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    1. Sweet Heroic Ferret

      by , 11-05-2020 at 03:39 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am in a room and there is a sweet little talking ferret and some other talking critter, perhaps a squirrel. I am not exactly lucid. I know this is a dream, sort of, not fully. There is a plot going on but I do not recall what lead up to this. The ferret has agreed to do something very heroic! Perhaps it is to take a message secretly to someone or perhaps it is to sneak into an enemy tent and steal something important. He is now in a tube or something like a cut off pant leg and can not get out, and we need to escape the room. He turns around and burst out of the open end! It is a great moment of triumph and he is so proud of his smartness and how brave he is! What a good ferret. Let's go! We run out of the room and are along a road side. We start running. There is a guard rail on my right side and I keep between him and the road so he will not get hit. There is a hill on the left. The place he needs to go is down that hill up ahead. We get to the trail head where he must do this brave thing. There is chain link between us and the road. He is now clinging onto the chain link and could end up in the road. I take him protectively in my arms. He tells me he is afraid to do the thing. He is so sweet and cute. How could I have asked such a darling helpless creature to do something so dangerous? The dream ends here.