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    1. 2 Aug: Giant turtle and elephant gods storm a mountain cabin

      by , 08-02-2019 at 08:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Huge storm forming. I am with Zilla and some other friend and we run indoors to take shelter. We're staying at a strange pretty house, sort of carved in the rock of a mountain side. It starts raining and a big hailstorm follows. I close the door but there is water still coming in, so I find ways to fix it. Meanwhile, I look to the side to one of our panoramic windows and I see a giant tortoise. I go tell my friends who are in some other room, they don't believe me. When I come back, the turtle knocked down our door and behind it comes a small elephant. I am freaking out, don't know what to do, but one of my friends appears and he can speak their language. He tells me they require offerings like rice, wine, music. I wonder if they are some kind of gods testing our generosity. I go to the kitchen and pantry. They pick up normal rice, but I say we have basmati rice and to look for it. They complain a bit and but I insist on offering the basmati rice.
    2. hiking and Ladder lessons

      , 08-02-2019 at 04:21 AM
      Dreamed that I was hiking along a public, populated track that followed along the top of a cliff line. I was hiking with my Sister, Mother and my nieces/nephews.

      At one point along the track, it went through a small cave that exited suddenly onto a rocky ledge with loose rocks and a few clumps of grass. At the end of the small ledge/natural platform was a Steel ladder up a short cliff, 4 meters tall where the track then continued on.

      I was the last person through the small cave and when I exited through the other side, I was wobbly on my feet and almost tripped over the edge! You see, the ledge was right next to the cliff face! Thankfully, my sister was kind enough to be nearby and she grabbed my arm! Tottering ahead of everyone else, I climb up the metal ladder.

      All of a sudden, theirs lots of other people on the ladder, mostly guys, all yahooing and egging each other on, out for adventure and excitement! It seemed as if they were seeing how many people could fit on the ladder at one time!

      I was up ahead, feeling nervous that the ladder had too much weight on it. I rushed up real quick and as I did, I noticed that the bolts were vibrating and moving slightly! I leaped up the final rung and kept walking down the track.

      I seemed to have forgotten my family left behind.

      Up ahead was a large and fancy looking restaurant built into an existing, huge cave, in the cliff. Strange thing is, their was no staff in it and no food!

      Lessons to self: Don't just say thanks, show it!
      Don't shove to be first, its best to be last.
      Self-renunciation - Don't put self first, help others first, even at the cost of your life!
      Practice mindfulness, be aware. When danger strikes, don't react, think! Put loved ones first, then strangers, then yourself.