turn it on. A second later Jamie turns herself into a ghost and shuts the light switch off, laughs and then speeds off. I can't get the light switch working again so I continue my way down.


      I am in a strange basement with super long hallways with a young couple. I turn a corner and a 6 or 7 year old girl comes out of nowhere and hugs my waist, she looks up ans smiles at me. I say, "Thank you." and push her off after a few seconds. I am paranoid her parents will think I'm a creep or something. I have an impression that it may have been Jamie, but can't be sure.

      No more fortnite please

      I am with Jamie in fortnite again. We are by ourselves on the snowy side of the map. We are just building long tunnels and stuff, meanwhile we are having this massive conversation, some of it relevant to the dream and some of it just regular stuff. We are really getting along in this dream.
    7. weird af

      by , 07-23-2019 at 01:24 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      For whatever reason, I was in a sketchy barbershop that had snakes, monkeys, worms, and ants all over it. I was with this old guy. We exited the shop and headed towards Knott's Berry Farm, which for some reason was right next to this shop. The old guy kept hugging/touching me, which was weird. But also funny in retrospect.

      I don't know how to feel about this But that's all I remember. I have a decent recollection from a few nights ago but I don't have the time to record it right now.