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    1. Re-sleeping many times. Really many lucids. Goal completed: Walk through wall.

      by , 12-05-2020 at 10:18 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a kitchen and Monica is there. They have a rat problem and I am there to fix it. I've got laser vision and I'm able to kill them pretty fast, I fly too. After some time my laser doesn't have any effect and I wake up.

      Notes: Monica was here yesterday. I saw a short movie where superman uses his laser vision yesterday.

      I went to sleep 01 am and I accidentaly set an alarm 7 am. I re-slept at least 6 times and got a lucid each time. Many of them were short but the lucidity was really high. I wake up for real 9.30 am. It's too bad I can't remember them all.

      I'm in my room and about to fly out. When I fly out I fall down to the ground. I see a big wall in front of me and I think about going through it. I start with my hand and I'm able too! I read a DJ where someone became like a jelly in order to pass through so I did the same. My body become half liquid as I pass it pretty slowly. I look at my slimy hand and see that two fingers are gone just like in the series I watched yesterday. I am nervous when my face goes in the wall. My vision becomes very unstable at first but I am able to fix it. I pass through and there is a big office on the other side. There are three girls in my age. I wake up.

      Notes: I had at least one more lucid were I passed through a wall but I can't remember it.

      I'm just walking around with very high lucidity. I don't feel like doing anything crazy.

      I'm in a room with some computers. I have some friends doing some work on them. I lose myself to the dream narrative. There is a man behind a computer and he got some information he is filing out on me. I tell him my first and last name and he puts them in small boxes. I tell him the name of the church I'm in too but I'm a bit ashamed by it at first. I walk to another computer and a friend of mine have got information about some kind of leader. He says that he is able to do some kind of blackmailing with the information or something like it. I get some papers by a teacher and my grades are on them. There is a circle with different grades pointing out from the middle. If the grade is longer to the right it's an A and if it is in the middle it's a C and most to the left it is an F. My grades are spread out on the right side of the paper but I'm worried because I've got better grades than that. I see our physics teacher walk past and I tell her that something is wrong. She doesn't give me a straight answer and walks away. Signe asks if she can look at my grades and takes the paper. I tell her that I've actually got mostly A.

      Notes: I thought I remembered much more from my dreams. I am afraid that I won't be able to enter a new lucid if I interrupt my sleep with writing my last down. Next time I will try to remember to write them down and look what happens instead.

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    2. it's better

      by , 12-05-2020 at 02:34 AM
      I'm going to write it while I feel like it. To strike while the iron's still hot they say. It is better. So much better. After applying what I'd written yesterday that is.

      A peculiar feeling. As I of my own did nothing, the fish came upon my bait by itself. It was sort of effortless. Well, more effortless than the previous practice.

      I did sort of a comparison between the old and a few while doing something. And the new one was just, it performed better by miles on the first try already. So I decided to do it a couple of times more and see how much I could maintain it.

      The first highest number was around 200 (~210). Which was very interesting now that I think back on it. Because I'd counted inside my dream before while lucid. And guess how far up I counted? 200. So I felt like this sort of correlated with how much lucidity I could maintain. The next peak was around 400 (~420). I tried again while doing another activity (shovelling snow) and I maintained it for the entirety of the duration plus before starting it, and after ending it. I ended up stopping at 1200 since I felt like I didn't want to overwork myself this time. But 1200! It didn't take very long to get such a huge leap of improvement.

      One weakness though, of this is that I'd need to vocalize internally or externally the number. So I'm having a tough time maintaing it as I type away these words. And another is when I may be doing mathematical calculations or something, it feels like it interrupts or overlaps with the counting of numbers. How would I overcome these weaknesses?

      (talking appears to be easier to maintain than writing)


      LDs ( 3 FA, stayed lucid)
      School, english style wooden old one
      Noticed my mother and father there
      Very vivid.. checked fingers... 5 then stared into 6 slowly, persistent dream
      - 1 in different spot of the school, near 3 chairs
      - 1 in some sort of apartment building that included roommates but they weren't present
      - 1 in bed
      Meditated 2-3 times (Didn't have a dream goal). I spun around 2 of the times

      I can't remember if I had another dream as I had to get up pretty abruptly.