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    1. Not much

      by , 12-13-2021 at 10:32 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Not much this week I'm afreaid. No jamie dreams this week although that's expected now.


      I was a student at hogwarts. I remember running up the steps toward the great hall. later I remember a sexual feeling. I felt like I was having sex with a ghost. But this was one you couldn't see. Not Moaning Myrtle. But more like the sex demons from the Dark Tower books. What those demons were doing at Hogwarts is anyone best guess.


      I was in my room and someone else was there. A lady and half my things were missing. I was very mad and telling her to get out.
      Tags: hogwarts, room
    2. The House Tsunami

      by , 12-13-2021 at 07:48 PM
      The House Tsunami
      Lucid/ 14 - DILD

      Iím stood in a large living room in a spacious, modern house. It looks like a show home and all the rooms are empty and in pristine condition. They have high ceilings, bright white walls and the wooden floors have a polished finish. I walk through the room slowly and feel like Iíve been here before? As I reflect upon my surroundings I casually become aware that this is all a dream. I know I should stop and reality check to make sure but my mind is still wrapped up in the dream and I want to finish what Iím doing first. Itís then I stop myself and realise how silly that is as none of this is real and I donít even know what Iím doing here in the first place! My lucidity grows stronger now but I donít feel overly excited as I usually would and instead feel rather calm.

      I walk across the living area and turn on the light. Though they never usually work in my dreams Iím surprised to see it comes on as normal with no struggle? I then look around the empty room for something else to do but feel a little uninspired. Not wanting to waste the whole dream trapped in this empty house I decide to pursue a dream goal and change the location. I find a door to the right which I can use as a portal and stop to think about where I want it to take me. ďSomewhere peacefulĒ I decide on the spot. ďMaybe a forest with a nice gentle stream running through itĒ. With that decided I reach for the door handle but notice water is gushing out of the cracks in the frame? I look down and see itís starting to flood the room and has created a small stream across the floor like the one I imagined on the other side of the door. Iím a little hesitant now to open it as clearly a lot of water is on the other side. I look across the room and find a second door at the opposite side I can use instead but when I reach it I see water is also spraying out of the frame! Before I can react the door is blown off itís hinges and the walls collapse as a cascade of water comes bursting through! ďOh noĒ I think as it comes crashing toward me. With no time to escape the thundering waterfall, I simply turn my back to it. The foamy water hits my back, wraps around me and sweeps me off my feet. Iím taken forward by the fast torrent and then thrown high into the sky by a large wave.

      I see now the rest of the house has gone, washed away with the tsunami and now Iím hurtling through a dark abyss with a vast, roaring ocean below me. I feel completely helpless, with no control over the dream and suspect my unconscious mind is behind this and trying to expel me from the dream. ďWhoa!Ē I yell out as I reach pinnacle altitude and begin to fall down towards the large, rolling waves. Iím glad the water is there to break my fall but at the same time I believe the impact will surely wake me up. It doesnít and instead I plunge into the ocean like a projectile and torpedo through the dense, dark water until suddenly, I land flat on my front on a solid surface?

      I peer up and see Iím no longer underwater but laid on a wet, stone floor in some kind of cave? The space is dark and vast and I can see some grand structure in the distance. It looks like some kind of ancient, underwater temple carved from stone and reminds me of something youíd see in a Tomb Raider game. I only glimpse this for a brief moment and then my vision turns to complete darkness. My sight has gone but I can still feel the floor below me and cling onto the surface, hoping my sight will return. ďStop now! I want to keep going!Ē I plead with my unconscious, believing itís behind all of this. I wait for a response and I soon get one in the form of a thundering wave which I can hear rushing toward me. A powerful surge of water throws me across the space like a rag doll. It consumes me and Iím left disoriented and spinning under the water, my hearing muffled and my limbs thrashing. I try to breath in oxygen but instead I gasp and choke, unable to breath! Iím drowning and the sensation feels scarily real. Unable to breath, I hold my breath instead and drift under the water helplessly. Thankfully the ordeal doesnít last long and soon the dream ends and I wake up with a choke and take a much needed breath of air.

      Analysis: This was a strange one indeed. Never have I felt so out of control and at the mercy of a dream whilst lucid. At the time it truly felt like my unconscious was working against me and trying everything it could to stop me and wake me up as if it really wasnít happy with me been lucid. Of course, upon reflection my expectation that the dream was trying to stop me is probably what made it feel this way. Perhaps that niggling doubt that lucidity is somehow unnatural and interfering with the natural dreaming process triggered this idea. The water coming through the doors was probably triggered by my desire to have a stream in the forest but the tidal wave that followed felt completely out of my control though it was suspiciously reminiscent of that opening action sequence in Inception where water obliterates the building and wakes up Cobb and may have been what influenced the events. The vast ocean was impressive to see and made me think of that famous quote about the dreamer been able to control the dream as much as a sailor controls the sea and this may also have influenced the events. I wish I had time to explore the temple at the end as it felt like a special place and somewhere I was suppose to end up. Sadly the dream worked against me again and that final wave felt like the final word from the dream. The drowning sensation felt very realistic and was rather alarming to be left gasping for breath. Holding my breath at the end was probably what woke me and I was kind of relieved it did. A fascinating experience overall and I hope I can experience more weird and wonderful things like this.

      Lucidity: Medium
      Trigger: High awareness
      Reality check: None
      Length: 1.5 minutes (approx.)
      Goals: Change location (Fail)
      Lucid count: 14

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    3. LD Training - Day 3

      by , 12-13-2021 at 04:28 PM
      Brotherly Psycho 7:43am

      My brother was a terrorist. He blew up several buildings. He was gonna get away I'm his helicopter, but I managed to get on. We were fighting for a bit, but then I tried to spray him with pepper spray. Mans took the shit and started drinking it. I don't remember what happened after that, but I probably hopped out the helicopter like "You got it bro" XD. I think they might have taken me hostage but idk.

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