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    1. Yes

      by , 02-22-2021 at 09:09 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a flash of a memory of her. Can't recall exactly what.


      Was walking with my brother and C into a haunted house attraction. Some guy was stalking behind us, one of the workers and said, "By the end of this walkthrough. You 2 will be broken up." Indicating to C and my brother. I said to c. "Yeah didn't he say that to us last year when he thought we were a couple.?"

      Slightly lucid

      I was walking around with my brother and went into some abandoned house. I was floating around previously and become lucid. This was low level. Didn't remember any goals. ?Just walked through the house trying to conjure up people. It wasn't working. There was a shadow man in a dark corner, I went into a different room but it was all black causing the dream to end.
    2. ccxxxi. A town fair

      by , 02-22-2021 at 01:57 PM
      22nd February 2021


      I'm in a hotel or apartment building. I'm on a floor above ground level but don't know which; I am walking towards a lobby-looking hall, with elevators and I want to go to the ground floor. There's this group of four black guys in their late teens, they seem to be shadowing me but I don't let it bother me even though they look like they could easily be trouble if they wanted to.

      I let them know I've seen them by looking at one of them in the eye, through a mirror showing us all. The mirror is between the elevator doors. None of us speak, that I can recall and they're just doing their own thing behind me at any rate, some kind of non-verbal communication.

      (recall gap)

      I'm outside, in the streets of a town. It's night time? I have awareness of Covid, but I'm not wearing a mask. It bothers me, but for some reason I make no effort to find one. Throughout most of the dream onwards this bothers me a bit on some level.

      At some point I meet up with M, whom I haven't seen in years in waking life. I remember he has a car? Like an SUV or something. There's something about my aunt B too.

      I walk around town, it's a bit like there's some kind of annual fair on. I am finding these little areas where there's some kind of more conventional role playing game involving furries in fursuits. But they look much more realistic, like they're actually their characters. One of them tells me they will actually pay me if I participate in the games wearing a fursuit myself. I think to myself I wouldn't mind, but I don't have one and would likely end up feeling embarrassed anyhow.

      (recall is vague for the following two paragraphs)

      At one point I'm climbing some stone stairs. It's sort of outdoors, but under some kind of natural rock formation? There's these two statues... I've seen them elsewhere in the dream. They look like they're flowing with some magical energy, it's a deep blue colour. The statues are damaged, incomplete. I remember thinking they're supposed to be in some museum somewhere, but this is actually their original location. This is a different place from the town? In Russia somewhere, I somehow understand. This is where they were first discovered.

      The statues are from ancient Greece, but from a more mythological period or something. They look like the lower bodies of some serpentine creatures, scaly. The heads are missing and one statue practically only has the very bottom of it left. I remember going past the statues while thinking about the whole thing, then I go up some more stone stairs. There's one of those role playing games again here, I forget what happens but it's some kind of murder mystery and I'm greeted by a furry who is dark and almost crawling at ground level, and he seems eager for me to take part in the game.

      Eventually I come across an attraction which takes place in a castle. I remember telling M I would try it out and that I'd let him know later all about it. You have to queue up for the attraction but initially there's just me and one other person.

      A heavy wooden door opens and allows us in. Inside, I immediately gain a HUD and there's some semblance to Legend of Zelda. I grab a knife, it looks toy-like and oversized somehow. I use it to attack some creatures. I then find a mace, in a similar style. My ally goes first through the next door. A stone armour golem tries to ambush him from behind but I hit it with the mace on the head, making enough noise my ally notices and doesn't get ambushed. We defeat the golem.

      We're now in a big room. It's church-like, cathedral-like, even. There's a Dark Souls feel to it. A boss is in the middle, we try fighting it but it deals a lot of damage.

      (memory intrusion?)

      Something about WoW, a group of players fighting a boss. One player is a monk tanking and rolling around and healing himself but not quickly enough.

      Then, we have eventually lost our battle with the boss in the church-like room. I am outside now and at the queue again? There's a lot more people here waiting this time. They're all younger than me and some look very impatient and like they'd be a bit rude.

      (recall gap)

      I'm on some castellated bit, across from the castle with the game attraction in it. There's other people here too, sat at rudimentary and makeshift artillery things that have a fantasy feel to them. I try one, but it's broken and does nothing. Sunset? I recall artillery from these guns going into the core of the other castle, I remember they were supposedly targetting the boss and providing support this way.

      I forget the rest but the dream ended soon after.

      - I feel the chronology of the dream is messed up versus what it actually was, but I didn't try to fix it.

      - There's something very personal to this dream about the dichotomy of me separating my life into separate organised areas of thought. Yesterday I had been thinking of consolidating some things.
    3. Shylo

      by , 02-22-2021 at 01:19 AM
      I’m walking my dog, a beautiful female German Shepard called Shylo. We are walking on a bridge, it’s sunny day, about noon, I see over the other side of the bridge there’s a political campaign going for a president for election day. As we’re walking on the bridge we see it start crumble, before we could do anything the bridge collapses.
      I’m falling and I try to grab on to a handle or anything but there’s nothing near me to hold on to, in mid air I could feel when Shylo got under me, she put her body under mine so I wouldn’t get hurt from the fall.
      I land on top of her, I didn’t get hurt, I look at her and say “Why did you do that???”, she communicated with me telepathically, then she said “I’m gonna die here, I have some fractured ribs, I can’t breath”.
      I’m crying, I say “Nonono, the ambulance is coming, hold on tight, you can survive, please don’t go”
    4. Live sex video

      by , 02-22-2021 at 01:09 AM
      This dream is just unreal. This dream is a vision of a parallel universe, it felt really real.
      I’m at my mom’s house, apparently I still live here. I am in my dad’s room when my sister comes to me and says to view the video, she just sent me. I open my WhatsApp and there is the link to the video. It is a live sex video going on at that exact moment.
      I looked so confused and lost because my sister sara was sharing a porn video with me, that’s just nuts, so I’m just out of words, I look at her and she is very chill about the situation, this is very bizarre to me.
      Anyway, I open the video and there’s a couple having sex, the man is recording while the woman is in cowgirl position. My sister then asks “Do you want to be part of the video?”
      I am like: “Of course not”
      Then she goes back to mom, which is in the living room, and both of them with my younger sister sofi watch the video.
      In my head I’m really lost because my family is watching a porn video, my sister sent me a porn video then asked me if I wanted to be part of a porn video.
      I look back at the video and I could see that the room seemed quite familiar, the walls of the bedroom and the color of them looked like a room I knew. I was trying to see more details of the room because I was sure that I knew where this was, but before I knew it the guy finished the video and ended the stream, apparently he had cum.
      Then, as soon as he finished, I heard someone yell my name in the house “Hey Alex, come please”, I look at my sister and she says “they’re calling you from your room”.
      I go puzzled to my room, thinking “who the fuck is inside my room without my permission nor supervision?”
      The door was closed, I open it, the first thing I see is the girl on the bed putting her clothe on and the guy saying “Hi man, why didn’t you join us?”
      ---Holyyy shittt, In my head I’m flipping, IT WAS THE COUPLE FROM THE LIVE VIDEO, they just live streamed a porn video in my bedroom, without me knowing about it, my family was right next to them and everyone allowed them to stream, and on top of that they just had sex on MY BED. Fuckkkkkk I was so pissed about my bed, I can’t recall the last time I was this angry.
      I say “WTF is going on here”, the guy is like “Hey Alex, do you have any baby wipes you can give me to clean your bed?”
      FUCKKKK NO, now I’m just furious, I’m sooo mad, I was about to kill someone
      “You mother fucker, who the fuck gave you guys permission to have sex on my bed, in my bedroom, without telling me?””
      ---The girl immediately hides under the bed.
      This guy is like “Bro, what do you mean, we had talked to you about this, we made a deal”
      I had no idea about this deal, maybe the me of this parallel universe knew about it but I didn’t.
      “Get the fuck out of my room” I kicked this guy out of my mom’s house.
      I go to my mom and ask her how could she allow this considering the fact that she had never let me bring a girl back to her place, and she says
      “Well, he paid you for the space”
      I woke up so angry and emotionally affected that it triggered me for days, I had to write this down.