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    1. Surprise stuff

      by , 02-04-2020 at 10:52 PM
      Dream 1
      I am in a large swimming-pool and lots of people swim, the water is quiet, no waves and blue, a very intense blue, I have a floating neck collar with a string that I hold in my hand, just the string, then I let it go, and the collar goes deep down. I'm surprised as I figure it would float, then my dad comes along and says that I have to go recoup this collar, I go deep down and I cannot see the floating collar, just the legs of the people who are swimming and a lot of blue water, even a bit of stalks of plants. I see different ground right under where I swim, it's sand, I go down and part of it looks it has a hole, and when I go closer it's not a hole, just a bit different laid out, then I show my dad that the floating neck collar is nowhere, somehow I took the water away, just this side where I see the sand, fine, ultra-fine, light beige with a flavour of pink, it's so beautiful, then he says that it might be right under this sand as we see that the sand wobbles at one side and at that part it might go down, like a quick sand, I'm not convinced that we can find that as the sand looks pretty firm to me. Then I leave this place and a man at the end of the street asks me to drive the car, I jump in and I see that there are 2,3 people in the car including my brother. They all have lots of luggage, I am on the back bench and I am driving as I feel the gas pedal and the clutch as well, I use my right hand to pull into gear and I back as the road is not ahead, I cannot see anything at the back, I turn my head and see nothing I hope for the best not to run over anyone. The car moves quite fast and my feet move from gas to clutch to breaks. Then I drive ahead, I'm stiff on my sit and the people at my right who sit hamper my sight again, as I see very little from the right window, I just keep going, more likely the car does although I'm perfectly aware I'm making lots of moves to keep this car going.
      Dream 2
      I go fast to the door as I hear some noises. I do expect someone, however, through this door peep I see a bunch of youngsters that I do not want to invite in the house right now. I don't know how this lock is, as I see a hole between the door frame and the actual door, it's of a square shape and a little red bullet which is some trigger that I know if I press it the door opens, I don't want to open the door, however it does open!! And all the guys come in, they sit at the table, the food is already on as I was waiting for people, they keep quiet however I see that between them is a conflict as it is between myself and each of them, we only clash with each other through our eyes. I know all these 3-4 guys from a movie where one of them is the main cop and the other is the criminal, they made peace at the end, now I recognize they are from the movie, but how did they come to this house, how do they know about me?
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dreams

      by , 02-04-2020 at 06:19 PM
      Went to bed at 12AM.
      Woke up at 6AM, wrote 1 tag
      Woke up at 7:30AM, nothing written down
      woke up at 9AM, with recall, fell back asleep. Had more dreams and wrote down tags when I got up at 9:30
      Dream 1:
      In this dream I was in a group with a couple other people and we were being chased by this group of a few people, who I'm pretty sure were asian. We were being chased around a city like Las Vegas and we went underground into something that looked like a grocery store with no one else in it. They were too far behind us to see us but they somehow always took the same turns as us, even though there were multiple forks in the path. I wasn't scared, it was more like a rush of adrenaline like when you're a kid playing tag on the playground and the person who's IT is right behind you and inching closer. When we went into the empty grocery store we decided to hide to try to lose them. But they stopped and were looking around slowly, but not urgently. It was as if it was all a game and they knew we were there, they were just building anticipation. They did find us and a giddy laughter came out of me when they did.

      Dream 2:
      This was located at the bouldering gym. The walls changed so much and the layout of the whole building expanded and changed. At first it was a traverse challenge, with mostly only holds at the top of the wall all around. While attempting this challenge, some annoying ass kid grabbed onto my leg and wouldnt let go! This pissed me off so much! He was putting both of us in danger and not letting me climb this route that I was so excited to try! I grabbed this kid and brought him around looking for a staff member. I found one and told her what he was doing, to revoke his day pass or some shit because he was still smiling and had no remorse. It seemed like he was going to do it again as soon as I let him go! The staff member ended up being pretty useless, the conversation ended with something along the lines of, "I'm pretty new here, try and find someone who has more experience". This made me mad that she was too incompetent to handle this kid who was breaking the rules at the place she worked! Later on in the dream I kept an eye out for him but didnt see him again. After that situation, my friend Matteo arrived at the gym. We greeted and hung out for a bit because they were changing the walls again at this point. I guess it was a special event day. Now there were basketball hoops at the tops of the walls, which I couldnt figure out how they were going to incorporate into the routes. I wandered around a bit, saw this insanely jacked asian man using some training implement to hold himself off the ground with one hand. He was cartoonishly jacked. I went to go hang out outside with Matteo, Bruce and one of their friends. We talked for a bit and then their other friend left to go play in the water and imitated some kid who just got lost or abducted or something. They scolded him for making fun of such a serious event. Shortly after I spotted climbing routes(Finally normal ones) on the outside of the gym building. I went to go check them out and there were some all over the side road, on the bouldering gym and the neighboring building. I attempted to start a hard looking route but couldnt get good enough footholds. I walked around to the back where there was now a gym style training zone with some climbing training apparatus'. Finally, I think I missed something. Near when the basketball hoops were up, they changed the walls 1 more time. There were roman looking obstacles that I believe you had to bounce a basketball off of to get it in the net. this isn't climbing but it felt okay for some reason.
    3. lxxvii.

      by , 02-04-2020 at 12:17 PM
      None of these dreams are complete in detail. Transitions are missing and a lot of them had beginnings that I simply can't recall now. It took me over 15 minutes from getting up from bed to write any of these down here because of difficulty getting up and slightly different morning routine.

      Dream Fragment:

      Very short fragment. There's a brand new office building of some kind. It has an odd shape, has a very 80s,90s feel to it for me. Then someone has apparently ordered some sort of bespoke building plating. A woman, I think, she's very happy about it and goes "yeah, instant bunker baby!" or something like that. The somewhat thin metal plating is plaited and somehow unfolds itself around the building and fits perfectly over every single side. I remember walking around it to see or something.

      The woman then throws a bomb right at the brand new plating. It makes a small explosion, no more than a few yards in radius and doesn't break anything off, but some cracks appear on the plating and underneath it. Despite the fact that the plating is metal, it looks translucent and is a dark tan. I find it curious but don't spend too much time thinking about it. (Years ago I had some translucent plastic spoons that had an electro-plated metal finish of some sort, which gave them a translucent metallic look. The dark tan is familiar from a number of tinted glasses I remember seeing in buildings I visited in the 90s.)

      Anyway, she's really disappointed now, asking how could the small blast get through like that. She insisted it was supposed to be virtually indestructible but then some sort of interface overlay appeared in my vision as if in a game and I inspected the plating and it had a little icon that when inspected stated "Highly Resistant Material". I felt she had hyped herself into believing this plating was more durable than it actually was. I remember passing thoughts of how nothing is indestructible.

      Dream Fragment:

      In some sort of classroom. Me and someone else, maybe H, are there first with the teacher. The teacher doesn't look much older than us and she seems familiar somehow now, but is purely a dream character. Possibly an anima-type construct. There's a chalkboard. There are small metal-legged, chipboard tables, covered with plastic veneer. The setting is very familiar from my childhood. Somehow I don't remember the chairs exactly, but they were probably fibreglass ones.

      The room feels dark, but it seems to be day outside. Only a small amount of light gets in from some windows. We are at some table over by the far right end corner of the room.

      Then some students arrive. I don't have any thoughts about it in the dream, but realise now that they were former classmates from when I was around 12-15. The lights are on now, I think. I remember turning back to my left and looking at someone else and then approaching for some reason. To get something of mine that was borrowed? Not sure. But then I go over to another table, more crowded, surrounded by a group, and there I grab something, but somehow my way is now blocked and instead of asking for room to get past, I crawl under the table. At this point I notice somewhat clearly that I'm wearing a hoody, a cream coloured one, that I probably would have worn back then but still have now; but I felt the age I am now.

      I crawled out from under the side of this group table, somehow not getting kicked at all even by accident.

      The rest of the dream's detail is missing.

      Dream Fragment:

      Me and H were at home, in the kitchen. The room seemed bigger than it actually is, including the ceiling height, which in reality is already over two people's height combined. The lights were on and the curtain roll was down on the window.

      I don't remember what we were doing when suddenly we were stepping into the hallway for a bit and lights started flickering, out of sync with each other. They'd go really dim or completely out. H was really confused by this and I was finding it odd. We didn't have any high-power things on. One of the lights started making a loud repeating clicking noise, I think the fluorescent light in the kitchen or some other fluorescent light that doesn't actually exist. But in my mind at that point I thought it was a relay for whatever reason.

      I told H to try and find out what was going on, as I was getting worried the clicking noise was actually something shorting out and sparking. He told me to turn everything off, so I went to the electric trips board and (impossibly) moved it into the middle of the kitchen, where I had a look at it with some light. I forced the RCD to trip and that turned mostly everything off except one light somewhere and H was disappointed but came over and I told H to see for himself what he wanted to do. He flicked some other trips and then everything was completely off.

      Then there was some knocking at the door. We were finding this all very odd and I couldn't imagine who it was. I was about to answer the door but tentatively waited. I saw through the front room window ( in the dream more like a mini conservatory thing than the flat windowed wall of reality) a man going to next door's and knocking there. The neighbours answered and had a little chat with him, and he was saying how he was sick of all these electrical noises he kept hearing on and on for days coming from someone else's house. I thought to myself "I couldn't agree more" or something to that effect.

      The man looked like Haymitch from the Hunger Games, but fatter and somewhat older. In the dream I realised he was one of the neighbours further to the left, past our direct neighbour on the left. It seemed to be daytime but rather desaturated and gloomy outside.

      I think I told H about what I saw and then wondered who the hell was causing all this. I forget the rest of the dream.

      Dream Fragment:

      At a church, not sure who else is there exactly but Fry from Futurama was there. He was saying random things and somehow the congregation was loving him and he was getting ordained. I remember him saying "W-what? I'm not even trying to be nice at this point!", clearly upset that despite some purposefully obnoxious actions he was still being praised, when it wasn't at all what he wanted.

      Remember little from this dream except that the visuals were all a bit odd, like my head was hanging low. I remember there was a pipe organ in this church.

      No side notes, but made some notes in-line with the dream content.
    4. The Ship That Never Sinks GA+WBTB+DILD

      by , 02-04-2020 at 09:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was on this ship like vehicle. I was with a co-worker as she and I got separated from the other co-workers we were with. As this happen the ship like thing was stop by huge vanilla cookie's. As I see this I just knew I was dreaming because seriously how would a cookie stop a ship, come on now. As this happens I saw my co-worker flee the scene. She tells me goodbye and shuts the door leaving me and this other dude who I notice on the ship just now alone.

      I look at him and told him I am the captain now and made my way to the driver seat. Before I could grab whole of the steering wheel, the guy makes the lights go off. I tried to make them come back on with some struggle and finally it work. As I place my hands on the steering wheel we began to take off. There was some serious cookie damage ahead and I am certain ran over a few car's with this big ship. It also seem to not surprise me how a ship could drive on the road but whatever.

      I began to laugh hysterically as I continue to feel the power of my ship. But then all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and lost my lucidity by waking up.
    5. Most vivid lucid dream I've ever had

      by , 02-04-2020 at 08:13 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      After a somewhat subconscious,passive initiation of WILD I found myself in a paralysis, in which I didn't realize that I'm already dreaming.
      It wasn't very intense, and I thought this would be the end of it, and I would wake up but despite this I kept waiting.
      There was a bit of pressure in my head ,and the usual loud noise, I started to see through my eyelids.
      Actually I was already in a dream that time I think, since I was lying in the other bed, not the one I lied back in this morning, but I didn't realize that then.
      So I got up and it was kind of vivid but unstable, thought why not, I'll just try to jump through the window. It didn't go well. I thought this will be the end of it ,but I held hands together and concentrated,
      maybe a new dream will start, and that's when it happened.
      I found myself in the middle of a green pasture, nice green hills around, perhaps even mountains. EVERYTHING was vivid and clear, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was all vivid, from my toes , to the horizon, the sun was shining, the plants , everything made sense, there was no random patterns or fuzzyness. Everything was as vivid as this reality. I was amazed but I kept my cool, walked around . THere were some gardeners working.
      I walked towards the nearby forests. The dream switched again. I did the same and waited. and now I was in a night time party scene ,somewhere in a city.
      I kept repeating "clarity" until everything was back to usual. I met some drunk british chav who wanted to fight me for some reason to which I just smashed a bowl on his head, then his taller friend (who was not a chav) came and then the chav knocked him out with some object and said something funny...
      I then went around and came to a room, looked more like a classroom, there was a woman..looked kinda like Meghan Markle but was shorter and had freckles.
      I asked her if she knows that this is a dream...before she could answer the connection was cut , and I woke up

      but damn, everything was so vivid and so real, I've been to another world for a brief time
      I think this "stillness of mind" I've developed in the last few weeks may have contributed
      Also my recall is terrible, even if I just woke up a few minutes ago as I write this , I already forgot a lot

      Updated 02-08-2020 at 09:12 PM by 92016

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    6. A little better recall.

      by , 02-04-2020 at 04:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie 1

      A dream where I'm in a room that is dark and trying to focus. Now I'm standing by a living room where Jamie is watching TV or something. She comes up to me and kisses me.

      Jamie 2

      Similar dream to last week. We are clasping our hands over a table, And jesus is there this time giving approval.

      I Still hope something like this really happens.

      More youtube dreams

      Dream about being on some hill with some youtuber I don't like. People ask if we are friends, and I say no. People are shooting in the distance and I wake cover in a bush. Earlier I remember walking around some construction building that kept changing. Then I had a FA In some room But I saw two really large ants floating above me. I freaked out and had to leave the room.

      I had other recall that I clearly remembered all week, but it's gone now.
      Tags: jamie, youtube
      non-lucid , nightmare , side notes
    7. A full week of the car dream

      by , 02-04-2020 at 03:49 AM
      Last night I had the car dream again. This was the 7th night in a row. I had the usual long an unpleasant wait in the car with my sister where I tried to ignore her so I didn't have to smell her breath. She kept trying to talk to me and I kept looking at the empty driver seat to ignore her.

      When mom got in and got the mirrors adjusted, she started turning the key and then also pumping the accelerator after a few cranks, and I kept seeing the red lights on the dash and hearing the buzzing sound. Mom then became worried that she had left the curling iron on and when back in the house to check on it. I started to reach to undo my seatbelt, but mom told me I needed to leave it on since we would be going soon. We waited in the car for mom for a really long time. When she finally came back out, she told me someone from church had called her and she couldn't get off the phone. She started trying to star the car again, and I woke-up after she had tried several more times to get the car started.