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    1. 30 Jul: Pre-historic animals on the lose

      by , 07-30-2019 at 08:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some clinic or whatever. I see Alex outside and I hear some growling and see people running. Go check and see some weird looking beast chasing Alex. I also see a triceratops and other prehistoric animals. People run inside the buildings but some animals also get in so they get out and run away again. When everybody seems gone, I am alone at the ground floor of a building with glass doors and have an encounter with a crocodile. Block its attack with a glass door. Then some girl walks in and doesn't see me, followed by a guy walks who hurts her and then locks her up in some room. Some couple also comes in and they are allies with this guy. Turns out the girl knows something about these animals, some project gone wrong. And I don't know their role, but I stay hidden spying to try to figure it out.
    2. Breaking Dryspell

      by , 07-30-2019 at 07:02 PM
      After a 5 day dry-spell, I managed to have a lucid dream this morning.

      - Wake up at 6:15 A.M
      - WBTB period was 115 minutes including reading and working my computer for a coding assignment.
      - Go to sleep at roughly 8:30 A.M with needing to get ready for work at 9:45 A.M(Yikes)

      There was a point where in the middle of my nap, I wake up again for 20 seconds. I instinctively "[got] present to the moment." That's all I'm thinking during that micro-waking. "Get present". It's this thing where I take a mental pause, clear my mind and focus on the here and now. I also sort of focus on where my Frontal Sinus is located - between my eyebrows. I don't accept the existence of a "third eye" so more testing needs to be done. I fall asleep like that and later on I recognize that I am dreaming.

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    3. Jobs

      by , 07-30-2019 at 01:59 PM
      In real life, I landed an interview for this job on Wednesday for 11 am. In my dream, the lady called me Tuesday morning to say "why don't you come today at 11" or something like that, in a way that made it clear it was an order. But I was sitting on Meme's couch in pajamas, no idea where my professional clothes might be, and it was already 10 am when she called. It would be impossible. I wondered if this was their way of getting in a surprise drug test: if the candidate doesn't even know when the interview will be, they definitely won't know when the drug test will be.
    4. 7-30-19

      by , 07-30-2019 at 06:51 AM
      Dream 1: I am planning to go to go to my friend mirs house but get caught up in the moment. I am doing something else and completely forget until it's one o'clock

      Dream 2: A dream where I play characters from different video games

      I wrote notes when I woke up at night but couldn't finish writing my dreams when I woke up because I got busy
    5. Skyrim: Dream of the Gunslinger

      by , 07-30-2019 at 05:27 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      Skyrim: Dream of the Gunslinger

      2019, 07-29

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing Skyrim VR. For some reason I am starting over yet again. I am thinking I have started over so many times but I canít think why. And here I am back in the cart with Ralof, Lokir, and Ulfric. I look at them and Ralof says the usual stuff, so does Lokir. I ask no one in particular how many times I have to repeat this. Well thereís nothing to do but wait for the dragon. Ulfric is staring at me. I donít remember noticing him staring at me here before. I look around the cart and I see numerous Imperial soldiers riding around us, more than I remember noticing in past times I played this. But other than that it seems to be going normallyÖ until we arrive at Helgen at the same time as a group of bandits.

      The cart comes to a stop near Helgen because there are bandits between us and the main gate. Theyíre fighting someone. I hear the crash of a gun firing. The bandits freeze, not sure what to make of that noise. A mage throws a fireball at someone near the gate. There is another gunshot and the bandit mage falls. More start attacking, and more gunshots ring out. Bandits fall, one for each shot fired. The bandits actually show intelligence as they scatter from the unknown threat. As the bandits scatter I see a familiar face. Itís Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books by Stephen King! The guards are trying to arrest Roland, so much for showing some gratitude for defending Helgen from bandits. It seems theyíre assuming Roland is also a bandit.

      The fact we were delayed at the entrance to Helgen does not delay Alduinís arrival. The huge black dragon soars over Helgen, bathing everything in his path in fire. He saves a blast of flame for those of us outside the gate. The explosion flips the cart end over end, dumping all four of us out. I have an image of the cart landing on top of me and I try to get up only to be knocked back down when Ulfric lands on top of me. The flaming cart lands several feet away with a crash. I look to the side and see Alduin grab Lokir for a snack. That guy just canít catch a break! Ulfric gets off of me so I can get up now. I see Roland staring at Alduin in amazement. When the dragon circles for another pass Roland starts shooting, though the shots have no apparent effect.

      There is now chaos. People are running through the gate and into the surrounding wilderness to try to escape Alduin, many donít make it. Thereís an explosion near the gate and I lose sight of Roland. I head in his direction, I have to be sure heís ok. Someone grabs my arm and pulls me towards the cover of the trees. I look and see itís Ralof, I pull away from him and head for the remains of the gate. Roland comes out of the smoke, he looks unharmed. The Imperial captain that I hate so much is coming at us with several guards. I want to fus her. So I do. FUS-RO-DAH! The captain and the guards all go flying backwards from the force of it. If I have to repeat this, at least this cool glitch repeated!

      Someone has grabbed my arm again. I look and see Ulfric this time. He says we have to move now, I wonít go anywhere until I know Roland is ok. Roland isnít even supposed to be here, Iím not leaving him. I pull away from Ulfric and go to Roland. Roland is staring at Alduin, who is over Helgen and torching everything. I grab Roland and tell him we have to get to cover. Roland turns to me but then becomes transparent and disappears. What the fus?! I am looking where Roland disappeared. My arm is grabbed again and this time I go without even looking to see who is pulling me. I am soon in the trees with Ralof and Ulfric and a couple other Stormcloaks. I am wondering what happened to Roland. Ulfric wants to know where I learned to shout, but when Alduin roars, Ulfric says that will have to wait. I am about to follow Ralof and Ulfric into the trees but I wake up. After I wake up I wonder if I disappeared just like Roland didÖ
    6. Meh.

      by , 07-30-2019 at 03:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Not sure where to start.

      No jamie dreams this week. First week in a long time. C stole the show but I dealt with that.

      Not posting in color because I just want this entry in and want to forget about it.

      Dream 1: C comes to visit me at an art gallery and tells me to calm down or something.

      Dream 2: Before I fell asleep I was having some major stress because I was supposed to meet up with C. In the dream she gave me a big hug, I've never felt so healed from a hug ever, I woke up feeling really good... Stood her up anyway.

      Dream 3: after standing her up, I dream I get a call from C and it sounds like she's crying... instead of talking normally she starts reading one of my messages back to me.

      IRL life C and her sister start sharing angry memes at me on facebook. *sigh* Time for a damage control letter. "I have some serious emotional issues to work on so It's best to be your friend from a distance." It's not a lie it's actually true. Hopefully she won't be bothering me anytime soon. If at all.

      all other dreams were too foggy to recall.

      I want my dream Queen back dammit. Jamie where are you?
    7. Family stress relief lol

      , 07-30-2019 at 12:21 AM
      Short but funny dream fragment.

      I dreamed that my Uncles and Dad were all lined up for a swim at a River. They were lined up standing side by side on the river bank. Each one of them was holding an object. It seemed they were doing some kind of crazy macho like masculine challenge where they'd each grab something and run into the water while screaming crazily!

      My dad had a large Machete, one of my Uncles had a Chainsaw and the other uncles, well I didn't see what they had. Then, they all ran as fast as they could, jumped into the river while screaming and brandishing their 'weapons'.

      I'd say that's an interesting way to relieve family stress?
      dream fragment
    8. Strange wedding / religious dissonance

      , 07-30-2019 at 12:15 AM
      One of my siblings was getting married to a Indian guy fresh out from India! Not sure who exactly, perhaps one of my sisters. Yeah, one of my Sisters.

      My family didn't approve but we were allowing it to happen. Some conflict happened during the wedding preparation though, we were planning special music and the groom blasted this modern pop love song on the speakers. Well, my family didn't like that! They wanted some simple acoustic Christian love songs playing.

      They booed and shouted out pious exclamations regarding their dislike for the song but after a while they stopped and my Mother even started humming along! Compromise? Some agreement must have been made.

      The Indian guy wanted to seem like an 'Aussie' so he pulled out a boomerang and expertly through it out the glass window. It zoomed around very impressively in a circle and came back to hit the glass! Very nice throw!

      Puffing out my chest, I swagger over to show him how its done. However, when I throw it out the window, it hits the ground and bounces to a stop!! Embarrassed, I tell him I throw better outside and manage a weak throw while outside, a bit shameful! Well, the saying goes,....Pride goeth before a fall.

      Next, this Indian guy wants help with decorating the wedding Hall, its a big job, he reckons. So I help him with decorating the hall with ribbons, balloons etc.
    9. The End of the Beginning

      by , 07-30-2019 at 12:12 AM
      I'm driving my car through a neighborhood around sunset time when I spontaneously realize I might be dreaming. I continue to drive the car, talking to myself about being lucid and focusing. I park the car on the side of the road and step outside. I walk to the front of the car and touch the hood before getting down on my hands and knees and feeling the pavement. I pick up a handful of dust and dirt from the road and roll it around in my hand. I want to sit down somewhere, so I imagine a bench on the other side of the road and release the dirt from my hand imagining it transforming into the bench. It was hard to do this, however, so it doesn't happen, but when I look farther up, a bench is there in front of me. I go to sit down and just observe around me for a while. I look up at the sky which has gorgeous colors of sunset with light and dark blues contrasting the streaks of clouds floating stationary high above. A bird also flies over head. I imagine the bird swooping down towards me, and sure enough, it heads straight at me with great speed. I duck out of the way exclaiming how close it was. The bird jumps up on the bench, and wants to climb on my finger. I hold it out but realize the bird is larger than I thought. It looks like a fluffy falcon or hawk with some kind of fancy feathers crowning the top of its head. I hold out my whole hand instead and it leaps onto it. A group of people comes up to me and starts talking, including me in their conversation. The whole time they're talking, I feel like the dream is speeding up and I try to slow it down by keeping myself grounded. Eventually, they walk away but I want to remember their names. I ask them but I can't recall any of them. Looking down at the concrete, I see the small ridges and patterns on top characteristic of smoothed concrete. I get down on the ground until my eyes are level with the ridges and imagine the sides of the ridges being trees with a path running down the middle. As I get up slowly, I find myself in the forest, still with the group I was talking to. The trees sway overhead, but I soon wake up.

      The title of this dream is to commemorate my physical dream journal being completed by this entry. May the second journal be more amazing than the first!
    10. burning the soul Item

      , 07-30-2019 at 12:06 AM
      Weird dream, I know, I've absorbed too much fiction.

      I dreamed that I was back at my old home. At home, I had an enemy which took on my Dads appearance. When this person was away, I took their wooden Soul container, that they had put a portion of the soul into, and burned it in the fireplace! This must have been quite painful because it soon prompted my enemy, which had my Dad's face, to appear.

      Then, some kind of battle happened, a mental/spiritual battle. Not sure on the details, but after fighting a while, a truce came about. I let them fish out the charred remains of their Wooden soul container.

      I've stopped reading/watching fiction. It's filled my mind with too much '[email protected]'!!