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    1. One Hundred Twenty Nine

      by , 12-02-2020 at 07:21 PM
      In which we attend R's dad's wake...

      R and I drive a white van up a treeless green hill with mountains in distance. We arrive at a Swiss chalet style building with a large parking lot. A man in a suit greets us and takes us into a foyer where a clerk behind a counter has us sign a registry. She asks us some questions and places a neon green visitor's sticker on our shirts.

      We walk down the hall towards a glass partition with a sliding door that leads out to a terrace. Outside, there are several raised rectangular platforms, and R's dad's shrouded body rests on one of them. There are no benches or chairs. We see V sitting on the ground beside their dad's body. Their dad is also there. He's healthy. He's wearing his glasses and a green and brown woolen sweater with his collar cuffed neatly over the neckline. He smiles at us and waves us over. We sit next to V but their dad continues to stand. All four of us look at the shrouded body.

      More people arrive. People walk around and chat with each other. I don't know most of the people. After some time, I exit the terrace through the glass wall and walk back down the foyer. I run into a blonde man who knows me but I don't know him. He is just finishing with the clerk and placing his visitor's sticker on his shirt.

      He greets me and asks about the wake. I tell him that everything is very peaceful and that R's dad is also there. He tells me that this happens sometimes, that some people believe if you attend your own wake, you must be a ghost, but he's not sure what he believes. This surprises me since I had not thought about R's dad being a ghost. I tell him that I am surprised by this though it makes sense. He says that it might not be true, no one knows for sure. He asks me what R or V thought about it, and I realized I didn't mention it to them.

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    2. One Hundred Twenty Eight

      by , 12-02-2020 at 07:02 PM
      In which I have a tiny man in a matchbox...

      I'm screwing a hanging hook into the dry wall. I miss the stud so the hook falls out, leaving a dusty hole in the wall. A beam of light shines through, and I put my eye up to the hole to peer in. I see a man running desperately towards me as a large orb of light moves across the sky chasing him, like the plane after Cary Grant in North By Northwest. I cup my palm beneath the hole and the man leaps into it. I slam my other hand against the hole, blocking the orb. The tiny man is safe!

      I place him in a matchbox with some tissue paper and bread crumbs. I bend down close to him to hear his story, but his voice is too small. I speak to him, but the sound waves blow him backwards off his feet. He puts his hands over his ears and doubles over in pain. I must figure out how to feed him, water him, keep him warm, communicate with him. Suddenly it all seems like such a chore. I consider squishing him like an ant and then remind myself that though he's ant-sized, he's still actually a human being. What a burden!

      In which I have a new job as a nanny...

      I'm wearing baggy pants. The kids are elementary aged and we are in a large stylish upper middle class house. They are in a basement playroom, chasing each another around a faux bamboo bar that looks like it hasn't been used in years for anything other than storing Amazon boxes. I'm bored with the game but attempting to appear engaged. I'm aware of the nanny cams watching me. I must seem patient and friendly.

      My pants keep falling down. I hide behind the bar out of sight of the camera and pull them up. I try to tuck them into my underwear to make them stay. Every time I take a step, they fall again. I reach for a blanket on the play room couch and wrap it around my body like it's a toga. My pants fall to my ankles, but I'm covered now in the blanket. The kids' mom comes down the stairs and sees me. "We're playing frat house," I tell her. She disapproves. But here we are, basement bar, bratty kids, toga...
    3. Fighting men in my house. Sleeping 10 hours in order to get lucid.

      by , 12-02-2020 at 09:45 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I have very high lucid chances when I go to sleep again in the morning. That's why I set an alarm 9 am and re-sleep when I wake up in the morning.

      I'm home and there is some kind of big man without a shirt I'm fighting against. He weights about 300 kg maybe. He is in our kitchen and I try to hit him but he doesn't get hurt. Another man enters the room who is at the big man's team. He is tall and thin. I tell them that this is unfair and I ask them where my teammates are. They are quiet as if they are hiding something. I say a weird name, Galatzhar or something. I ask them where this man is because I need him in order to be able to punch the big man. They don't know who I'm talking about. I go look in the house for my teammates. When I enter my parent's room they are sleeping next to each other. I come back to the kitchen and now my mom stands there. I get somewhat lucid and tell myself it is a dream loudly but I wake up.

      I wake up 7.30 am and go to the bathroom. I go to sleep again and enter a dream.

      I'm home and see that the clock is 17:00. I become lucid and walk out. I fly over some buildings and I am a little bit afraid that someone will grab me but it doesn't happen. I try to summon someone who will start to fly next to me but it fails. I want to fly to a star and I see one. I start to fly to it but it disappears. I look for another one but I can't find one. A star appears at the top of my vision. As I move my eyes to look at it the star moves away, always so that it is at the top of my vision. It's moving out from my view so that I can never look at it directly. I ignore that I can't see a star and just fly up into the darkness. As I fly it becomes darker and darker. I start to lose myself to the darkness. The sense of my body slowly disappears. I close my eyes and think to myself that it is going to be a FA in my bed. I wake up in my room and I'm not sure if it is a dream. I do my RC but I'm still not sure. I try to turn on the switch to the lamps with my mind but fail. I try to do some telekinesis to a book and succeed. I open up my window and fly out. It's dark outside. I fly to a big house and ask if anyone is home through a window. A girl in my age answers. The windows are too small to enter through. I start to punch the brick wall and I am able to destroy it. She is amused and says that it is another way to enter. She is playing some kind of Mario game on a small TV screen by her feet as she lays on a sofa. The TV screen is in a bad position for her so I use my telekinesis in order to fix it. It is fairly hard but I am able to fix it. I lay on the other side of the sofa with my head against her lap. I think about whether I should play Mario with her. The dream fades away.

      Notes: I have tried to reach the stars several times now. Maybe I need another approach. I want to learn how to walk through walls so that I don't need to enter through windows all the time.
    4. Saturday, September 26

      by , 12-02-2020 at 07:17 AM
      I am at Frenchman’s, alone. Renee and her family might be at their property too. It is really dark out and it does feel kind of late. I think I am inside the trailer, but it feels more like I’m in a room. I think I’m drinking something and just hanging out idly/doing something. I'm outside now, noticing first light showing behind the pines, realizing I’ve been up all night. I panic somewhat, not wanting to have stayed up all night, wanting to be able to still get some good sleep. There is an unfamiliar lady out here; I think we talk.

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    5. Friday, September 25

      by , 12-02-2020 at 07:16 AM
      I am at Camp Richardson with some of the family. Right now we are in some trailer that we are touring or in which we are planning a tour. There is something about it being a small space and people not wearing masks. I think David from Discology is here. Now we are down at the beach. The beach is a deep and wide expanse of only sand that doesnít seem to be crowded by other people. The water is calm and devoid of boats, etc. I am a ways out and jumping off a tall (20 ft?) wooden structure. Thereís something about the Grateful Dead - maybe theyíre playing in the background? I jump in and immediately hit the bottom, hard, but it doesnít really hurt, which surprises me because I thought it was much deeper. Back on the beach, Michelle is here and brings me a Starbucks? coffee, which I think is very sweet of her.
      Tags: beach, coffee, masks, water
    6. Friday, September 18

      by , 12-02-2020 at 06:20 AM
      I am with Mom and Makayla in what seems to be a grocery store. The store seems very large and open, spaced out, with high ceilings. We are walking and Mom starts saying something. Her words slowly become incoherent and at first Makayla and I find it funny until I see a confused look in Momís eyes. I then become worried and panicked, thinking sheís having a stroke. She then becomes silent and sort of freezes up. I attempt to call 911 but it wonít go through.
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    7. Thursday, September 17

      by , 12-02-2020 at 06:19 AM
      I am going to meet the guy who is giving Melissa the free microwave. I know weíre meeting on S. Virginia and Moana, which is where Iím at, but for some reason I get on the freeway. I immediately realize Iíve messed up and get mad at myself. I decide Iíll just have to take the next exit and turn back around. This exit looks completely unfamiliar - it takes me to either a numbered or lettered street (C or 6th street?). The area seems dim and dingy. I am now on the sidewalk and meeting with him. This Ďmicrowaveí is huge, more like the size of an oven or bigger. It seems more like a microwave attached to a square coal furnace. The guy too looks different from the picture Melissa showed me*. I open the slats to peer into the empty space, imagining how it would be cool to have a fire in here and heat a space. *He is large, probably obese.
    8. Saturday, September 12

      by , 12-02-2020 at 06:18 AM
      I am on what seems to be a speed boat. The boat also seems very long and flat. We seem to be going rather fast over the open water (the ocean?) We are not too far away from the shore though. There is something about us being on the way to see Dead and Company and/or John Mayer driving the boat. I think about how Iíve seen Dead and Co in the middle of the desert and will now see them out in the middle of water, impressed by this. (Iím envisioning a scene of them set up out in the sand - by Las Vegas? - with no stage or crowd). Iíve been standing on this boat, and thereís a guy standing next to me. I wait until weíve arrived to strike up conversation. I ask if heís ever surfed? In an English accent he says Ďjust nowí or something similar. Now, I am swimming.
    9. Sunday, September 6

      by , 12-02-2020 at 06:16 AM
      Iím in Virginia City with Dad and I think Kris. we are in a building that seems larger than any really up there. It may be a restaurant or a restaurant attached to something else. There are tall ceilings and baroque wood work and decorations. It seems empty and dim to dark. I am walking to the bathrooms and there is something about a certain portion of them being haunted. Iím wearing a face mask, at times putting it over my eyes? Iím feeling really creeped out, like I could see something scary/paranormal any minute. Now, Iím walking around outside with Dad. We are pointing out the Ďhauntedí spots. I hold my phone up to one of the spots and watch as the temperature on the screen drops from 80-something to about 30 degrees. This happens quickly and is very creepy. There are two to three guard dogs out here, and one starts channeling the voice of a spirit. The dog growls low and constantly but seems to transmit a human voice after Dad and I ask it a question. I think we have a paranormal encounter elsewhere too.
    10. Thursday, September 3

      by , 12-02-2020 at 06:15 AM
      I am outside with someone else, I think Melissa. The landscape is desert and slight hills. It is also full of lots of small hot spring pools. They look inviting and just the right depth. I think weíre looking for the perfect one for us.

      Iím at what seems to be a small get together in a backyard. A pipe is being passed around and when it gets to me I decline because I think there will be something happening that I donít exactly want to be high for. I then loosen up and/or succumb to the pressure and take a hit. It looks like this pipe is lit from below and the smoke inhaled from a few inches above the small bowl, all within a second or two. Shortly after, I feel the warm, fuzzy effects. Now, Iím inside, and the pipe looks more like a squat and not very clean bong. I am intermittently taking hits from it. I think there are a few other guys in this somewhat plain house. I think there is a sense of hiding what Iím doing.
      Tags: smoking, water, weed