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    1. Telekinesis evil baby

      by , 09-10-2020 at 02:07 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in Sturkö with my William, David and the rest of their family. There is a baby and I don't like it. It's about one year old and I tell Therese about the baby. I walk into the living room and the baby strangles me with its telekinesis.

      I had another dream but I didn't have my tag book so I couldn't write it down and forgot it.
    2. 2020-09-10 lions, boars, and bears, oh my! Prophetic dream of wet firewood

      by , 09-10-2020 at 06:25 AM
      Got to bed before midnight, yay! Still ate right before bed, boo, need to work on that.
      More dreams and more awareness (much more) at the ~3hr waking than the ~7hr waking, an upside-down recall night.



      + woman suicides outside church, I see her lying on the ground and liquid (clear at first) and blood pumping from a large puncture on the left side of her neck

      + driving at high speed through intersections, and freeway on-ramps, trying vainly to read the signs and find the right route to get home

      + people talking about the amazing huge cave discovered on the shore line, it's a nearly a religious experience to visit it, I think I know where it is and what they're talking about

      + the library books are due soon, I spoke with the librarian (in a library setting) and I was pretty sure I had more time since I just recently checked them out

      + I hear a political discussion while I'm inspecting a large stone/crystal spherical structure

      + [long, vivid] lots of construction in our area, people move in across the street, they have a massive mansion and property filled with wild animals, I particularly note the lions (and wild boars), tell people about them, try to avoid them and the owner, there's a large social event at their place


      + my firewood is covered in plastic but it's raining and the water has risen several feet, it's too deep to walk through clothed so I go to change into my swimsuit, younger son is throwing apples (shooting with a slingshot?) with a friend and (my parents?) say he'd better not or he'll get in trouble, as I go inside to change


      + [long, vivid, multi-scene] I'm observing a large truck leaving our area (outside the city) among the trees [area is not waking area]. I turn around and notice new construction has popped up all around, partially built houses where I do not recall seeing them before, 2-3 story narrow houses. I'm walking outside on the street and I notice that a new property has been constructed, they're just moving in, and they have installed paneling on the "hump" of ground on the sidewalk outside their property. I climb to the top of this hump and look at their property, it is large, and I begin to see wild animals. There is a large mountain lion (or female lion) not too far away facing away from me and I make a hasty retreat heading back across the street. I tell (someone?) [in foreign language?] about the lions, wild boars, (and bears?) roaming their property.

      There is a (social?) event at their property, I'm holding something wrapped in a (red?) towel that I want to return (something about the lions?) which I give to a (maitre d' ?) station at an outdoor restaurant, I hope that the lions don't detect me doing this, after dropping it off I turn to go and am walking through tables at the outdoor restaurant , and I recognize the owner of the lion property seated alone at a table facing me, and do not want to attract his attention so I move past him quickly.

      I'm with a woman and we're standing in some alcove in the mansion.

      I'm parking my car at the property, there is a dirt road leading down to a lower parking level, but there are trees blocking the path and I'm trying to see how I can get my car on to that path, there is a female parking attendant standing by.

      + I'm outside standing among my piles of firewood covered by a tarp to protect it against the rain, and the water level has risen so high, it is several feet already. I'm wading through it in between the piles and it just gets deeper, and I'm concerned about getting soaked through since I'm dressed. I comment [in a foreign language?] about the water getting deeper. I need to do something with the firewood (make sure it's covered?), so I plan to go inside and change into my swimsuit. I head towards the entrance to the house (up some steps and through a sliding glass door, like in PTL's side door?), and my son S2 and a friend as young kids are shooting little apples with slingshots (?), I know my parents (or somebody's?) are inside, and they're commenting about how S2 better not be doing that, I calm them saying it's OK, he's not hurting anything.

      Something about a backpack?

      [Interesting note: in waking life, I wake from this firewood/water dream, and hear wind & rain outside, get up to check, and indeed the tarp had blown off of the firewood and it was getting soaked in the rain, so I ran outside to cover it up again, I did several RCs while doing this!]