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    1. Couple of dream fragments- REM Dreamer

      by , 07-05-2020 at 11:17 PM
      Im in some hallway and people start grabbing red chairs, they are passing at a fast pace by my side. I tried to grab one but I think one of my exgirlfriends has it already, and she walks away.

      On this seen my exgirlfriend appears again, we're on a balcony and as I'm looking down, I tell her: "look at the white statues linning up, those are the children of the Virgen Of Fatima"(she was very devoted to saints of the Catholic church, probl. until now). Then the scene changes and I'm really close to her, then I'm on top of her, we're laying down in some stairway. Then she tell me: "now you have to marry me". (I feel really puzzeld since we're already married w/ children).

      Now I'm in some kind of artshow or gallery, there's a big crowd of people, and someone is walking by me. When I enter a room there's a young female artist, doing really simple custom drawings for sale. I see her drawing with colorpencils, some kind of blue unicorn, with it's eyes closed. the costumer says something like: "look, for lucid dreaming" .(since I'm an artist, instead of feeling some envy, I say: "I hope she continues to be very successful in her works".

      Note: More clues from the REM mask highlated on red.
      On first fragment I see how the red chairs disguises as the led lights blinking on the mask.
      Also the white statues linning up disguises as the afterflash and series of clues, of the mask.
      Again there's the importance of doing a RC during the day when bright colors appear, linning up items and so on...Being aware of any surroundings and elements in walking life. Then becoming aware and gain lucidity in the dream.

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    2. touch

      by , 07-05-2020 at 09:07 PM
      Math Teacher

      I was in or headed to a larger sized classroom. The person in charge was a math teacher I've known. It was Doug, he was a nice teacher really. In this classroom I had trouble sitting down; I wasn't sure if I should sit on the left or the right side of the class. It was almost like the first day of the class thing. Been having this topic pretty often the last couple of days. But I talked to Doug and he sorted something out, helped to console me... I'm heading to a forest, I think my teacher told me to go there. Rode a heli to a forest.

      Game Forest

      I am somewhere in a forest. I explore the area for a while. But there's a clearing here that's built to stage the arena for a game... For a game? How could this be a game? Brief moment of lucidity. I try to leave this area. Distracted though.


      I think I ended up in some sort of a large casino with multiple floors. This place's familiar though. I think this is the third time I visited this area in my dream. Mike was there. Mike was also there in the previous time I was in this area, was he also in it the first time I was in this place? Towards the end of it we end up winning a prize. I am on the second or the third floor, and the announcer there announces the winner. It was like a lotto or something. $11000 twice or $22000 twice, something like that. Mike was greedy and wanted to spend his new winning to win more. $17 per roll on the slot machines. There was a young skinny black man beside us and he was disappointed in Mike's gambling problems.


      I'm running around some deserted town, it's like some sort of a survival game. I'm exploring and find some sort of space shuttle like thing that's in a horizontal position. Inside there are spaceship like cabinets on the side in all white and some bedrooms that fit the theme. Inside onf of the storage there's some sort of music cds and I play them in the room next to it. I feel like these CDs were someone's desires being manifested. So I thought that I could probably manifest something... Lucid by now. I manifest pills to help lucidity. There was a box of pills with its brand name printed on the box "Runa". I think it's suppose to be "Luna" but misprinted but I take it anyways. I begin to realize the dream is fading and I gobble up the rest of the box to compensate... but I should have just engaged the sense of touch more to the surroundings to make it last longer.



    3. LD Fragment: "Where Can I Use This?"

      by , 07-05-2020 at 05:05 PM (Life's Recollections)
      Normal dream
      Lucid dream

      Gonna start giving my dreams names, because it's more interesting than "WILD Attempt 13."

      But, last night I was so worn out from going out in the morning, doing a bunch of homework afterwards, and then acting in improv for a couple hours that I headed to bed about to pass out at 11 PM. I set alarms for 2, 4, and 6 AM, but I slept completely through the 2 AM alarm, woke up at 4, and just turned the 6 AM alarm off (it's already sunny outside by like 5:15 anyway, I need to get a sleeping mask).

      This dream also is not well remembered because I didn't voice memo it as soon as I woke up-- I actually fell asleep again for a couple hours and am typing it from memory.


      11:30 PM - 4:00 AM

      Knocked out. Hard sleep, don't remember any dreams, lol.

      ~4:15 AM - 9:00 AM

      I wake up, turn my alarm off, and lie in bed for about 5 minutes staring at the ceiling lost in thought and drifting. I eventually force myself to get up (I really don't want to), use the bathroom, and then lie back down and try to WILD. I effectively just fall asleep instantly.

      At some point however, I'm dreaming about being in my front yard again. I just can't really remember, but I think I may have WILDed into my bed, but not caught the false awakening, and as usual began walking out of my house, but not lucid. I'm not sure, but at some point I just had the thought, "this seems like a dream."

      With this realization, I reached up and plugged my nose and blew a breath of air and was, like yesterday, kinda surprised that air went through. I turned to my right and looked over the fence to see there was a huge Pidgeotto (the Pokemon) and reached into air expecting to find a Pokeball. I did indeed come up with one, and lobbed it at him. It hit him, barely, and wobbled once as I was walking up, and he instantly popped back out. I didn't have another and he began charging me, and I took off running into my field-- starting to regret my attempt a little.

      I heard a familiar "Pika" noise, and turned and noticed that a Pikachu was also running up the field, and there were further Pokeballs scattered along the field, I bent and scooped some up as I was running trying to avoid the Pidgeotto, and hit the Pikachu with one, caught it, and then sent it back out yelling at it to "Thundershock, or do something, please! Quick attack!?" (lol)

      I think the quick attack command was the one that worked, and we defeated the Pidgeotto, which I then threw another Pokeball at and caught, sticking it in my pocket when it became tiny again. I found myself walking down the driveway holding the Pikachu in a bucket next, and I said something to it, and it started talking back like in Detective Pikachu. I can't remember what it said either, I just remember it presented me with a bow, and two quivers of arrows (which I somehow knew had 50 a piece inside them).

      I fastened a quiver to my back, ignoring the ominous words of Pikachu, which I can't remember still, and headed into the street holding my bow. I didn't really know what to do now, and I recalled the mention from DVers that you could ask your dream characters things and sometimes get surprising answers. So I looked around me and found a friendly looking blonde man walking down the street (he was wearing khaki pants and brown shoes, had a blue-ish button-up shirt, and green-blue eyes), and ran up to him, saying, "Can you tell me where I can use this bow for something?" He kind of waved his hand and acted like he was apologetically dodging the question, and I said again, "No really, any idea at all, where can I use this bow?"

      He mentioned there was a place down the road, but didn't say anything further, so I looked around again and found an Indian woman (as in, actual Indian, not Native American) walking on the other side of the street the opposite direction (she had a long multi-colored dress down to her ankles and black top, and black hair, with brown eyes). I walked across the street to her now and said, "That man said something was down the street where I could use this bow, do you know what he meant?"

      She more quickly answered, "There's a war camp down the road about a mile where a bunch of warriors are stationed."

      I thanked her and jogged down the road (the mile went by in probably 5 seconds, so I must be a record speed jogger), and found a dirt road offshoot of the main road and headed inside. The fact that I was brandishing my bow quickly set everyone to arms, I guess thinking I meant them harm. I shouted out that I didn't, but they didn't listen and began encroaching on me en masse, probably 40 people, and I started backing away and nocked an arrow in the bow.

      In retrospect, almost as soon as this fight began I was drawn into the dream and lost my lucidity. I began quickly nocking arrows and shooting people around their various shields, in the legs, neck, whatever, but never fatally (not that I wasn't trying, I just wasn't very good with the bow). I eventually dropped the bow entirely and picked up a wooden shield, which elicited a laugh from someone nearby that I had picked up a shield being worked on instead of a finished one. A couple people laughed in response and I felt more threatened.

      At some point, a person came up to me and swung a short sword at me, which I bashed away with my shield. It fell out of their hand, and I threw my shield down and set to work punching them in the face through their helmet, repeatedly, until they were backed up against the wall and I punched them a couple more times, brutally. I gave them a pretty bloody nose, and they slumped to the ground, but they weren't dead either.

      This display of aggression seemed to set everyone into fear, and when I turned to face the rest of them, they backed away. Soon, people were lowering their weapons and simply eyeing me warily, as if they no longer wanted to fight. Amazed that this had happened, I set out to find the chieftain of the camp and ask him how I could participate, which is why I had come here in the first place.

      When I found him, there was someone already speaking to him, and I guess charged with the anger and aggression of the previous moment and now lost in the dream (and my perception of myself as a gruff warrior following those events), I just pushed him out of the way by the shoulder.

      I woke up almost instantly afterwards though. I went back to sleep for a little bit without recording the dream (oops), and then

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