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    1. The stop watch experiment

      by , 07-09-2021 at 06:56 PM
      The stop watch experiment
      Lucid# 7 - DILD

      Iím in a strange bed in a room full of other sleeping people. I get up and exit into what appears to be a hotel corridor. I then turn around and Iím surprised to find my old best friend and his wife standing behind me. I follow them into their hotel room and when I look back at my friend I see heís shrunk to the size of a child and this startles me. ďWait am I dreaming!Ē I think with disbelief.

      I put my hand up in a halt gesture as if telling everyone to stop talking and donít come near me. I then lift a finger and try to push it through my palm. My finger hits my palm and doesnít go through but it does seem sort of spongy. I do it again and get the same result. I donít give up though as Iím convinced this is a dream. On my 3rd attempt my finger indents my skin a little and feels sticky like Iíve just stuck it in chewing gum. I pull it out and a string of my sticky Palm comes stretching out stuck to my finger. ďItís a dream!Ē I conclude.

      I waste no time and know I have to quickly stabilise the dream. I rub my hands together and yell ďstabilise!Ē Then I remember my stabilisation experiment I was thinking about before bed. The idea was to find a way of tricking my mind into keeping me in the dream longer. So I came up with the idea of wearing a stop watch and setting the time. ďIím wearing a watchĒ I say and look at my wrist but there is no watch. I feel a little silly thinking this will work but I try again. I look away and say it again and this time a watch has appeared on my wrist! Itís quite a big bulky, grey watch made of rubber with a digital face. I then grab the spinning wheel around the edge and turn it with a Ďclick, click, clickí and as I do the numbers on the screen change. Iím trying to find the time I want to stay in the dream but the numbers come up in a random, incoherent order which makes it difficult. ďThese numbers are all over the placeĒ I say. Finally I find 10:00 minutes and begin the timer now telling the dream I want to be here for at least 10 minutes.

      I then walk around the room as if I own the place. I ask my friends wife if me and my friend can talk alone. She complies and leaves the room. I stand in front of my friend now, who has returned to normal size and jump at him and shove him playfully. ďHello!Ē I yell in excitement and he smiles and appears a bit startled. ďItís great to see you!Ē Iíve been waiting for a while to have a lucid dream with my old friend (he moved away many years ago). I remind myself I shouldnít get too excited though and try to calm down.

      I canít actually recall what happens next but I think Iím exploring the room and feeling the furniture as I come across a grey sofa and suddenly remember I wanted to try flying. I canít really fly properly indoors so I decide I should start simple and try hover. I feel like I need something to jump off so I aim to stand on the sofa and jump off. Iím not sure what happens then but my friend grabs me or I bump into him and it knocks my vision and my eyes fog up and go dark. I panic knowing the dream is going to crumble so I try justify the darkness to my brain and say ďOh no I have mud in my eyes!Ē I start pretending and wiping my eyes hoping the dark patches will disappear like Iím rubbing the mud away. It doesnít work as Iíd hoped and only gets worse.

      In a last desperate attempt to stay in the dream I spin in circles hoping I can spin into a new dream. My vision has become completely black though and for a moment I feel like Iím spinning in a dark void but then my body is gone as well and I think Iíve woken up. I realise my eyes are still closed and I should attempt a DEILD but my mind begins to wander and I worry it will take too long and I have to get up soon. So with regret I give up and wake up and recall my dream.

      It was one of my dream goals to hang out with my old best friend again and he appeared all on his own so it was probably on my mind. Then he turned really small and my lucid brain spotted the oddity straight away. It was good to see my memory was working at full capacity as well and I was able to carry out a planned experiment which was to manifest the watch that was meant to tell my brain that I couldnít wake up until the timer was up. I definitely wasnít in the dream for 10 minutes so it didnít work. I suppose I should have known. details like numbers and text are known to change all the time in dreams and the watch was nonsensical as I should have expected. It was interesting to try though. Then there was the rubbing the mud from my eyes. That too didnít work as Iíd hoped and it seems you canít always trick the dream in this way. Iíve learnt a lot and was a good experience all round.

      Waking Notes:

      Stability: Medium
      Control: Medium
      Clarity: Medium
      Awareness: High
      Length: Low

      Trigger: Dream oddity
      Reality check: Finger palm
      Length: 3 minutes (approx.)
      Goals: Meet up with my friend & try watch experiment
      Techniques: WBTB, MILD
      Time: 6:30am
      Lucid count: 7
    2. 9 Jul: Lots of nonsense and prisoner in a house with an astronaut for whom I fall in love

      by , 07-09-2021 at 05:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At my home, my dad is staying at the house too. I want to dress or undress, so I go to the 2nd floor/attic looking for privacy. But then I feel a presence in the darkness and go to the end of the floor to find that my dad is actually sleeping in the bedroom at the end and just woke up. He is surprised to see me, I say I didn't know he was there. Then things turn to a deeply uncomfortable vibe as he gets too close to me and I can feel his boner. I get down the stairs fast but he also comes down. He turns the tv on and there's Ronaldo and other football players gossiping about something, and Ronaldo takes a stand on some issue that no one else seems to care, showing character and. I then turn around and my father is gone and instead there is Riverstone. He is also watching tv on the couch and switches to some remake of an old 60s series. I find it really stupid. It is some kind of super heroes show, but one of them is a clown that comes from the sea and meets the others on the beach bringing an ominous message. Then they embark on a boat, but I think some fall overboard. I think I hear something behind the curtain on the window behind the tv, so I move the curtain and see the window covered in all sorts of insects, large and small. We are grossed out, we get up and shake insects that started crawling over us. There is even a snake on the floor and we run in horror and wonder how these insects entered the house.
      Then I go meet my mom by the riverside and I see a dog supposedly fighting a racoon or something at a pier, but soon realize it is a staged fight and the animals are rather playing with each other and someone's editing the sound to make it look like a fight. When mom arrives, she is driving an SUV or jeep and she asks me to get in quick. In the hurry I bump with the door on a car next to this and then our door breaks and falls on the ground. She says "never mind, just take it inside the car and we leave". So we leave, but soon after I shout to her that we need to stop as stuff from the back sit are rolling through under my seat and falling to the outside, like her purse and other items. She halts and helps me pick them up and some dude looking like a drug addict takes the chance to approach the car and sneak inside to steal something. But I block him and force him to put it back. He kinda resists but not an actual fight, so he caves in and puts things back. Then he asks for some money and agree to give him some change. But then all my coins and mom's are either silver and gold or special edition collectible coins and I don't want to give him those. He looks increasingly interested in the coins and makes some snarky comment that we are rich and can give him one of those, but I tell him we are also poor despite what it looks like and we can't afford to give him any of those coins but will keep looking for usable money in our purses. Then Alicja comes by and starts conversation with us. She's heading to a seamstress workshop and I go along. Bring a bunch of my unfinished projects for her to finish I guess. Then walks in some famous dude, kinda reminds me of Tony Stark but a bigger playboy. He brings along his girl to have a dress made for her, but she comes in half naked, with the fabric for the dress just covering her front, her butt exposed. She seats quickly on a chair to my side, to hide her back and gets some sympathy from some other lady also seated. Then what seems like a perfect copy of her comes in, fully dressed and also sits by her side. They take some time to realize, but when they do they are shocked to realize they are versions of the same person. And the first one seems to have no clue of what's happening, but the second one goes straight to the guy, and yells at him for allowing a time paradox to happen with his crazy experiments.

      Inspired by a movie I watched during the day, I dream I am sharing a surveilled house in Russia with this gorgeous dude who is an astronaut, his supposed lover which is a bitch and some other dude. Me and the astronaut have been talking a lot and we are clearly in love and going crazy with desire. I am willing to risk everything for a frugal moment of passion with him, but it is close to impossible. There is a meeting in the house, a round table with them 3 and a bunch of other people from outside and I am just standing in the back listening. At some break he comes to me with a book on space stuff, and we get really close and flirt a little bit discreetly. Feels so nice. But his woman sees and attacks me for being so interested in the damn book. Then some genius autistic fat kid joins the meeting and someone pranks him by pulling a chair when he is about to sit. I try to warn him and hold him, but he falls. He still thanks me for being kind. After they are all gone, someone brings us some food for the fridge, the astronaut's woman is gone for a while and I signal him to meet me at the most back room of the house. I get there and it is a dark dirty unwelcoming room. I see images of when the family living there raised a pig on this room. I feel for the pig and see him being taken to die in my mind's eye. There is a stiff bed and I lay there while waiting. I fall asleep and I am out of body watching myself as vampire bats come from god knows where and feast on blood from my leg. I lose hope that he will come, but he does. Unfortunately so do other people and ruin our chance together. Some dude comes talk to him saying he has news about the UFO report. That the government reduced all the supposed unsolved cases to just ten and most were scooters(?) and drones. We realize it is a complete sham to cover up the story and reduce its significance. Anyway, they then announce he his going to get reinstated and receive all the honors and we'll all be free. We get separated and I don't know anything about him for some time. Then it is announced a big event that I watch, maybe on tv, where they all come riding on horses, with strange theatrical fantasy costumes. I see his woman in a sort of wedding dress, so I presume they are also getting married, but then she marries some much older dude and only after much effort I see my astronaut in the back. He is all groomed and fabulously gorgeous. I also see some figure dressed almost like death, all black, very gothic, whispering something to his ear and he abruptly leaves the event. I know he is coming for me so I rush outside to a park. I see in my mind's eye he is also running up a hill to a park, can't tell if it's the same. But I wait and look around. Instead I am approached by a big black dog sniffing me, I pet him, then his owner comes by in a bike and calls him. He runs towards him and knocks down a man in another kind of 3 wheeled bike. I offer help but he manages to get up alone, then looks concerned with 3 guys approaching. They look unfriendly and the others go away, leaving me alone with them. They surround me but do no harm, just laugh and tease me a bit and disappear. Then 3 spectral black ghosts also pass by, turn around and go back. I am getting a bit scared, not knowing what all these mean but have the feeling I am not going to meet my love. Then lots of people come to the park to run, walk their dog or play with their kids and they don't seem disturbed by the ghosts at all.

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    3. Disgusting worm and losing a friend | [08.07., 09.07.2021]

      by , 07-09-2021 at 04:36 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)

      Disgusting worm
      Some sort of scientist created a worm that looks like a vein and is apparently parasitic. The worm is for some reason in my home and everything is flooded. Apparently, this is also a recurring dream. I try to grab the worm with tweezers, but it tries to attack my hand so I accidentally drop it in a cup of tea or coffee. Then it's on the ground again and I ask my mother where my garden gloves went. She says she doesn't know, but shortly after, I find them on top of a cupboard and put them on to protect myself from it when using tweezers again.


      Losing a friend
      I am at some sort of massive forge with a friend or two. We have to do some sort of task where we have to ascend a platform while everything is breaking down and there's a great risk of death. In the end, all but one friend manages to get on the platform and that friend who didn't make it died.

      Then, we have hope that they are still alive and try to look for them. Eventually, we find a YouTube channel of them that is apparently still posting some sort of Minecraft content and we find them in a jungle that looks like the jungle area in Just Cause 4.