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    1. Aquarium

      by , 06-22-2020 at 06:09 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #537 DILD 12AM

      First I am fishing in a pond and checking the minnow traps. I see really odd looking fish. Then, I am in a version of our extra room with the aquarium in it. The tank is extra large and so tall I can barely reach in to feed the fish. I keep noticing how strange all the fish look and how they keep changing shape and color. There is one fish outside of the aquarium swimming in the air. I recognize this dream sign and become lucid. I taking all the visual details until the dream fades. I feel like I am not awake yet so I visualize swimming and find myself in the aquarium with the fish for a while then in a swimming pool just enjoying the effortless motions of swimming. There is suction like an untoe from waves. The visuals fade again and now I am having some sort of FA. For some reason I try to conjure up some dream sex but it gets award and that's not what I really want. Then I am in Walmart straight shirt-cocking it. I see B and his wife going to bed in some part of the store. The lighting is dim and I run around trying to hide from them in the shadows even though I know it doesn't matter that my lower half is naked. I wake up.
    2. 6/22/20

      by , 06-22-2020 at 02:24 PM
      Dream 1: Me, my brother and 1 other got off a cruise ship to spend some time in the water. After a while we wanted to go back and I had a jet ski so I got the others to hold on and we went searching for our ship. There were a couple other cruise ships that were acting like submarines, diving down or coming up from the water. We looked around for abit ad then found it. Next to the ship there was an obstacle course between these cliffs. At one point I was up there and did a backflip off it and then someone told me that wasnt allowed. Then we reboarded the ship
    3. Amphibian on wheels

      by , 06-22-2020 at 12:54 PM
      ...after some other dream scene, I'm in a dark street, a man is yelling as he's pointing to some bug: "there it is!, it was in our boat before!" The insect keeps moving but I could hardly see it. Then I change the view to a house, couple of feet away, seems more like a building with a big garage. I focus on it and I see some creature, with long extremities crawling on the wall; the man insists on catch it, but I think to myself: "he should leave it alone, he could harm it". I see clearly now! the man grabs a frog, it's all striped black and goldenrod, from head to toe, it changes in size (of course I'm fixing my attention on it). He puts wheels on all extremities, starting with the left hand. He's planning on getting inside the amphibian, which is now bigger than him, so he decides to ride it!
    4. 21 LD. Feeling test.

      by , 06-22-2020 at 02:26 AM
      21 ОС. Проверка чувств.
      22 ноября 2011

      Побежал по улице, довольно быстро. Осознался. Моторика тела работала как в реале. Взглянул на свои руки. Вроде всё нормально. Стал пересчитывать пальцы. Рука стала меняться. Большой палец растянулся, остальные сузились до размеров 1-2 см. Насчитал на правой руке 6 пальцев. Продолжил счёт на левую руку - получилось 13. Странно думаю 6+6 вроде 12. Попробовал пересчитать ещё раз, но пальцы стали расплываться.

      Решил проверить чувство слуха: тишина, и только где то вдали со стороны левого уха гудящий звук. Подумал, что это холодильник на кухне работает. В реале холодильник я вряд ли услышу со спальни.

      Дорога закончилась. Я пошёл по тропинке, время от времени смотря на руки. Они постоянно искажались, меняли форму. Решил проверить вкусовые качества. Не нашёл ничего умнее как сорвать травинку и попробовать её на вкус. Трава была нормальных размеров, рядом росли одуванчики, уже с пухом. Вкус у травы был, но его трудно определить: явно не сладкий и не горький, чисто кислым его то же не назовёшь. Какая-то смесь кислого вкуса с горьким. "Додумался" засунуть в рот одуванчики. Пришлось сплёвывать - осязание работало как в реале. Далее проснулся. Забыл проверить обоняние.

      1. Моторика тела (движения) работает нормально, как в реале.
      2. Пальцы на руке меняются, когда их считаешь.
      3. Во сне тихо, только непонятный гудящий звук вдали. В реале звуков было бы намного больше.
      4. Вкусовые качества работают, но вкус странный. Впрочем трава и одуванчики не самое подходящее блюдо.

      21 LD. Feeling test.
      November 22, 2011

      Ran down the street, pretty fast. Confessed. Body motility worked like in real life. I looked at my hands. It feels good. I began to count the fingers. The hand began to change. The thumb was stretched, the rest narrowed to a size of 1-2 cm(centimeter). . I counted 6 fingers on my right hand. Continued the count on the left hand - it turned 13. Strange I think 6 + 6, like 12. I tried to count it again, but my fingers began to blur.

      I decided to check the sense of hearing: silence, and only somewhere far away from the side of my left ear a buzzing sound. Thought it was a fridge in the kitchen. In real life, Iím unlikely to hear a refrigerator from the bedroom.

      The road is over. I went down the path, looking at my hands from time to time. They were constantly distorted, changed shape. I decided to check the taste. I didnít find anything smarter than picking a blade of grass and tasting it.
      The grass was of normal size, dandelions grew nearby, already with fluff. The grass had a taste, but it is difficult to determine: itís clearly not sweet and not bitter; you cannot call it purely acidic either. Some kind of mixture of sour taste and bitter. "Thought" to put dandelions in your mouth. I had to spit - the sense of touch worked like in real life. Then I woke up. Forgot to check the sense of smell.

      1. The motility of the body (movement) works fine, as in real life.
      2. The fingers on the hand change when you count them.
      3. The dream is quiet, only an incomprehensible buzzing sound in the distance. In real life there would be much more sounds.
      4. Taste qualities work, but the taste is strange. However, grass and dandelions are not the most suitable dish.