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    1. School trip to a distant, abandoned mansion fragment and creepypasta image | [28.08.2020]

      by , 08-28-2020 at 06:19 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      School trip to a distant, abandoned mansion
      I am on what is seemingly a school trip to a mansion. I don't remember much, except that I wasn't quite interested in anything. I went to some friends, but I just watched them do things. We also went to an attic. For some reason I needed an asthma inhaler and something else I don't remember. I think some person, maybe a teacher or maybe some owner of this house came up and sent us out because some things are private, but I forgot my stuff there, including the inhaler, but for some reason I hesitated telling a teacher. At some point apparently I was unconscious or dead, and I was watching some insane doctor do something with my body. Apparently he needed to cut my clothes into shape, but for some reason he cut it to girl clothes.

      Creepypasta image
      I was searching for something on Google images, but then I remembered that this could be the name of creepypasta things, and I was right. I saw some very disfigured thing that was horse-like, but very big and stretched and entirely pale, and it's face was just an evenly oval-shaped hole, as if it was cut away. It was in a tunnel, that looked like some tunnel from Need for Speed: Carbon on one of the canyon levels, probably the first level when you start out the career.

      Second day where I remembered my mantra. I guess school being cancelled for now is relieving some of my stress.
    2. Shapeshifting and remembering a face completed!

      by , 08-28-2020 at 07:42 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a school and I know it's a dream. I say out loud that it's a dream. I walk into a classroom and pretend to be the teacher. All the pupils leave when I say I'm the teacher. I walk out of the classroom and enter a new one. I see Gabriel, my classmate there. I look at his face and I'm impressed over how real he looks. I look back and see Signe. She has long hair instead of really short like she has it now. I look into the window and see my reflection. I try to make my hair longer and it succeeds. I see the hair come in front of my eyes in the same time I see my hair grow in my reflection. I look at Signe again and she says that my hair grows really fast. I try to make it shorter again. I look up with my eyes and the hair loses its length. I have really short hair now. I sit in the back row and see a young girl next to me but I know it's my chemistry teacher in real life Maria. She is about seventeen in my dream but 50 in real life. We talk a little but she says that she can't speak with me while she has a class. I fly in the classroom a bit and then walk out. I see Signe again and I inspect her face. I can tell it's not her real face. The dream face is a little bit too big and her cheeks are too big. I keep inspecting her and see her dress. It's white with some nice looking patterns that remind me of flowers. She has a yellow ribbon by her stomach and I think it's pretty.

      Haha, I remembered a face! I usually can never remember the persons' faces from the dream. I also succeeded in shapeshifting by growing my hair in an instant and reversing it.
    3. 2020-08-28 <ahem> pizza, coins&cards, math class, "gorgeous", magic edge/lecture

      by , 08-28-2020 at 06:34 AM
      ~3 hrs: no recall

      ~4.5? hours:

      + math class: in a classroom, I'm wondering which math class
      where's building C, ask admins, it's via underground tunnel

      I'm in a class room (high school) wondering which math class I'll be assigned to, wondering how I sign up. A middle-aged man, spanish-looking, ruddy complexion comes up, and as he says which class he has assigned me to, I'm hoping it's Calculus, since I'm in 12th grade it should be the highest level of math available. Then I wonder how I'm going to get there, someone tells me it's in "building C," but I say it's been years since I've been here so I don't know where building C is. I make my way to the school office and ask the admins there, they start giving me directions including walking through block-long underground corridors.

      ~6-7? hours:

      + <ahem> pizza, what size, toppings each as crust, jive guys come in, guy & girl, with female genitalia pizza, pry it open, show the inner stuffings, I decide yeah that looks good, we should order that.

      In a small cafe/restaurant, sitting at a counter on a stool (or observing a guy doing so?), there is a small round "pizza" in front of him, he's trying to decide what to order. There is an option to buy different sizes: normal, 2x, 4x, 8x, and so on. These options are not typical: they magnify the size of the pizza by making each major ingredient its own "crust" covered with cheese: the first is bread crust crust, the second type is sauce crust, and these can be folded over and are crispy because of the baked cheese. He/I am not sure of what to order. Then in comes a jive-talking couple, a guy and a girl, with large boxes of pizza, and open them up. They have taken the deal and are promoting it. The pizza is very large, and looks just like large, dark, female genitalia. It is multi-layer. They pry the it open via the outer lips, and spread it out, it is like a calzone with an upper and lower crust levels with the filling inside. I decide that yeah, this is what we want to order.

      + coins and cards: [DO] my dad wants a quarter, I'm going through my coins, I find an "English" quarter with the inscription "to the queen", and one old (silver?) quarter that we don't want, digging through piles of coins, dad points out another drawer nearby, yeah I see it it has some quarters in it and I hand him some. Then I see a drawer with old business cards in it, from the various companies where I've worked. I recall our practice of pinning our business cards from previous companies outside our cubes. I rifle through them, thinking about the companies where I've worked. I see 3 different variants from company "N", dating back to my first day of work, and a 3rd person view of me standing outside the headquarters' main entrance wearing this badge around my neck (false memory). I then see a woman walk with white hardcase travel luggage walking purposefully out of the main entrance towards the parking lot. I think she just got back from a business trip, and that she travels for business a lot.

      + something with my (adult) kids? Taking pictures?

      + class/lecture/pool w/ girl, "gorgeous"

      In school, enter classroom, there is a particular man there sitting at a desk. Then I've arriving at a lecture in a large auditorium. That man is giving the lecture. I arrive at a front row desk/seat, (prepare to take notes?) and he comes there, the lecture is over, I've missed it, he makes some comment.

      I get together with a young female attendee. We're holding each other close and kissing. We're now in a pool. I need to go off with my friends/family, I don't want to part with her, but decide to, so with a final kiss I gently push her away and she floats a bit away in the water, I wave to her, and she says, "'bye gorgeous!" I'm a bit embarrassed about this. I get out of the water and complain that my dad is late, but he starts ranting about all the things he's had to deal with that day.

      final waking:

      + game show/lights/monitors, naked flight sim put on shorts

      In a large outdoor setting, computer/screens monitors are all around on columns. People are standing at them looking at the screens?

      We're sitting down into flight simulator pods at an arcade-like place for some (competition?) I realize I'm naked and that probably nobody will want to sit at the seat after I've squirmed around on it with my naked butt. So I put on some underwear, and sit down in the chair.