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    1. cxxxi. Lucidity! And self-indulgence

      by , 08-04-2020 at 01:07 PM
      4th August 2020 ~11:30


      Near the end of a stupidly long non-lucid part; I was falling through a pipe, I was with a squad to take something out in a facility. But then as I was falling, everything seemed still.

      I was in a void of sorts and time seemed to pass slower, the others were still here with me. It felt like being in water, and there was a similar visual effect. The squad leader, turned to me and said "you must pick the right one this time!" and I suddenly saw a vision of who to pick.

      Then I was in a room. There were three guardians and some other characters. I picked the one from my vision. It was true that it was the start of a cycle that I was now breaking, at the start of this long non-lucid part I was in a very similar situation.

      But this time I had picked "correctly". As a result, my consciousness shifted, I was now the guardian I'd picked. I noticed my hands, I had three fingers and one thumb. I became lucid but it came slowly, not like in the past.

      There was no "aha!" moment or sudden shift. I realised I was in a version of my mom's first office room. The characters were gone, I think; and to confirm my lucidity further I grabbed a metal shelving unit in the room and threw it through a wall, fully expecting it to go through as if it were a ghost, and it did!

      I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, since I hadn't fully expect to be lucid. I decided to indulge in one of my fantasies and decided to become a giant anthropomorphic lizard. It sort of worked... I saw myself in third person, wearing a labcoat (my artificial dream sign) as an anthro lizard. But I wanted to be myself in first person, I get tired of seeing things in third person in dreams and so I willed it and then was myself as the lizard. I looked down and saw the city-sprawl below me. I had reptilian-like feet with claws and I could see I had an emerald green skin but it was not as dark as I wanted. I tried to give myself different sexual features but it didn't work either.

      I was happy enough the transformation worked in the basic sense in any case and started to have some fun by putting myself against the ground and sort of rubbing along it for lack of better words. I paused and checked my hands again, just having a good look at them. They were hardly as scaly as I'd expected and this felt disappointing but I carried on. I remember noticing the atmosphere effect but oddly enough when I was standing I didn't notice the curvature effect of the planet. I was big enough that I should have been able to notice it.

      While the terrain did get sort of crunched/destroyed/etc by whatever I did, I wasn't able to see the cities in any great amount of detail and could not notice any mountains either. I was too big I suppose. I could feel my tail at several points but overall the feel of my body was mostly whole/complete.

      Spoiler for Self-indulged arousal:

      After this self-indulging, I realised the city/landscape I'd been having fun on and with was really just a square section in a rather large room. At the edges, the atmosphere effect sort of cut off, it was interesting.

      I was standing up and looked around the room for the first time; lots of metal pipes and dark metal things, like grates and slits where some natural light came through from. It had an extremely industrial look. As I looked around I still felt that I was very big, but the room's scale made me feel smaller in a sense, despite how much room I took.

      My lucidity was fading a little and I'd become a bit bored, I didn't expect to end my fantasy so soon but this was obviously the result of not pre-planning any of this. I saw a character less than half my size, by a sewer-tunnel looking bit. I approached, I asked him "Who are you?", quite curious about this metal-flesh sort of monster, the look only describable as being drawn from many such archetypes.

      He gave me a reply veiled in mystery, that I cannot recall anymore, but he did not answer my question in its most basic form and I didn't think of asking again. I got bored of him and decided he was quoting from something, but I forget what he was saying, unfortunately.

      I looked around again. This felt so different from my previous lucid experiences. I was calm, and it didn't take much effort to be calm; the dream was far less vivid and detailed than other lucids and indeed even less than some non-lucids, but I appreciated this moment. I enjoyed not feeling my daily pain.

      Then, out of nowhere, I heard a deep echoing voice. It told me "You must kill your brother, remember?". Some less conscious part of me, replied automatically "I know, I know! But not now." Before I could add anything of my own will, the voice spoke again to the effect of "Very well, he shall be kept alive for now." The voice faded completely and I simply finished by again automatically saying "Good."

      I didn't appreciate this family-related intrusion into my lucidity but realised it was from a deeper part and so didn't really wish to alter it.

      My lucidity may have been fading again but I decided to simply explore these strange halls, carelessly stepping over that square world I'd been playing with earlier and heading for a doorway on the opposite corner from where I was. There were many artificial warm light accents around the metal halls. I eventually found myself on a gantry bit and there were random people both there and on a lower tier. I played around with some telekinesis on some red and blue barrels, trying to lob them but doing so poorly at first. I started to gain a more intuitive understanding as I did it but it did not feel as "mentally driven" as I'd expected, having to move my hands a fair bit.

      My form had been consistent through my lucidity, I still had reptilian traits and my hands were clawed now, I recall. A random human character next to me looked up to me and said "Don't throw them with your arms like a real barrel." Or something like that. I understood from this to use hand motions more. I tried lifting a barrel and pulling it toward me, having done so too much and then pushing it forward a little more with some related hand motions.

      I tried to hit a person in the lower tier with the barrel but it didn't quite work or something. Then I went down some stairs. I was in a mall area and my lucidity was fading but not gone. A dream character was upset with me, he was some manager for the mall. "You're ruining everything with your lucidity!" He said, or something.

      He was extremely upset that I was doing whatever I pleased. There was a woman nearby I'd somehow gotten fired or something (but she was all the more happy about it) and the man became angry and he wanted to have a serious go at me now.
      But I somehow just turned it against him, kind of willing some help from the woman and she automatically started defending me, distracting the manager man. I was no longer lucid at this point and had been letting myself go along with the dream too much. Eventually I just woke up.


      Spoiler for Notes (in spoiler due to their length):

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    2. cxxx. Pre-cursor

      by , 08-04-2020 at 12:24 PM
      4th August 2020 8:30

      Dream (Fragmented):

      Fairly long and vivid, completely continuous all the way through, though I remember the last parts better, mostly.

      + The very first bit I recall, was in a maintenance tunnel of sorts. It was a typical grey-white looking tunnel, painted brickwork, artificial and cold lights, but quite bright. There was piping painted the same way. I was configuring a gun that fired four shots simultaneously and each barrel could be re-rolled to have a random element. I remember testing the gun each time I re-rolled the stats.

      + In one earlier bit I was around my old home area and was going to play basketball with some black friends, after I'd asked what they were up to or something. We got to a basketball arena of some kind, it looked odd, it was indoors now and was all rusty and/or fleshy. I didn't care much. In the end the game was more like half basketball, half rugby and somehow I needed my sibling T's help to finish the game so I had to go find him or something.

      Then, the last part;

      I was at some sort of religious gathering, there were pews and there was a seat reserved for a representative of each major religion and some seats reserved for representatives of other smaller religions, but the representatives themselves were absent. A woman appeared, she was dressed in what I can only remember as a "revealing" dress; she was a seductress of some sort and teased these religious representatives. But they knew her as is if she did this regularly and they let themselves be entertained by her presence.

      I was stuck behind a screen of some sort, like an acrylic screen. Then I got out of that place somehow. My old school friend, JC, appeared at some point when I was outside. Dark and moody streets, maybe a bit wet even. Night time but lit by neon signs and other such things. Me and JC knocked someone out and I remember shooting a group of patrolling guards in a line, taking each one out. Then JC took a hazmat from one of these guys.

      (Cut some of this bit short because of my pain)

      We walked at brisk pace, for quite a long way; through a city, then a mall, a toilet roll store (with vividly coloured packaging), then a baby store, inside an ASDA/Walmart place and then we get held up in some queue for the supermarket. So we started running and jumped over a balcony or stair bit onto an outdoor area, and the crowd stuck in the queue got angered by this for some reason and many of them followed suit. It was day time, I remember around noon or afternoon. Sunny and I recall the grass by the side of the pavement and general greenery.

      I tried to sprint. Running felt slow, but not as bad as in nightmares from my childhood. It mostly just felt annoying, but someone nearly tripped me up from behind (stepping on my heel). I didn't look back but sort of had a rear vision? JC caught up to me and took off the hazmat mask. We approached a gas station next to where his home supposedly was in the dream. JC shot a guard that he'd initially forgotten was there. I told him he was an idiot, because they had cameras at the gas station, and what had he just done? Taken his mask off.

      But we were on the final stretch to getting to his home and I woke up, sweating, as seems to be normal when I have these vivid and intense dreams.

      - I haven't seen JC in a dream in a while but oddly enough his likeness was very much as I remember it from my teens, when I was at school with him. He was slightly shorter than me too.
      - The basketball arena was odd but I think it probably came from recently playing certain games; for some reason the concept of arena was enough to cause the two things to associate this way.
      - T's appearance matched the dirty and partly grotesque appearance of the arena.

      - This DJ entry is called pre-cursor because of the next entry, which took place today too.
    3. A fragment of something | [04.08.2020]

      by , 08-04-2020 at 10:49 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      A fragment of something
      I see something, some sort of white object in the shape of a line.
      Tags: line, object, white
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. 41 ld

      by , 08-04-2020 at 07:35 AM
      41 ОС (8) от 21 января 2012
      Трёхмерная тень

      Я у себя на даче пытаюсь убежать от собаки. Бегу через свой и чужие огороды, перепрыгиваю через заборы. Наконец-то выбежал на дорогу и тут приходит осознание.
      Посмотрел на руки на них были одеты какие то чёрные перчатки. Потом стал думать чтобы поделать, и резко вспомнил про эксперимент. Так же не переставая бежать обернулся вокруг себя повторяя: "Хочу попасть к Винному коту". Но никуда так и не переместился. Зато местность вокруг перестала походить на реал. Выбежал на какое то поле, скорее даже газон с короткостриженной зелёной травой. Увидел впереди идущею фигуру. Решил подбежать к ней спросить про Винного кота. Когда подбежал, оказалось, что эта фигура трёхмерная тень. С такими только один раз сталкивался. От удивления проснулся.
      PS: Ещё забыл написать на траве был какой то знак, и чуть вдалеке виднелось строение похожее на развалины замка. Возникала мысль, что я перенёсся в Англию.

      1. Осознался во время бега.
      2. Встретил персонаж - объёмную тень.
      3. Попытка переместиться не удалась.
      4. С одной местности выбежал в другую.

      41 LD ( 8 ) dated January 21, 2012
      3D shadow

      At my dacha (garden), I'm trying to escape from the dog. I run through my own and others' gardens, jump over fences. Finally, I ran out onto the road and then awareness comes.
      I looked at their hands, they were wearing some kind of black gloves. Then i began to think about what to do, and suddenly remembered about the experiment. Also, without ceasing to run, i turned around himself repeating: "I want to get to the Wine Cat." But I never moved anywhere. But the area around has ceased to resemble real. I ran out onto some field, more likely even a lawn with short-cut green grass. I saw a walking figure ahead. I decided to run up to her to ask about Wine Cat. When I ran up, it turned out that this figure is a three-dimensional shadow. I have come across such only once. I woke up in surprise.
      PS: I also forgot to write on the grass there was some kind of sign, and a little in the distance I could see a structure similar to the ruins of a castle. The thought arose that I was transported to England.

      1. Realized while running.
      2. Met a character - a volumetric shadow.
      3. The attempt to move has failed.
      4. From one area I ran out to another.
    5. 40 ld

      by , 08-04-2020 at 06:03 AM
      40 ОС (7). Звук, как в пустой комнате.
      17 января 2012

      Сначала в моём ЛСП я со знакомыми сажусь на поезд и еду в свой район. Ехал не так как в реале через ГЭС, а через острова. После того как ж/д пересекла автомобильную дорогу, которая есть в реале(ж/д в реале нету), местность стала кардинально меняться. Я больше был не в своём ЛСП. Кругом появились небольшие деревянные домики, маленькие улочки, и никакого народа кругом. Постепенно до меня стало доходить, что поезд на котором я еду, на поезд то в общем не похож. Никакого вагона и в помине нет, нахожусь неизвестно на чём, вижу тех кто едет со мной рядом, и изменение местности вокруг при движении так называемого поезда. Об этом я и сообщил своим попутчикам со словами: "Неужели кроме меня этого никто не видит". Я слез с поезда, и он исчез вместе с попутчиками. Никакой ж/д не было то же. Я стоял на небольшой улочке рядом с деревянным забором. С другой стороны дороги виднелся одноэтажный деревянный дом. Кругом не души и тихо. Вспомнил про эксперимент redwinecatа, но решил сначала закрепится и взглянуть на небо (эксперимент смотрителя). Стал ощупывать забор - тактильные ощущения не очень, но закрепиться на некоторое время удалось. Стал смотреть на небо. Небо было синие, на нём виднелись пористые облака. Никакой надписи не обнаружил (хотя в одном облаке при желании можно было увидеть букву К, как бы уже распадавшуюся). Стал искать солнце, нашёл примерно на западе. Потом решил посмотреть по сторонам. Кроме забора с той и другой стороны, и какой то долины за ними, ничего толком не увидел. На одном заборе было объявление 1-надпись расплывчата. Читать не стал, подумал что мне надпись нужна на небе. Взглянул на небо и крикнул: "Эй! Надпись появляйся!" Звук был такой, как в пустой комнате. На этом я проснулся.

      1. В то время участвовал в эксперименте с загаданной надписью на небе. В данном ОСе надпись не увидел.
      2. Осознался благодаря признакам сна - странный поезд и изменение местности.

      40 LD (7). Sound like an empty room.
      17 January 2012

      First, in a familiar area, I and my acquaintances take a train and go to my area. I went not as in real life through the hydroelectric power station, but through the islands. After the railway crossed the road, which is in real life (there is no railway in real life), the terrain began to change dramatically. I was no longer in a familiar area. Small wooden houses, small streets appeared all around, and no people around. Gradually, it began to dawn on me that the train on which I was traveling did not look like a train in general. There is no carriage at all, I am on what I do not know, I see those who are riding next to me, and the terrain changes around when the so-called train moves. This is what I told my fellow travelers with the words: "Is it possible that no one except me sees this?" I got off the train, and he disappeared along with his fellow travelers. No railroad was the same.
      I was standing in a small street next to a wooden fence. On the other side of the road was a one-story wooden house. There are no souls around and it is quiet. I remembered about the redwinecat experiment, but decided to first fix myself and look at the sky (the caretaker's experiment).
      I began to feel the fence - the tactile sensations were not very good, but I managed to gain a foothold for a while.
      I began to look at the sky. The sky was blue with porous clouds. I did not find any inscription (although in one cloud, if desired, one could see the letter K, as if already decaying).
      I began to look for the sun, found it approximately in the west.
      Then I decided to look around. Except for the fence on both sides, and some valley behind them, I didn't really see anything.
      On one fence there was an ad 1 - the inscription is vague. I didn't read, I thought that I needed an inscription in the sky. I looked at the sky and shouted: "Hey! The inscription appears!" The sound was the same as in an empty room. On this I woke up.

      1. At that time participated in an experiment with a hidden inscription in the sky. In this OS, I did not see the inscription.
      2. Recognized thanks to the signs of dream - a strange train and a change in terrain.