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    1. WILD Day 3, No Dreams

      by , 06-30-2020 at 04:49 PM (Life's Recollections)
      As per the title, I had only a few tiny dream fragments but the way I slept (I just kept falling asleep over and over again each time I woke up) I basically forgot everything. I maybe should have tried a little harder to use the wakeups as DEILD (dream exit induced lucid dream) attempts, but I always forget to hold still when I wake up. I should probably start working on that too!

      I label this attempt 3, because even though I used to practice this years ago, I hadn't until recently and it feels like starting fresh.

      WILD (wake induced lucid dream) Attempt 3:

      During the day yesterday, I would say about 5 times overall (trying to make it more), I practiced the "Reverse Reality Checks" described in Sageous' WILD class. I tried to follow my curiosity naturally as to myself and interactions with the world, just investigating the self and trying to be genuinely self-aware, inside and out. It's a difficult thing to do "honestly" (when I investigate the self it often feels like nothing is there), but general mindfulness is something I have been working on a lot anyway, so it goes right along with recent practice. I have just tried to think about my place in the world mostly, both in the recent past and my predictions of what I will effect in the close future.

      Also, re: Sageous' recent advice, and my experiences last night, I made some changes to my WILD strategy. Namely, to set the dream up beforehand, choose a mantra related to getting into the dream, and to focus on visualizing the dream during the WILD attempt.

      I set my alarm for 5 AM (I fell asleep a little later today), and woke up, spent 15 minutes again on the edge of my bed figuring out where I wanted to go in my dream and thinking of a suitable mantra (I had thought it over the night before as well but hadn't set it in stone yet). There is a small little forested shore that I sometimes visualize myself in when performing meditation that is of a visual nature, that I find quite a relaxing and unthreatening place to be, so I thought it would be interesting to see it in a dream. I can visualize it rather well, so I figured it should be easy to visualize in a dream also. I chose "I'm coming home," as my temporary mantra, because this place I was trying to go is something of a mental home for me, and I found it a relaxing thing to repeat, as well as drawing me towards my intention.

      I laid down with my arms by my sides today (no crossing) and found this much more comfortable. I still had some trouble avoiding swallowing 2-3 times, but I find this does not wake me up immensely and is at most a few seconds of set-back when it happens, so while it would be ideal not to do it, it doesn't seem like the end of the world.

      At any rate, I laid there for about 20-30 minutes, repeating my mantra, and trying to visualize walking around this small shore and the forest that surrounds it, picking up sand, putting my hands on the trees, crouching in the grass, etc. I found that when I could carefully hold my focus on these activities, it definitely helped draw me towards sleep and away from my body. Oftentimes I would be imagining one of these activities, find myself a little emotionally lightened (or something, that's the best way I can put it), and with that came a lightening of consciousness, as if I was becoming more comfortable and thereby more ready for sleep.

      I also noticed something during this attempt: I know that I shouldn't be focusing on my body but it is sometimes hard to forget the difference between your visualized body messing around in your visualized intended dream, and your real body lying there and its sensations. However, I found that as I became more sleepy, I for some reason found myself 'staring' at my eyelids naturally. It's hard to explain, but I think as I became more sleepy, my mind drew back from my body more and more (it was becoming more numb anyway), and I found myself almost secluded in my head with my thoughts, until something roused me a little and I found myself in my whole body again. I experimented a little with intentionally 'staring at my eyelids' (again, so to speak, because there's nothing to look at) and found that it did seem to help me force this state a little more, the feeling of being just inside my head in the dark, rather than lying on a bed with my eyes closed. That may be something I'll experiment more with.

      Unfortunately most dips towards sleep were followed by things that when woke me back up, such as becoming distracted from the visualizations, or some HI that accidentally caught my attention a little too much (at one point I faintly saw a window seemingly peering out from a spaceship into space, near a moon of some sort, and even though I was attempting to ignore it, I almost couldn't help but look-- but as quickly as I looked, it vanished, leaving me more awake than before... darn HI).

      I eventually laid there for about 50 minutes before I realized that I was seeing something light grey, and at first thought perhaps my WILD attempt had brought me into sleep and I hadn't noticed somehow, but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't having a dream. Unfortunately, after about a minute or two of staring at this light grey, I had a realization, and opened one of my eyes-- it had simply become light outside as it was almost 6 AM! Perhaps I need to get a sleep mask or shift my sleep schedule back a little.

      At this point I basically abandoned the attempt, and decided to experiment a little as I fell asleep: I turned on my side away from the window and held my hand near my face to block the light (which is a more natural sleeping position for me than on my back, weirdly). I still felt pretty awake and aware, and not like I would fall asleep suddenly. I tried repeating my mantra and continuing the visualizations, and even experienced some more auditory HI. However I kept feeling the urge to move, and again just for the sake of experimentation (even though everyone says not to move, I know!) I decided to just move whenever I felt like moving to make myself more comfortable each time and see if I would fall asleep more quickly while I was still fairly aware.

      Of course as one could predict, my experiment ended in me eventually shifting into a position I was comfortable in, and immediately hard falling asleep for the next 4 hours, without even any memorable dreams, lol.

      • Visualization of the dream definitely helped somehow, I'm not sure how but there was a palpable sense of movement towards the dream.
      • I'm unsure whether the mantra ("I'm coming home") was better or worse-- much like "keep it tight," it occasionally seemed to be helping draw me towards something, but I don't know if it was the dream. Mostly it just felt like something to do while lying still, though this could just be the sign of a bad mantra.
      • There seems to be something to me about shifting the focus into the headspace and away from the body intentionally. In retrospect this seems obvious but I had not found a good way to do it, whereas by 'staring at my eyelids' I seemed to almost force this perspective a little bit.

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    2. Headless monster and Harry Potter

      by , 06-30-2020 at 04:17 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in my house on the upper floor and chasing small monsters that are going to kill us. I have a laser pointer and using it to glow under beds in order to kill the small monsters. I communicate with the other persons in the room and looking if they find anything. I'm now on the lower floor and I'm hearing things upstairs, I know it's a monster. I know it's a dream but it's only semi lucid. I test out what weapons I can use against the monster upstairs. I shoot some blue energy balls and think it will do. I fly up the stairs to my sister's room. There are two people and a monster there! I think to myself that my superpowers won't work against the monster. I use my superpowers to shoot him with some blue energy balls but it has no effect. I use my other superpower and shoots yellow beams to cut his head off. It works and his head goes off. He still talks and reattaches his head. I use my yellow beams again and use my telekenisis to put the head on the cealing. I say something to the two people in the room about the head. There is going to be a council about how to punish this monster that can't die. I lose myself into the dream story. I walk outside the room by the toilet and there are a lot of Harry Potter characters there. I see Malory. There are three different groups there. All the Huffelpuff members, Slitherin members and Gryffindor members (rip Ravenclaw. They were excluded from my dream). I know I'm Harry Potter now and I'm a member of Gryffindor. I get to choose one more time which household I should join. I say I want to join Slytherin even tough Malfoy is my enemy. I regret my decision immediately. I hover over the ground with my back just hanging and my arms hanging too. I hover with my head held down and I'm really depressed.

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    3. 6/30/2020

      by , 06-30-2020 at 02:28 PM
      Dream 1: I was creating a video with friends and I remember 2 people biking in multiple clips in multiple ares spliced toegether as the into. I think we were going to peoples doors as part of it

      Dream 2: There was this one guy who says the only sport(or maybe thing) hes good at is football. We were playing football and then it turned into a game with different rules. They allowed the ball to hit the ground and bounce. Then there were 3 balls and it was kind of like a game of keepaway. People were kicking it against walls and trying to get a good bounce so that they coud get it and keep it away from others. It's called Pineball. There were 3 other players besides me. Then one guy broke his arm and the other 2 got mad and kicked his arm. I heard a crunch. I was walking away and 2 new challengers came but they were nice and innocent, they didn't know how hardcore these players were. They challenged them to a game of pineball and even started to correct them on the name and history of the game. Ten my alarm went off.

      Dream 3: I was at picked up a call that I realized I had put him on hold for 15 minutes and he was really mad. He yelled at me for a bit and asked for my name and stuff. Then he asked me if I thought I was good at what I did. I said I am good at what I do but I make mistakes because I am human and I will not have him tell me otherwise. Later I was making pizza and found a couple slices of soggy pan pizza in the food bins, one in the hot peppers. I debated on using the slices(Even though I would have never done that IRL). Later a couple young girls came in and they said I look like I'm 5 years old because I was wearing baggy blue shorts and shirt. I said yeah kind of lol

      Dream 4: I was going down this giant stairwell and at each landing there were lots of books you could take or look at. Like one of those boxes where u take 1 and leave 1. I remember there being lots of picture books and some interesting ones. I met up with some friends at one point. I also saw some drunk kids in an adjacent landing that were lying down and talking.
    4. Short LD

      by , 06-30-2020 at 11:39 AM (Krikkitís Dream Journal)
      Iím gonna skip the first part; it was a boring non-lucid about checking my reddit messages.

      Then I woke up and decided to check my reddit messages for real. I logged on and didnít question why I wsnít logged in already, or why it said ďpepperĒ instead of ďpasswordĒ, but I did question why the site switched to French when I logged in. I fully believed I was awake and this was just a silly website glitch, but I did a reality check anyway. I struggled to count my fingers (I blamed sleep deprivation for my sudden inability to focus), but I thought I counted six. This didnít seem right, so I repeated my RC: six fingers. I was dreaming.

      I didnít get my usual rush of excitement, maybe because of the confusion and difficulty surrounding the RC, but that was a good thing, because it actually allowed me to stop and think instead of running around and acting on impulse.

      I asked myself what my goals were for this dream (first time I remembered) and recalled that one of the DV beginner goals was to look around and describe my surroundings. I began with my pillowcase (which looked almost like in real life except the circles on it were brown and only one shade of blue) and described it out loud as being ďblack and tanĒ. Then I realized Iíd got the colors wrong and tried again, though I donít remember what I said the second time.

      Suddenly, my vision went black. I was afraid I was waking up but reminded myself to keep calm. I could still feel my dream body, so I walked across the room, hoping to anchor myself in the dream world. It worked, and my vision returned briefly. I donít remember what happened next, but shortly after, my vision turned black again and I could feel my body in bed. I knew on some level I was still asleep, but I also knew I was waking up. I could hear birds chirping outside, so I figured Iíd reached the ďpoint of no returnĒ of waking up and opened my eyes.

      Funny enough, the birds turned out to be part of the dream. When I woke up, I couldnít hear any birds, just the neighbors talking.
    5. Monday, June 29

      by , 06-30-2020 at 06:25 AM
      I am walking in Momís neighborhood when I notice an old lady staring at me from behind the wooden fence around her yard. Sheís wearing sunglasses, some kind of hat, and I think a mask. Despite all this obscuration, I can tell that sheís older (maybe also because I think sheís wearing a sweat suit). As I walk, I look back, turn, and flip her off with both middle fingers. I donít think I expected a reaction, but I can tell itís really set her off. I think she wants to come out and fight me. I can see her starting to go through the house to come out here. I think about taking a right at this street, but think Iíll be highly visible. I hear her shouting in the house for someone to come get me and/or call the cops. Instead, I turn around and head through some marshy area with a walking path through it. I run across a white bridge that is a contrast to the dim water and marshy greenery. This seems to happen in slow motion, and I have time to notice how beautiful this scene is. I think that I should remember it so it might have an effect on my dreams or something similar. I think thereís one more bridge but also that Iíll have to walk through the water at some point. I think Iím wearing slippers? Earlier I also noticed how I was wearing fairly bright colored clothes. I think the police may be close.

      Iím with Melissa on what seems to be a small porch? Itís really more of a small, flat protrusion from the side of a house, with mesh sidings and top. Itís just big enough for us two and I think the bottom of it is some kind of padding. All of it is black. We seem to be fairly high up and overlooking a long beach. I think weíre both naked. My head is close to between her legs, and I start going down on her. She crawls on top of me and I continue.
    6. Sunday, June 28

      by , 06-30-2020 at 06:09 AM
      I am working at a Starbucks, I think with Lauren. The space seems fairly large, and this counter is very long. Currently it is very busy, and the line is double backed at least once. I sense impatience in some of the customers towards the back, but we are both working as hard and fast as we can. Thereís also nobody else here that can help. I think we finally get through the line.
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    7. Saturday, June 27

      by , 06-30-2020 at 05:59 AM
      I am walking outside somewhere, I think with Dad and one other around my age. The landscape is of a desert, but not really the Nevada desert (maybe more like Arizona). We come upon the start of a small creek, literally the spot where it is coming up through the ground. It then increases in size until within only a few yards itís become turgid. In the places where the water is still, I notice how it is a bright, opaque turquoise. It is very striking on the brown and sparse green. We follow this river until it leads to an opening in a slight hillside. The opening then becomes a natural tunnel, maybe 20 feet across and 20 feet high. The river has carved its spot along the bottom and we walk a few feet higher than it, along a path set into the left hand side. As I walk, I push some of the soil down on the right side of the path, as it feels unsturdy. We now begin to think that thisíll lead to Mexico, which makes us think this is a drug smuggling tunnel, which causes us to turn around and leave with some vigor and fear, lest we get caught here.

      I am in the bathroom of some public place (or maybe a private place, but where others would be using this bathroom). The room is plain and white. Lifting the toilet lid, I see someone hasnít flushed. I do so and am revolted when the feces refuses to move, let alone flush. The single piece is impossibly large, probably almost a foot long and a few inches high. I am again revolted when I remember that itís mine. I prod it with an object but it will not break apart.

      I am outside with some unfamiliar boy about my age or younger. I think that he looks Asian, but he tells me heís an exchange student from Ethiopia. The landscape is desert and weíre outside of an empty looking storefront that seems to be the only thing around. He makes a comment about the heat, either that itís a lot more or less than Ethiopia.
      *I think this mightíve been before the first dream/he was the other person in it.
    8. The Magic Bus (NLD)

      by , 06-29-2020 at 10:46 PM
      Walking outside in the streets at night I follow the road upstream to wherever it may lead. After a few minutes I come about a simple house at the top of a closed street. A young woman sweeps the floor as I approach her on the porch. She reminds me of an old friend from years past. The front door is open and I notice a young child playing with her toys. They are kind people I feel, but know deep down in my gut that her partner is an abusive monster.

      She does the laundry and waits beside as if expecting me to get close. I lean in to her and she begs me for her and her daughter's well-being. I'm hesitant at first, scared of what might become of me, but I can't refuse her pleas now that I'm here. I tell her we have no time to waste and will prepare some tickets to get her out of the state. At first she seems wary of her remaining tasks at home, the wet clothes, the dinner in a few hours, but I tell her to just let it be and pack as is. She washes hastily and we agree to meet in a few hours while his husband sleeps in bed.

      I meet her and her child at a bus terminal. I had arranged beforehand to get our tickets from a known underground contact. As we board the bus I'm wary about danger close by. His husband is on the know of our plan and he's on his way right now to the terminal and bring them back. We have to be quick, so we get into our seats and I hope with all my heart he doesn't reach us before this bus departs. I fear if he were to arrive at the terminal the bus would not move. I speak with the flight attendants for the delay but I'm reassured when I feel the bus initiates its launch into the streets. At this point I know we're safe, she is safe.

      As we roll out into the streets, I'm marveled at how different the bus is. We're not so much driving as we're gliding across the road. I peak out the window and notice this bus has wings like those of a plane. A row of seats stretch above us and to the side. This bus is magical. Then come the deserts. Whether we're in the mood for ice cream, cakes, pies, plates filled with deserts come descending from above. They float in front of us and linger just in reach for our hands to grab. I serve me some ice cream and feel delighted at the amount of care and service we're getting.

      * * *

      I've been having some pressing confrontations with a vampire as of late. Both me and my associate C, a woman with unimaginable skill, search the creepy and foggy woods at night in wait for its attack. I've been getting better with each fight and because of my success, fortune has awarded me with two long sables to defend our cause. Now it is our turn to become the predators and it the prey. We reach the end of an abandoned chimney that sits inside a big willow tree. The damn entrance is closed unfortunately. So we start digging.

      Moments prior someone important had gifted C a white glowing dagger that could end the life of this vampire forever. It was our secret weapon, our last resort should the battle turn ugly. Anyway, we end up digging far more than we expected but reached at last a buried treasure. It is an ancient book, beautifully crafted (like those found in the movie "The Mummy"). The book is entirely made of precious stone and engraved on its plates lies a short tale about the vampire itself. As we turn the pages it greets us through its story, excited for all this time it has been leading us fools into a trap, preparing us for our doom as it is our fate to become its slaves.

      At this point the chimney opens. A blinding mist escapes through the abyss that covers the entrance. Its attack was swift and silent. I thought I had it so I swing my right hand and hope the blade managed to make contact. It anticipates this move however, and restrains my arm with its hand and, holding a short dagger with its free hand, is about to deliver a deadly blow. I know this is the end, but before the blade penetrates my skin, C swiftly pierces its side with the white dagger. The creature moans in agony and disappears for good into the night.

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    9. zeus child

      by , 06-29-2020 at 09:32 PM
      I slept much later than usual so I was tired.

      The first dream took placei n the old west. If I recall correctly we were sea travelers on old fashioned ships made of wood. We arrived at the old west and we were treasure hunting of sorts. Ther were like fire traps on the ground that we had to evade through. That's all I can remember at the moment for that dream.


      It was like in a similar place at the last dream. In a city there was a child gifted with the power of lightening or something like that. He was the source of the prosperity of this city. There were other children with similar sorts of abilities but they were just sort of residual powers granted by the child. I'll call him zeus for now. But anywho the neighboring town wasn't as prosperous and had a sort of a rivalry thing going on. So some folks for that town decided to infiltrate and kidnap one of the children of this town to figure out the source of their power kind of thing. My pov changed from the child and other children and also the bystander and non-person just sort of view.


      I don't know where the old west theme came from. I didn't really do anything related to old west stuff but I do recall playing an old west vr game months ago just twice. Maybe that's related to this dream. Maybe it's... I remember now! I was thinking about Harrison Ford you know with his movie series what do you call it? Indiana Jones. I thought about it ever so briefly during the day. Yep that's certainly the source of this dream. Not exactly old west but, an old fashioned action movie sort of feel.

      Zeus, this theme came from a game I played I'm pretty certain of that for sure.

      I should probably have amazing recall by tomorrow though. DJing 3 days in a row usually gives me super recall by the third day.


      Noticed I was dreaming during a power nap. It lacked sensations and I forgot to bring the sensations. Just a vision of the meadows...

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    10. better?

      by , 06-29-2020 at 07:16 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm at some weird high school like dance, dancing with some girl from work...


      She was really absent this week. I did have a brief one sexual related. I finished too fast and just left, and she looked upset. I hope that's never a problem IRL...


      Just Him standing by a building looking inside but he's like 40 ft tall. He's looking in a window.
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    11. Dream Snippets and Wild Journal

      by , 06-29-2020 at 02:49 PM (Life's Recollections)
      Normal dream
      Semi-lucid dream
      Lucid dream

      Due to the nature of how I slept last night, by which I mean lots of waking up without bothering to voice memo (for shame), I don't remember a lot of my dreams but I do have a few snippets I can log. Maybe I'll remember more later today.

      Time unknown

      I dreamed that my neighbors had a daughter around my age who wanted my help with something related to her computer. I agreed to come over and help her to install something (I don't recall if it was stated what that something was...). When I showed up at their house, she greeted me at the door and then went inside, and I immediately ran into this sorta deadbeat guy that her mother used to date, sitting in a recliner watching television. He looked very exasperated to see me, sorta sighed, and I quickly explained I was here to help with something computer related.

      He told me that her computer was actually her mother's computer, and that he didn't think she wanted to be woken up. I apologized, feeling like he clearly didn't want me there, and said that I would leave if he liked. He didn't say yes, but simply looked back, and around that time the daughter (whom I didn't ever learn the name of, incidentally) came around the corner and told me that her mother was okay with it. Apparently she also was ordering a pizza for all of us since I was there around dinner, and at this, the guy in the chair looked even more exasperated.

      The pizza was quickly produced (I have no idea where it came from, it just showed up on the table at the suggestion of it being ordered) and I woke up while I was getting a couple pieces.

      Time unknown - 8ish AM

      I dreamed I was at my grandparents' house during some kind of family gathering. Most people were outside, but me and my father had come back inside and were sitting down to check out their TV. They had some sort of streaming system which wasn't tied to any specific brand, but was instead provided by their satellite, and simply hosted a recording of the episodes of each show that were new that week. I turned it on and started scrolling, and was very surprised to see "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy," from when I was a teenager, had a new episode listed. I scrolled over and booted it up, and the show started strangely with some animals in the forest eating grass and such.

      I can't remember exactly what happened, but somehow all the animals had eaten some particular berry or something that was growing in the woods, and Billy had just wandered into the forest and eaten one also. He complained that his stomach was hurting, and then immediately ripped a huge fart, which is pretty on-color for the humor in that show (lol). Immediately afterwards, the animals all began farting loudly in sequence, some in unison, with the scene cutting to various animals being surprised by their farts, scaring off attackers with their farts accidentally, etc. I thought it was mildly funny, and I looked at my dad and he looked back at me seemingly embarrassed (in real life he would surely find this side-splittingly hilarious with his childish sense of humor, but he didn't seem to like it in the dream). He suggested maybe we shouldn't watch it around my grandparents, who are known for being somewhat uptight about matters of politeness. I agreed while making a mental note to look up when the show had come back later.

      The dream fragment ended however while I was looking to see what else was there: I recall my dad pointing something out to me, looking for it only to find he was misreading the name (his eyesight is not so good), and someone else coming in and telling me what he was actually looking at. I scrolled over to it and quickly woke up.

      If you're here for dreams, that's it, but what I also want to log is last night's attempt at a WILD (wake-induced lucid dream):

      WILD attempt:

      I set my alarm for 4:30 AM, went to sleep, and ended up waking up around 3:00 AM having to pee anyway, and quickly got up and peed and decided that I would scrap the alarm and use this awakening for my attempt at a WILD (I had been sleeping around 3-and-a-half hours). I had hastily decided on a mantra the night before which I felt was unique to me, had some power when I said it somehow, and reminded me of my goal (staying awake while I fell asleep, and staying focused): "keep it tight." Which I know sounds silly; it made me chuckle when I thought of it, but the fact that it gave me a reaction is why I picked it.

      I stayed up for about 15 minutes sitting on the side of my bed thinking about what I was going to do and steeling my resolve to do it. I told myself I'd succeed tonight and tried to get rid of any negativity or doubts. In retrospect, I'm not sure that sitting up for so long was good and may shorten it, because I think it woke me up too much.

      After around 15 minutes I laid down at 3:20 and began my attempt. I folded my hands over my stomach, relaxed on my back, and began breathing in through my nose and out while thinking my mantra, "keep it tight." Towards the beginning I took some time to meditate on who I was also, and what divides me from the world around me, but also what parts of it relate to me as cause and effect. I quickly abandoned this though and just focused on my mantra. I'm purely guessing (I know how long everything together took but not individual parts), but I would say I laid there for about 15 minutes until I started to experience a sensation of heaviness/numbness. Part of this was that my hands being clasped over my stomach had my elbows bent, and the pinch in my elbows was causing my arms + pinky and ring finger to go completely numb, lol. I decided to ignore this and carry on, focusing on my mantra. I occasionally felt the need to swallow, and tried to not focus on it, but three or four times, it happened even though I tried to ignore it.

      Around 30 minutes in I started occasionally experiencing some light hypnagogic imagery (HI) that disappeared whenever I noticed it was happening, as it generally does. None of it had any real substance but it was mostly visual. I resolved to try to ignore it and focus on my mantra. At one point I quickly saw a large, blue... thing come flying right at my face which caused me to jump slightly and had my heart racing, but I returned to lying still and repeated "keep it tight," which calmed me down, reminding me not to get worked up.

      At around 45 minutes, my finger started to really hurt. They had gone completely numb, but because of the way they were sitting on-top of one another, the fingers on my right hand were starting to feel pinched and there was a dull-ache. This eventually got so bad I could no longer ignore it, and decided to move my hands, which basically ended my WILD attempt, because once I moved them down by my sides, all the blood began rushing back into them creating an insane tingling sensation and warmth that was even harder to ignore. I laid there for what I imagine was the last 15 minutes or so, repeating my mantra, but at that point was so disturbed I felt it was a lost cause in my heart of hearts.

      Eventually I looked at my phone clock and saw it had been an hour, and even though I know not to do this, I decided to roll on my side to see if I would become tired more quickly. I rolled onto my right side (I normally sleep on my left) and laid there once more, repeating my mantra. I'm not sure what happened; I seem to have quickly faded in and out of sleep several times, because I had several moments where I "came back to" unsure of what had just happened-- and eventually I looked at my clock again and discovered that 25 minutes had passed!

      At this point, once again, I decided I had been at this for an hour and a half (it was now almost 5 AM) so I rolled over on my left side figuring I'd continue repeating my mantra, but fully expecting to fall asleep. I faded in and out like before a couple times, and there were several times when I faded back in suddenly unable to even remember what my mantra was in the first place and having to grasp at a few before remembering. Eventually, probably after not 10 minutes of this, I fell asleep for good.


      • I should not claspe my hands over my belly-button to avoid the painful numbing sensation; I should let them rest by my sides.
      • The mantra "keep it tight," worked fairly well but could probably be better.
      • I should probably shorten my WBTB (wake back to bed) time from 15 minutes to something less. It feels like sitting up so long woke me up too much.
      • It's tempting to try to look at HI, but it disappears when you try and seems to wake you up when it does.
      • Rolling on your side, even your bad side, is still just a bad idea.
    12. Advanced board games and military Naruto training

      by , 06-29-2020 at 08:34 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I fell asleep pretty late and had a hard time sleeping because of the heat.

      I'm by a big round table. The table has many people by it. We are playing a strategie boardgame. When you make a move Gustav (who is the game leader) do some inputs into his device and later on the screen on the TV shows what move you did. The map on the TV is filled with different holes and Gustav shows how you can use bombs in order to make a big chunk of the map disappear. You see him cross different boxes and by doing so trying to enclose a big area. His money isn't enough to fence off the whole site and he says: "Yeah you understand the idťa". Later on I hold in the device Gustav used and try it out.

      I'm in a room with different people. There are some drawings on the wall. I know that I have drawn one of the Naruto drawings which is one of the only one's with colored background and colored picture. There are almost only Naruto drawings and all of them are good but not professionally drawn. There is a woman who is the leader and she says that we are going to do a mission. We are on military training. It's a competition too were the one who reaches the destination first wins. We all start to run out and we're running in the woods. I see a person running in front of me who uses naruto running and doing some kind of ninja moves. As the person do the ninja move there are all theese slice marks for a short while. When the slice marks disappear all the trees in the way of the slice marks fall to the ground. The person did so in order to run more easily in the woods. The next mission is on an airplane. We are supposed to jump off the small windows on the sides and land in the thick snow. I fail on my first try and get stuck in the window. I try again but some people are running the same time as I do so we both stop because the window only fits for one of us. I hear some people giving advice to each other about how you are supposed to land on the ground. I start to run again and this time I succeed. I fall out of the window and think to myself that it would be best to land in a special way. I fail horribly and land on my head instead. It hurts a bit.

      Notes: Me, Gustav and the cousins played board games two days ago. That's why I dreamt the first dream. When I worked three days ago a military woman asked me if we still give the military a discount. I told her about how I'm soon going to military training and asks her for a piece of advice. She was delighted and told me that she has worked in the military for 10 years and that it's the best decision of her life. She told me how she gets to go kayaking during paid working hours. The leader during the first mission was a projection of her.

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    13. unanswered questions in awesome dreams

      , 06-29-2020 at 03:04 AM
      - why can no one beat me to the airplane?
      - how can I be the crowned prince of Darius if I took down a monarchy myself?
      - who did I date for 16 years in Romantic Reunion?
      - what happened to the two puzzle pieces in RISING?
      - what happened to DJ's girlfriend?
      - what happened with Abe Lincoln and the sci-fi society?
      - who wanted to kill the soul mate?
      - what's the difference between dream guide and dream instructor?
      - what's up with the weird white worm in Virsieras's world?
      - is the city in Hypothesis related to the power nulling snowglobe?
      - is princess Cliche the same person as the girl who burned down the building in the other dream?
      - where did Maestro origin from?
      side notes
    14. titan

      by , 06-28-2020 at 10:04 PM
      Had 3 dreams total, will just type out what I remember right now.

      The dream began in some underground tomb or pyramid like place. There was an ancient being there, it was there for thousands of years and protected some sort of ancient relic. There were some soldiers there underground looking for the relic. They were seeking for it as a source of power to help them overcome the upcoming invasion. What was invading them though?

      Anywho the ancient comes out and greets one of the royalties there. I forget though, I think it was the princess of the place. My pov switched from either of them I think. We were gonna explore now. The area was dry, like a desert. So this kingdom was more like a tribe than a large kingdom but I don't know it's somewhere in between the two. We traveled and eventually came across some sort of academy or castle.

      It was a large building, made of stone, with glass windows. But the size of the building was as if it was built for the ancient. Well I suppose a better description is a "titan". She basically looked like a very large human being. But this place was built precisely to fit her.


      Entered the building. May have awoken here and the dream plot changed a bit. Or thsi is just already the next dream now.

      But anyways I'm inside a building, perhaps the one before. I'm viewing things from a the POV of a princess. The inside looks like an old academic build, something that looks like it was built in the 1800s or so. I'm suppose to be joining others in a meeting. About what? Something about saving the town. Actually this made me remember the first dream now. The first dream took place in a city or town by the ocean, it was a dock city but let's get back to the present.

      I left the room and met a lady knight in the hallways and I promised her that we'd have a tea party together. But before that I went to the bathroom. Stayed there for like 2 hours though. I think the knight may have been mad that I made her wait so long. But eventually I end up in the small room and begin to prepare for tea and

      - Maybe this is the continuation of the dream from yesterday or related. About an ancient dragon. She was feared but helped out a town to remove a curse from a hospital. Then talked about how she'd been such a big deal thousands of years ago to the townfolks.


      I remembered the first dream took place in Japan or similar. It was near the shore and... Remembering... The relic. This dream also had a relic but it was different from the one from the later dream. I recall the relic from the ancient was a heart, it was light blue, not baby but mid way between baby and indigo blue. With slight white glow.

      The relic of this dream was a skull. My group and I were setting up something like a Bazar. The town chief or something was a very tan old man. We were gathering stuff but we got invaded. Some calamity happend and destroyed the town. Something like a storm. But the skull I had, I think it was like a crystal skull, let me rewind the time a little. Ended up being transported to India though. We were looking for something there to stop the tragedy from happening.

      Pretty similar theme to the other dream. Perhaps the relic from the titan was what we were looking for.

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    15. 28 Jun; Fighting and subduing a gang of fake monks

      by , 06-28-2020 at 09:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening[/B]

      Carla, her mom and another neighbor are at my mom's hallway discussing something. My mom's front door is not well closed and is banging whenever they lean against it. I go shut the door better and they hear me and call for me.
      They say they tried to catch Magano on the street because they want to adopt the cat. They hope we can help.

      I sort of feel powerful and I walk around with total confidence in my awareness, then I float and also feel like changing my clothes to a long medieval dress. Then I spot some buddhist monks leading people to a venue and I follow them with curiosity. Find out they are a bunch of con artists pickpocketing people while entertaining people with tricks. I try to disrupt their act with my magic but it doesn't work out, I try to warn some girl but she gets mad for bothering her. I get out but later find these artists at an hotel lobby with their bags packed. I confront them and some of them get away with the bags through service stairs while others try to intimidate me to leave them alone. But I follow them, one attacks me and fails. End up in a underground garage or warehouse where dozens of bandits are waiting for me to kill me. I fight and escape them all, but there is one I find really cute and as we fight we also flirt each other. Instead of hurting him, I steal a kiss from him. In the end, my magic finally kicks in and they surrender to me and become my devotees.
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