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    1. June 23th, 2020 SP, Non-lucids and Lucids

      by , 06-23-2020 at 09:08 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Not a lucid but two nights ago I had a nightmare, I was in my room at my dad's old house, and I was lying upside down and when I looked up there was a scary girl with dark hair like in the ring.

      This morning, I had SP, I kept thinking I was going to imagine something scary into my room but nothing came, I was struggling to lift my arms, I could feel them detaching slightly. Random note, I'm starting to think it's messed up that when I'm caught in those situations, the immediate thought isn't "it's hard to breathe" but it's "please don't imagine something scary coming into the room."

      I had a chain of lucids as well, I'm having trouble recalling all of them though. It seemed like in each one there wasn't a dream sign that made my realize I was dreaming, the first one I was kinda just like 'oh wait this is a dream' and then went into a lucid, and then the rest were me going back into dreams with a slight awareness that turned into a lucid.

      In one of the lucids I was in what looked like a diner but was a bit bigger, the floor was checkered black and white. There was a person behind a circular counter. I turned to them and said "tell me a joke" and then they just started saying "plane crash plane crash plane crash" over and over, I shrugged and turned to another guy and said the exact same thing and then he said "plane crash plane crash plane crash." I turned to a guy and asked him to tell me a joke and he starts explaining a joke but it was like the words were rearranged in the sentences and it sounded really strange like he was saying random words out of order. I turned to a waitress walking by (it actually may have been a robot waitress) and asked her to tell me a joke, and she explodes into this really intricate joke that sounds more like an elaborate story but the dream faded.

      In another lucid I'm inside my friend Will's old house, I start thinking "okay this is a dream" and rubbing my hands together to feel the friction. I then start doing math, 1+1 =2, 2+2 = 4 etc. There are people in the house walking around and I'm like "hey guys this is a dream" and people are kinda just looking at me and then going about their business, it feels like if you tell somebody something and it should elicit a reaction but they aren't really listening but instead are nodding and smiling. I turn towards a window overlooking a lake. I decide I'd like to go through it, so I put my hand up to the glass and I merge through the glass and out to the backyard.

      At some point I'm in a parking lot and it's dark outside. I start rubbing my hands together to feel friction. I then think that it's too dark out and I'd like to make it day time. There are giant trees in front of me over a moonlit sky in my view. I shout 'ILLUMINATE!' but it doesn't turn to day, it just gets a little bit brighter. I shout "CLARITY NOW!" and it gets a little bit brighter but it almost was like a strange filter got put on my sight, like it was still nighttime but there was now a purple and green hue on the outlines of trees and clouds in the sky. I take note of the weird colors and then look around. There are a bunch of random people from different directions running together into a single path. I jump over a row of bushes and down a set of concrete steps with railings next to them and bushes. I see people running on a concrete/brick path which takes a left and then curves right next to a row of buildings. Thinking back this was probably inspired by the quad at my university. I think to myself I wonder if I could imagine Liz into the lucid. I see someone in the pack of runners who looks like her from behind. I start running and weave in between people, I start doing math out loud to try to stabilize the dream 3x3=9. When I get near her I grab her shoulder and she turns around but instead of her it's vic g. from my high school and she's wearing pink and blue makeup. I stand there in confusion as runners shove past us up the path.
    2. My new way of flying is amazing! Super fast acceleration.

      by , 06-23-2020 at 11:08 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      Just read the red text if you want to read about my new flying technique.

      I'm playing football on my old school's football field. I'm the goalkeeper. I'm playing and running up with the ball even tough I'm the goalkeeper. There is a corner-kick and I grab the ball directly. There is another corner and when I try to kick the ball away it doesn't go far away at all, about 5 meters. One of my teammates kicks the ball far away.

      Me and my team are playing basketball against a colored team. I'm the goalkeeper and we have a small football goal instead of a basket. Each time I get the ball I try to throw it directly into the other team's basket from our goal. Every time I throw the ball, it would hit the basket if I threw twice as hard (the ball is in the right direction). I run up with the ball alone and try to dribble them and succeed with some of the dribbles. When I throw the ball it's disappointing. I can't throw hard enough, even if I try to with all my strength it won't reach their basket. I have a grudge against one of the other team's player. In the last part of the match the other team kicks the basketball and it goes really fast into our goal. I think they should not kick the basketball.

      I wake up in my parents' bed and think about whether this is a dream or not. I pinch my nose and try to breath in. I manage to breath in but I have all this mucus in my nose so I blame the mucus that I'm able to breath in. I try to pinch my finger through my palm but it doesn't work. I try to fly a little bit but it doesn't work. I walk to the garden and my older sister and Therese are there. There are many flowers in different shapes and colors, I remember the color pink mostly. Therese says that flowers can be created by humans and that every human got their own color. The color the human owns determines the color of the flowers that the human can create. Me and my older sister says to Therese that humans can't create flowers and she agrees with us. I go to the kitchen and cook some hamburgers. The person I disliked from the basket comes into the kitchen but in another human shape. Now he's blonde and good looking instead of dark colored and afro hair. I start to wrestle him and sit on his leg in a way that it hurts much. He resists me and we stop. I look on the hamburgers and there is only one hamburger in the frying pan. There are two more hamburgers next to the frying pan on some paper. I'm about to put them on when the blonde suddenly throws the hamburger in the frying pan onto the ceiling. My dad is in the other room and I tell him about the blonde who ruined our dinner. Dad says that it's my own fault. I go away and think to myself. "This would never happen in real life!". I realize this would never happen in real life and that it's a dream. I go outside and fly out of the gate. I always have to jump a little bit so I get power to start flying. I fly over a city I have never been in before. I remember my goal about creating fire in my hands. I hold my hands in front of me as I fly and do a quick hand motion and expect there to be fire. There are bright orange flames over my fingers and I'm excited that it worked so well. I feel my speed increase as I have fire over me. I'm on the ground again. I think about combining my flying power and fire power. The results are astounding. As told before, I always have to jump or fall from a tall place to get the power to fly and it goes really slow when I start flying. This time I took some power from the ground and jumped as I called the flames. I burst into the air with incredible speed! I'm so happy and think about what more elements I could use to increase my powers. I think about water and try to call water as I accelerate some more. There is a water wave splashing around me as I call the water and get increased flight speed. There are water over my fingers and I become a different person. There is a big fire monster by a burning building by the water. I become a giant woman (not intentionally) that is made out of water and extinguish the fire monster and the flames. Suddenly I become another giant person and I'm holding the water woman in my arms and I think she is cute. I think to myself: "How could anyone ever want this moment to disappear". I just hold her for a while and then I decide that this moment has come to an end. I become the water woman again (not intentionally) and decided to transform to my normal form again. The view changes to third person from 50 meters away and I become a giant naked woman with some water goggles on instead. The dream fades slowly and I come to my human body. I feel how relaxed my body is and I try to reenter the dream but realize I'm not sleepy.

      Notes: Two days ago I watched a series about football. That's why I dreamt about football. Yesterday I heard someone say that everyone has a natural color to their hair. That's why I dreamt the flower part.

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    3. 22 LD. Write in a dream

      by , 06-23-2020 at 03:57 AM
      22 ОС. Писать во сне.
      24 ноября 2011

      В неосознанных снах были отголоски моего плана - проверить мои чувства во сне. После нескольких таких НС проснулся и попробовал вызвать ЛП. Возникло чувство будто "осознание" медленно плывёт к макушке моей головы - описать словами сложно. Факт тот, что дальше я стою в темноте, мрак развеивается, и я вижу, что нахожусь на кухне, а не в спальне как в большинство ЛП. Прислушался - слышу звуки из реала и даже есть ощущение физического тела. Пошёл с кухни в зал. По пути дотронулся до полотенца, которое висело на двери. Тактильные ощущения как в реале.

      Вышел в зал. Обстановка несколько другая. Обратил внимание, что бабушки нет на своей кровати. Пошёл в спальню. Тут возникла неосознанная мысль: "что, так как бабушки на кровати нет, то значит, что сейчас я хожу в её теле, и нечего заходить в спальню, спать себе мешать". Мда, странно логика работает. Заглянул в спальню. Увидел, что мою кровать загораживает постиранный пододеяльник. Наяву же ничего выстирано не было. Развернулся и увидел, что бабушка лежит на диване. Подходить к ней не стал. Сразу вышел на балкон. Дверь балконная была открыта. Вид был потрясающий. На первый взгляд всё было как наяву, но решил не торопиться, а рассмотреть всё внимательно. Потрясно было цветовосприятие - кругом яркие цвета. Стал разглядывать дом на соседнем дворе - тот был ярко синим. В тот момент, когда я его разглядывал, он стал как бы ближе. Разглядел посаженные декоративные ёлочки возле подъездов. Отвёл взгляд, увидел вдали две девятиэтажки оранжевого цвета. В реале можно разглядеть только одну, да и то не полностью. Забыл написать, что время года было летнее, и ранние утренние часы, когда солнце ещё не взошло, но уже начинает светлеть. Так же почувствовал прохладный ветерок. Проснулся и попал в следующее ЛП.

      В этом ЛП походу дела мозг решил вспомнить мой давний план написать что-либо во сне. Итак, почерк совпадал, хотя и ручку держал я несколько странно. Цвет чернил был или красный или коричневый точно не помню. Нарисовал человечков, причём нарисовал довольно таки красиво. Стал писать чё-то наподобие: Я сейчас во сне проверяю возможность писать. Исписал страницу. Пока писал, буквы были видны нормально. Но как только отвёл взгляд, текст стал расплываться.

      Тут возник спрайт мамы, я просил её прочитать, то, что я написал, но она куда-то исчезла. Я перевернул страницу и попробовал опять нарисовать человечков. Красиво нарисовать не получилось. Попробовал два раза. Стал напротив них писать: Это не я, но совершал ошибки Этони.. буква н с закорючкой. Пробовал писать что-то ещё, так же возникали ошибки. Перёнёсся в следующий сон.

      В этом сне осознанность была слабая. Практически не было. Я с двумя друзьями по сюжеты вылезаю из окна своей квартиры. Причём друг идёт, а я лечу в воздухе. Говорю ему: Зачем нам идти в церковь, если мы в ОСе
      Он отвечает. Надо идти в цирк. Тут я ему говорю, а что ты идёшь летать то приятнее. И меня тут же стало утягивать в реальный мир.

      1. Яркое цветовосприятие.
      2. В ОСе писал слова с ошибками.
      3. В последнем сне парил в воздухе.

      22 LD. Write in a dream.
      November 24, 2011

      In unconscious dreams there were echoes of my plan - to test my feelings in a dream. After several such dreams, I woke up and tried to call the FW (False waking).
      There was a feeling that “awareness” was slowly floating to the top of my head - it is difficult to describe in words. The fact is that I continue to stand in the dark, the darkness disappears, and I see that I am in the kitchen, and not in the bedroom as in most FW.

      I listened - I hear sounds from real life and even have a feeling of a physical body. I went from the kitchen to the hall. Along the way, I touched the towel that hung on the door. Tactile sensations in real life.

      I went out into the hall. The situation is somewhat different. I noticed that the grandmother is not on her bed. I went to the bedroom. Then an unconscious thought arose: "that, since my grandmother is not on the bed, it means that now I walk in her body, and there is nothing to go into the bedroom, to disturb myself from sleeping." Hmm, strange logic works.

      I looked into the bedroom. I saw that my bed was blocked by a washed duvet cover. But nothing had been washed. Turned around and saw that grandmother was lying on the couch. I did not approach her. Immediately went to the balcony.

      The balcony door was open. The view was amazing. At first glance, everything was as if in reality, but decided not to rush, but to consider everything carefully. It was awesome color perception - all around bright colors. I began to examine the house in the neighboring yard - it was bright blue.

      At that moment, when I looked at him, he became as if closer. I saw the planted decorative Christmas trees near the porches. I looked away, I saw two orange nine-story buildings in the distance. In real life, you can see only one, and even then not completely. I forgot to write that the time of year was summer, and the early morning hours, when the sun had not yet risen, but was already beginning to brighten. Just felt the cool breeze. I woke up and got into the next FW.

      In this FW business campaign, the brain decided to recall my long-standing plan to write something in a dream. So, the handwriting coincided, although I held the pen somewhat strangely. The ink color was either red or brown I do not remember exactly. I drew little men, and drew pretty beautifully. I began to write something like: I am now in a dream checking the ability to write. Used up the page. While writing, the letters were visible normally. But as soon as he looked away, the text began to blur.

      Then a mom’s sprite arose, I asked her to read what I wrote, but she disappeared somewhere. I turned the page and tried again to draw the little men. Beautifully failed to draw. I tried it twice.

      I began to write opposite them: It’s not me, but Etonie made mistakes .. the letter n with a squiggle. I tried to write something else, errors also appeared. I went to the next dream.

      In this dream, awareness was weak. Virtually none. I'm with two friends on stories crawl out of the window of my apartment. And a friend is coming, and I'm flying in the air. I tell him: Why should we go to church if we are in the LD.
      He answers. We must go to the circus. Then I tell him, and what you are going to fly is more pleasant. And I immediately began to drag in the real world.

      1. Vivid color perception.
      2. In the LD, I wrote words with errors.
      3. In the last dream soared in the air.
    4. damn.

      by , 06-23-2020 at 01:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      First dream was an audio dream only. Just Jamie saying, "Robert." Her tone seemed serious.

      Next dream was a bad dream i guess. I was working and jamie showed up with some stereotypical bad boy. They threw and ashtray all over the restaurant.

      Some days later i had another dream where she flashed some text to me saying, "Love you." Not sure what to make of all this. Still missing those dream hugs.


      I was in this dream where i discovered all these hidden tunnels around big cities. Inside many of the tunnels you could go fast, like going down a water slide. Someone was with me, not sure. I wanted to do youtube videos on the tunnels... At one point there was a bad guy behind some glass. I pulled out a really old western pistol and shot him in the head. I shot him again trying to aim for his eye and missed, but then on the third shot i got his eye. He sort of just stood there shocked and frozen. The person with me might have been jamie, not sure.
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