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    1. Mixed fragment | [11.08.2020]

      by , 08-11-2020 at 11:17 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Mixed fragment
      I am some girl, probably in the teens, and I might somewhat have the role of Buffy from Buffy the vampire slayer, but in the dream I hadn't discovered that yet. There was something with a father who might have done something bad with someone he keeps calling. At some point I am together in some forest or jungle with another girl, having discovered my role. At some point my view flew into the sky, as if it was in a game and it was showing that something is happening.

      I really need to get aware again, right as I got a bit less aware I stopped having lucid dreams so it's time to do that again. It's just a bit hard for me to remember where I was 15 minutes ago when I reality check, so I get stressed since I need to do it often as well.
    2. A Short One (LD)

      by , 08-11-2020 at 12:30 AM
      The dream started inside a restaurant. As I sat around a large table with the rest of my family I noticed we were the only ones in this joint. A line of waiters dressed in black suits approached the table one by one with an assortment of dishes. A small bowl with a creamy pumpkin soup was delivered to me. Across the table and through the double-swing doors, the restaurant connected to a short entryway that lead away from the entrance. Next to it and touching the left wall, lied a series of stairs to the upper floors. I could make out two people babbling before the steps.

      The scene cuts immediately to a room brimming with people, gathered before a table opposite which where two young kids, a girl and a boy, about 5 years old each if I were to guess. We are celebrating their birthday, it seems. Among the cluster of strangers I see my brother. He proposes a toast. The collective voices of everyone in the room subside immediately. He takes a drink from his glass, turns to face me, and congratulates me for my birthday! The audience erupts in excitement. I'm bewildered, sharing a puzzling glance at my brother. It isn't my birthday today, that was six months ago! People start emptying the room. One of my cousins and her friend stay behind to sing to the birthday kids; they're having a blast. Both siblings don't really care for what's happening, though. I stay with them but they're unusually close, our heads stuck together while they sing.

      And then there's a jump in time until I find myself in a hallway. It was a bit dark now, and the road continued towards the birthday party. I was alone in here, and I started walking back to the previous room. As I walked, I began thinking. It was an oddly thought that popped in my head.

      If I go back, I'll lose this opportunity, the opportunity to do something here.

      The voice in my head appeared trustworthy enough to follow its advice; I stopped walking, and resumed thinking.

      Besides, as much as I want to return, there are more important things, and that is because... this is a dream.

      The meaning of the words hit me like a bucket of cold water. With renewed clarity I repeated the next set of words in my head:

      Where is my real body?

      My real body is lying in bed, in my house, in ***.

      I become fully lucid.

      Everything went dark for a second, and I thought I had lost the dream. I barely managed to spot a white tinge from one of the walls of the hall, so I drew my attention to it. Within seconds, the rest of the scene reappears. The passage now stretched far and wide. It was dark and humid. A system of pipes coursed from the top and beyond on both sides, and the left and right walls appeared old and dirty. I could sense the beginnings of something piercing my left side. I withstood the burn and scattered my eyes, looking for something to focus. An old wooden chair appeared now on my right. I stare at it, concentrating, and like magic the torment slowly abates. I regain focus, and repeat an intention over and over in my mind:

      I want to stay in the dream. I want to stay in the dream. I want to stay in the dream.

      Whatever it is I'm doing, it seems to be working. I try taking a few steps forward, looking at where I want to go instead of physically willing myself to move.

      The sound of a voice close to me breaks my attention. Was it my brother? I have trouble making things out. I see a mob from the corner of my eye, approaching from the end of the passage, from the back, from everywhere really. I grow desperate, and with it discomfort returns. I have only seconds left, I believe. Do I resist the urge to give up, or end this right now? Decisions, decisions, and I choose to wake up.

      Oh, why did I gave up too easily! Oh, well, there's always another night.

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