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    1. Painting abstract. Flying.

      by , 11-19-2020 at 09:42 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      Notes: I've been doing more RCs in the past days which has led to more lucids.

      I'm at Håkansson's and I'm talking with Therese in a room I've never been at before. My cousins are also there. We walk up to the room where David sleeps and I have painted an abstract picture of two faces. It's hard to see one face at first. When you find the first face you can see the next face upside down under the first face. It's all done with lead pencils and it creates a monotonic plain surface. The eyes on the first face are like the windows on a submarine. Therese accuses me of having done evil things to my mom and I know that I have done them and I feel guilty.

      Notes: When I woke up I remembered that I never did the things I got accused of doing.

      I'm home with Eni and dad. I notice it's a dream. I fly by the house for some time and I have good control. I fly to the left of the outer door and see a window. It is half open and I open it up and peak my head inside. I scream hello and wonder if I maybe am rude. A young mans voice says hi. I walk in and wake up.

      Notes: It was a long time since I had two lucids over two days. Let's keep it this way!
    2. cxci. Combat medics, Old home, Chat with someone I knew

      by , 11-19-2020 at 01:34 AM
      17th November 2020


      (Lost most of recall I woke up early in the morning because I was too hot, around 6am?, unknown)

      Raid groups or something like them? There were some dream characters that were kind of like combat medics. This didn't make me RC even though it should have been a prominent cue to do so. I think it did raise my level of dream awareness but not enough. I remember specifically noticing that these dream characters were glitching visually, their limbs clipped through their clothing in weird ways, as poorly animated models might do.


      Something with C from school and T. There was a general context around the old home.

      18th November 2020


      I was talking via Steam to Sh from the PTFG. It didn't quite sound like him though. He was asking me how I was and we discussed something about my well-being at length; the conversation was heavily focused on me but mostly because he kept asking questions in that direction.

      Notes (for 18th only):

      - Last night I spend some time speaking with F from BL and we caught up a bit and he was asking me how we'd been.

      - Dream recall had vanished by the time I got up from bed and when the recall first came through, I mistook it for a real memory, taking me a couple of minutes to go through it and realising it was simply vague recall of a dream.

      - I slept poorly last night and the last few days have been very difficult for me, physically. I have also been feeling completely demotivated from my creative activity.

      - Last night I continued reading the book from the LD Book Club and I had been thinking about the four-step process for dream-work. After my initial recall of this dream this morning, I have been considering trying them on this, since it's a fairly short dream and seemingly quite specifically directed towards how I've been feeling.

      - All I can visually recall from the dream is the chat window and Sh's icon.
      -- Typing the above note, I have just realised that my abbreviation for the person in the chat has a secondary and much more specific significance to me.

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    3. Keep it simple

      by , 11-19-2020 at 12:54 AM

      Goals first today. Because I noticed I lacked a clear goal each time I DJ. To have a clear purpose for each and every DJ session would be wonderful. Rather than just having goals for dream goals, or goals for awareness. I decided I wanted a way to test my lucidity. Not just in dreams. Because how could I realistically train and test it while I am dreaming and not lucid? I can only review my lucidity upon awakening. So instead I want to use my DJ as a part of a training, or a test. A way to measure how lucid I can stray while DJ. Because I noticed I lost lucidity during it and it's an activity that may put you in touch with your thoughts and feelings and really place them into a physical medium long term. I could feel a feeling or a thought and notice it on my body, but that sensation could disappear in mere moments. So this will be a test. A way to gauge myself, as well as all the other benefits of a DJ.


      I decided that for each paragraph, or at the end of it I would give myself a score. Between 1 and 10, I would rate how aware I could stay while typing away my thoughts and feelings and recall of dreams. At the end of the DJ, I would tally them up and give myself a final score. This would be a great way to measure and practice my lucidity and learning to stay aware while typing away at non-DJ stuff too.


      This would be sort of like the thought I had yesterday, a continuation of it. The analogy of how I said learning a song, syllable by syllable. In that specific example you'd need a way to record yourself and this specific thing I will do would serve as a way to record my progress. Just a metaphor.


      Do I have other goals? Yes but first, I want to perfect my art of awareness. The ability to stay aware. Not only in gaining it during meditation, but to get aware one activity at a time. So instead of "doing" things to get lucid. Like meditating or doing reality check to induce a state of lucidity. The goal here would be to bring lucidity to whatever activity I do.


      So what other goals, or things do I want to experiment after I compete this one?

      I want to experiment more with WBTB - or polyphasic - separation of sleep segments. Because I noticed today, and with several days ago that I felt really bad. Tired and my body ached when I slept more than 7 hours in one single segment. Overall bodily discomfort. So the solution would be to divide them in shorter segments like with WBTB and it would give better rest and better lucids as a bonus. Another key aspect of this is figuring out what the perfect mount of sleep segment duration would be for me. Is it 3 hours or 5 hours or maybe 90 minutes? I want to experiment on it so badly, but I need to try it one at a time. I need to do this current awareness practice to my satisfaction so I don't overload myself. Also remember that there's also the number, or frequency of sleep cycles and the bst times that makes you most refreshed.


      I can't think of or remember other goals at the moment so I'll skip it for now.


      I noticed yesterday that the activities that I was more unaware - or the 3 of them that I was most unaware of them in were:

      Learning something new
      Talking to someone

      So as a result I decided to work on the first one. I noticed that I'm improving @ keeping awareness when talking to someone, not perfect but it's getting better. But what would be the best way to maintain awareness during the process of learning?


      Maybe this would be something I could keep on the back of my head. Ask yourself what would be a good way to maintain it. How would you maintain awareness during the process of learning? Maybe by counting?


      I also noticed that during my meditation last night before bed, I saw just images playing around behind my eyelids. They were very vivid, as if I was watching a TV show. The images I saw were similar to old school disney cartoons but the characters were different. They were so smooth, smooth animations playing before me and I noticed them popping up as I noticed my awareness. Catching it and getting lost. I also noticed that I could easily control the images and manipulate them. I could change them if I willed and edit it. I could clear it and instead summon something else into my vision if I wanted. At the later bits it was more chaotic and the scenes were less and less... understandable? It was just things happening, morphing it was like... it implied to me that it was hell? Or was it heaven from a different perspective? Instant manifestation of thoughts.


      If one was to have all their wishes come true instantly, would that be heaven? Or would that be hell? Perhaps it depends on the stability and ability of one's own control of their mind. If you knew what you were doing, it would b heaven. But if your mind was chaotic it would be hell. Then would the world that we live in, be heaven since there is delay in change?


      Much like when having a lucid dream. The most realistic and vivid lucid dreams. If we didn't have control over it and all of our fears manifested instantly. Lucid nightmares - would that be horrible? Or would it be an opportunity to face our fears if we were strong enough?



      Had dreams today. I'm going to do my best to recall them without looking at my jotted notes of them.


      I'll start with the very last one. It was about an Indian Guru in India. He kind of looked like Sadhguru. It was ourdoors on a dry field and he was holding a sort of lecture for others. And he was showcasing a large reusable whiteboard where the ink was permanent, until it was heated. He grabbed a hold of a very large hose. About the size of his waist. From it flowed hot air and that erased the large red ink on the board, that sort of looked like a calender with the red ink marking bits of the calender. But this hose was a glorified hairdryer basically and he erased the ink by blwoing hot air on it.

      - I think the reason I dreamt this part was because I watched some of hite speech recently. And the ink stuff was becaus I thought I wanted more notepads or a better way to write things down right as I wake up. So I did buy one of these disappearing ink stuff before and the thought I had about saving paper lead to it at that time.


      During his hosing down the red ink, one of the students there, an indian man with glasses and a gelled up hair. We'll call him Anand. He went to grab the hose to help the guru erase the board. I was watching this at the back, maybe as an observer or a participant. During this we learn a bit more about our guru. He attended some US school during his 20s and did some big project in the States. Something about 10 million, and he was robbed of part of it and came back to India and that was one of his stories.


      As he went on, my vision changed. I was in that very school or business building he was in the past. I remember him saying he had some sort of secret research documentation and it was stolen. I walked down the

      I'm just gonna stop my DJ here today. It's only maybe 1/5th of the thing but I should take a break and not overdo it, heeding the advice of someone very wise.


      Total DJ Lucidity Score

      40/140 = 28.57%

      Get better!

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