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    1. Rooftop Bar

      by , 07-09-2019 at 11:49 PM
      I'm in some kind of bar on top of a building trying to find someone I know. The bar's first floor looks pretty normal, nothing super fancy. However, somehow I find the staircase that leads up to the rooftop. I have to use a ledge on the side of the building and a railing placed against the wall to climb around. Once I reach the main area. I see the person I know and sit down with them.
      Tags: bar, rooftop
    2. Flight of the Concerned Student

      by , 07-09-2019 at 11:46 PM
      I'm on campus talking with some friends on the first day of classes. I'm waiting outside a classroom they they all have their next class in, but I realize I don't. When the class gets out early, I run up the stairs to the front doors. I almost run into a girl, however, and spin around to avoid the collision. I say sorry before trying to get back to the doors but I feel really dizzy from spinning around. I manage to get outside and I feel better as I run across the open area. I get inside another building where my class is at and arrive in the classroom before it begins. It's an odd shaped room that seems too small to fit everyone in. When the professor comes in, we are suddenly all at desks in a normal room, however. She starts out speaking with a voice assist like smokers would use and it makes her hard to understand. I consider dropping the class and taking it next semester, but her voice gets better and I'm enjoying the material so I stay.
    3. some boring dreams

      by , 07-09-2019 at 02:33 PM
      Dream 1: I am in my house, looking at social media. This girl I just got in contact with blocks me, and some dudes start texting me and giving me shit.
      In waking life I did just start talking to an old friend. But there's no fight

      Dream 2: I'm playing a weird type of game. which looks to be a mix between the last of us and mine craft. It looks like minecraft. But The game play is a lot like the last of us. With no zombies. I'm inside the game and am playing with my sister and someone else. I'm looking every where for collectibles and my sister keeps on complaining saying it's taking too much time.

      Well later on through all the adventuring which I don't remember. We fight a boss. It is very weird boss fight. You had to shoot barrels from the top of a roof inside the building. There was this dude that got bigger every time you missed and he was filled to the brim with muscles. I don't get the fight at all but dream me does. For a while we do that and eventually kill him somehow. In certain points he got almost big enough to reach us. So I had to hide behind a wall so he can't grab me.
      I don't remember if there's any thing else to the dream, but the way to reach the end is to build a rocket and to leave.

      Dream 3: That old friend is doing a karate class, this is the second time i see my old teacher. Well this karate class everyone did nothing in multiple parts of the dream. And near the end the teacher is throwing a ball at my old friend. I help her out and join. Later the dream just fades out.

      I didn't expect too much for today. That head ache was a big set back it seems. I would love to do great in the competition but I don't know. I know for a fact I'm improving, in recall and vividness, and I'm learning how to get lucid better.

      But why be so pessimistic? This competition last for a whole month, I can and will redeem myself.
    4. Thought Battles

      by , 07-09-2019 at 02:12 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I was writing a script for a documentary about my life after leaving the band I'm in. I was suffering from something called "thought battles" which plagued me constantly. Essentially, it was just fancy terminology for me being too mentally active to do anything and that eventually leading to pretty bad short term memory loss. I put my notebook down and started wondering around my room for ~5 minutes. I then went downstairs to see if water could help. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a kitten no more than a week or two old pass me, and then I started crawling on the ground. From down the hallway I could hear me grandma talking to her self, saying that she was from a location in real life that she doesn't actually live in. (keep in mind this is at around midnight). She then spots me and shouts "Hey!" at me. I am paralyzed.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Some more dreams.

      by , 07-09-2019 at 03:32 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie is still reading.

      So right after my last post here, where Jamie projected herself into my dream. This was similar. I had a nap right away and I had a dream she was reading from a computer screen. She's very ,"Hum dee dum," in her head.


      I was in a fortnite game or something. Some guy went up to me and said he was my Twin Flame or something and tried to cuddle with me. But I wasn't feeling that at all. Also had a feeling that it was really Jamie. Well, I guess I'm not gay.

      And if that is Jamie, stay away from that Twin Flame garbage. The title sounds nice. It just seems to be mainly dictated by familiar spirits who seem more interested in keeping people apart to have them develop psychic abilities. I honestly don't care for it. I just read that stuff sometimes to read how similar my experience is to other people's. Just want a steady girlfriend or wife or whatever.I didn't ask for all this crazy shit. they put you on a path where the goal is no longer coming together. What did Jesus say in a dream? "I want you to come together now." Well, he says it can happen now. So I trust him more than unreliable spirits. We have his blessing after all.


      I'm in a strange town looking for a secret underground abandoned cavern. I have dream memories of going there before and that there was a sequence to get there. Once I found the street I started the sequence by walking to this park. It switched to night time and there was lots of trees. I entered the park, but it was a private park and there was someone with a flashlight looking for people who were breaking in. I hid behind a tree to avoid this guy.

      Suddenly, the dream changed to being inside some giant abandoned office. This is was the next part of the sequence. I was with the other people. They were looking for the entrance to the underground cavern. i said I knew where it was. I found the closet where the hoke was but there was some garbage and sheets covering the whole. So I pulled them off and revealed a hatch that I opened. inside was pitch black. I went down and inside it but my memory fades here.

      Other Jamie dreams

      Don't remember much actually. just lots of hanging out with Jamie. Things seem more chill than usual which is good. One of them had to do with Stranger things, i think. Why is every show I binge watch in my dreams?

      when I was waking up. Some spirit guide or something flashed in HH ,"Concentrate." Concentrate on what? No, I'm done with learning this useless shit.
    6. Worst headache in a long while

      by , 07-09-2019 at 01:20 AM
      The pain of my headache is so bad, that i decide to take my pills shower and nap. I actually fell asleep and remember a FA I had.

      FA: I remember getting out of bed since I couldn't sleep. My head was still hurting, but at a more manageable level. After I get to the living room I do a RRC and then I wake up.

      My head still hurts, but it's better. This has made me realize that I need to do a RC every time i get out of bed.
    7. Strange alien/monster fragment | [09.07.2019]

      by , 07-09-2019 at 01:06 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Unknown creatures in normal society
      I talk to somebody, possibly my mother or my father. Then, I go down the staircase towards the exit of the house. Meanwhile, something important happens and some also important dialogue or monologue occurs. Back to going down the stairs, the door where one of my neighbors live suddenly opens, revealing something looking like a classical alien happily dancing out of the flat, which was considered as a monster in the dream. I go further downstairs and exit the house.

      Sometime in the dream, I also seem to be in another one of my neighbor's flats, finding a different monster, which might have had fluffy, long fur.

      I don't remember anything that was spoken in the dream, I only remember that it was an exciting story, likely including an element of the alien/monster species being endangered by a sort of war and hatred against them.