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    1. The Pregnant Man

      by , 01-04-2021 at 09:37 PM
      The Pregnant man
      -vivid - semi lucid

      I’m sat on a sofa in a living room among a few other people. Just then the door opens and in walks one of my old friends who is male. I’m shocked to see him (I haven’t seen him in years) and notice he is holding his belly and has a round bump sticking out? He’s pregnant! I can’t believe it and now wonder if he has always been a woman and I never knew? “Your pregnant, how!?” I say in disbelief. “Hips syndrome” I think he says and I see he has child baring hips as well. “Don’t ask!” he chuckled. It’s all really really weird and I suddenly doubt everything. I chuckle to myself in shock. “This is a dream right?” I say. “This has to be a dream?!” He just looks at me and doesn’t answer. “It has to be!” I look around and at the sofa I’m on, it’s my parents sofa with all their big cushions and looks so real. I then look at him and ask “seriously tell me honestly, am I dreaming?” He doesn’t answer and just looks at me with a pleasant smile. I then look at my hand and see how real it looks. There’s my wedding ring. I close my hand and try to make my ring disappear, which is my chosen reality check. As I open my hand though the ring remains. I do another quick one and the ring doesn’t budge. I conclude this is real. After I put my hands on his bump and it feels really warm and I can feel a sort of hot stomach ache in my own belly as if the baby is inside me. “Whoa I can feel it, like really feel it!” I say with amazement.

      So close to lucidity here. I heard a story about a pregnant man who was formally a woman on the radio yesterday so that came from that and I guess my old friend was just a character inserted to play the part. I can’t believe that moment I almost became lucid though! It happened! I questioned my reality and it was triggered by the weirdness of the situation but the reality check failed! I had heard this could happen so time to mix it up and get some new checks going. I haven’t been doing them frequently so was this was a good wake up call that I need to practice more otherwise they won’t work. So annoying, I was semi lucid and remember how real it all felt at the time and how vivid that moment was.
    2. horrible recall.

      by , 01-04-2021 at 09:17 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Me and Jamie are attacked by something outside my inner world house. I remember sharp tendrils going into my abdomen while me and her are laying on the ground.


      A dream my aunt was mad at me about something. I kept trying to fix what she was mad about but she got meaner..
      Tags: aunt, jamie
      non-lucid , nightmare , side notes
    3. 4 Jan: Futuristic dystopia, alien monsters and an Indian actor

      by , 01-04-2021 at 09:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      In the future, there are city areas we cannot walk into, because drones attack immediately and also bombs are dropped regularly. But I need to meet someone who hides there, so I take a chance. I arrive there just before the daily bombing and the locals help me find shelter.
      I bring this person with me. We need to enter a museum for some reason but it is not open to the public. We try going in and they reject us. Then it starts raining but it's acid rain, to the point it burns the skin. People run for cover. We hide under a sculpture on a square. Then we see a monster they sent to track us down and we have to run from it.

      Going to a grocery store with Riverstone and we spot an alien monster hiding in the store. The owner is totally unaware and every time we spot the alien moving he doesn't see it. We keep trying to prove him it's real but he morphs and shapeshifts. Then it also behaves as a ghost and possesses the store objects. There are children size dolls which start moving and Riverstone freaks out (one of his biggest fears) and says he is leaving.

      Attending some kind of seminar. There is a lot of people and the rooms are small so they put a camera on the presentation room and are projecting it on screens in other rooms. I stay in the room where the speaker is.
      At the end there's is a play about an Indian guy who wants to marry some rich girl but has little chances. After a lot of rejection her father allows them to meet and even go on a trip together but then it's clear the girl doesn't love him and all of it was a waste of time. But on exiting the theater, the actor who played the rejected guy attracts a lot of girls, who go after him.
    4. Eating hamburgers and almost killed in water park

      by , 01-04-2021 at 07:17 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a restaurant and ordering some hamburgers. I get the food but notice that I didn't get that much. I find a hamburger on the floor and I inspect it. I am really hungry.

      I'm in an amusement park with water under it. I climb some ropes with my cousins H who are also there. I try to be faster since my cousins are fast. There is a mad man on the other side that is throwing things at us. I try to dodge them and succeed. I climb on a long rope to the other end of the water and sense that I should jump in the water at a specific place. I jump in and get some sensations and see the mad man screaming that we defeated him. William also Jumps in and he gets the same reaction that I got. I tell him that it probably is our grandfather's blood that made us capable of doing this. I keep on swimming in the water.

      I had a lucid but woke up as soon as I got lucid. Maybe it was a FA now when I think about it.
      Tags: cousins, food, hunted
    5. presleep telepathy experiment 1

      by , 01-04-2021 at 04:11 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 3-01-21

      Presleep and meditation

      Focusing on my hotel room for @stranger , I'm sitting in the room with 7, looking at her, then focusing on all of the things in the room in detail, walking carefully around the room. Then I dim the lights and see how it looks in the different light. After a while I try to pull @stranger in , but I think it's just a shell. So me and 7 leave the room to look around the hotel, we walk across the hall and into another room, it's strange, it kind of stretches out into infinity, like everything just stretches and stretches into a single point/where you can't see anymore. so when we go inside it we are kind of warped and , well, it feels odd. And then we come out of the other side. I see balloons in the hall or a room, but I dismiss because I know @stranger said he put them there. It's difficult now to stay focused as different imagery comes into play from start of the dream/going into deep sleep. Lots of random stuff I can't quite recall I wonder if it is from @stranger or just me. we make ourselves back to our room, retracing our steps back (well, Im really just following 7) and go back through the strange stretched out wobbly room, across the hallway and into our own room. I sit hear, I tell 7 to smack me every time I start to go under too much - which she does lol. I see maybe an outside, what looks like a large surface, a well? I don't think so, maybe something else (gotta write these down) So I'm able to stay for a bit longer but after a while it's too much and I black out
    6. recurring dream resolution?

      by , 01-04-2021 at 03:51 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 2-01-21

      1) I'm walking down the street with a bunch of friends. We seem to be walking back from town. My friend (and famous actor) Brendon Frasier starts getting into an argument with one of the guys/friends. They start shouting at one another and finally Brendon challenges the guy to a fight. I try to talk Brendon down, he's not as young as he used ot be , he's out of shape - he's still cool, but he needs to be careful - this other guy is a professional MMA fighter! Brendon shakes it off and they decide to take advantage of an upcoming event to fight each other 'in the ring' that just so happened to be starting in the next few minutes. We all start walking to this place when Sam stops and sits on the pavement. His guitar is broken and he is trying to re-string it. I WANT to go with the guys, it's way more interesting - but Sam needs me here. I decide to stay and help Sam (though I have no idea about guitars) because I don't want to leave him on his own. I hold down one of the strings while he attaches it. We sit like this for a while and a couple of the guys come back to see what we are doing. They tell us the 'show' has already started, but it's not like it was advertised, Brendon and the MMA fighter have to sit down on these long metal chairs like in a game show and wait until they are called up. Sounds kinda boring.

      I see the time - shit - I need to get the train! (recurring dream) I check my belongings and realize I have a large plastic bag with stuff I have been carrying (recurring theme) , it's red and has lots of useless stuff in, some pens, an old christmas present for 'Tom' (which is a mini christmas tree inside the wrapping) . I leave the bag leaning against the post and look for the train station. This is usually the point where I am lost and can't find where it is - but this time I can spot it straight away. It's a huge thing with giant pillars on the sides of it, looks more like a hotel.

      After a short while I find myself wandering around the rooms of this building, it feels like a shopping center inside, lots of rooms around and a large area in the middle. Lots of things are going on, people walking, activities, like a convention in a way. I still need to find the train though. I hit a dead end, it's crowded in this alleyway, something is going on. I spot 7 - she is crowded by 'fans' - but she's dressed as a regular lady. She smiles at me, I want to spend time with her but I need to get the train. 'Hi Sean - how are you?' 'I'm fine thanks! do you know where the train is by any chance?' she smiles again and just simply points me in the exact direction of where it is. 'Thank you!' this has an interesting effect on me, as I walk away I become lucid. But as I become lucid everything becomes loose and dissolves. I realize 7 came into my dream and made me lucid for the first time! I carry on walking, it's a long hallway like in a hotel again, I'm trying to keep in the dream but can't hold on and I wake