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    1. Interstellar travel

      by , 08-04-2019 at 09:58 PM
      I entered the dream after short relaxation and concentration... I found myself on sun lighted meadow in between green hills. Seeing nothing interesting nearby, I looked up into deep blue sky with a few clouds... And I decided to experience a spaceflight.
      I accelerated directly up to the sky and for a while I flew up... the sky got very dark... but I lost concentration and found myself slowly descending, unable to rise the height. So I concentrated again while getting more into unattached observer state. Immediately I accelerated out of the atmosphere and in a few seconds I passed the moon in close distance. Soon my acceleration brought me over speed of light and streaks of star light were getting longer and longer. A HUD appeared in my view and it showed some information about close star systems. One of them had 4 habitable bodies. I decelerated when I was close. There were two habitable planets and two large, slowly rotating spacestation.
      I flew into one spacestation phasing through closed airlock. I got interesting view on the inside of cylinder where normally looking country was curving around insides of it. Just like O'Neill cylinder is described often. But there was nobody inside, no animals, only grass, trees, water... And some houses. I went inside of one house- it too was empty. Fully equipped modern house. I found food storage there. Sorted fresh fruits were there. I took one big plum(double size as common plum) and I had eaten it. It had very interesting flavour... Partially like plum, to lesser extend like apple an orange. I wanted to try different plum but I found myself in the bed at once. My wife laid next to me waking me up in the process.
    2. 8-4-19

      by , 08-04-2019 at 07:26 PM
      Dream 1: a dream where my throat is very itchy and uncomfortable. I think I'm sick and search online for a remedy.

      After that me and my friend go outside
      (this dream takes place at some weird version of my grandma's house). We enter what I think is a road. The whole town is different from waking life so I dont know where I'm going.

      Eventually me and him find a boat. We climb on and go. Th inside of this boat must be much bigger then from the outside because inside is a small casino.

      My friend has an idea. He opens a cooler and gets some beer. We run thinking we did a bad thing.

      He gets some root beer cans and says that we need to drink to about 1/5 of it.

      I get home by the end of all of that. I proceed to go ok the backside of the house and drink. It was very sweet and tasty
    3. Fun Adventures around the hippy town

      , 08-04-2019 at 12:02 PM
      Dream of spending time around a time like Nimbin, wearing dress, old massage school, herbs, health foods, find pants, fighting boys, flee town.

      In this dream I spent a afternoon and night adventuring around the town of NB. The town had a real hippy alternative feel to it with lots of market stalls, lovely colors everywhere etc etc.

      Well, I find myself in a Shopping mall wearing a Dress! ( I'm a guy ). Somehow, I fit right in with all the other crazies and all's fun and good. I bump into some people I knew from years ago from a massage school I attended. They were running classes in a side room in the shopping mall.

      I waltz into the room in my dress and peer around. Theres half a dozen people inside inlcuding the teach, they are all practicing Shiatsu! Tapping the teaching on the should, who I recognize, I yarn with him for a bit then happily move on.

      Outside, theirs a nearby shop that sells clothes and healthy foods! Hmm, I wanna find some trendy hippy hemp pants so I go in the shop. However, I feel a bit like a poor hobo and the shop lady eyes me of suspiciously. Acting innocent, I look around, eye of the food and clothes then walk back outside.

      Continuing my mission to find pants and get out of the dress, I walk up and down the street, looking at various stalls and trying to find the right one. Its night time by now. Finally, I find some nice pants and YAY, i'm out of the dress.

      Walking around town, I see a bunch of young teenage guys goofing around on a small bank next to a road. I walk up to them and next thing I know, they are attacking me! Well, being much larger and stronger, I hold my ground and toss them around playfully, but you know what? Theirs strength in numbers! I start getting a bit knocked about too and start getting a bit aggressive.

      After tossing them around, knocking a few heads together and blackening a couple of eyes, I feel like my frustrations have been vented! One of the boys starts crying and runs off to find his dad.

      Just then, my dad turns up in his car! "Quick, lets leave" he loudly whispers to me, "Those boys you beat up have rich and influential parents!

      Hmm, time to go, I jump in the car and escape!
      non-lucid , memorable