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    1. There is no Bubble Wrap in Middle Earth

      by , 11-05-2021 at 11:12 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      In the earliest parts I can remember, I’m traveling on a ship with a friend when the water underneath starts to swirl. Soon, a whirlpool has formed, and we’re spinning around as the wall of water grows higher around us. It now seems to be just us in the water – the whole dream was a bit iffy on continuity – and I see a smaller spiral under the surface near me. I move away, but it follows. It strikes me that this thing is only after me, not my friend, so I pass them something which is supposed to be a useful tool of some kind and encourage them to leave.

      I am alone now. The ship (or something, anyway) seems to be back, and there’s nothing to do but wait, I figure. I pull out a book—The Hobbit—so I can read until it feels like manifesting.

      At some point, a dark, oppressive energic atmosphere begins to form—not something visible, but a feeling hanging over everything—and it does show itself – in the form of Bilbo Baggins. Simultaneously with this, I now seem to be Frodo. “Bilbo” starts going on an exaggerated diatribe about what an awful book “The Hobbit” is. This goes on for quite a while, interspersed with my occasional sarcastic responses. The continuity continues to be rather sketchy, with “Bilbo” occasionally disappearing and subsequently reappearing elsewhere, and once, apparently accidentally, walking into view undisguised before the previous one has finished talking, appearing as a figure cloaked in black, face hidden beneath a hood.

      But then, a little later, it’s back to “Bilbo” again. He now has his own copy of “The Hobbit,” enclosed in a bubble wrap packing envelope which he’s holding by one corner as if it’s something disgusting. There’s a whole tub filled with bubble wrap beside him. I haven’t been taking anything that’s happened the least bit seriously so far—I’ve been treating it as if it’s some kind of unavoidable everyday nuisance rather than an actual threat—but somehow, in this whole improbable series of events, it is the bubble wrap that gets me thinking critically about what’s going on. “Bubble wrap. Why?” I say aloud. There is no bubble wrap in Middle Earth. I think it over just to be sure. No, it’s quite impossible. Couldn’t happen.

      I then proceed to do the only logical thing one can do under the circumstances: transform myself into a cat and leap into the bubble wrap-filled crate. But it’s just then that the dream ends, and I awaken.

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    2. Ambiguous Spirals

      by , 11-05-2021 at 11:07 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m in a library, doing research for a school assignment. While I’m still not sure what materials I’ll need for it, I figure it would be a good idea to get some likely books since I happen to be here anyway. The assignment seems to involve music, specifically the composer Borodin, so I return to a shelf on the floor directly above the ground one where I had been earlier in the dream. About all I can remember of that earlier part was listening to a song with a couple other people, including my aunt. It had a heartbreakingly beautiful ending, but when I asked my aunt for a translation from the Russian, the text turned out to be a rather banal folk song about two mice.

      Anyway, once I get there, I pull a book from the shelf and flip it open to an analysis – probably a violin part, in either D or E. A very simplified reduction shows the staff with the I note, the IV and V above it a little later on, and then the ii on the octave below. The text explains how the melody avoids these structurally important notes (IV and V) and instead goes in a series of dark, ambiguous spirals that land on the ii each time.

      Tags: library, music
    3. Long Adventure with Many DEILDs Dip in River, Naked in Snow.

      by , 11-05-2021 at 06:44 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      11/04/21 This thread has me playing with DEILD of two sorts This sequence lasted for what seemed like two plus hours but likely was around one hour. Highlights include: Serious sexual scene with my wife and another lady that eventually reached climax. I checked later, not IRL, just in dream. It was very stable which is uncommon for a sex scene. A flight down the middle of my local river where I would dip in and out of the water. Walking naked outside in the snow and having it be very detailed and realist with frost and seeing my breath. A scene where I was supposed to fight an alligator at something like SeaWorld. I said I would hug their gator but not fight it. They had a big eel for me to fight but I made it a little eel. It went and hid and I pulled it out by its tail and showed everyone and then let it go. There was a scene at the university where the buildings were amazing and wonderful and the DCs acted like I was a king. One woman who was kneeling gladly preformed a quick sexual act at my merest thought and then something interesting happened. I felt the presence of a Dream Guide/ entity and she called out. "I am going to report you for this." I saw her for a moment but lost track of her. Telepathically she implied I was wasting my practice time on folly and my old perverse ways were as strong as every, and she would tell on me. I raised up into the air like Magneto and called out something like this, " I have been very sure that this was inside my own head and not in a realm. The ape body I inhabit causes this stuff to be very important to me. This is the kind of thing a male ape fantasizes about. I need time alone in my own head for such things and do not feel bad about it!" I then ignored if she was still there or not and continued my adventure.
    4. Bathroom Window.

      by , 11-05-2021 at 06:21 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      11/02/21 In a dream I was getting drunk with people from work at a private residence. My work space was there but different. I kept messing up my work. I realized it must be a dream. Suddenly I am waking up in a strange bathroom as if I passed out. I decide to go out the window a and fly about. As I go out the window it seems so real with gravity (my weight pressing into the seal and having to control not toppling forward that I doubt myself. If I am just drunk the fall will hurt. I decide to go back in. I examine things and am definitely dreaming. I go for a peaceful fly through dark streets until I come to a scene with people partying on a balcony. They offer me weed, which I do not smoke, but as it is only a dream I join them and have some. It does nothing.

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    5. Barely a lucid dream per month

      by , 11-05-2021 at 02:34 AM
      I continue to have a repetitive dream. I go to Cuba with my car and that is really weird because you cannot take a car to Cuba. Most of the time a take the car inside my suitcase and that is really non sense. All of the sudden I forget where my car is parked and that's it. There is a variation, someone sell me a car and then I realize that the care is really old and shabby.
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