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    1. 1 Sep: Attic, hindu temple and my guru

      by , 09-01-2019 at 10:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My attic is still messy and I am trying to make it habitable, putting pallets under a mattress, using other pallets to create supporting tables in a lounge area. It is really big, not so much like my real attic. During the night there is a storm with strong winds and next day some friends warn me they found some windows broken or blown away. I ask for their help to cover it with plastic or wooden plaques before it starts raining again and they find even more windows dangerously dangling (the attic has a very high wall with windows several meters high). Then we find a spider about 10 cms large and very aggressive. We try to corner her to grab her but she jumps on my friend's face. We all panic. Then the spider makes a web over the entrance door and we are afraid every time we have to cross it.

      I go visit a Hindu temple I just got to know, on a day of ceremonies. Strangely, most people attending seem to be white westerners. The ceremony includes a theatrical representation of the life of some saint or so I think, but she is like an African queen dressed beautifully in cerulean blue long dress and lots of jewels. But she doesn't behave like a saint at all. People don't like her, call her a whore. I am curious to see where this goes, but someone then starts implicating with me, because I am wearing a sleeping mask over my eyes and he says it is disrespectful. (And I am wearing such mask over my eyes in real life on my bed) I do feel the mask and I admit I am wearing it but I can see everything as if I am not wearing anything on my face and I prove it to people around me. They still don't want me using it and meanwhile I realize the reason I feel it in my face is because I am dreaming, so I get up and go outside. I summon my wrathful deity in me, my hair spreads out like Medusa's snakes and winds start to blow hard and really dark clouds form in the sky and dozens of really dark tornadoes start coming in the direction of the city streets. But then I realize I do not want to harm people just release some of my fury so I turn against the storm itself and blast it away with chi from my hands. Then I levitate up and fly away. Don't know exactly what to do, so I recall my teacher and I start watching him teach. He is in India, sitting on the grass on a garden, sided by a few of his older closer students, all facing a camera, talking about something related to my guru's activities. Later there is a celebration with Bollywood music and Rinpoche is in western clothes dancing and some other people are cross dressed. This video leaks out and ends up in the front page of some British tabloid, totally out of context. Later on, I am on a bus with other Rinpoche's students and he comes on board and gathers a few newspapers bought by his students and goes to the back seat with a somber look to analyze what the papers are saying. We barely look at each other but we acknowledge each other's presence. Then he leaves the bus but not without making a very slight bow on his way out, that only I notice.
    2. Rescuing the wolf (almost lucid but not quite)

      by , 09-01-2019 at 10:19 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      This was an interesting dream because while I wasn't completely lucid, I was cognizant of the fact that I had control over what was going on. However, said realization wasn't because I knew I was dreaming. I just knew I had control, somehow; maybe because it took place in my fantasy world where I am somewhat of a demigod. ;D

      It was a weird combination of a story about a wolf, and the novel I'm currently working on. The wolf was getting hunted, imprisoned, and about to be killed. But he escaped. His plan was to flee in the middle of the night, but he slept until 7:42 AM and didn't flee until exactly then. Nonetheless it was still dark outside leading me to believe that it was winter. He fled to the woods. I managed to use my powers to teleport him deeper within the woods, and myself along with him. He found his lover, another wolf, there. Two characters from my novel were there, too, who were in love and promised to protect the two wolves. And other magical creatures formed a sort of barricade to protect them all.

      It was a heartwarming dream with potential to become an actual story with some tweaking/organization. The night was purple and black and orange, cartoony much like the lyric videos from Anna Blue and The Birthday Massacre. Very cool, stylized aesthetic! It's fun that my brain can do that lol.
    3. Pill laying down ld, plant domination

      by , 09-01-2019 at 07:49 AM
      Managed to fulfill my dream goal from this or last week.

      My goal was to eat omnilucid pill once again then lay down to sleep within my dream in the same position as my physical body.

      I read that sleeping within the dream in the same position as the physical body have some interesting effects and I wanted to try it.


      I went to sleep pretty late and was awoken by noise outside and just laid in bed. That resulted in an inadvertent wbtb. Although I usually wake up naturally, being awoken by something else does appear to be more effective.

      I expected little in all honesty, of getting a ld. Since I did not manage to be fully aware kind of thing I've been doing to its fullest in my opinion as I was immersed in reading for quite a bit before sleep. Not sure if awareness is the best word, maybe attentiveness is a better word.

      -- pill laying down ld

      I slowly fell asleep after being awoken, while I could still hear the sounds outside. I also focused on my body against the bed.

      I WILDed. I awoke in the bed in the next room to where I slept. I realized I was dreaming and I saw the TV from the bed, it was in its regular position and there was some game being played on it. It looked like super smash brothers sort of thing. Similar but perhaps not 100% the same thing. I'm groggy within the dream and take a few moments to compose myself as I watch the TV.

      I deild/FA a couple of times. I remember my dream goal and put my hands in front of me. I clasp my hands together, left atop the right, and will the manifestation of the omnilucid pill. I move away my left hand and this time it was crimson red/white colored capsule on my palm. I swallow it and FA.

      Back on the bed. Losing lucidity momentarily but I remember I forgot something. Trying to recall it made me lucid once again. I summon it once again and FA again before I could lay down.

      Third times the charm though and i managed to take the pill then lay down in the same position, I think.

      I FA again and I felt like I laid down in the wrong position so I do the previous routine again in another position.

      FA again. May have had a microawake that made me lose lucidity. I went to the front door to greet some guests. One guy comes and asks me questions. Felt more like interrogations. Perhaps some subtle life advices.

      --plant invasion

      I'm back. Still at home. But this time I'm a sort of a plant. A plant but a super plant that could move and all. My mission was world domination so I go head and follow the dream plot. The authorities figured out my plan and was out to exterminate me.

      Initially I was just getting rid of investigators and the forces, just killing them off but eventually i figured that I needed to take a more subtle approach.

      It began in the noon and now it was night time. One girl who was the daughter of the mayor was the key member after me. I (the plant) dying... My dark green plant vines just crawls to the ground before I release a part of the body that appears to die. Just kidding. I fake my death; as the plant and release some pollen when I seemingly die off that goes into her brain and sprouts - I take over her mind. I am just pretending to be her for a while after faking my death. Slowly but surely taking the townsъъэ via mind control... Then the world!

      Was fun, really.


      I think that it might be key to increase attentiveness in key moments.

      Perhaps especially upon awakenings or scene/activity change. To do rcs more attentively during those moments. May be much easier than all day and perhaps this is what is automatic in natural LDers.

      Rather than trying to be super aware all day, perhaps **be attentive to changes, subtle or obvious**

      I suspect this is why raduga technique is pretty effective. It creates a internal thought process like this :

      Awake(event /change) - >oh I'm awake (noticing subtle change) -> I better do a technique (doing rc)

      But instead of just doing it only upon awakening,

      Event - > notice change-> do rc (increase attentiveness)

      May be better. Sounds like kind of regular rc. But instead increase attentiveness.

      "Attentiveness" rather than "awareness" because it feels more active than passive.

      Current plan - ada/adrc use *any* change as trigger to increase attentiveness

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