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    1. Lunar's Daytime Awareness Guide

      by , 07-05-2022 at 08:15 PM
      What is Daytime Practice?
      Daytime awareness practice for lucid dreaming refers to the practice of becoming aware of whether you are awake or dreaming during the day. By doing this regularly throughout the day, you train a habit of becoming aware in dreams. As a result, you become lucid in your dreams.

      ADA, SAT, DILD hooks, and Reality Checks are examples of day practices that share the same awareness fundamentals. You can do these by themselves to get lucid dreams, or pair them with techniques such as MILD and WILD.

      What is ADA and SAT?
      ADA stands for All Day Awareness and is the practice of being aware of whether or not you are dreaming constantly throughout the day.

      SAT stands for Sporadic Awareness Technique and is the same as ADA, but an easier version of it. Instead of awareness being constant, you can simply be aware sporadically (randomly) in moments throughout the day. You can still gain a high rate of lucitity by doing SAT whenever you remember to do it.

      What is awraness, though?
      Awareness means you know something or are perceiving something. You can be aware of anything, such as that you're reading this guide, that the sky is blue, or that you're sitting in a chair. You are constantly aware of many things all at once, both in your environment and in your mind.

      With daytime awareness practices for the purpose of lucid dreaming, there is only one thing you need to be aware of: are you awake or dreaming? You don't need to be aware of the sky or your feelings, only this one question. To do awareness practices, ask yourself this question.

      But how do I ask myself if I'm awake or dreaming?
      To do SAT, earnestly ask yourself this question: "Am I dreaming or awake?" There are three possible answers.

      1. "No, I am awake." The waking experience is the easiest to identify. This is something many lucid dreamers learn on their own through experience, but I will tell you right here from the get-go: you know most easily when you're awake.

      2. The next possible answer is "Yes, I am dreaming." If you're doing reality checks, be mindful of whether you're already at the "yes" answer, as you don't need to complicate it with a reality check. You're already lucid.

      3. The third and most game-changing answer is "Maybe." Many people use reality checks here, but it's not necessary due to a funny little secret about lucid dreaming: maybe means yes.

      Any time you're asking yourelf if this is all a dream, you're probably dreaming. We don't get earnest maybes when we're awake like we do with dreams. This might be due to how memory works in dreams, since you don't always have access to all of your usual waking memory—the very thing that causes non-lucidity to begin with. The way dream brain makes you uncertain of your reality is itself a clue that you're dreaming.

      By being aware of your own uncertainty and being critical of what your uncertainty means, you become lucid in dreams.

      What are reality checks?
      Reality checks confirm whether you are in a dream by being critical of things in your environment. For example: if you look at your hands, they will look normal when awake, but you could have an impossible number of fingers in your dreams.

      There are many different kinds of reality checks that all do the same thing (pushing a finger through your palm, trying to breathe through your nose while plugging it, etc.)

      Reality checks are commonly used and highly effective, but it's hpful to understand that what makes them so effective is the awareness and criticality behind them, not the check itself. The check itself does not cause lucidity, but is a way to confirm lucidity. Because you can practice awareness and criticality without reality checks, they are an optional additional step.

      Reminders & Timers
      Daytime awareness practices should not involve setting timers or alarms to remind yourself to be aware, since you won't be able to use those in your dreams. If the timer you set doesn't go off in your dreams, you won't know to do it and you won't become lucid.

      Sure, you could set yourself up to dream about an alarm going off, but there is a much easier and more effective way of reminding yourself to do SAT in dreams: enter DILD hooks.

      What is a DILD hook?
      DILD stands for Dream Initiated Lucid Dream, which means that you become lucid at some point in your dream. Any technique that's not WILD is technically DILD, so ADA/SAT is also technically a form of DILD. The "hook" is the reminder part.

      DILD hooking is the same thing as SAT, but with a reminder. The reminder/hook must be something that occurs in both your waking life and dreams (usually not phone reminders, timers, or alarms).

      For example, if you dream about dragons often, you can train yourself to do SAT every time you encounter something related to dragons in waking life (doesn't need to be an actual dragon, just the idea of one). By training yourself to remember to do SAT every time you think of dragons, you can become lucid frequently in your dreams whenever dragons appear—especially if you train the criticality behind recognizing that living dragons only exist in dreams.

      Realistic Hooks
      DILD hooks can also be realistic or mundane things like cats, bananas, certain family members, seeing the sky, or the simple act of moving. As long as the hook occurs in your dreams, it can work as a reminder to do SAT.

      As described above, you don't need a reality check (like a dragon) to do SAT—all you need is to mindfully ask yourself if you're dreaming and be aware of the three possible answers. This is why realistic DILD hooks work.

      Emotions can also be DILD hooks. Children who become lucid from nightmares (a frequent backstory of natural lucid dreamers) unknowingly do DILD hooks by training an association between feelings of fear, and questioning their reality. Negative emotion is an ideal DILD hook if your goal is to stop nightmares with lucid dreaming. It can be trained deliberately by practicing daytime awareness every time you experience the negative emotion in your waking life, even if just from harmless exposure such as watching a scary/unpleasant movie.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: I thought you were supposed to pay attention to details in your environment for ADA? Like details in the grass, eye movements, the feeling of clothing, etc.
      A: This is fine as long as you're practicing awareness and criticality. If you only pay attention to details in your environment without being aware and critical of whether you're awake/dreaming, you will likely trigger more detailed dreams, but not necessarily lucid ones.

      Q: I can't find guides on SAT, only ADA?
      A: Because ADA and SAT are the same (other than how much you you do them), guides for ADA and SAT are interchangible. As long as you keep in mind that SAT is the sporadic version of ADA, you can use guides for both. It is a matter of All Day VS Spodic timing of your awareness, but otherwise they are the same practice.

      Q: I still don't understand what awareness is.
      A: If you read this guide and still don't understand what it means to be aware, you might be overthinking it. Are you awake right now? If so, then you're aware that you're awake. If you've ever had a lucid dream before, you were aware that you were dreaming. Bingo! Now you got it! Go do more of that.

      Q: What is the "most effective" DILD hook?
      A: Effectiveness is higher for things you dream frequently about. Also, things with an emotional impact also seem to be extra effective.

      Q: I can't remember any dreams. How do I know what happens frequently in my dreams for a DILD hook?
      A: For this, I recommend either doing SAT without a DILD hook, or using a common DILD hook (like the sky, something you most likely are dreaming about but just can't remember). Also, you need to work on your recall, otherwise you may not remember any future lucid dreams you have.
      Here's my recall guide: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ner...l-guide-94405/

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    2. 2020-07-05 escape from bomb, miss my stop, shirtless camp, tennis, nostril abuse

      by , 07-05-2022 at 02:48 PM
      + is 1st dream attack of the bomber. In a place with some people, some go off to a room to the side to fight with an enemy, if he does there is this other guy who will take his place for the next fight, but if he does you'd better run as the attacker will come for you. That happens then I'm in the back yard art of CH the attacker throws a small ball at me, it's a bomb, it lands on the ground, it's slightly lemon shaped and half black and half white with perhaps some symbols on it, It has a message like "Goodbye, you're dead" written on it. I'm standing down by the fish pond facing the lemon tree. I decide to try to escape the explosion I throw this ball back away from me and I'm running up through the flower beds along the right side of the property (right of the lemon tree) I get up to the street and I'm not obliterated yet so I keep going, turn right and head down FrLn. Going down the hill There are a lot of motorcycle carts so that you're driven by black guys and carts I guess they're body collectors it's a gang and moving among them, I get away this way.

      + I'm on a commuter train like a metro train with my luggage arriving at an airport the Train stops and people get off to the left, and I have to go back a few rows to my luggage, there is a backpack with some books that are protruding out of the top and I wonder if people have looked at them. I picked it up and make my way to the exit but the train door closes the train starts going, and I'm panicking. The right side of the train is open (no wall) and the platform is starting to to go by at high speed. I'm thinking of jumping but decide not to because it looks too fast. I get to the next stop and I have to make my way forwards through all of the airport gates to get to where I'm going to my connection. I don't have much time. There are a lot of airport gates check in gates from different companies, from Middle Eastern airlines most of the airlines seem to be named by 3 letter acronyms and I'm looking for a particular one, I think I'm having trouble finding it.

      + I'm arriving to some place in the snow in the car and I pull into a parking space on the right in a spot where the curb opens up to the right in front of a large (pile of snow?) and I noticed that there are also sort of a strip mall of businesses in front of me to the right, about 50 yards farther. I'm thinking about other people parking all around me.

      + (maybe earlier) I'm arriving to someplace I think in (current country) it's like a school or a sports camp I arrived to the building a wooden building and I'm welcomed by a staff greeter who I think is a young woman and she takes me up to the 2nd floor the 2nd floor and the upper floor is for basketball the décor is old dark reddish Brown wood very rich color old looking and we get to the 2nd floor and the ceiling is very low and it's quite low even for a regular room and I'm thinking "there's no way we're gonna be able to play basketball in that space." and the kids start arriving A lot of them are shirtless young men there are some girls but looking at the guys they're all very muscly very young they don't have their shirts on and I'm thinking well if I'm gonna have to take off my shirt they're gonna laugh at me cause make some kind of fat by comparison.

      + tennis dream I'm practicing taking some strokes I think it's in our room in an indoor facility my opponent will be coming soon and I want to look very impressive by taking some very strong ground strokes working on some backhands And some forehands but the ball seems to always go too low or too wide too wide, these would not be legal shots in a real game.

      + [vague] Sort of a combat dream outdoors obstacle course [this one unfortunately has faded] there's also something about having to choose someone as if they're an opponent or a friend and they're all sort of young men 1 of them is very fat I don't know how I've faded a bit unfortunately and there are some tall fences and maybe some tanks and climbing along walls moving between areas

      + (earlier) With S1 and S2. I'm moving through a house like our PTL house with S2 and where arguing about the rhythm or the meter of the opening notes to Beethoven's 5th (da-da-da-duuuummmmmm) and he thinks it's a triplet and I know it's 2/4 signature (eighth notes with a eighth note rest)

      another scene S1 is very angry at us I have an impression of city scape S1 is like leaving S2 and me, leaving us forever, because you are the ones who you did something to me or took something for me. (Something about coats?)

      a brief scene where S2 is being horribly abused (or it's a dare?) by S1 and some other kid, they're in a public bathroom standing at a row of sinks and S2 has impaled his entire left nostril on a whole faucet, the complete faucet structure is entirely up into his nose and the skin of his nose is horribly stretched and enlarged from this. Then S2 stand up and pulls his nose off the faucet, and the nostril remains horribly enlarged hanging from his face like an empty sack. This repeats a few times I'm thinking this is quite a horrible thing.

      The earlier dreams were at 4 AM the later dreams the final waking was about 7:15
    3. 5 Jul: Warrior fighting alien monsters and a hero who saves kids from a murderer

      by , 07-05-2022 at 11:54 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am a warrior, maybe a samurai. I am protecting a large group of inahbitants in the mountains. My guru is among them. There is a big eruption in the mountain and the ground is oepning up and lava flowing out of it and everyone running in all directions. I manage to escape and lead many away with me and to the safety of some caves in another mountain past a bridge. Then, some sort of alien monster attacks me, the size of an elephant with tentacles. But I find a weapon that also seems alien to me, quite big, like a staph with a large bulb on top which shoot lasers and I manage to kill the monster with it. The villagers gather around for some decision making in a safe room around a table. I see my guru there and I still crave for his kind words and attention. I am expecting something from him, but he doesn't address me. I decide to stay humbly in my position by the door and guard people. But at some point I feel like I need to leave for good. I have done my job and need to find my peace of mind again, away from everything. So I announce I will be going back home, for which I need to cross again a dangerous path through the land of other monsters. They try to change my mind, but I feel too hurt to stay. As I cross the bridge separating the mountains, I see spectres approaching and I find out I have achieved super speed like Flash and can move away from them without them ever posing a threat. I call the guru from afar, hoping he too has the same powers and can meet me later wherever I am.

      I am staying at some kind of posh old hostel, maybe in the 30s. It is early morning and I am starving, so I go get a snack from the cafeteria. The lady serving the food says I must eat and pay for the proper breakfast but I explain I just need some sugar as I feel lightheaded and will come back later for the breakfast, so she agrees to hand me some snack. Then I am planning to take a shower and look for the bathrooms on my floor. Realize I am wearing a transparent baby doll and not exactly adequately dressed to go around the corridor, so I find a ladies toilet and go inside looking for a towel to wrap myself on. Find a strange looking mirror on the wall. Almost got lucid when wondering why there is no reflection of my image on the mirror, only to find out it is actually a door with a window covered in paper on the other side. I feel like any pervert could open a hole or lift a corner of the paper and look inside and that is stupid. As I think that, a guy peaks in from the next compartment and I get pissed. I go outside, open the door of the next compartment where he his and I punch his face. But wonder who the idiot was that put the paper on the side of the men's toilet and not on the ladies'.
      Some other girl comes rushing to defend him. She is his lover or something and won't believe that he was peaking. Accuses me of teasing men by being half naked on the hallways. I decide to leave and get dressed. Then I get lost in a corridor that connects to an abandoned area of the building. I go down some stairs and find a basement full of trash. I remove some stuff blocking a door and I find 4 or 5 kids with terror in their eyes. But they are not really kids, but living and moving cloth and yarn dolls of animals and other strange characters. But I consider them as kids. They don't talk, but I know what they feel and think. They've been kidnapped and are afraid their kidnapper will come back soon. I bring them with me. Meanwhile their kidnappper comes back and she is some woman wanted for murder. People thought she had died, but she has been hiding in here all that time. She sees me, she blocks my exit and I need to find a new exit. I am carrying the kids against my chest, as they are actually dolls. I find a window at the street level and I break and jump through it. She chases me. I run to a bar or casino whose owner is by the door. He ows me a favor, so I tell him to call the cops and the media and bring them to the tailor shop. I go there, because the tailor is the murderer's father. I assume he's been helping her out, or at least that bringing her to him will have some emotional effect and give me a chance to escape. And in fact he is surprised to see her, but not that much. Clearly he just wasn't expecting to see her there, but they've been seeing each other. I am blocked inside the tailor's shop and they think they got it under control. They discuss how to kill me and hide the kids again, but then the cops and press appear and they are caught in the act. I announce that she's the killer they've been looking for, that the father was her accomplice and then to top if of, I show them the children I have been hiding insde my jacket and ask them to check for matches with missing kids. Everybody treats me like I am the hero of the century.

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