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    1. cxxvi.

      by , 07-31-2020 at 03:06 PM
      31st May

      Several dreams, remember a few fragments of each.

      Dream Fragment:

      In one dream I was at my old home, in my bedroom. It was night time but the light was either on or quite bright from outside anyway. The balcony door was open, but blocked by closed curtains. The curtains that were there were the old ones from many years ago. They were white and a warm yellow. The colours inverted with one another on a bottom trim, which must be at least half a yard high or something.

      While I was noticing the pattern on the curtains, the wind was blowing sort of strongly but gently, making them sort of billow out, which in the dream reminded me of how a labcoat flows when someone is moving with one on. It was a sort of pre-lucid moment but it didn't last since I didn't actually end up questioning reality.

      I think then I walked across to where my desk used to be, but I don't really remember what happened next. Possibly it was a transition or something into another of the dream fragments I have.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was playing some space game, just starting out on it. I remember a main menu, and it looked a bit like the Starmade game, though it wasn't really like it either. But it had a desolate and empty feeling to it. I remember I was configuring a new world, but I don't really remember more than that.

      Dream Fragment:

      Some fragment of one of H's schematics. Obsessive thoughts about ohms and resistance. There were specific values in the dream but the memory is lost to me.


      Outside on a street. Looks like my native area or the city nearby. Though it is day time, it looks overcast and desaturated. I walk on some cobbled pavement, and I'm headed towards a store or shop? Maybe a barber or hairdresser, something about the windows it had made me feel or think this. The windows were not see-through, they had like full-sized vynil stickers on them, as a style thing primarily I think but also as a sort of advertising. I don't remember what images were displayed, but something relating to the human figure overall.

      There were other dreams but I don't remember them.
    2. Criminal minds fragment | [31.07.2020]

      by , 07-31-2020 at 12:04 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Criminal minds fragment
      I am some sort of detective from the series Criminal Minds. Somebody is threatening to throw someone from somebody's family off a skyscraper. I don't remember much else.
    3. cxxv.

      by , 07-30-2020 at 08:55 PM
      29th May

      Dream Fragment:

      I remember little of most of the dream. Just one part stands out.

      I was being shown someone's pet or something. It was a cat at first but then it was a hyena. It was on a stand or pedestal of sorts and the animal itself looked elongated compared to what I'd expect.

      Then the person showing me the hyena, was telling me something about its urinary system and they put their hand sort of inside the hyena from underneath and pulled out a very large fleshy and desaturated pink sac.

      Some explanation was given to me. I didn't feel any disgust and was curious about the anatomy and around this point I realised the hyena looked to be sort of split into three parts but still joined together by some spinning tube thing between each sectioned part. I remember the hyena's head was turned toward us most of the time and was panting. Something about this segment reminds me of having the dog at the vet.

      Dream Fragment:

      Maybe this was the first dream. Something about H and our friend C. I remember we were at our house, or some version of it. H was concerned about someone breaking into the shed and I reassured H by pointing at a very Sims-like alarm system installed just to the side of the shed door.

      I remember it was a dark night but there was a full moon in sight. The ambience looked darker than it should have done considering the full moon and how big/close it appeared to be.


      - The alarm system from the Sims should have been a somewhat obvious dream sign.
      - The dream with the hyena, while similar in feel to the experience of having the dog at the vet, was probably just a manifestation of the interest I have in analysing anatomy from a hands-on approach. My lack of disgust or similar feeling is somewhat unusual within the context of automatic reactions, but perhaps is some indication that I could overcome such reactions more easily with training or simply by being exposed to this type of demonstration on a regular basis. I often feel sad that things have to die for us to have a better look at them and this aspect and the fleshy sac both relate directly to how I feel about meat in cooking, at times.
      - I believe the rotating tube sections were simply the dream mind's way of justifying the body being split in three sections while the creature was still alive with no pain. In a way it felt a bit like something I might be able to do with a 3D model and perhaps that's part of where this originated too.
    4. cxxiv.

      by , 07-30-2020 at 08:45 PM
      24th May


      Was in some kind of gallery or museum. The room was large and square. It had a lower tier/level kind of, also square and I walked down to it with some stairs. H was there I think and I was supposed to connect some displays of paintings with power, but I only had a single extension lead.

      (Some section I don't remember.)

      Then, as I was talking to someone a delegation appeared or something and a few others including H got close to the group. There was a mayor of some kind and the museum's curator. My dad was also part of this delegation. He had a dark brown suit and seemed taller and younger. Then he started moving ahead of the group into some hall and the group followed him.

      I didn't really want to join this event but H said something to me from behind and said I should go because of dad, giving me a push and then I just continued with the momentum. Then in some other room, dad and this other guy start climbing some nonsensical spiral staircase. It was made with beautifully stained wood and a carved/turned centre pillar, but for some reason only had a bannister/railing on the inner side of the steps. It went very high up, four or five stories.

      I was feeling my fear of heights so I didn't look down or backwards and wondered how the hell I was going to get back down.

      Because of the missing bannister bit, we were all climbing the staircase by pulling ourselves up on the centre pillar or something. I remembering seeing dad reach the top and jumping to a flat area just under ceiling level and over a wall.

      The whole place looked highly decorated and detailed in a neo-classic style, mostly comprising wood or painted wood. Eventually I got to the top too and I wasn't sure about the jump but the point of view changed from my eye sight to an overview of the area and then I jumped.

      Then the rest of the dream was in this sort of top down view. I walked around this secluded area and eventually found some portal or something? And then I became like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

      I have no more recall of the dream.

      - Not too long after this dream I started work on a virtual gallery project in which I pretty much wanted to embody this general neo-classic styling and museum feel. Some of this idea of powered displays must have bled through into my subconscious because I did indeed later on create something similar for my project.
      - The suit my dad was wearing was in the style of a suit I remember him actually wearing when he was more given to wearing suits anyway because of work.
      - In retrospect, H's presence in this dream was a bit "guide-like" I suppose, as H's role was fairly limited in the dream but somewhat essential for the action to unfold as it did.
    5. 7/30/2020 Yess more lucid dreams

      by , 07-30-2020 at 06:44 PM
      Last night I finally had two lucid dreams! I was following my normal routine according to my dream goals, and was starting to feel a little disappointed since I have been trying hard to have a lucid dream for 8 days now with no success. Every time I manage a DEILD I feel so much hope like I will be able to WILD now. Actually experiencing a transition helps me to know that it's possible!

      End of a long non lucid dream I don't care about remembering, but at the end of it I was trapped in a parking garage with a large grizzly momma bear. At first I saw a bear in the distance, and I was hoping it wouldn't notice me, then I look down at my feat and see a baby bear that looks friendly. But I know that momma bears are very aggressive about protecting their babies and a lot of attacks happen around these type of misunderstandings. Anyway I look back towards the mom and of course she has noticed me and thinks I have taken her baby and starts charging me. I was terrified, I have a dream phobia about being attacked by bears, and I remembered that being attacked by a bear is one of my dream signs and BOOM

      Right when I realize that being attacked by a bear is a dream sign I become low level lucid and a totally new dream forms around me with a pop. I am in an apartment complex like I lived in as a kid and am standing around the community pool. I do the usual lucid things noticing how beautiful it looks and all that then I remembered that I wanted to try to practice having waking life self-awareness and memory as well as try to emotionally experience a true non-dual perspective in a lucid dream. I was able to practice my self awareness and memory check like I do in waking life, and I felt like at the time I strongly knew it was a dream, and had some waking life self awareness. When I thought "this is all me, this dream all comes from me" I had like a brief flash of vividness, like everything in the dream pulsed with a color change briefly then went back to normal.

      Then as I was looking around I realized that there are no dream characters here, and I am all alone. I have a dream goal to talk to a "real" person in my dreams, and maybe meet a dream guide or find someone who wants to go on an adventure with me. So I start trying to call out "is there anyone who can answer my questions?" "Is there anyone who will talk to me?" and after asking two or three times I hear someone say "sure well talk with you" behind me and I spin around and the two girls from my last lucid dream are walking towards me! This is exciting for me because this is the first recurring lucid dream characters I have ever had! They are the same height, maybe 5'10, and I again have the impression that they are sisters. One of them has blond hair, pulled up in a pony tail, and is the one who does all the talking in this dream. The other sister has silky black hair, and always stands in my peripheral vision so I don't ever get a real good look at her.

      I am very excited that they are here so I hurry over to them feeling like rushed like I have a million questions to ask and I can already feel myself starting to wake up a little, I know its going to last a couple more minutes at best like my other DILDS because I catch lucidity as I am waking up.

      I ask the blond sister "How can I get lucid more often" and she smiles indulgently at me as this is the third time I have asked her this question. In my last lucid I asked her this question I remember feeling like her answer was revolutionary and brilliant while listening to it, but couldn't remember one word of what she said when I woke up, so I really paid attention this time. She said "The most important thing is to develop/have a lucid mindset... and more words I didn't understand she is continuing to speak but its over my head". Because I was really paying attention I can tell that I am not really understanding what she is saying anymore, so I interrupt her and ask "wait, what exactly does it mean to have a lucid mindset? What SHOULD I be focusing on? What emotions should I be feeling? HOW?"

      At this point the dream is starting to fade. She looks a at me a little exasperated that I interupted her, and then she looks over my shoulder and stops speaking and just kind of smiles at me in a kind way. This is something I am noticing that when my dreams are ending whoever I'm talking to looks over my shoulder and its like they see something that confirms to them I'm about to wake up, they usually just stop talking and give me that friendly maybe see you later smile. Then the dream ends

      I remember that I can try and DEILD. I focus on laying still as I wake up. I have some fear about forgeting my first lucid dream if I try to DEILD and it fails and I wake up in a non lucid so I briefly remember the previous dream as I focus on not moving.

      When I wake up, get back to my body, I still feel very sleepy and I feel like a DEILD will be successful, I feel like the dream is just below my bed and if I relax strongly enough I will just sink into it. So I just totally let go of my body, like totally limp bone, like if I was standing I would just turn into a puddle on the ground, and I get a strong falling feeling like I am sinking through my bed. I feel like I am falling into the dream beneath my bed, like it is a giant bubble, the surface of the bubble is a brilliant white light and as I sink through it it feels very peaceful and I totally cannot real my waking life body AT ALL at this point. I sink through the white light and BOOM

      I am back in the apartment complex of the last dream again. I think holy crap I did it, that was totally a WILD transition and I made it into a dream! I am in the office next to the pool area. I look out the window and see the two sisters are still here sitting in reclining pool chairs relaxing under an umbrella. I run out to them and they are excited to see me. I go up to the blond one who was talking before and she sits up in the chair goes cross legged and turns to face me ready to answer questions, I thought she looked very cute sitting like that and was happy that she was excited to see me, and willing to answer questions.

      I am lucid still at this point, but less strongly so. I forgot to do any stabilizing in this dream and didn't bring my waking awareness or memory with me as strongly as I thought. I didn't think to do any checking since I knew it was a WILD transition, but next time I'll know that even then my awareness needs a recharging in the dream. I know I wasn't as strongly lucid because this next conversation bit is fuzzier in my memory.

      I ask her "do you believe there are things in dreams that do not come from me" I don't remember her exact answer but I remember she looked like it was a subject that she didn't really want to talk about but she did say yes.

      At this point the dream was ending and I could feel myself waking up. I got close to her and I knew that I really wanted to remember her words this time, so I told her "crap I'm waking up, can you do a review in like five seconds please!"

      She nodded and said "first develop a lucid mindset, then well find out what your name means" I interrupt at this point and say "huh we didn't do that" she continues "then well do a tarot card reading" I interrupt again and say "we didn't do that either!" Then for the first time the other sister speaks, she is standing at my left shoulder "you are confusing him" I look toward her to see her face but before I do I notice she is pointing with her finger, and it felt like she was controlling my focus with her finger because I started to look where she was pointing, and it was like I could notice something that I couldn't before because she was helping me to focus. And I noticed that the first sister had a beanie on and across her forehead stitched on the beanie it said "Tarra" and the second sister said "see thats her name" and so I asked Tarra what her sisters name was and she said "she's Skippy" like the board game risk.
      No idea what that means.

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    6. Saving a creature and distilling sulfur trioxide | [30.07.2020]

      by , 07-30-2020 at 03:42 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Saving a creature
      It's something about the game Drunk on Nectar getting new things added to it. Suddenly, the dream changes to it being about saving a large creature in space. The first officer from the Orville somehow wants to change the opinion of some other woman that is of a higher rank. The woman wants to do something that would kill the creature. In the end she is standing in a chamber with a large window together with the first officer, looking out at the creature, and shortly before doing her decision in the way that the creature would die the first officer changes her mind and she decides not to do it.

      Distilling SO3
      I am seemingly distilling something, the condensation line of a white substance, what I think is sulfur trioxide, rising up the ground glass apparatus to the Liebig condenser.
    7. Nightmare fragment, normal fragment | [29.07.2020]

      by , 07-29-2020 at 04:50 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Disturbing occurrences in a hospital
      I am in hospital, in the room I was when I was last there because of my diabetes. I am afraid of someone or something who is also in the hospital. It seems to sort of be a person, and everyone is oblivious of it's true nature. I am very afraid of even seeing it, something is very disturbing about it and I want nothing to do with it. People keep wanting to show me pictures, but I avoid them. I feel uncomfortable and just want to watch TV but I get confused because there are constantly clones of TV channels.

      Laptop fragment
      My father tells me to charge my laptop, but I get frustrated that he seems to always decide things such as that.

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    8. 39 ld

      by , 07-29-2020 at 04:17 AM
      39 ОС (6). Истинное имя кирпича
      16 января 2012

      Я спускался на улицу в своём подъезде. Нельзя было, чтобы соседи на втором этаже меня
      услышали. Поэтому я стал лететь над полом (предпочитаю название левитировать, так как полноценным полётом это не назовёшь, просто подгибаешь ноги и летишь (левитируешь). Вверх подняться невозможно, только невысоко над землёй.
      Таким образом я преодолел ступеньки возле соседской двери, подобрал что-то со ступенек,
      и вылетел на улицу. Вещь которую подобрал выкинул,. Продолжил передвигаться так же.
      Вспомнил про тему Смотрителя "Надпись на небе". Взглянул на небо - никаких надписей
      нет, одни облака. Пролетел таким образом соседний двор, и залетел на следующий. Тут меня окликнула девушка лет 16-18 наверное. Спросила как меня зовут. Я ей ответил какое-то другое имя (не запомнил его).Тогда она говорит, что зря я имя сказал, во сне свои имена говорить не надо, иначе над тобой власть могут получить. Я ей отвечаю, ну тогда меня зовут (говорю настоящее и в тот же самый момент наблюдаю за ней как она прореагирует. Никак не отреагировала), нет передумал меня зовут Виктор. Она говорит, что её зовут то ли Оля то ли Лена - опять точно не запомнил. И что она знает способ, чтобы кто либо другой сказал своё имя. Я ей отвечаю, что то уже знаю такой способ. Подхожу к стене общежития, мимо которого мы шли, направляю палец на серый кирпич и говорю:"Скажи мне истинное имя". Кирпич ничего не ответил Smile. Зато девушка удивилась, что я знаю этот способ.
      Далее меня перенесло в другое место этого же сновиденного пузыря(ЛСП смахивающее на реал). Иду по тротуару мимо домов, и замечаю, что на мне одеты только трусы. За мной как назло увязались спрайты. Я захожу на двор, и залазаю на какой то "пятачёк" - бетонный выступ. С него начинаю говорить: "Люди подходите сюда, хотя вы и не люди, а спрайты всего лишь. Сейчас я буду создавать себе одежду". Спрайтов во двор понабежало много. Заметил, что большинство спрайтов пожилого возраста, среди них были мужчины и женщины, но ни одного ребёнка. Я же сосредоточился и постарался, чтобы на мне появились шорты и серая футболка. С шортами проблем не возникло, а вот вместо серой футболки появилась футболка из реала. Попробовал ещё раз - получилось. Никаких ощущений во время создания одежды я не испытывал. Тут вспомнил про эксперимент Винного кота с попыткой выйти за пределы СП. Но подумал, что на этом пяточке мало места, чтобы я мог заскользить назад. Пятачок упирался в стену. В этот момент, пока я стоял и думал, какой то спрайт дедуля(причём лысый дедуля) решил залезть ко мне и схватил меня за одну часть тела, потом отпустил и полез вниз. Я поначалу опешил от такой наглости, решил избавиться от этого дедули - впитать его в себя. Опустил ему руку на макушку и впитал. Подумал может мне и стоящих внизу спрайтов впитать, да они вроде ничего мне плохого не сделали. На этом сон закончился.

      1. Использовал левитацию.
      2. В реале читал что свое имя нечисти называть нельзя, вот во сне и сработало.
      3. Трюк "скажи истинное имя" на кирпиче явно не сработает.
      4. Из одежды на мне были только плавки.
      5. Удалось создать себе одежду.
      6. Удалось впитать дедулю. Видимо это был дедушка Фрейд - уж явно неадекватное поведение.
      7. Примерное время нахождения в ОСе - 7 минут.

      39 LD (6). The true name of the brick
      January 16, 2012

      I went down to the street at my entrance. It was impossible for the neighbors on the second floor of me
      heard. Therefore, I began to fly over the floor (I prefer the name to levitate, since you cannot call it a full-fledged flight, you just bend your legs and fly (you levitate). It is impossible to go up, only not high above the ground.
      So I climbed the steps near the neighbor's door, picked up something from the steps, and flew out into the street.
      The thing that I picked up I threw away. I continued to move the same way.
      I remembered about the Overseer's theme "Inscription in the Sky". I looked at the sky - there are no inscriptions, only clouds. Thus flew the neighboring yard, and flew into the next. Then a girl of 16-18 years old probably called me.
      She asked me my name. I answered her with some other name (I did not remember it). Then she says that I should not have said my name, in a dream you donít need to say your names, otherwise they can get power over you.
      I answer her, well then my name is (I say the present and at the same moment I watch her how she will react. She did not react in any way), no, I changed my mind, my name is Victor.
      She says that her name is either Olya or Lena - again I don't remember exactly. And that she knows a way for someone else to say her name. I tell her that I already know this method.
      I walk up to the wall of the dorm we were walking past, point my finger at the gray brick and say, "Tell me the real name." Brick didn't answer anything. But the girl was surprised that I knew this method.
      Then I was transported to another place of the same dream bubble (PDS - Personal dream space (bybble) looks like a real).
      I walk along the sidewalk past the houses, and I notice that I am wearing only my underpants. As luck would have it, sprites followed me. I go into the yard, and climb on some kind of "patch" - a concrete ledge. From him I begin to say: "People come here, although you are not people, you are just sprites. Now I will create clothes for myself." A lot of sprites ran into the yard. I noticed that most of the sprites are elderly, among them there were men and women, but not a single child.
      I focused and tried to get shorts and a gray T-shirt on. There were no problems with shorts, but instead of a gray T-shirt, a T-shirt from real life appeared. I tried again - it worked. I did not experience any sensations while creating clothes. Then I remembered about the Wine Cat experiment with an attempt to go beyond the joint venture. But I thought that there was not enough space on this heel so that I could slide back. Piglet rested against the wall. At that moment, while I was standing and thinking, some kind of sprite old man (moreover, a bald old man) decided to climb up to me and grabbed me by one part of the body, then let go and climbed down. At first I was taken aback by such impudence, decided to get rid of this grandpa - to absorb him into myself. He put his hand on the top of his head and absorbed it. I thought maybe I could absorb the sprites standing below, but they didn't seem to do anything bad to me. The dream ended there.

      1. Used levitation.
      2. In real life, I read that you cannot call your name of evil spirits, so in a dream it worked.
      3. The "tell the real name" trick on a brick will obviously not work.
      4. I was wearing only swimming trunks.
      5. I managed to create clothes for myself.
      6. Managed to absorb the old man. Apparently it was old Freud - obviously inappropriate behavior.
      7. Approximate time spent in the LD - 7 minutes.
    9. Another strange fragment | [28.07.2020]

      by , 07-29-2020 at 02:32 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Not able to get up
      I keep falling on my back and someone constantly has to help me get up, but I keep falling.
    10. Very strange nightmare fragment | [28.07.2020]

      by , 07-28-2020 at 02:07 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Grey = awake
      Yellow = non-lucid
      Blue = lucid

      There's something to do with Regina from once upon a time and a witch. They want to go somewhere with some circular magical construction in a gigantic warehouse made out of a black material, but they need food. Thus the evil witch decides to bring Henry from the same series as food. Regina of course says no and provides the food they need. Henry still goes with them, though. Suddenly there's a scene change to people going insane and violently throwing themselves onto their children. Suddenly I am one such child and someone sits down on me, and I wake up.

      That was a weird dream with horrible themes. Not good.
    11. 20/07/24 - ld 30

      by , 07-28-2020 at 01:44 PM
      No techniques used, completely random lucid after ~6 hours of sleep.

      Had a long non-lucid dream about wandering around town while being late for work. In the end I ended up on a beach and because I felt extremely tired I laid down on the sand. Immediately, I felt a sinking sensation which I associated with WILD so I got somewhat aware already. I relaxed completely and 'awoke' in my bed the next moment. Being pretty sure of having a false awakening I got up and looked around. My surroundings were more vivid than ever; for further testing I precisely inspected some furniture nearby. I couldn't believe how real everthing felt and looked and RCed to confirm my dream state.

      Walking over to the window I now saw differences to reality. There was a large window facade and I looked down into a sort of foyer with another wall consisting of glass. Down there was a DC with a bike trying to leave the building through the glass wall but couldn't get through. Thinking to myself that I'll succeed where he failed I passed through the windows (though they seemed solid at first) and slowly floated down. I tried to remember what I had planned to do next in a lucid dream but my memory was largely inaccessible. Only some tasks of the year came to my mind, so I proceeded to fly away from here. Outside I somehow found myself in my parents' garden - but a version from more than ten years ago. Suddenly, flying felt physically exhausting (what kind of nonsense in a dream...) and I woke up.
    12. The New Design (and morphing / liminality modulation)

      by , 07-28-2020 at 11:12 AM
      Morning of July 28, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,580-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 30 sec.

      I am dreaming in an instinctual mode that transitions to moderate liminal modifications that define my emergence from illusory dream perception to the threshold of wakefulness and precursory physicality. My waking-life identity is irrelevant and absent throughout this process.

      I am sitting on the couch in the living room of the Loomis Street house (unseen in waking life since February 1994). I have no recall of its history as my dream starts with a fanciful theme, with morphing content. The narrative initiates emerging physical awareness by first acknowledging and defining the immobility of my physical body while sleeping (a fundamental dreaming process).

      My dreamís narrative begins with the creation of miniature walls (about a foot in height) with the appearance of the front of a barn (the quantization of the virtual division between dream space and waking space), featuring a hayloft door and barn doors. An unfamiliar male character of about twenty years old had been creating them under the management of British actor Mark Sheppard (this dreamís sleep-wake manager) who remains a passive witness, as my dream self is initiating the waking transition in this instance.

      I instinctually continue the process by mentally creating a new version of the little wall. Its appearance differs from the original design only in that it features four miniaturized drawer spaces (without drawers), of equal size, beneath two adjacent doorways (where the barn doors had been). They are in two columns of two, and the feature matches the width of the barnís entrance. A narrow column evenly divides the two doorways, directly above the division of the two drawer space tiers. (This feature instinctually acknowledges the compartmentalization of neural activity while in REM sleep, though with the anticipation of achieving consciousness.) Mark looks on as I feel cheerful about this more elaborate design.

      The modulatory process (co-occurrent with progressing towards wakefulness) continues with a change in the feature. The area where the drawer spaces were is magnified and isolated while the rest of my dreamís environment becomes undefined. I see two miniaturized gray boom gates that mirror each other, facing the center. This feature instinctually anticipates the exit point of the dream state. As a result, somatosensory dynamics initiate. I push down on the tip of the little boom gate on the right, and it springs back up (sleep atonia to myoclonus).

      My instinctual awareness of my immobility while sleeping (sleep atonia) integrates into the next change in the feature. Mark remains, but I do not look at him. The little boom gates transform as the area is now over twice the size as previously. They are now tonearms that face each other (similar to those of a 1950s record player).

      I become aware that there is motorized clockwork higher within this feature, though I wonder if the tonearm on the left is redundant or if it might interfere with the function of this device. I move the right tonearm in the manner of how I would use it when placing it on a record. The left tonearm only slightly moves on its own as I do this. Mark says he does not think there will be any problems with the new design.

      Even though this dream utilizes the usual processes, I found this particular sequence fascinating in its uniqueness and inventiveness.

      Factors not explained in the main entry:

      Hayloft door (quantized in the miniature wall): Instinctual anticipation of the vestibular system ambiguity as a result of being in REM sleep. A recent variation of this occurred in ďConspiratorial Murals (ĎTickle Meí Influence),Ē where my dream self even made a vocal acknowledgment of the process.

      Tonearms: Correlation with liminally becoming aware of the physicality and potential mobility of my arms during the waking transition (sleep atonia to myoclonus).

    13. Another One That Concluded at the Moment of Awareness (LD)

      by , 07-27-2020 at 09:17 PM
      I stood in front of a complex that overlooked a public garden. This facility had long awning windows; its reflections surprised me because they were so detailed and real. My view cut next to the interiors of the dorm rooms. There were a series of bunks tucked to the walls, a couple of drawers, and a cabinet. We formed a group of four, and every morning we would wake up to write our dreams from the night. When we finished, my awareness would jump back and wake again, repeating the same process over and over. Two people patrolled around the area, so we couldn't leave the room. They were also against recording our dreams; we were vigilant of their whereabouts all the time and hid our dream journals below the mattress. Once I borrowed a book from one of my friends and pretended to be reading while writing on one of its pages.

      We were stuck in a loop until one morning, something different happened. Awake in my bunk as always, I wanted out from this building. The door to the dormitories was locked though, and as if in a video game, I could see a set of instructions plastered on the top left of my perspective. Grab the keys from Liz, it read. I found them when I searched inside the drawers around her bunk, then proceeded next (per the directions on the screen) to open the cabinet. But then, I was hit with a sudden suspicion.

      This looks familiar, I thought.

      A short squeeze grabbed hold on my left side. I gathered my thoughts more clearly, Where is my real body?. And I answered, My real body is lying in bed... sleeping right now. This, this is a dream.

      Now I was lucid, but the dream collapsed in the moment of awareness. Again, I saw nothing.

      The transition, I thought.

      I shouted clarity, clarity please! into the void a few times, but nothing seemed to happen. I tried stating an affirmation next, that the dream would fall into place, reappear in front of my eyes, nothing still. I waited, and now focused on the uncomfortable sensation.

      If I pay attention to it, perhaps...

      The squeezing increased... I woke up.

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    14. Tiny fragment | [27.07.2020]

      by , 07-27-2020 at 08:23 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Tiny fragment
      Something moving in a room. Maybe having to do with a dragon.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. nothing much.

      by , 07-27-2020 at 07:52 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      brief HH of holding keys in my hand. I just remember the keys are from work and i use them to open the compactor room door. However IRL the keys went missing.

      I did have a jamie dream but i remember nothing about it.

      Vague sense of a longer dream but it eludes me.

      I'll have to figure out a better sleep cycle. Working nights 5 days a week really sucks. It's like jail.
      Tags: jamie, keys
      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
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