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    1. cclxxviii. Flag battleground and gender study, Listening to conversation in the kitchen

      by , 06-01-2021 at 11:10 AM
      1st June 2021


      In a PvP battleground, themed on Kul Tiras or something, lots of wooden beams and structures, sort of grungy and moody atmosphere. Mechanically it's somewhat like Alterac Valley, except each side has to capture ten flags from the other side and the flags would spawn or drop from some players as far as I could see. It was a long and drawn out battleground, I remember seeing in the interface, at the top under the score, that we had been in it for twenty eight minutes or something.

      I was a female night elf huntress, having a dragon hawk or ravager for a pet. I fight some horde players a few times but I'm not especially strong and do very little damage, plus I'm usually outnumbered. I remember using the aspect of the cheetah to get away more than once; we can't use our mounts on this battleground, despite it's seemingly vast size. At one point I chase after a blood elf, a death knight maybe? The level bracket is weird, like from twenty to sixty.

      Near the end, me and someone else are partly disguised (as what?) and we confront this horde player who had been running away from me. (In the dream I was certain he was much stronger, but he had a flag and I still wanted to stop him)

      Then it's less like a battleground and more like a department store in a mall, I'm walking around with these two people and we're talking about gender. There's something about how straight women are feeling misrepresented by a porn study? I felt like it was a diverse and inclusive study based on what this woman who was walking with me was telling me. It felt to me like the women complaining were picky and/or spoiled straight women, probably white in my mind.


      In the kitchen at the old home. It's night time and the ceiling fluorescent light is on. J and L are between the two pillars and they're talking. I'm leaning against the counter in front of the sink, mostly just listening, occasionally saying something. The table is open/extended. There's a fan heater pointed at my feet, pointing toward me, I feel the heat/warmth on my legs. I point it toward them instead and J thanks me. The plug is coming from under the table, but in reality I don't think there are any sockets there.


      - I feel as though there have been quite a few dreams about the old home or hometown lately.

      - Not sure what brought on the thing about the study at the end of the dream but last night I was watching something from the 80s that had a segment that seemed (to me) sexist against women.

      - I just remembered "ten flags" is an actual thing, when I typed the title for this.
    2. Awkward friends/morning classroom

      by , 06-01-2021 at 09:08 AM
      Had a false awakening where I typed half of this already into my phone's notepad

      I'm walking in A at night, on a corner with brownstones and a warm, floursecent lit convenience store on the corner that lights up the street.
      I see anna and haley on my walk and go the other way pretending not to see them. But we cross paths again and I embrace it and we chat.
      Everyone seems very nonchalant, especially haley, as if it was no surprise to see me. Anna is loud and bubbly. She turns into melina as we reach a crosswalk, turns around from the front and laughs, and asks if we all live in allston. Haley says no.

      Haley talks about a place they were, and I see a sort of mini theatre/puppet show gypsy house that opens to a tiny cutesy wooden dock, along a line of docks that each belong to a business on this 'strip'. There are some slip'n'slides leading out of the building to the end of the dock.

      We say goodbye as I get out of an elevator and into the DS9 studio. I felt hurt by how nonchalant and unsurprised they were to see me after over a year, I wanted to shock them with how quickly and silently I left the conversation and make them feel bad.


      I get to the first class of the day and everyone is cartoony, yet still with realistic hair. There's an activity where we hold our reflective flip phones up to people at other desks, and draw those reflections.
      The room is quiet and dim and subdued but in a cozy way, because it's too early for us to be rowdy.

      A pale girl with wire-frames and long blonde hair and a few marks for a face plops down next to me. There's a sort of black bow on her head, but it flutters off and I see it's a huge, thin, elegant black moth--each wing like a glass fan.
      It sits with the potted plants on the row of science-room windowsills.
      It's 6:00am, dewy, blue and silent and foggy outside. The fog carries to us the smell of flowers from under the dim blanket of morning.


      Dreamt that michael told me rent was now $150 LOL
      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. Almost Nothing.

      by , 06-01-2021 at 07:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      One dream audio only. It was Jamie speaking but I forgot what she was saying.
      Tags: jamie
      dream fragment
    4. Trump Party and Wife Car Accident

      by , 06-01-2021 at 02:34 AM


      At a party, my father asks Donald Trump if he can have his drink which rests on a table. Trump gets annoyed and moves away from him with contempt. My father, with the same grouchy mannerism and frowning, takes the drink anyway while Trump is distracted with other people. After the party, during the clean-up, I'm required to get sugar. There is a bag by the feet of a tall statue with a hole in it. When I lift it, all the sugar leaks out and falls through a gap on the floor landing on the lower floor of a dark basement.

      I access the basement via stairs to find Mamph, an old acquaintance, working there and ask her if she can find me some sugar. She wears headphones and appears to be listening to music. Initially, she seems to know me but when it's time to leave she treats me like a complete stranger and asks me what else she can do for me like I'm just a customer. I question her mental competence to myself. As we leave the basement I think that it is a good thing that Mamph works there by herself.

      Outside, it feels like we are in daytime central London and there is snow everywhere. We meet Stacey and Mamph immediately recognises her. I'm no longer a stranger as a giggling Mamph tells my wife that I'm sweet for asking her for sugar. I feel uneasy about her mental state but nevertheless we agree that she's driving us home. I get in her car and sit in the back. Outside, the sky quickly darkens. Stacey barely sits in the front seat when Mamphs drives off. The door swings open and my wife falls out, rolling numerous times over the tarmac stopping next to a kerb. I scream to get Mamph to stop the car and rush out to grab Stacey. She looks unconscious as I try to get her up. As I hold her up, she seems groggy and possibly concussed. I need to get help as I fear for my wife's wellbeing. I feel extremely sad and desperate at the thought of losing her.

      I wake up from this emotionally charged dream. I am relieved and glad to see that my darling is okay and sleeping soundly next to me.