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    1. The Dark Tower: The Laughter Vampire

      by , 09-26-2019 at 07:52 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-26

      The Dark Tower: The Laughter Vampire

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in a strange place. It is snowy all around, but I don’t feel the cold. I draw the conclusion that I am playing Skyrim VR since I can see the snow and feel a breeze but I’m not cold. It is getting dark out and the snow is starting to fall. I see a plowed street and a small house with smoke coming from the chimney. I head in that direction. I hear roars of laughter from inside. I look in the window and I see Roland, Eddie, Susanna, and Jake all laughing their asses off. There is also another man there that I don’t recognize. Something about him looks fake, though… like he was an illusion. This feels off, so I try the door. It is unlocked so I let myself in, hoping to not be seen as too rude… after all, no one would hear me knock over the laughter and for any normal person it would be bitterly cold out.

      When I get inside and close the door behind me I see that none of the people laughing have even noticed me enter. The man I don’t recognize sees me and makes a lame-ass joke about my arrival. I don’t remember the joke, just that I found it about as funny as vomiting. I am the only one who finds it unfunny, though, as everyone else in the room roars with renewed gales of laughter. Susanna slaps her own face while laughing and a sore at the corner of her mouth starts bleeding profusely. This puts an immediate damper on Eddie’s laughter, and as the others look over they also stop laughing. The man telling the bad jokes, they call him Joe, looks annoyed. How dare Susanna interrupt his jokes with her bleeding!

      Susanna gets up and excuses herself. Eddie wants to go with her, but she insists she’s fine and just wants to clean up in the bathroom. Eddie nervously watches Susanna as she goes. He mutters something to Roland about that sore not being a pimple, and he and Susanna should stop bullshitting a bullshitter. Joe tells a joke about bullshit. Eddie gets mad at Joe, saying his wife is bleeding, this is no time for jokes. Joe makes a joke out of that, too. Eddie laughs in spite of himself, Roland laughs, and Jake is on the floor laughing. I still find nothing funny. I think I will go check on Susanna, but then Jake looks like he’s choking so I go to him and try to get him to stop laughing. Joe tells another bad joke, making the laughter worse. I tell Joe if he wants to see something funny, watch this… and I fus him in the face. FUS-RO-DAH! Joe flies across the room into the far wall, falling to the floor in a mess of objects caught in the fus.

      I am trying to help Jake and Joe makes a joke out of my fus’ing him. This especially gets Roland laughing and now Roland looks like he’s choking. Joe is clearly an energy vampire and he’s stealing energy from their uncontrolled laughter! I am about to do something a bit more permanent than a fus when Susanna comes back from the bathroom. She has her Witchblade formed into a sword which she uses to remove Joe’s head. The headless body doesn’t die. It stays on its feet and starts transforming onto something that looks more insectile than human. The strange thing blunders around for a bit before collapsing into the fireplace and catching fire and finally dying.

      Susanna and Eddie embrace but then I notice Eddie is semi-transparent. What is happening? Jake is also semi-transparent. I do a double-take. I ask what is going on. Susanna holds on more tightly to Eddie and Roland embraces Jake as if they can physically keep them from fading. And maybe it works, as they become solid again. Roland tells me that ever since Thunderclap both Eddie and Jake have been fading in and out of existence. He says he thinks ka doesn’t like being foiled like I did. He says I saved them both, but now ka is trying to set things back to the way they were meant to be, and that means no Eddie and no Jake. Susanna says she has been having dreams that indicate there is a world where they are supposed to be right now, and they will be taken there one way or another. I wonder how to counter this unexpected effect when I wake.
    2. 25th floor mirror

      by , 09-26-2019 at 04:44 AM
      I laid down on my bed after about 2 minutes of meditation. I decided to keep it short since I had trouble sleeping previously when it was longer.It used to take about 20 minutes before I'd reach that state but now it seems to take like 5 minutes. Still experimenting with meditating before bed though.

      I was drawing a shape, a square in the darkness of the night. As I kept relaxing myself and my breathing the shape began to appear in my vision instead of the back of my eyes. I was playing around with this and tried to visualize some portal to see if I could induce a dream into another world. Started getting some kind of energizing buzz in my body as I began to see hypnotic imagery of the round portal and a few other things.

      I was in a dojo, like the one in the matrix. And there was some older man who waas training me there.


      We were playing a game. I was the elf. Saw orc vs undead, and undead vs undead. People could control each other's unit during the time as I watched the matches.

      Dreamt about hanging out with a fairy like thing that danced through the air in front of me, trying to get my attention or tell me something.

      Aurora, Real estate

      I dreamt that I was checking out the map of the nearby cities. I was looking at the map that showed the ownership of the lands. I was looking through it to find somewhere I could buy a cheap real estate or lands. I couldn't find anything in the nearby area. Eventually as I kept looking, I found a city that was to the top right, called Aurora where it appeared to have good prospects according to the map. I went there with family. The place had a nice classic feel to it. It had some taller building that were like the temples of Kyoto and it was beautiful really. The ground was paved with small white stones rather than asphalt and there weren't many cars around.

      Elementary School Awkward
      I dreamt I was attending a school. It was not the Japanese elementary school but a western one. It felt like the larger one I went to after I'd left Japan that was also a high school. I was taking some classes and it just didn't feel right. Why am I in school? It feels awkward. I took 2 classes.

      *I was close to lucidity I think as I was questioning my surroundings. Also I felt like I was lost in that school because it was kind of big in addition to not being able to speak english.


      Light Void (lucid?)
      I was in a void of light. Being fully aware. My sensations weren't there but I could tell that I was dreaming or was in a light dream.

      25th floor mirror Lucid maybe 18+

      I had awoke and I felt it. I just knew I could do something. I laid on bed, tried to visualize what being omnilucid would be like. And I began to go into dreaming state. Energy began to buzz and shroud my body. It invigorated me. And I am in a dream.

      I was on the street and apparently just done groceries or something. I was walking back home on the sidewalk as I saw some passerby people. For some reason I had an urge to see who I was or what I was in the dream and this incited a desire to look at a mirror. But where could I find a mirror? At home, so I headed to my home in the dream. I ran and ran, and I kept running. Eventually I arrived at a large apartment or condo. It had some nice waiting area and maybe some security. I saw some of the other residents there as I passed by.

      *This place looked like the building in my other dream where I was in the hospital and teleported to a similar location where I'd meditated.

      I feel hot from all the running and I am drenched in sweat. It's pretty uncomfortable and I wanted to take a shower honestly. Perhaps a shower in the bathroom. So this motivated me to get there faster. Elevator or stairs? As I went forward to the elevator/stairs, I had a waking memory of taking the stairs in a previous workplace just to be healthy and I believe this resulted in the scene to provide me with stairs where the elevator was suppose to be.

      It was a staircase that spiraled upwards in circular fashion, was pretty elegant kind of. I began to run up the stairs and noticed other features of the stairs. The stair handle or whatever you call it, was round, and huge, like the diameter of your head. It was gold, or a bronze-gold kind of color. I thought it might've been gold plated and


      I get back in the dream and upon closer inspection it had some rough edges. I keep climbing and climbing up the stairs. It has been a while, when will I get there? I was at around 12-13th floor and wondered that to myself.


      I kept going up and up. I'd climbed almost about the same amount of stairs as the previous amount and wondered to myself, "which floor?" I thought, penthouse! And my goal was neigh. I saw the stairs almost ending.


      I came back to the dream and the sensations were missing! I could not feel anything although I saw the scene from where I left off. I was the stair handles to my sides and I grabbed them with all my might and used it to anchor myself and pull myself in to the dream. My sensations came back to me and I went forward. I was there.

      It said 25 in red letters in several places at the top of what looked like elevator doors. I think I made it because 25 seemed significant. I looked at the doors leading into the rooms and they all had some quirky features to them. I think one of them had a kind of green octopus like tentacle-like thing adorned in front of the door. They were all very strange and I kept proceeding deeper until I found an ordinary door. I entered that door.

      I found myself inside a room and several more doors. The one to the immediate right said, "class." Another one to the left of that said "Hero Room." And the one to the right of that said "bathroom." I entered that door.

      * I might begin to feel the urge to pee around here.

      It was a pretty regular looking bathroom. There was a sink to the right side and beside it was a large tall and oval mirror, length of about a person. I looked inside it and was an asian man with wavy hair that reached to about the shoulders, with a goatee. His body was muscular and lean. His facial features were lean and muscular and pretty handsome. I looked at the whole body and his groins were covered in a sort of fuzzy white ball of mist just to keep it PG-13. I found this quite humorous and perhaps that emotion awakes me.


      I immediately get back and I look at the mirror again. Still the same man and the mist was gone and his dong had drooped all the way down, touching the ground. I found this funny, I mean how can you walk like that? And maybe that emotion wakes me yet again.


      I am back! I looked at the mirror and that same dong was now hard. I lost it, Hahahaha.


      I'd been holding my pee since before I'd entered the dream bathroom so I got up to pee instead of deilding once more.

      *Perhaps another reason that I was seeking out the bathroom was that I had a subtle urge to pee earlier and that led me to the bathroom in the first place.


      Dreams are funny.

      I realized that today was the 25th! Wow!

      I'm getting better.

      I think another reason I wanted to see the mirror was that I was a different person each time. The curiosity.

      I also ate some natto with egg and green onion in wbtb. It may have helped.

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    3. September 25, 2019 Frag

      by , 09-26-2019 at 02:18 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream is in this weird landscape that I think is my old university, there's a massive mountain range and towards the bottom is a junkyard. The idea is that I'm part of the IT movie and it's towards the beginning. I can see pennywise in the distance and he's planning some things with some bad people, I can tell eventually they're going to come after me and if freaks me out so I decide to skip through the movie to the end where pennywise is defeated.
      Tags: jmu, pennywise
      dream fragment