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    1. lame

      by , 09-07-2020 at 08:58 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      only one jamie dream... it was only a fraction of a second and I have no idea what happened in it. Want better dreams this week.


      quick dream where I saw my dog get attacked by coyote/wolves. there were 3 on him and they were ripping him to shreds.
      Tags: dogs, jamie
    2. False awakening and 1 DILD 1 DEILD

      by , 09-07-2020 at 06:27 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Kept having repeating false awakenings and look at the window to see the sky looked very dark and yet slated grey as if a solar eclipse was happening. I look around and woke my self up. This time I found myself in my bed again and walked near the garage. It was half open with the other half missing. I told my father that we needed to fix this in order for no one to walk inside.

      My father then said this was bad and that he will see if he can get someone to fix it. Then all of a sudden it was night and I found myself waking up from my bed again. I didn't know if I had dream of all of it or was I still dreaming right now. I got up and realize I was in a completely different place. I was amazed at how luxurious looking it was. My brother showed up and said yea its amazing isn't.

      He told me it was my place and I was dumb founded. I couldn't stop exploring around it. That's when I realize I had to be dreaming. I enjoyed looking around in till I ended up losing lucidity and in to another false awakening.

      Not too long after a nightmare I woke up in rl and was somewhat in a daze. I look around and felt funny. All of a sudden the dream kind of took me from waking life straight back in to a dream. I was in a car and was already lucid. I was confused because my eyes were open when I was awake . There was a young woman next to me and I couldn't understand what she was saying to me. However I recognize her as an online friend. I then woke up
    3. Lucid Crater, a month ago

      by , 09-07-2020 at 07:44 AM
      This was probably a month ago, I think. It is a dream where my dream characters were bugging me out of the ordinary. At first I just went with it, but up to a point it crossed a line. I was becoming more lucid, and angry at them. The people in my dream thought they were going to get me on something, like snaring me in a trap, but I went outside. They followed. I kept going and going, like I was jogging in real life, to just get away. They would have none of that. There was many opposing me, even though I was seeking to withdraw. Once I noticed this, I stopped. I levitated in a lucid manner. And then, then, I well used such force to telekinetically lift earth and rock itself underneath my attackers to such an extent, that it was like an 100 meter asteroid stuck the earth. I lifted such a mass, and then slammed it into the earth with the impact of something falling from space. The crater was 1000 ft wide after I was done. I don't really know what happened to those dream characters, but they are dead now, like if they could die they should be dead as dead can be.

      It was flat ground that I flew up, and hovered above. Then I just reached out with my will and yanked up as much mass as I could from the plain, raised it a third of a mile, then slammed it down with such force as if it was impacting from outer space at many miles per second. In a second or two it formed a crater, and my work was done here. After such an exertion, I think I woke up in about a dream minute.
    4. Prince's Limo

      by , 09-07-2020 at 07:10 AM
      I was in Prince's limo. It was dark in the interior, and opposite of me at the back seat was Prince. It was just so surreal, the Limo was moving and we sat there for a few dream seconds. We came to a stop, and I got out and had another dream for 10 or 20 seconds in real time before waking. Although I don't remember what was after, this is the first I ever dreamed of someone who is dead to my knowledge. It is just that while I was in his limo, it was like I could feel the musical artistry flowing out of him. Like it was really him, although I never met Prince. Still, all being said, it is one of the most memorable dreams I have had in a long time. So there is that.
    5. School, church, flying the same tour 4 times, fighting bad guys with earth bending

      by , 09-07-2020 at 06:55 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a school and there is a man guiding me. He walks through a door and when I try to enter it it's too small for me. I scream out how he came in. He says he walked through the other door to the right. I go to that door and am able to go through. This school seems to be for people with psychological and physical problems. We keep on walking and reach the cellar. I express my concerns with going to the cellar but he keeps on going. There is a room with a bed so I walk to it. 4 men about 18-20 years old come and jump me from the upper bed. They all seem to have some kind of menta/physical disorders. They try to grab me by my privates and I am panicking and punching one of them especially. I manage to escape and scream to them that this is insane, especially to my guide.

      I'm in church and there are some activities. I see Emanuel from church and we talk and I don't like him. There is some kind of girl there too.

      I'm in the TV room upstairs and fly out the window. I fly to Hemköp and I am half lucid. The dream fades. This dream repeats about three times I think.

      I'm in my bed, thinking about why this is not a dream. I think about how real my breathing feels. I pinch my nose and try to breathe in. I't works so I walk up from bed and walk into the TV room next doors. Usually I jump out and fly away from the window in my room but I decide to change it up today. I start to meditate and try to stabilize the dream. I think about what I want to do. I fly out and it's really dark outside. I try to make it sunny but the dream won't let me. There is a really fast dog that is running in the night on the road. I decide to race with it and I am really fast and succeeds in some seconds.

      I'm in my house and try to figure how I came to the place I were. I can't remember and decide that this is a dream. The dream is really dark and the view is 30° turned to the left. I stabilize the dream and it works. I fly out the same window as the last dream and suddenly I don't have a shirt on me. I fly around the city without any intentions in mind.

      I'm in the woods and there are some people fighting injustice. I join them and want to use my new bending technique that I have thought about. I had a dream for some weeks ago where a man told me that I need to master three different bending techniques for each element before I can fully use bending in all of my dreams. The man told me that I should start with earth bending. There are some bad guys in fron of us and my friends beat most of them. There is a man standing on a rock. I stomp my foot in front of the rock and it starts to shake and the man standing on it is loosing balance. I stomp again and the rock flies up in the air about 1,5 meters up. I try to hit the rock with my hand and the rock flies about 2,5 meters away pretty slowly. I try to do it again but I'm having difficulties.

      Notes: I had a conversation about how hard it is to have disabled persons in the family and that it can be very energy demanding. I think the first dream was about that. I talked with my dad about Emanuel's family yesterday and that's why I dreamt about him. I remember that I inspected the reality of one of the dreams but can't remember which one. I remembered to meditate this night because I have been focused to do that since many of my lucids have been pretty short lately. When I lied in bed last night I thought about meditation/dream stabilization and earth bending. I slept with the mantra "This is a dream" in Swedish.

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    6. Reviewing life moments after death | [06.09.2020]

      by , 09-07-2020 at 01:06 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Reviewing life moments after death
      I am in complete darkness, and the only thing that I can still sense are my memories. There is a sort of sad music, but it has a happy and ethereal to it, like I was done now and no longer had to worry about anything, but now it is all over in exchange. It was some sort of synth instrument maybe, but there was definitely piano. I relive the memory of when I was 4 and apparently a cousin and his mother were coming up to visit us. I came to see them. Then, probably a few years later, apparently the house of them were now right next to ours, only about 8 meters needed to walk to the other's house entrance. It was night, and the cousin was visiting. At some point later we apparently flooded their house, which was extremely big, with phosgene for some reason and left to my house. At some point I looked to the window and it was pitch black outside. My mother smelled something weird at some point, and I suggested it might be the phosgene, so I closed our windows. Had problems closing the left one, though, and it had a weird design. Back in the black, I kept thinking how I really wished that you could just turn back time. At some point I also thought about my borther.

      That was deep.. also, that phosgene part was weird.