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    1. Another lucid dream!!! | [09.08.2020]

      by , 08-09-2020 at 02:05 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Another lucid dream!!!
      (I'm not sure if this part came before or after I got lucid, but I doubt I was lucid)
      I have something to do with Buffy the vampire slayer. I seem to just follow the team she has around. I don't remember what they did, or if they even did it. The scene just might have jumped. Anyway, I see the team gathered around Buffy, and Buffy simply said "Goodbye" or something like that, and everyone else replied "Goodbye" back to her, and the group went home. Buffy stood there for a bit, and I walked by her and said "Bye Buffy". I then thought that I like these "interactive movies" in which you are in the movie and seemingly just follow the protagonist. I then went into a sort of dance club for some reason. In the dream it was supposed to be the same club the characters always go to, but in the dream it was really, really tiny and only few people were in it, as opposed to in the series. I didn't like it there, so I left.

      Then I was at a shopping district relatively close to my home. I suddenly had the thought "What if I am dreaming?", and thus I tried the nose plug reality check. As expected, I breathed through my closed nose, and I was lucid. Then the scene changed to my room. I then wanted to do something, but remembered dream stabilization techniques. So I rubbed my hands together for a bit, then I held them up in front of my face and inspected them. The dream was then like real life. There was someone there with me, and there was someone coming that wanted to kill us. For some reason, I really wasn't there emotionally. I was quite calm, trying to summon a weapon by having it appear in my hands, but I only got these really weird ammunition related things on beside which were some sort of ammo display, which I had no use for. I tried a few more times, and every time until the last one only got these strange ammo related things, but in the end I got a small hand burner, and decided to try and protect ourselves from the guy that wanted to kill us. I ran to the guy. He was some really tough motorcycle gang type guy. I tried burning his throat, but he didn't care. He just said something mocking I don't remember. So I ran back into the room and the guy I was with got killed by being shot. Strangely, the attacker wasn't close enough yet. He might also have been shot at the beginning already. Well, I stopped caring and tried to do shapeshifting stuff. I did the thing a shapeshifting tutorial says: I made another finger so that I could feel what it is like to have extra limbs. So I made another finger on the left of the pinky finger of my left or right hand, I'm not sure. I tried moving it and it worked, but it was connected to the pinky and ring finger, like the ring finger is connected to the pinky: they moved all at once. It frustrated me for some reason and I thought that it'd be better if I made it on the other side of the hand. It also seems like my hand was mirror inverted. I pushed the other finger back into my hand, but it didn't quite want to disappear, so I slapped it in and it made the Minecraft effect as if it died, and it was gone. I then forgot that I wanted to try and make more fingers. I then tried making two more legs, starting from my lower back. It worked a bit, but they seemed to disappear quickly, and they had barely any sensation. I didn't even see them. The little sensation my legs had reminded me of horses. I then decided that I want to leave the room, so I wanted to imagine a large black box that would've stood behind me with a button that would've brought me away, but I woke up and forgot about DEILD and only have a digital way of writing down my dreams, so I woke up completely and took my laptop to write this.

      I am happy that I suddenly have lucid dreams. I am a bit sad that I was not really there with my mind, that I didn't really have emotion and also keep forgetting things, and that I can't manage to notice when the dream is falling apart so that I can stabilize it again. But I am happy I had a lucid dream at all, especially since I had one just yesterday.

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    2. Travelers

      by , 08-09-2020 at 01:56 PM (Life's Recollections)
      I dreamed that I lived in a world where people could move around to other places or dimensions through small ports in various places, but the big one was that everyone could move through any electrical line. Primarily for some reason it seemed to be televisions that people used. It wasn't something that was a special talent or that only certain people could do, however it was something you could have a talent for, even if everybody could theoretically do it.

      I was apparently quite bad at doing this but happened to meet a young girl who was immensely talented at it while having my own misadventures doing this 'traveling' (people seemed to simple call it 'traveling', and those who move along the electrical lines, 'Travelers'). One day as I was traveling into a house I met a small girl who was watching the television that I suddenly found myself sitting in-front of. She said something like, "you must be new at this," and showed me just how quickly she could travel from and through various objects, almost in a blink, whereas it took me a lot of slow, deliberate thought, and touching the TV (or other device) trying to feel myself meld into it.

      At some point she asked me if I wanted to see something interesting, so I said sure, and she directed me towards a cuckoo clock with a small flap on it. She raised the flap and said, "go inside." I raised my hands and shook my head in slight confusion, because the clock seemed to be powered by something internal, so there was nowhere to go. She shook her head and said, "this clock goes somewhere different," and while I was looking at her she almost instantly vanished as a swirl of blinking lights getting sucked into the clock.

      I raised the flap and looked inside the clock and slowly and surely felt myself being drawn into it, more and more, and then eventually found myself sitting beside the little girl in a pew. We were in a small church building, and everyone was looking around. The man beside me turned and looked at me, and I weakly smiled back at him, and he looked away. Everyone looked distressed, and then suddenly the preacher began preaching again and they all faced forwards once more. I looked at the girl and she whispered, "You could have traveled a little lighter, they all felt you come like an earthquake." I didn't do anything intentionally so I just looked back at her and shrugged.

      I turned forwards and listened to the preacher and found out that this was a place that was distinctly anti-traveler. They found it horrendous, a dark magic, against God, and something to be destroyed-- like witchcraft and witches, they wanted no part of it. I suddenly felt a little concerned for both of us, but the girl seemed to be able to take care of herself so I was worried for me mostly (haha).

      The preacher continued on, saying that the travelings had increased in number lately and not to worry because a great discovery had been made. A doorway in town which led out into the world where travelers come from had been found. And it was high-time they all took it themselves, went out, and got rid of these travelers.

      The girl immediately turned to me and tugged on my sleeve and said, "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom!" and I turned and looked at her and at the couple of people sitting nearby that turned and looked at us. I took her hand and escorted her out of the church, and she whispered to me, "we have to get out of here now," and so we did, and traveled back out of the clock and into her house. I had saved my questions and asked her where that place was, and why we had gone. She started to become a bit hysterical and angry rather than answering the question, yelling at me and blaming me for ruining something. I asked her what I had ruined, and she said, "I've been trying to find a way to kill all those people, but now they're coming here!"

      I was a bit startled by this and said, "Why do you want to kill them?" and she explained that it was because they had killed her mother when she had traveled there out of curiosity/on a whim. She didn't know either where the place was, but she knew they were different there and they killed her mother. She was lying down beside me as she said this, and she started crying. I reached out and put my hand on her leg (trying to be comforting), but what I really wanted to say was that I understood, but that she shouldn't want to kill a whole group of people, but it didn't feel right to say, and not genuine either. I kept sitting there listening to her cry, thinking about what she had said, and suddenly I started crying too, because I was struggling to find anything genuine to say, but I felt genuine sympathy for her. I hadn't realized why she had lived all alone and I wondered how long she had been.

      While we were sitting there, we suddenly started feeling earthquake like shaking, and she almost immediately stopped crying and said again, "we have to go somewhere else, they're coming." I nodded, and she almost instantly turned to the nearest TV and touched it and I said, "Wait, I was having trouble traveling earlier, what if I can't?" She shook her head and said, "That's all in your head," and almost instantly she blinked away. The thumping was getting louder, and I touched the TV for a second, struggled because I couldn't focus, and then immediately ran in the other room I had initially appeared in and locked the door. I turned the TV on and sat down with my back against it and closed my eyes and tried to envision myself moving into and through it. Anywhere but here, I thought.

      The banging go louder and soon there was someone at the door knocking, then pounding, then hitting the door as if to break it down. They were calling out like they were concerned for whoever was inside but I knew when they saw me and what I was trying to do, they'd likely take a weapon and kill me.

      The last thing I heard was the door breaking down, and then the next thing I saw was a distant future. I saw myself, bearded, aging into my 50s, sitting in a room with a television, which was playing nothing but static. Suddenly, a door slammed open and a young kid came running in, asking me all sorts of questions about 'traveling'. I blinked, and his parents were quickly behind him telling him not to bother me, and that I didn't know anything about that. He didn't buy this, and said something along the lines of, "I know that's how he got here!"

      His dad explained instead that I had simply walked down the road and been in need and they had let me stay at their house temporarily. I smiled and nodded also. The kid looked skeptical, but I had picked up on a note about this future-- nobody knew how to travel anymore. All the travelers were dead and I was one of the few carrying on a sacrilegious art. I guess in the end the people from the other place had won and convinced everyone not to do it anymore, but I still did, especially when I needed to get away. I had been staying at this place for a few days.

      Anyway, it was time I left, and as I was getting up the kid was right behind me, calling after me that he wanted to learn, and asking what he could do to be a traveler. I ignored his questions politely for the sake of his parents, and they grabbed him by the shoulders and held him still as I walked into the next room and began putting on some boots. His grandfather appeared and started walking towards me, and as the kid called out, "I want to travel!" again, his grandfather said, "where are you going, South Africa?" and I chuckled. I started to say something but suddenly his grandfather put his hand over my mouth and I blinked and looked at him and he was looking at me very seriously. I nodded and continued putting on my boots.

      The last thing in the dream was that as I was standing up ready to go, the kid came to the door and tried one more time. He asked why he couldn't be a traveler, and I looked at him wracking my brain for something to say. I had almost decided on saying, "listen to your parents," but before anything came out of my mouth I woke up, a little dazed.


      That was really one of those dreams you wake up from feeling like you've been somewhere else living a different life for years. I had to reorient afterwards.
    3. Meeting my Departed Cat Again

      by , 08-09-2020 at 02:10 AM
      Thursday, 8/6/20, Core2

      False awakening. I heard my alarm going off but something made me suspect I was dreaming and that the alarm was just part of the dream so I didn't hurry to turn it off. I was laying in bed and not moving easily. A finger count reality check confirmed I had too many fingers but for some reason I still wasn't 100% certain I was really dreaming. I thought about rolling "out of my body" and flying but I was reluctant to fling myself out of bed if I turned out to be awake (it's not close to the floor). What can I do that would be easier? I wondered. I tried to affect my environment. The sound of the alarm faded in and out with my focused thought, then I made it go silent. The entire visual of my room faded as well. Oops. I rolled out of bed and floated to the floor, having now convinced myself I was in a dream and that I needed to stabilize it.

      A lapse in consciousness as everything faded to black briefly. I found myself standing in the upstairs bathroom. Wait a minute, I thought after a few seconds, How did I get here? Am I still dreaming? I counted my fingers; seven, eight. It was very strange because my hands looked so normal even when I stared directly at them. I checked a couple more times just to convince myself once again. I was looking around me in amazement because everything was so realistic, an exact replica of my waking life bathroom. Clearer, even. I stared at and felt the bumps on the wall, saw how light reflected off the semi gloss, mint green paint. I decided to go downstairs to look around some more. I hope I'm not just awake and really sleep deprived. I thought idly, Otherwise people are going to think I've really lost it, staring at the walls and talking about how amazing they are.

      As I walked down the stairs, I pulled at my hand, trying to see if I could morph it. I did, slightly. The weighting of gravity felt so realistic as well that I wondered if I would be able to fly in this dream since it felt like it would be difficult. I tested it by jumping off a few stairs and confirmed I could float. It felt stranger than usual in this environment. I reached the kitchen where my mom was doing dishes. "Hey Mom," I said, "This is a dream."

      "Oh, yeah?" she said.

      "Yeah." I thought of what I wanted to do with my lucidity. "Do you want me to show you how to fly?" I asked her.

      "No that's okay, I already know how to do that. I've done enough of that lately." She went back to doing dishes. I was somewhat mystified by this decision.

      "Oh, okay." I wanted to go out back so I started looking around for the nearest exit. I went and opened the front door. "Well, see you later." I added. Wait, why am I looking for a door to go all the way around? I could just take a straight shot through the kitchen wall. I changed course and flew at the wall. I can't believe some people get stuck in walls, it's never happened to me. All you have to do is not think about it. So then, of course, it happened to me. I got stuck in the wall halfway through. It felt like I was moving through molasses and everything went dark for a couple seconds. Then I could see an extremely vague back yard scene. I focused on a point relatively far away - since the closer focal points weren't yielding results - and I set a strong intention to go there directly. I essentially teleported to the intended spot and the scene became vivid and clear once again.

      I flew above my yard, which was roughly accurate to waking life but much bigger. I spotted my late cat Pascal, a fluffy, 24-pound Maine Coon, laying in the yard just past the redwood tree. He was staring up at me. I flew lower and slowed, with a bit of difficulty controlling my height and speed initially. "I don't regret any of it!" I announced to him out of nowhere once I landed in front of him. "Well, except I wish we'd realized how sick you were sooner so you didn't have to go like that. We wanted to be there." I knelt down next to my cat and pet him, talking to him about our time together when he was alive, telling him how much I loved him, and pulling twigs and leaves out of his fur. He just continued staring at me with big eyes and purring, though I got the sense he was listening.
      The dream lapsed into a non-lucid.

      Spoiler for Additional Notes:

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