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    1. 28 Jul: Part of nazi resistance, wasp attack and drugged by dirty cops

      by , 07-28-2019 at 08:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Were occupied by nazis. I am part of the resistance. I am staying at my hometown and we set headquarters at the school just by the side of my mom's house. I am supposedly a teacher, but it's just the cover. The school is at one of the highest points at the village and we can see every movement from there but are not seen easily from below. So I meet there some fellow freedom fighters and we exchange info and make plans there. Someone brings us the info that a resistance lady escaping the nazis is sleeping at the cemetery and apparently about to be found by a nazy patrol going there. We organize a group of three and we exit through the back to go on a rescue mission. I kiss goodbye one cat I own and is sleeping on a shelf on a wall. I fear not coming back but know that some of my friends would look after my baby. We get there and we eliminate the patrol and want to bring her along but she is actually complaining, saying she could totally handle them alone. We're upset and we leave.

      Going to my room, find it infested with wasps. Don't want to kill them, so start working on a strategy to take them away but can't make it work, so I just close the door. Later, Zilla and someone else comes to sleep there unaware of it and they go to bed without noticing there are wasps between the sheets. They get attacked and amidst the panic, Riverstone comes to help and starts killing them, says we can't save the wasps, we must protect ourselves first. I join in killing them with a shoe but hurts doing so. Then notice another little animal like a crab going into the bed. It is a strange creature because it seems origami, not real. But it moves and seems intelligent. I drop it outside my house and immediately it goes back inside, finds the room and goes to the bed again. I wonder if it is a robot.

      Walking a street with a frjend. Stop in front of a historic building to admire it. Then some silly guy passing by, kisses my hand. At first I ignore, but then decide to scold him and grab him by his arm and head for a police car nearby. Unfortunately no cops inside. So I drag the guy to the nearest police station. Unexpectedly the police tells me and my friend that a killer is looking for us. Then it's revealed that is someone in the police. They drug us, I stay awake but very sleepy. Someone laughs. I try to resist, I manage to keep conscious until someone comes in with a big dog.
    2. Wbtb's

      by , 07-28-2019 at 06:25 PM
      I keep on getting multiple dreams but I go back to bed with out recording bits it them. I'll have to remember.

      Dream 1: I'm in some type of camp. Almost like something you'd find if you're on vacation. I don't do too much in this dream so ima just say the key parts.
      I'm at a bench just hanging out and thinking. After a while some girls I know from school show up and start talking. They play a game with a weird type of toy. It's a lady inside of a small hexagon. You look at her with these weird glasses on your face and she tells you how you look
      (like a 8/10 for example)

      While everyone is playing I have a conversation with this girl K. At some point i pat her shoulders and she flinches hard. I ask what's wrong and she says that she pulled a nerve there. I say I'm sorry and we continue talking.

      At some point we hug, it was a rare, but great feeling hug. Eventually it's my turn and I turn around to face the toy. K starts hugging me from behind, which was also a great feeling. I put on the glasses and I get a 4/6 which Is kind of weird, but we continue on. Eventually everyone in the camp is getting up to go somewhere.

      I join my friends, but I have a very noticeable erection. So I bring a blanket. I say something and someone tells me to be quite. We reach our destination. And we have like 2 seconds to get into groups.

      Me and this other dude get in a group. we are asked a question such as "who do you think is the best in your group" we both look at eachother because we are the only ones in our group.

      I don't remember any thing else

      I had like 4 wbtb's but I don't remember any of the dreams(I know I had 3 more)
    3. 27 July 2019

      by , 07-28-2019 at 01:58 PM
      So I was visiting my Dad and Christie. Dad wasn't home because he was hanging out with some work buddies. Christie was kind of upset because Dad had apparently been spending a lot of time with him lately, and they had been drinking a lot together. Christie and I had a feeling that Dad was having an affair with the guy. I asked Christie if Dad had ever cheated on him before, and she got sad and nodded "yes". Then Dad came back from his friend's house. I had brought some cross stitch work with me, and had accidentally brought a piece I had made for my friend's birthday. He asked to see it. He asked "how much does the fabric tape cost?" I replied "About 2 or 3 dollars." And he asked "How much does the thread cost?" I said about 75 cents," and he asked "What about the canvas bookmark?" I replied "about 2 or 3 dollars". He then ripped it down the middle and laughed at me. I then yelled at him "And about 50 hours of work!"
      Here, I thought of Renee and her views on forgiveness and justice. In the past I would have just taken it, he would have told me to suck it up or something, and of course I would never bring it up, call him out on it, or demand an apology. But I was so indignant I could not believe it. I started packing up my stuff. He was like "What are you doing?" I didn't even reply to him or look at him; I was packing up my stuff and getting ready to take an Uber to the airport to go back home. I was going to Uber because I didn't even want to be in he same car as him if he drove me. I was DONE. He was like "it's not a big deal. It's just a cross stitch". I said something like "If you want to ever see me again, you will apologize and make this right by me right. now. I will never call you again. You will be out of my life forever unless you apologize and atone right now." I could tell that kind of hit him, but he didn't apologize, so I put on roller blades (what? I haven't roller bladed in years lol) and tried to find a good spot away from the house to meet an Uber.
      As I was rolling along looking for a good place, I was talking to Renee on the phone, and I was going under a tunnel, and a musical duo was playing under the tunnel. One guy was on bagpipes and the other playing the drums. I woke up shortly after this.
    4. Boyfriends or Crystals?

      by , 07-28-2019 at 09:43 AM
      Boyfriends or crystals?

      I dreamt that I had a boyfriend that was blonde, I can't remember his face tho but he liked me a lot. But I didn't feel anything towards him at all. There was this other dude that I really liked that confessed his feelings to me. He had dark brown hair, a multicolored leather jacket and was always smiling like the world were a perfect place for us. Even tho I liked the brown haired guy, I couldn't break up with my boyfriend. Also I tried real hard not to act upon my feelings for the brown haired guy but it was difficult. I asked my sister for advice and she only said: "Take a look" and I looked around when I discovered that there were crystals all over the ground. I quickly picked up as many as I could and tried to take them with me home not caring for any of the guys.

      I'm single IRL and couldn't find any meaning with the dream since all dream dictionaries suggests that such dreams are only for people with partners.
    5. Close to getting lucid

      by , 07-28-2019 at 06:12 AM
      Dream 1: I forget when this dream starts, but I'm some sort of supermarket. Me and my mother are walking around and we go to the upper left side of the store. Apparently there's some sort of therapist In the store.

      We start talking about my friend S, I tell her about how she's horrible at relationships. After talking for a while she ask me what I'm thinking of doing. I tell her nothing. She gives a slight sigh and says "no, you need to teach her to lucid dream!" Super enthusiastically.

      I give her a loud high five and then I think of reality checking, after about 2 seconds I decide not to. I don't know why. I think I forgot.

      We say our goodbyes to the therapist, and me and my mom continue walking through the store. Now I'm shirtless too.

      We leave the store to see people packing the streets. They're all buff people on workout mats. I have my own workout mat and I get on it. I don't remember the rest.

      I remember four other non-lucids, but they're too confusing and I've been up too long to remember.