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    1. Dream Gods and Street party

      by , 12-30-2020 at 07:27 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (NIGHT OF) 29-12-20

      Dream Gods

      1) 3 dream gods have broken free and are about to tear up the town by manifesting anything and everything! I'm part of a group of people looking out into a kind of large open square, where these 'gods' are looming above us, they are HUGE - 50X the size of a person. The group I am with - we are kind of super heroes (or something) and have been sent to sort this mess out. It's very busy, a reporter is nearby capturing all of this on camera with her crew. I am told to help create a trap, there are 3 bears nearby and it is my job (with two other people) to get the bears to chase us and use the bears to attack the dream gods. The bears are someplace nearby in this suburban area. We walk a couple of blocks, I wonder if the two dreamers with me know that this is a dream or if they think it is real (I don't think of finding @stranger at this point as I am too involved in the narrative of the dream) , I'm not sure who the other two dreamers are/can't recall. At some point I find myself with a small child on my shoulder, she is a tiny little girl - very cute, but very young. At first we can't find the bears. but then we hear them from around the corner and I can already tell that they are giving chase.
      We start to run - fast, I forget that the little girl is on my shoulders and wonder if she may have fallen off (which scares me) but no.. I can feel her legs and I grab them tight as we run and lead the bears to the dream gods. We then stand off to one side and let the other dreamers fight the dream gods (urghh... we seem to have been given minor roles) and then I discuss with my wife about adopting this little girl as I don't know where her parents are.

      Street party (part 1)
      2) I'm in a large shopping center/mall, it's late at night, just one empty space where a shop used to be is open. A kind of party is taking place here - I've been invited by a mate. When I arrive a band is just wrapping up, it's old school rock or grunge playing, I see punks and goths around, it's kind of dirty, people are smoking and drinking. It's nice. I see my mate Lee and go to join him, sitting with his back against the wall. I tell him that it's good to see him. I see a couple of guys race some RV cars around the empty shop floor, they take a tight turn around a row of empty shelves and nearly topple over. I laugh. Lee offers me a last drag on his cigarette, I thank him and take it - but it's all wet at the butt - I pretend to take a drag and then stub it out on the floor.

      Street party (part 2)

      3) Back with the same guys, this dream happened after some other dreams (that I can't recall) It's still dark, but we are outside, in a suburban area hanging around a disused lot - just a bit of grass between houses tucked away and dimly lit by the street lamps. We are crouched and standing around chatting, one of the guys is goofing around in front of us, where it's a little darker and we can't see as much. I see some movement around him and we call out that he should be careful. First a couple of dogs move around, and then I see an Iguana - then some other animals, and rats. He finally see these creatures and agrees that he should follow our advice and come into the light. We move into the street area, music is playing, I'm chatting to Lee - and I see another guy, he has a shaved head. He gives me this knowing nod, I KNOW him - but from where? I can't quite place his face... not sure what he is doing in this dream. I put my hands through my long hair, I feel good, I'm older now - we are all older, but it doesn't matter, I wonder if my receding hairline shows as much with long hair. Then I wonder about that, no, I have short hair now, this is a dream (but again, I just follow the narrative of the dream) I hear a new track start playing, I think it's the start of a Nirvana song.. but no, I'm wrong, this is just another very generic modern rock type of song. The guy with the shaved head seems to enjoy it though and start miming the drumming to the song as it plays.
    2. cciii. Amputated leg; Driving, social contact, journeys

      by , 12-30-2020 at 01:05 PM
      Long dreams but poor recall again. Dream vividness/in-dream detail has been fairly high.

      29th December 2020


      Was getting out of a house, getting ready to go somewhere. I climb some roof or something like and for some reason I get something really bad in my left leg, it's very painful. My leg gets amputated below the knee.

      Then I'm in a classroom? I walk around, dealing with phantom limb sensations. I tell some therapist I'll try the mirror box theory later when I get a chance, to try and teach my leg/brain that things are different now. I see B from school and talk to him about some drawings he'd made.

      The phantom limb can somehow still hold or move a sandal at the end of where my foot would actually be. I can see the old missing bit of my leg, as if it was phasing in and out.

      30th December 2020

      Dream, fragmented:

      Driving on a motorway/highway. J and my siblings talking to me in a street? I'm in a city of some kind, it's day time. It seems quiet but not overly so, just like not a lot of people actually live here or lead peaceful lives. J was comforting me in some kind of parental way, but I don't remember about what.

      At some point my view changes and it becomes top-down. Things look a bit like Factorio. I launch a nuke ICBM from a silo and after going up out of sight it comes back down only a few structures away from the silo. The silo is OK after this but most of the rest in the area gets destroyed; robots quickly start replacing most of it and I try to manually place some alternate structures.

      (transition gap)

      At a castle, there with mom and T. We take a walk around the outer area of the castle, close to the walls. At some point I climb up some tower. It's really high up and I can see the sky and the sun, as well as distant mountains. Sunset.

      Later in the same area, something about a couple of roofers. I take away a couple of carrier bags and T helps me. I ask if they have some drinks because I'm taking the cola away with me. I accidentally lose grip and drop the carrier bag with it down a flight of worn stone stairs. I don't worry and let out an "oops". T gets slightly upset, or annoyed.

      Then at ground level in an inner courtyard area. I look around and see limestone? yellow-ish stone, into which there are relief carvings and sculptures. I feel compelled to clean these carefully, they're covered in moss and general dirt.

      (transition gap)

      Then I'm on a bus with aunt B and mom. B is telling a story about ravines in Germany and how they are very popular attractions. The bus driver is sort of at the middle/back of the bus. It has a weird layout but looks standard otherwise. I think the driver struggles with seeing where he's going and it feels like there's a lot of traffic around us. It's an overcast day but I remember we go through a tunnel at some point. I remember seeing the ravines my aunt was on about, but partly in my mind, but as vividly as if real?

      (then, many fragments)

      Views of animated scenes with M/M themes. I think something to myself, a kind of feeling of envy (about the authors?) but the specifics are lost. I look up images of Zor'Drak for some reason. The same themes again, explicit in some cases. One picture is of him with an open maw and a tiny creature on his tongue, pleasuring itself; they both seem to be enjoying the activity. There's a light and warm glow coming from deeper inside the mouth. The description mentions "Ezekiel" and it seems this has something to do with the smaller character.
    3. False Awakening Fail

      by , 12-30-2020 at 04:51 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I was involved with a random lucid when I wondered if I was over sleeping. I woke up (FA) and checked the time. I suspected a possible FA and decided to examine things. I walked into the front room thinking I will see if anything is odd. I thought everything looked normal (No. It was washed out and the color was towards a grey spectrum. I get into the front and some stranger is looking at my fish. They commented that they fed them. This made me mad. I totally forgot about the chance of an FA. I focused on who this guy could be and so on. Opportunity missed.