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    1. It Feels So Good To Be Back (LD)

      by , 07-06-2020 at 11:07 PM
      Throughout the night I recalled only fragments that went nowhere. They would always come in pairs. Strangely was that one of the two would always dance around the border of lucidity. In one of these encounters I was delving in the concept of lucidity with someone else. In another, my dream self would always feel unease around the oddness of the dream world. I was always present during their runtime.

      When I opened my eyes prior to this last dream, it was already 10:30 am. I debated in my head if a WBTB felt proper. I decided not to. There was a thought inside my head this morning. A belief, that if I could by any chance stretch another hour of sleep, I would become lucid in a dream. I tossed and turned and long enough a sense of sluggishness reeled in. I wasn't aware when I had fallen asleep.

      * * *

      After tossing and turning for what felt like hours, I gave up. I remember feeling pretty ordinary and awake. I hold still for a few seconds, should a final memory reveal itself. When I opened my eyes, I saw a different bedroom. It was a place that existed in reality, my own bedroom (I'm currently staying somewhere else). To my right lied two more beds. The last one was disheveled and covered in clothing. The table at the end, opposite the beds, was empty. A large window stood in front of it. The light was on and colored the space in a strong orange tint. I felt like grabbing some breakfast after taking a shower.

      While I grabbed a pair of socks, a t-shirt and some shorts from the pile of clothes, my father entered. He sported a plain white shirt, some shorts and sandals. I notice a laptop on his hands, as well as a small black device that looks like some sort of radio receiver. Upon seeing it I took for granted it was a speaker for the laptop. He sits and places his belongings on the table and watches T.V.

      I hadn't decided yet what I wanted to wear and juggle too many socks on my hands. I remember there was a dark shirt around the pile I wanted to grab but I couldn't find it.

      Dad senses the struggle and asks while watching, "Need any help?".

      "Uh, no," I respond.

      I stop for a moment and contemplate for a second. Looking back to the light I think, perhaps I overslept into the night and it's already late. Lowering my eyes, I notice I already have the shirt I want on my hands.

      After closing the bathroom door I sit on the toilet. I don't know why, but I keep looking at my hands. As I stretch them out in front of me, I notice they're unnaturally pale. My vision is a bit weird also, like someone decided to drop a visual effect on the scene. I turn back to my hands and stare for long seconds. I stare… my eyes widen, oh my god, I'm dreaming!!! This is a dream! I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!. I am beyond excited. The reality check worked! It finally worked!.

      Thrilled, I turn my gaze towards the door. I sense fear.

      A monster or demon lies on the other side of this door.

      I come back to my senses. Don't be a fool! Remember that expectation rules in this place. If you do not give it focus, nothing will happen.

      I become hesitant. The door appears menacing, towering in front of me. I try a different approach. A primitive reaction fills inside me. Women! Yes, if I open the door and imagine beautiful women standing on the other side, it should work!. I have some doubts but open the door anyway.

      A hallway stretches out for a good six meters or so. I can see a sink and a mirror far away. This passage is old. I can see the paint peeling off from the corners of its walls. They are painted evenly of dark bluish tones. As I walk around the narrow path fear has already left me. I'm so happy for my success, I don't know what to do! I notice how I'm walking for the first time in my dream. It's like in the book! A mental intention, not a physical one.

      I try speaking, but no sound comes out. I try shouting with greater strength, but the sounds are muffled as if being underwater. I look up at the ceiling and think of flying. Will I make it happen? I try setting my intention clear. I want to will myself up but I'm afraid I will crash on the ceiling. Nothing happens.

      A vibratory sensation penetrates my sides. It is a strong, uncomfortable feeling. I realize the dream is about to collapse. I can feel it getting stronger, and when engulfed by it I'm already awake.

      * * *

      Turns out the practice was successful. After one long 3 year break from this hobby, it only took 11 days to get back in the game. I must continue the practice, I can do this. We, can do this.

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    2. bleh

      by , 07-06-2020 at 09:16 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      only dreams i had this week were very short.

      one dream with Jesus in it, but i don't really remember it.

      Another dream had something to do with picard. He had all these extra starfleet shirts or something and some teenager guy needed a new shirt.

      Nothing about Jamie. I hope to remember something good from her this week.
    3. list of dreams that cannot be phrased in a bad way

      , 07-06-2020 at 08:26 PM
      There are many dreams that can be described in a bad way, but here is a list of those that cannot.

      • two great adventures
      • getting the girl
      • The Dream Guide
      • Insnow Out!
      • Helpful Subconscious
      • Fighting and Bending
      • To the Sun
      • ELEMENTS; Iron Defense
      • Island of Wonders
      • Violin Fantasy
      • Music Maestro

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      side notes
    4. in VR again

      by , 07-06-2020 at 02:59 PM
      Took melatonin and B-complex vitamins
      Fell asleep at 1:30AM.
      Woke up at 6:30AM, woke up, went pee, came back. Used SSILD
      Woke up at 8AM,
      Woke up at 9:30AM, with recall. Wrote down all the dreams I remembered

      What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from alarm and using SSILD
      Dream 1(,slow breach and clear, Shaun watching me play game): I was in a slow-mo breach and clear sort of game and after clearing a few rooms it was done and I was interacting with this small screen which itself was a game. Shaun was watching me play this one and I felt bad because I thought I had been playing it for hours and he was just watching.

      Dream 2(matteo and I living in room, cant find underwear, teacher offering prize, principal robot): Matteo and I were living in a room together only a school trip or something. I needed to change but couldnt find where I put my underwear. Right before we decided to leave a girl(maybe erica) came down the stairwell in our place. We all went to a presentation and a teacher was trying to get our attentiont by offering a prize to the people who do. I wanted the prize. We all sat down and then he started talking and handed off the presentation to the principal. Shortly after the principle started, a robot that looked very much like her came in through the door on the side and started saying stuff. It appeared preplanned.

      Dream 3(Risk in backyard): I was playing risk with the boys in my backyard and at one point the board was gone and only the pieces remained on the grass so we decided fuck it the game is over.

      Dream 4(course w/ boxes and moving platforms, tons of hot tubs and closer wants to get us all in trouble): I was in this VR game where you go through like this dungeon and I had to kill some baddies and find the end. I found a crowbar and another item and was wielding those. There were things to crouch under or I had to lie under one at one point. I found the end. Then there was this course with a moving platform that went next to a lot of glowing boxes and I had to use my weapon to touch all the boxes and they would change color. I finished the course and then Phoebe wanted me to jump and hit the last ones so I tried that. Then when we were done on our course we visited Lorne's course where there was a ton of hot tubs lined up and he was putting the covers back on to close up. He put them on TERRIBLY so we started readjusting them and an employee of the palce came out saying he didnt like how we did it and he had already had to fix them once today. He wanted to get us all in trouble and so I told him it was only Lorne, we were just helping to fix it. He didnt believe us so I told him to look at the footage from the cameras and he said oh for sure he will.
      non-lucid , side notes
    5. 28 ld

      by , 07-06-2020 at 07:03 AM
      28 миниОС Лифт.
      13 декабря 2011

      Я был в незнакомой квартире вместе с мамой в многоэтажном здании на 6 этаже. Вышел в подъезд и спустился на первый этаж. Внизу по ступенькам стал подниматься мужик. Почему то он у меня вызвал опасения. Я поскорее вызвал лифт и поехал, как думал на 6-ой. Но лифт стал подниматься и опускаться. Очень долгое время он так и ездил вверх-вниз. Двери не открывались. Я стал нажимать на кнопки стоп и вызов. Кнопки были необычной формы - круглые и большие без всяких знаков; кнопок этажей так же не видел только эти две стоп и вызов. В конце концов лифт остановился на восьмом. Я вышел спустился два этаже по ступенькам, и стал вспоминать в какую квартиру надо зайти. Вспомнил, квартира была за серо-зелёной железной дверью. Дверь была открыта - вообще у меня всегда во сне все двери открытые.

      Зайдя внутрь попытался закрыть дверь. Понял, что я во сне, и дверь закрывать не имеет смысла. Успел увидеть маму сидящую на полу в коридоре, затем поглядел на свои руки и проснулся.

      1. Осознание под конец сна сильно короткое, ничего не успел сделать.
      2. Возможно мне частично помог осознаться лифт, хотя само осознание пришло позже.

      28 miniLD lift.
      December 13, 2011

      I was in an unfamiliar apartment with my mother in a high-rise building on the 6th floor. I went out into the staircase and went down to the first floor. Down the stairs a man began to climb. For some reason, he aroused my concern. I quickly called the lift and drove off, as I thought on the 6th. But the lift began to rise and fall.
      For a very long time he went up and down. Doors did not open. I began to press the stop and call buttons. The buttons were of unusual shape - round and large without any signs; Buttons of floors also did not see only these two stops and a call. In the end, the elevator stopped at the eighth.
      I went down two floors down the stairs, and began to remember which apartment to go into. I remembered that the apartment was behind a gray-green iron door. The door was open - in general I always have all the doors open in a dream.

      Going inside tried to close the door. I realized that I was in a dream, and it makes no sense to close the door. I managed to see my mother sitting on the floor in the corridor, then I looked at my hands and woke up.

      1. Awareness at the end of dream is very short, did not have time to do anything.
      2. Perhaps the lift partially helped me realize, although awareness itself came later.