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    1. Mega Voyager

      by , 07-03-2019 at 10:45 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I started off going into SP. I felt it coming as I was falling asleep and then find myself at a busy place. It was daytime and people milling about. I saw buildings, shops and, more people. I was walking around as usual then came to a cafe. It was a walk in one where you just come and sit and the waiters will know that you just got there and come serve you. There were tables, chairs and costumers all inside doing what people do at a dinning area. As I scanned this place Among the people I saw a very robotic DC, sitting off in a corner eating with its group of robots.

      I avoided him and went back outside and this is where my awareness kicks in. I realized that I was dreaming but was "aware as well" and I started singing "hungry like a wolf" songs and looking to see if I can find the Mega Voyager.

      I hear music playing from the cafe and saw the robotic figure getting up after finishing it's food and going up to pay for the bill.

      As I was humming about, closing my eyes and concentrating on the zord appearing I ran across a place. It was a room with lacy curtains in it and on a couch, sitting with outer people, was the Mega Winger! It was a female and she said something to the others before laying down and relaxing.

      Not working out so far then I seen a huge detailed Mega Voyager appear. He looked over in my direction and then he walked off somewhere, disappearing behind a bridge and out of sight. I guess I'll be concentrating on Predazord since Mega Voyager dosen't want to come out and play.

      So I started calling out Predazords name and as soon as I did that and began heading down a path away from the restaurant. The robot I saw earlier came outside, showing off all of it's details. His wing like ears, stern eyes, the circular lasers in his chest and his white bus like feet with the brown windows.

      He looked over at me, showing his mean looking face and I ran away, saying "oh no!" I know I was looking for him but not that one. I ended up running into a group of people for not looking where I was going and tripped, spilling something I had gotten earlier from a carnival. Mega Voyager charged at me, with his hands out stretched and before I can get up, he pounced out to my back, tackling me to to ground. He stood up, picking me up and I was trapped in his arms. He looked at me with its glowing yellow eyes and asked if I were ok. I said yes and he let me going but stood close to me.
    2. Haha.

      by , 07-03-2019 at 10:00 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      This one made me laugh. So yesterday at the end of my dream log I said "No jamie dreams " So I went right back to sleep and this happeend.

      Jamie visits.

      Jamie is at a computer screen reading my entry. she mentally then projects herself into my dream. She goes through the computer screen monitor and me and her a flying around in a futuristic city. Recall is extremely foggy after that.
      atta girl! Keep it up


      Dream of driving with my brother to the US. He says we are going to see the most accurate psychic ever. I'm like, "Please no, I don't want to waste my money." He says, "But we are going to get year end predictions." In this dream we are near december or something. I'm worried about crossing the border since I don't have a passport...

      then i notice my teeth are falling out. I have two molars in my hand and I am trying to place them back in my mouth. Yeah, like that's going to work...

      We arrive in some strange town and start walking around but my recall fades after that.
      Tags: jamie, teeth
      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. Another storm dream fragment | 03.07.2019

      by , 07-03-2019 at 06:33 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I was looking out of a window to look at a good storm.
      Tags: short, storm
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. failed dreamviews

      by , 07-03-2019 at 05:28 PM
      It took me about 30 minutes to write everything and then when i clicked post now, dreamviews said something about my token being expired, so i will skip out on typing my dreams again, but i will put some notes.

      I am in the process of ending my dryspell once and for all, I'm definitely not and wasn't a veteran to LD'ing, and i'm still learning lots. Right now I'm practicing 2 things, I'm doing a technique to become more self aware, the RRC and, and the ssild. I had a failed one tonight, but i got really close. I'm assuming it's because I'm fixing my sleeping schedule, it was also hard to fall asleep normally and in wbtb.

      I am also practicing a mantra, to help with recall and lucidity.

      It is wonderful that even though I am changing my sleep schedule drastically, that i was able to remember 2 full dreams and a fragment, albeit not too vividly.

      I'm getting close wish me luck
    5. Drunk Driving and Other Pastimes

      by , 07-03-2019 at 03:46 PM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Drunk Driving

      I was back at High School (where's my RC?!) heading to the final class I had that day, which was Health. However, it seemed to have moved, and I was having trouble finding it within the four minutes allotted for class transitions. Just as I was about to be late, I stumbled across the new "Room 105" -- a large area resembling the central non-store part of a mall with a number of tables and chairs set up as though it were a cafe. Today we were seemingly going to learn about "ways to relieve stress"; these included music, sleep, and beer. Everyone was given a bottle of beer to drink; I had maybe a quarter of it under the impression that it must be non-alcoholic beer before looking to see that it did in fact contain alcohol.

      I somehow ended up driving home (strange because at no point have I ever driven in WL). It was night now, and I had really stupidly decided to bring the unfinished beer with me. Suddenly, a number of cars started driving toward me on both sides of the road, entirely blocking my passage; I now barely comprehended that this was a dream, and so if I were to hit a car going on the wrong side of the road, only a "minor accident" would result and I wouldn't get into much trouble. Then I realized that the police would find the unfinished beer, assume I had been drunk, and sentence me to prison for a few years, so I quickly poured it out all over the car floor. I hit one of the oncoming cars head-on (which didn't damage it at all; it just stopped like a toy car hitting a wall) and kept driving until I was home, where I threw the beer bottle into a pile of bottles in my father's garden.


      I was being driven to a forested park of some sort while carrying a dark green mini-scythe (its head was as long as a golf ball is wide) and another similar implement I forget. My plan was to "harvest" some kind of wild herb with the mini-scythe. I was sitting next to my little brother, who seemed slightly curious about it. The blade looked very blunt, so I thought about feeling it with my index finger to make sure it didn't need sharpening, but I decided against it because if it were sharp, it could slice off my finger.


      My mother had left a parcel of clothing in Buenos Aires (she was confused about what country it was in until I reminded her it was in Argentina) and needed to get it back. However, she could not return to Buenos Aires, so she called the Argentina Postal Service and demanded that they ship her the parcel. Somehow this ended up in me founding a Canada-based shipping company to help out that eventually got a monopoly on shipping worldwide.