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    1. 11/30/2021

      by , 11-30-2021 at 04:11 PM
      Awake until about 5:00am. Two cups of coffee in the evening, trying to get ready for a meeting and a presentation today. Worked in the lab until at least 2:00am. Up again after 9:00am.

      Not much time to write this morning. Just some notes, hopefully I will fill them in later.

      __________________________________________________ ________________________

      Working in the lab

      I am working in the lab. Somebody stops in. They point out a candle thing. Has to do with a vent/tunnel. In case of emergency, can crawl through there.

      National Park

      Walking with a dog (or dogs). Cop, I think. Dogs seem to smell something. Cops looking for something. But they looked where the dogs smell something already.

      To national park. Railroad tracks. Dog senses train coming. Dad goes down one path, I decide to join him. A-- and M-- go on another path. Mom goes somewhere. We make it across tracks before train comes.


      A girl is going on a "date" with her cousin. Not really a date. I don't know why they call it that.

      Snail orchids

      People carry around these things that look like large snails. It is customary to make fun of your snail, I think, and tell others something unflattering about it. But I think these are also called "orchids". There is one on the ground. It has kind of purplish foliage (it's more plant-like now). Apparently, if you touch it you get a residue on your hands that makes other things you touch taste or smell like - rotting apples, maybe?

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