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    1. Multi-Story

      by , 06-05-2021 at 09:58 PM
      I'm in a multi-level structure that appears to be a very upscale hotel suite. I suddenly realize I'm in a dream, begin flying and trying to determine what I want to do. I fly through the window and head outside. I turn back toward the building a re-enter through the wall into another of the rooms. I begin flying around this area, and then wonder if I can explore a bit more to find a DC to speak to. After exploring this floor and realizing it's vacant, I exit once again through the wall and fly to a higher level. Once in this area, I notice nobody is around and fly to the opposite side of a wall toward where there's a bed which looks like someone is sleeping underneath. I pull the sheets of to see if there's anyone there, but it's empty The dream begin to fade and I make an effort to stay aware and catch a false awakening. I begin waking, and soon realize I'm truly awake.
    2. 5 Jun: Suspect of a murder

      by , 06-05-2021 at 08:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I was accused of committing a murder, but was exonerated from the charges. Still, people believe I did it and especially the family of the victim and friends and neighbors, all treat me like a murderer and I feel this constant aggression towards me from people, wherever I go. But to be honest I really can't tell if I committed the crime or not. All I feel is that whomever the victim was, was not an innocent being and his/her family is equally disgusting and unworthy of breathing, so maybe I did it. I still feel a good person and victim of injustice anyway. Also, there is a dog somehow involved in the story and I am happy the dog is fine and was not harmed in the process.
    3. cclxxx. Playful disagreement, Not myself

      by , 06-05-2021 at 03:17 PM
      5th June 2021


      Here at home, with H. We're going downstairs and we get ready to go out. We have some kind of playful tussle or disagreement.

      (recall was too weak despite having felt very present in the dream, mind wandered after waking)


      Middle or end bit of a dream, first part involved one of my aunts and was in a building. Later, in a town like my old town, sort of sunny but cloudy? I'm walking along the edge of town, slightly higher up than the rest of it which is in a sort of dip.

      There's a Covid context but nobody is wearing masks or distancing properly. I'm not myself anymore, now I'm a male character and I'm walking outside with this young woman. We're about the same age and we are a couple. We're in the middle of town at one point and it's busy. Someone mentions something about white gypsies and I wonder to myself if this isn't offensive in some way. I'm following the woman, she has a slim build but I can't remember what she's wearing.

      She bumps into an old lady a bit carelessly as we walk into a sort of square area, the old lady says to her "you'll have to self-isolate now!", in a somewhat vindictive way that implied she'd just passed on infection. As we walk through town we eventually become lost and we ask a middle-aged lady for directions. She shows us the town on a paper map. I try to figure out and understand where our house is.

      Vague recall but later, after several very deliberately "dream-like" encounters, with recurring characters that appear and disappear at different points and with changing physical features such as a lift that shifts it's entrance, we walk through a dark tunnel. Sort of subway/transit hub-like in style, just an access corridor, but there is no light, I don't recall how I am able to see.

      We then enter a different room, slightly brighter and kind of large, but still dark and underground. There are four characters here who block us, or have our full attention. They appear like teenagers or something at first and then morph into large and sort of fat orange worm-like creatures, their long bodies are sort of ribbed; they retain some human aspect, a face perhaps. They gloat, as if they'd won or something. One says "the human body is 0.91 grams of sodium. 68% sodium" and the illogical part of the math just passes me by but in the dream I'm so fully in the role of this young man that I don't really think like myself anyway. The creatures imply that we are be feed for something, either them or their master, but this something is small, I feel.

      Everything actually feels dreamlike for most of this bit, I think about how we (me and my female partner) must be having a joint dream and these creatures had invaded our dream to bring us their gloating message.

      Eventually they let us go and this idea and feeling passes, especially because I expect some dream-like transition but there isn't one. We go back to our place though I don't recall how we get there. It's also dark and dingy, most of the second half of the dream is. We have to get some things to eat, which we pick out of this small polygonal box. She picks something, not sure what now and it was apparently the right thing to pick, as a character appears and groans complaining about how she made the right choice. She had apparently sussed out that there were certain script-like sigils that had to do with the bad characters. I struggle to pick something myself, eventually picking this odd and partly rusty metal object with a somewhat industrial look to it. It has a bit of that rust converter's purple tinge too. The object has a hex key end on one side and the other end of it widens out a bit; the object is very sharply faceted.

      I openly ask and wonder if this is the right thing. Seems that it is though and then we are somewhere else. Still dark, there's a table. My female partner is engaged in some activity with her object, maybe firing arrows made of light? She seems obsessed, almost drunk with power or something. I try to figure out what my object does. There's a man here with us, too, he had appeared before in the dream and is some kind of guide, in his fifties or so.

      I use my object like a pen over the table and it seems to write in ink made of light. I effortlessly make script-like sigils like those from before except made of light. The drawn sigils over the table flash and quickly fade away once they are complete.


      - I went to bed somewhat late and I had looked at a few things in the shed beforehand that may have just fed into some of the shapes in the dream, such as the polygonal box and the faceted metal "pen".

      - I don't recall hearing or thinking about names at any point, even the woman I was with. She mirrored me in several physical aspects but I remember nothing about the character I was, I never saw myself, I simply "felt" like someone else, including physically to a point.

      - Many of the environmental elements were familiar to the area around my old home, except geological features, which were more like lowlands or short rolling hills.

      - The worm creatures' physical appearance seemed to be based off flexible ducting type of tubes and their orange was a sort of bright workplace orange kind of colour.

      - Odd that I felt I'd title the second fragment as "not myself", since that is effectively the (actual) problem mom had just last night.

      - After waking, most of this second dream did immediately feel very symbolic and story-like. My female partner felt like an anima archetype (especially as she later became apparently domineering), and the character I was in the role of felt like a hero archetype.
    4. Slow night

      by , 06-05-2021 at 10:11 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      Last night I was on a party and the dreams just kept on having the same atmosphere and people from the party. Can't recall that much but remember that there were more people and action.

      I'm on a bridge over water in the night. Stefan wants me to bake a cake with him. We are looking for ingredients but the eggs seem to be bad.

      Gabriel and I are talking in front of a big cave. It's still dark.
    5. Glitzy mall/nightmare (?)

      by , 06-05-2021 at 04:27 AM
      I was at a sort of boarding school in a big, glitzy European city that reminded me of paris.
      My friend was invited to a party Indė was throwing, and I tagged along and everyone was sitting scattered on the floor in a quaint apartment with clocks, radiators, wooden walls, thick velvet curtains, and red carpet.

      Later we were on the way to a musical, sitting in a group of seats moving slowly down a gigantic escalator, like a ride. We were going down a giant, lavish tunnel that led off into the mall, its ceiling decked out like an opera house.
      Hundreds of tiny lights, giant shiny tassels and chandelier-like constructions, masquerade masks, pearls and more. To our sides were lush foliage and fountains and mall balconies and shop windows. I was sitting in the far back and there was a tall tourist lady sitting in front of me, so I couldn't look down the tunnel, to see where we were going, but I could see into the passing stores as we descended.


      It's a long night, and it got dark very early despite being warm and muggy outside. There's a sense of lethal urgency, as if a serial killer is on the loose.

      I'm in the passenger seat while Luke F drives. He's driving with urgency, on the long roads surrounding the deep western-mass pine forests and lakes. Every window is open and our interior light is on. It casts us in dim yellow and leaves a smeared reflection of us in the windshield that dangerously obstructs his view. Since our light is on I can't see out the windows--it's black but the smell of night and the thick roar of insects from the forest, by the sides of the road, pours in from every side.
      I have butterflies in my stomach and feel queasy. Every time we slow down I'm reminded that the light is illuminating us in our seats, to everything on these empty roads, and that all of our windows are sitting open.

      I desperately need to charge my phone and make some kind of call by 10:30--we get to Uncle Jimmy's house and I hop out of the car loudly and run through the door into the living room, once again dim and yellow. There's the same sense of queasiness and paranoia when I look at the black windows and the front door sitting open. I'm pretty sure I wake up before anything happens.