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    1. Failed a reality check, crawled through a freezer, and unloaded a trunk.

      by , 01-15-2022 at 02:25 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      All right, here we go.

      Iíve been using the How To Lucid app to reality check once an hour. Right before falling asleep I checked my hand to see if it had the right amount of fingers. Thing is, Iím pretty sure I had a dream where I did that too, in the exact same manner, putting my hand up in front of me and counting the fingers.

      The problem is, it was too vague, and I lost focus halfway through the count, so I thought ďyeah I havenít fallen asleep yetĒ when in reality I had.

      I need to sleep more. Only got like 7.5 last night and I think 8 makes a huge difference. I woke up at around 4:15 to use the restroom and yet I was just too mentally tired to try WILD. Well, I sort of tried it but then I gave up and fell asleep to these dreams:

      - I was at a theme park or zoo? We had to walk through a freezing cold building despite it being winter that was supposed to be a Coca Cola shop. But I remember crawling underneath it because it was too cold to go inside.
      - I was with my family, helping my dad unload a trunk after a day trip, and there was SO much stuff in it. Stuff we never used in the trip. Including a crapload of beach chairs. I was annoyed and then woke up.

      It was like 10 minutes before my alarm. I changed the alarm so Iíd have 20 and attempted to do an astral projection/OBE experience as Iíve heard how vivid those are. I finally felt well rested enough to attempt it. But as soon as I started to feel a bit of paralysis, boom! There went my alarm.

      Moral of the story: SLEEP MORE.
      Tags: almost lucid
    2. 1.13.2022

      by , 01-15-2022 at 03:18 AM
      1-I find myself in this elevator with 2 other people i don't know , i have this feeling that they want to harm me or that they are no good . I have the sensation of levitation , i see myself as floating like 2 feet above the floor.+
      2-I am on Austin street by 112th police precinct , there is what it looks like a street fair going on , there are lots of people on the street. I want to go inside the police station to report something and i find myself puling out a shopping bag(green cloth) to use a a mask to cover my face , which i find kind of strange causes ain't nobody wear a shopping bag as a mask but my dream tells me that everyone does it and i just go with it . 2 police are outside the precinct talking to a lady , i wait my turn to show them this paper/rapport i have , all of a sudden the lady transformers herself into a policeman and starts asking me question about the paper , at this point i can't seem to remember or i am confused about what the paper was about/the meaning of the paper changes every time i want to ask something about it .

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