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    1. The Root of Dream Control

      by , 07-08-2022 at 06:59 PM
      My concept of lucidity has changed drastically in the past 1-2 years. I see this same change in many other people and it explains a lot of dream control issues. Most newbies figure this out a lot sooner than I did. A lot of naturals are in the same boat as me.

      I used to understand that I was dreaming, but didn't fully grasp the implications. Sure, I knew it was a dream and that I was asleep in bed, but I didn't fully understand what a dream was. This changed everything about what lucidity meant for me.

      I viewed it as something inward and of the mind, sure, but more involuntary and disconnected from myself. I was under the false assumption that one's subconscious dreams and dream psychology is consequential rather than influential. The dream was the RESULT of my psyche. This was wrong.

      Dreams are an actively changing, growing, and living manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. Once you realize this, being lucid carries a whole new understanding about your control over dreams. This is essentially the "Aha!" moment I had when I achieved ultimate dream control.

      It took me over 20 years to figure this out. A lot of people get it way earlier on haha.
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