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    1. 2020-10-02 doorway, event, cafe table, kitchen, monster, empire

      by , 10-02-2020 at 11:43 AM
      bed-time: late, about midnight.
      watched video, ate muffin
      no alcohol

      earlier (4 hrs)

      Initially no recall, but reached for recall, associated, and these eventually came through:

      + sitting at cafe table (s) (tall, [round?] seated on stools) with people, new people come, I suggest ordering (tuna?), the table is cluttered with bottles & dishes, I want to drink, there are many partially-finished beer bottles. I do not want to drink from the partially-finished bottles. The bottles are classical transparent dark brown, I see the level of liquid in them. I find one which looks to be full, and I pop the top off with my finger/thumb (it's not hard, like it was already opened).

      + dark place narrow doorways, light switches, touch person (bandid?) hair, fear (Mex?). I feel for the light swtich just inside the narrow and slightly elevated (bottom higher than ground) door, find them, flip them (one works, one doesn't in the next entry way?) Feeling for the light switch in the 3rd(?) entry, my hand strays to below and beyond the hanging-open door which is to my right, and I touch a person's body/hair, it is soft/warm/living, and I'm frightened, I think this may be a bad person or part of a gang of criminals

      + outside, daytime, slightly curving small street, buses come, people come suddently streaming moving from right/uphill to left/downhill , there is some big event, I want to attend, I want to get on bus, I want preferred / privelege location, carrying something, think of carrying it with me, I may be carrying it for a long time in my arms, think about getting a bag then it would be more convenient to carry it, visualize myself walking with the bag containing the [unknown] item

      long BTS 4am - 7am+

      start doing total "release" - "I give up" and fell myself falling deeper, hold especially my face and eyes totally relaxed, eyes unfocused, hold body totally still, everything still and continually release tension over and over and over, face, eyes, tongue, body, and mind, release all thoughts, no visualization at all (no "river running by my head and my thoughts are draining out", no "breath in energy breath out tension"), just continual total release of everything. It took maybe 10-15 minutes (felt closer to 10) of conscious release effort to the point beyond consciousness.


      + I find myself in my CH kitchen, visuals are hazy a bit, it is lit but dark like it is night time, I feel immediately strange, light headed/weak, body feels light, I think this is because I am ill or having a stroke or some sort of sudden health issue, I sink down into a crouch to prevent a fall from fainting, and I'm holding on (with both arms?) to the sink counter for stability, [dream ends, I wake up?]

      final waking:

      + with g/f L inside, we are discussing meeting the monster which lives in our closet, right now. I'm quite nervous about this.

      + [DO] Playing CDC Plato empire. Flying around Kaz? There are Romulan and Orion ships. I fire torpedoes, I see that the enemy detonates them. One (orion or federation) ship flies close by, so I engage phasers which are effective at short range. They don't seem to activate, I'm reaching for the "f" key on the keyboard? I start to see some milky white substance heading towards the enemy ship?
    2. Riding some kind of two-wheeled vehicle, almost crashing. Doing an improvised boat. Flying in Sturkö

      by , 10-02-2020 at 08:01 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in city and talk with dad about a two-wheeled vehicle that he holds. I take the vehicle and drive out of city. The vehicle I drive has two pedals like a bike. I look at the fuel gauge and find that it is being refueled when I use the pedals to bike. When the gauge is full I use the fuel to go really fast. I look on the speed metre and find that I am driving in 74 km/h (46 miles per hour). I think about the dangers of riding this fast, unprotected in a small vehicle. I see a new road to the left that is going into the woods that I ride into. There is a car that almost crashes in to me when I turn in there. There is an old man that I talk with about something. I ride out to the big road again and use up all my fuel when a curve comes. I go so fast that the friction is not enough to hold me in the curve. I manage to still be on the vehicle but it's going into a big wheat field and the vehicle is gliding on the side. It stops just before a big tree and I am safe. I walk with the bike to the road again and try to drive. All the fuel is out so I try to bike it in order to refill the fuel. It's almost impossible to ride the bike and the gauge is not going up. I'm feeling hopeless.

      Notes: I though about biking in order to get some daily exercise yesterday. Dad and I was in a shop where they sold different kinds of two-wheeled vehicles a week ago. The road that I was riding when the speed metre was showing 74 km/h has a speed limit of 60 km/h IRL. In physics we talk about friction and centripetal force. There was a question about what speed you could have in a curve without falling of like I did in the dream. The wheat field represents hard work as I finished reading "The Richest Man In Babylon" yesterday. I though about how a man can make money by buying and selling things but that only real value can be created by manpower. If I work and create value I can feel confident and proud over myself.

      I'm by Sturkö. My brother and my cousin Sebastian M are also there. We go onto a wooden fleet and we want to make a boat out of it. We get a mini motor that is really fast. We put it one the end of the fleet and we are able to go pretty fast. We have another motor that we use to change the direction.

      Notes: I sometimes have dreams about going out into the waters with some people. I dreamt about Tobbe yesterday wich made me dream about Sebbe today.

      I'm in Sturkö and flying around. I try to reach the atmosphere as I have done once before. I'm not fully lucid because I haven't thought about what my dream goals are. I fly by the water and I see the water under me split a little when I fly over it. I am amazed by the quality of the dream, the beauty of the water and want it to last forever. I feel the wind over my skin as I increase my speed. I live in the moment and fly in all different positions. On my back, on my stomach with my hands in front of me, on my stomach with my hands along my body, on my stomach and doing swimming motions with my hands. I see my family by a table in front of The Green House and go to them. I know that we are going to eat food but I don't see any. I sit on the wooden bench. The dream disappears and I wake up.

      Notes: These are the dreams I yearn for. The feeling of being free and so flexible in your flying. You can go anywhere. Now when I think about it it may have been a FA.

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