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    1. Demon girl and Magic sleigh

      by , 02-13-2020 at 06:56 PM
      Went to bed at 2:30AM.
      got out of bed at 1:30.
      Dream 1:
      I was at a strangers home whos entire property looked almost exactly like my cottage, but it was more well maintained and had a few things that were bigger or more than my cottage. The whole place was really beautiful, so many beautifully tended gardens, all the fences were kept in good shape and the nature was well kept. At one point, I went inside somewhere. A young girl was talking to me and gave me a letter to open. It contained her report card and something else. She told me she wanted me to come back monday and we could get intimate. I was very apprehensive, I asked her how old she was and she said 17. I was wondering why she wanted me to come back monday and I guessed it was because no one else would be home. I found out that she didnt want to get intimate with me, she wanted to take my life. There was this horrible blobby red/green monster that would just slowly suck me up and digest me. She wanted to feed me to him. I was going to fight her. I made really hot coffee, had another hot liquid and had the other part of the letter I was going to use to confront her. She busted down the door I was standing in front of and she clearly was out for blood. There may have been blood on her face already. I threw the 2 hot liquids at her and she died. I had won. I later told someone else about the monster and the documents from my dream. This part felt like real life again. I thought about how I stilled had the documents if that was a dream and I had woken up, but it still didnt cause me to go lucid XD

      Dream 2:
      I was in my room with a couple friends, Evan and Matthew W. The topic of smoking came up with his friend Alon tonight so I showed him my Beginners chip. We talked a bit about our usage of marijuana, and he admitted he needed to stop cold turkey a lot of times. We then decided to go to Alons, but on sleds. My sled had become motorized. We were zooming down Cavendish road, under the bridge and when we got to the other side we were actually driving on the wrong side of the median. The sled was a bit hard to control but speed worked exactly like a car I could put my right foot down on the front right side of the sleigh and I would get speed. We eventually got to Alons and when I looked at my sleigh it was a regular sleigh, no motor or anything and I didnt really think too much about that. I guess it was like a magic sleigh. We all met up at the lobby of his building and some of us went outside to smoke. I stayed inside with a couple others. There was this candy stick that you had to like light like a joint and it would get activated or something. People couldnt get the lighter to work so I tried and it was a cool lighter. There was like a pilot light inside the lighter so that you knew if there was no gas left. I tried lighting the lighter fora bit and couldnt get a flame but then realized heat was coming out either way so I light the candy stick and the candy started melting on it. Ryan tried to smoke it even though I thought it would be really hot. We asked Alon what it was for and he said it was to cool your throat down between hits from a joint.
      non-lucid , side notes