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    1. 30 Sep: Afraid of a spider and saved by Spiderman

      by , 09-30-2022 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some kind of seminar, tables are set around the room forming a square and people are sitting against the wall. I spot a spider the size of my hand going under the chair of a lady nearby and then climbing up the wall behing her. I warn her, she sees it and screams her lungs out. Then some practical joker on her side grabs the spider and threathens to throw it her at any of us. I freak out and try to run away, but all the people sitting block my passage. He is on other side of the table (inside the square) so he approaches me with the spider on his hand and throws it at me. He misses me, but the spider clings to the wall beside me. Then the dresam shifts and I am in my bed, supposedly in my room at my mom's house, but the spider is also in here. It got cozy in a corner of the wall near the ceiling and made a web there. I watch in horror as some really big animal gets stuck in it and she is about to kill it. The animal is a rat and right away another rat comes into the web and together they kill the spider. Then I freak out that I have two rats in my room. They look at me and they don't seem afraid. Actually, one of them seems to like me. They come down and jump into my bed. I am not afraid of them either since they seem to be nice, only of the flees and ticks they might have. They seem to be some kind of hybrid between a ferret and a rat, they are huge and have dark stripes over a brown fur and the female has a red fluffly tail. She just lays down purring and asking for pets, so I pet her. She is a sweet, but her partner is more shy. I let him know it is okay to come over, but the female rat actually keeps him at bay, showing who's the boss. Then a dog comes in the room, it feels like he is my dog Hachi, but he looks like a white fluffy samoiedo instead. I am afraid that he'll want to kill my new friends, but instead he lays by the side of the female rat and she jumps on his back and all is well. I am amazed. I get up and try to turn the ceiling lights on but there is something wrong with the switch and I can't figure out what it is (dream sign missed). Anyway, I go to the kitchen and put some stuff in the oven to cook.
      Meamwhile Riverstone and Nighthawk arrive and I say I am cooking pizzas and other stuff but I take a break to join them sitting to talk. I notice Nighthawk is feeling really awkward and doesn't even look at me, but after a while we get cozy under a blanket on the sofa and somehow I end up half naked hugging him. We have more people coming over and I suppose Riverstone is entertaining them in some other room, because we only hear their voices, but we don't want them storming in, so I grab Nighthawk and drag him to an empty room, push him against the wall and we kiss. We slowly slide down to the floor, we make out, but then people come in. I quickly sneak out through another door, hiding, since I am kinda naked, but he is not and he welcomes them as if nothing happened. I magically get clothed again and recall that I left stuff in the oven. The house is now some big place like a central train station. I have to walk a long walk to get to the kitchen. When I get there, it exploded and I feel despaired that it was my fault as I left the stuff in the oven burn and somehow caused a fire which caused the explosion. Then from the blaze comes a guy that I know in the dream has a crush on me - he looks like Raita for some reason. Due to the explosion he mutated and is now is 10 mt tall and has a belt with living people attached all around, from whom he sucks their vital force. When he sees me he says "now you'll be mine!" and he chases me down as I run through other people in the large main hall of this building. I try to head to some elevators but they are all busy, so then I go up a spiral staircase that is full of women going up. They all start to run up the stairs with me when they see the monster chasing me. They help me by letting me pass to the front and reach the top first. At the top there is a door with a bunch of locks and knobs and for a second we panic but some ladies come to the front saying they have the one key that unlocks it all. It is a race against time as the monster approaches, but they manage to open it. Behind the door is a platform looking over what seems like a zoo enclosure with lots of different animal species coexisting. Unfortunately not all of them are safe and peaceful. We close the door behind us and we get rid of the monster, but now we spot some wild boars and when we try to come down, they charge, not letting us go across the enclosure. There is an access to a lake which gives access to an area of empty land with a door to some other building. We plan to go that way but I fear there might be dangerous animals in the water too. Some of the ladies take a chance and jump, but soon enough there is a huge crocodile coming their way. I spot the sillhouette under the water and warn them to get out. They get out really at the last second. Then we are hopelessly stuck. Then I remember to call Superman. Nobody knows, but I know him and we've had an affair. It's guaranteed that he'll come if I call for him, so I start yelling "Superman, I am in danger, please come!" I expect to see him right away but he doesn't come. I call two times, three times and he is not coming. Then someone points to the skyline and nearby behind some skyscrapers, there is a battle of titans going on, but it's not Superman, it's a giant Spiderman fighting my giant stalker from before. As I call Superman one last time, Spiderman removes his mask and throws it at me. It's enormous so it covers me like a blanket. Everybody is asking why did he do it and I am worried people will see his face and get to know his identity. I see his face and I am confused as the guy under the mask is Axman. Sure, he is also in love with me, but I didn't know he was also a superhero.
    2. The Arranged Marriage

      by , 09-30-2022 at 09:36 AM
      I'll preface this by saying I've been reading Fire and Blood by G.R.R. Martin.

      I dreamed that I was at my old house in Cedar Creek and my brother and I were about to be forced to marry. We sat on his bed and discussed it for a long while; Whether or not we should run away or commit. We reluctantly accepted our fate.
    3. okay

      by , 09-30-2022 at 05:37 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie 1

      A dream where she's leaning over a bed or something like she's been praying??? and she is saying to me, "I plan to reach out to you."

      Ok. Heard that one before...

      Dream 2

      A dream that I was with Lucifer. But it was the one from ."Supernatural." (like the actor who plays him tho. He's ina ll my favorite shows, Dexter and LOST.) He was threatening something can't remember what.

      Jamie 2

      Another Jamie dream but I can't remember what it was about.
      Tags: jamie, lucifer
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. Mafia Man

      by , 09-30-2022 at 03:58 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I kep forgetting to post this from a few days ago. Quick summary.
      Hiding from fat mafia man in black suit with 2 others. We dive in water in a well lit cave. I notice I am breathing water and become lucid. I decide to dispatch the mafia man by summoning a gun and shooting him. The gun doesnt appear and I cant seem to fake. I end up just putting my ***** in his mouth. He turns into a pretty woman and I wake up.
    5. 29 Sep: Looking for food in Australia, rich friend mansion, tasting clouds lucid

      by , 09-29-2022 at 09:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Watching some show like "60 Minutes" about a reporter quest to find some hacker. The reporter shows a map of Australia and the different locations the police thought the hacker was at and how she found him for real. Then I am down there in Australia, in some small town away from everything. The other nearest town is 5 hours away and I realize that most people around here never gets very far away from their location because you need to travel by plane to get anywhere in a decent time frame. I suddenly also realize I am in the middle of nowhere and I remember my babies are at home, so far away and I feel so sad and miss them. I feel like I will be away for some time. I walk through the town, cross a crosswalk and see lots of people going in the same direction, then a bunch of uniformed police coming from the opposite direction. But I go to where the police are coming from and they join the rest of the crowd and head to my left down another street. Where I go is some comercial area. I enter a mall looking for a food court. I find some place that looks like a self-service buffet with lots of people in a line and by chance I encounter Zilla. I check the food on display and it is mostly yummy cakes but I want some main dishes. I ask Zilla if there is something veggie and she immediately grabs some fried tofu that is the last available and some other customers before me also wanted to eat. She gets away with it but everybody thinks bad of her and starts trashing her. So she asks me if I want to join her in going somewhere else. I agree and she takes me outside the mall into a back alley. Points to what seems like a private home, but with one single table with two seats outside the door on the sidewalk. We sit and wait to be attended, but I feel awkward with how bizarre this is. Some lady on a window above us is hanging a bedsheet to dry over our heads and I say "What if she was dusting a carpet?" She hears and replies that she could and she wouldn't care. But Zilla seems totally relaxed about all this. She then sees some family playing with their kids in a terrace on the other side of the road and because she is a mom now, she can't help it but to go talk to them about their kids. I notice the kids amazing eyes but I don't care engaging with them.

      Meet Tova and come to visit her new house in Portugal. Crazy decoration with water tanks along the walls going from room to room, cascading at some points, with fish and plants in some locations. It looks gorgeous but then in one room the tanks are overflowing and ruining the furniture and the floor. I tell her to reduce the volume of the water to stop it overflowing and she says that's the plan but she isn't so happy about it because they wanted to create an effect like infinity pools if only the water kept still. I sit down at some sofa with other guests and there is a famous football player, some actors and some of these VIPs want to know who I am. We have some fun conversation where I explain I am nobody, and I am feeling totally comfortable among them.

      I get lost in some backdoors, leading to service corridors and rooms and end up at the entrance of a kitchen. I look through the window on the door and spot an hispanic lady alone in there and some other door on the opposite side also with a window, through which I spot some nasty looking guys. I sneak in quietlly and I ask her if she seen those guys and knows them. She says no and she also finds them fishy. We then sense that something violent is going on out there, so we try to barricade the door. After failed attempts, she suggests we just leave. I get lost from her in the corridors and find some door to the exterior, ending up alone at night in the middle of what seems a parking lot in the back
      . I then become lucid and feel like levitating up into the clouds which are extremely low in the night sky. Then I feel like trying the taste of the clouds and they feel like cotton candy but without any flavour. So then I think about different flavours like mango, strawberry, caramel and I imagine the cotton candy clouds tasting like those. It works and I have a lot of fun savoring the clouds. Then the clouds start raining sweet syrup all over me and I feel strangely like removing my clothes. I bathe in the sweet nectar and start feeling a bit horny. So I play a bit with myself. Meanwhile I feel like I should stop it and actually do something more useful with my lucidity, but I wake up.

      With mom, on the street. It's dusk and some really ugly clouds are forming in the distance. I spot a saucer shaped UFO with 3 lights and I warn her about it. Turns out, when it gets closer, it is actually some weird weather drone analyzing the incoming storm. We then spot a tornado and try to find shelter. There is only a gas station which doesn't seem to offer much shelter, but luckily it has an underground level, although with an open top. We go around looking for extra shelter but we just see people laying low and near the walls as there seems to be no better shelter. Yet there is actually a small corner room that has a wall and ceiling and offers more protection. I go inside and there is maybe 3 or 4 other people who are ok with us joining them. But since no one else is coming inside, I suggest we barricade the open door with something for us to be safer. They agree, but then some kids ask to come in and I let them, then Alex appears out of nowhere and I also let him, but then no one else and we block the entrance. Then when the storm hits, the people outside seem to finally start to feel afraid and also want to come inside but now we don't want to let anyone else come in, so they start vandalizing our barricade and a fights starts over them wanting to come in an us trying to keep ourselves safe.

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    6. Some updates (including lucids, time travel stuff, giant worms, and Donald Trump)

      by , 09-29-2022 at 03:09 AM
      It's been a while since I last made a DJ post in here. Mostly because I didn't think many people would be interested in my usual dreams. I got out of the habit of lucid dream efforts, but in the past month have gotten back into it. Here are some highlights from the past month (not everything, just a couple of things I thought were more interesting):

      Sunset 9/3/22

      This one was interesting partly because I think it was based on someone else's dream.

      There are people who mostly live inside (a place by the sea, I think). This is because an enemy has come along and is fighting against them. As long as they are inside they are safe. However, they do seem to go out in the evenings, about the time that the sun is setting. Someone asks why they do this at all, since if they stayed inside the whole time there would be no reason to fight at all. The reply is something to the effect of having to live like people, and not give up. Or, thatís what life is about. This enemy seems to have left them alone for quite some time, but after 100 years had returned. A bit like Attack on Titan. I was thinking this to myself. There is some anime-type guy fighting, and at some point he decides he is going to try to fight against death itself. Or at least thatís what I think. The place where these people are located is under a big force-field type dome, and there seems to only be the one little section with an atmosphere, which is where they live...

      ...Maybe the same dream, maybe earlier or later. We are in a Church, I think. There is a prize being offered to the person that names the sunset. People are chipping in a lot of money, and the prize is up over a hundred thousand dollars. When the person came around for my entry though, I think I just called it something generic like ďsunsetĒ. Also, I was supposed to give my telephone number or something, and I didnít do that. Later, someone asks if we gave answers that were likely to win, which she thought involved several parts of a code-like response. I ďwake upĒ later, thinking that I should have named the sunset something like ďrose pink and cherry blossomsĒ or something like that. That reminds me of a song, and I hear people a floor below me singing it.

      Movie and interesting time stuff 9/7/22

      Watching a movie about war, or something. It has to do with communists. Somebody is a hero, but I donít quite understand whatís going on because I havenít really been watching the movie from the beginning...

      ...There are three guys that kind of look the same. Actually, they are the same person, I think, from three different times. There is a fourth guy that is watching them from a vehicle. Eventually they meet up, and this is also the same guy. They have a friend with them, and I think the new guy finds it quite amusing to see his old friend again, but the latest addition to the group (I think) decides that they should leave him behind. They stop somewhere, and the friend goes inside to check on something, and the four identical people leave him behind.

      Time Travel Cabinet 9/9/22

      Walking somewhere, trying to get away from a woman that can control minds. As we walk, one guy realizes how pretty the woman was, and kind of misses her. This seems to be related to the flowers on some plant. The woman catches up to us, but we jump into our time traveling cabinet/space ship before she can get us. We have escaped her by allowing our minds to be controlled by some other people, apparently. The woman warns us that these other people are violent. We reply that these specific people arenít. Our ship takes off, and I try to hold the door closed without running the risk of falling out myself, I think.

      Lucid in an opium den 9/12/22

      I took more detailed notes this night, which may be helpful for others so I'll include them. Another note: I don't encourage drug use!! Especially not opium, or its derivatives.

      4:10am Ė Woke up a few minutes ago. I had a lot of coffee yesterday, and I wonder if the melatonin I took is wearing off. Anyway, Iím having some heartburn and having some trouble sleeping at the moment, so I will hopefully make this into a WBTB. Drinking some baking soda water now. I donít recall too much of dreaming prior to this, except that I dreamed someone was coughing as I lay on my left side experiencing indigestion.

      5:05am Ė Iím going to try to go back to sleep. Hopefully it wonít be another night of difficult sleep. I might start cutting back on caffeine. I might also take some valerian, since it seems to help with the waking-sleep transition. Maybe I can WILD. Remember to stabilize, then go look for the Dream Base. Maybe I can make a portal to get there. Flying might work too.

      11:15am Ė I did not get back to sleep until about 8:00. Woke up again just a few minutes ago.

      Opium Den (lucid)

      Running around a town. I think my friends want to go to a strip club, but I donít want to go. Iím lucid! There are tunnels in the city that go down, possibly underground. There are opium dens down there, as well as at least one normal store (like a cell phone business or something). I run down one of the tunnels, and go into one of the dens. There are people sitting around the den on benches, and a man to my left that seems to be managing the place. I decide that it might be fun to take some opium and see what happens, since Iím dreaming and it wouldnít hurt.

      I go to the manager, who (if I remember correctly) gives me some challenge that I have to pass before he will give me opium. Then he shows me a box with a bunch of little containers in it, and I select one that looks kind of like a decorated egg. I walk over to a bench, opening the container as I do so. There are a bunch of grains of ďopiumĒ inside, along with little tweezers that you are supposed to use to take out the grains.

      Sitting down, I try getting out a grain or two with the tweezers. This proves to be more difficult than I expected, but eventually I get some into my mouth. Pretty soon, I find myself overcome with a pleasurable, relaxing sensation. I relax into a sort of stupor, reminiscent of the feeling I had a couple of days ago while listening to a lucid dreaming hypnosis script

      I donít quite remember what happened immediately after this. At some point I had an experience where I took a small laptop or ipad home from somewhere (the University perhaps?) and decide that I should return it. I was apparently lucid on some level - not enough to realize that there wasnít much point in taking back the laptop, but enough to realize that I could fly there riding my guitar. I go flying up into the air, finding myself above campus near the library.

      Trailer Trouble 9/14/22

      In a camper trailer. There is another trailer being built nearby, which I think is too close. I notice something wrong with a little hole on the outside, apparently it is on fire. I go out to look at it, and see that it is sparking even when it is not actively burning. I unplug some things from it, which then involves me running around to at least three different generators and unplugging things...

      ...(not sure if this is the same dream) some villains are trying to attack. I try to drop rocks down on them from above...

      ...(still not sure if this is the same dream) villains are trying to get into the trailer. I think they succeed, and take someone hostage(?) They take them somewhere under water. It turns out that they can breathe while they are there...

      ...Meanwhile, back at the trailer (I think) weíre getting thirsty. There doesnít seem to be any water. But then Dad goes up on a hill, and after following him I find that he is still there with at least one other guy (I think) next to a deep hole that they dug. At the bottom of the hole is some muddy water. I wonder why they donít dig the well deeper, but apparently the water level doesnít change, or doesnít get any cleaner, or something. There is a shallower hole nearby that also has water in it. Yay! I think there might be a dog there too. They offer me a cup of filthy water. If you let it set a bit, the mud goes to the bottom and the water is sort of clean...

      ...But look out! The worms are coming! Big worms. Apparently, man-eating worms. We go back to trailer (unless this happened earlier and this is afterwards, but Iíll go with the hypothesis that this is in order of events). The worms attack. We fend them off somehow, although I think at least one person is dragged away. Or maybe that was the second time. The worms attack again, bigger this time...

      ...Inside the worm, it turns out that these arenít actually worms but machines that look like worms. There are people inside, tramping down some long industrial-looking corridor. Some people have drowned in there too (I forget what the deal was, but I think a bunch of water got in there earlier somehow)...

      ...Somewhere there was a bit about Mom (I think) trying to convince me that I should study underwater worms. There are two options, worms on land, and worms underwater. You get to scuba dive to see the underwater worms, but they look kind of scary to me...

      Sick Cat and Donald Trump 9/19/22

      Someone has a dead, or dying cat. Itís on a flat plate, like a large microscope slide (the animal is flat too, and almost microscopically thin). They are trying to get some help. Someone comes along and gets involved. It seems that the cat can be helped, but they need a place where they can put it for a while. This person decides that Donald Trump might be willing to lend his condo. They go up to a posted sign that has a number you can call if you need to reach the president, and call him. I go outside, reflecting that Donald Trump would probably be willing to help out...

      Had a brief lucid dream 9/20. Then took a little break from journaling. Started again today, and had this dream last night:

      Lucid at the apartment 9/28/22

      Walking towards the back of the property where I currently live. There is another house to the left, and the Front House to the right. It seems to be set up a bit like the house at C- used to be. The back house isnít in its normal place. There seems to be another large building back there, but it isnít the back house. I think to myself that this might be a dream. I say something to myself like: ďThis is probably a dream, sir.Ē I do a nose pinch RC, and find that Iím dreaming. I think for a moment about my goals, and remember that I was going to try to find the Dream Base. I think to myself that I had at least one other goal, but the only one that came to mind was the Dream Base. I recognize this as being an artifact of dreaming Ė it seems a little difficult at times to remember things from waking life clearly. Anyway, I look around for the Dream Base beacon, and I think I see a light or two in the distance. They look like regular lights though, like a building or cell tower. But then I apparently lose the dream. Unless it's an FA or the Void.

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    7. Disturbing new dream involving my mom, sister, and granddads old car

      by , 09-28-2022 at 03:13 AM
      I had a new dream last night involving my mom, sister, and granddads old reliant which is by far the most disturbing one I have ever had. This dream was set in the time when granddad was living at the nursing home in the final months of his life.

      When this dream started, me and mom were in granddads old reliant. Mom was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. We were on our way to pick my sister up from practice for a play she was going to be in.

      Soon we were pulling up to the community theater where my sister's play was going to be and where she was having the practice. Mom pulled into a spot in the parking lot and then told me to sit tight as she turned off the reliant and then got out to go and get my sister.

      After I had been waiting in the car by myself for a few minutes, my sister was walking up to the passenger side of the reliant and then opening the front passenger side door and then telling me to scoot over to the middle seat. I looked behind me and saw that the back seat was full of granddads stuff and there was nowhere to sit back there and then pulled my feet up on the passenger seat to give my sister room to get past me and sit in the middle but she reminded me it was her day to choose where to sit and she wanted the window and I needed to scoot. I reluctantly unfastened the tan shoulder belt and then scooted across the tan vinyl bench seat to the middle and then fastened the tan lap belt around my waist as my sister plopped onto the passenger seat and then closed her door and fastened her shoulder belt. We had to spend a little while waiting in the reliant together because mom was talking to some other parents out in the parking lot.

      Eventually mom was walking towards the reliant and then sitting down in the driver seat to my right. She started up the car and we pulled out of the parking lot and were heading towards home.

      Mom was then pulling into the parking lot of the nursing home where granddad was staying. She told us she needed to stop by and check on granddad as she pulled into a parking space and turned off the reliant and told us to sit tight and stay buckled. I told her I wanted to see granddad and she told me she needed to see how he was doing and that if he was feeling up to it she would come back and get us. She then closed us into the car and disappeared into the nursing home.

      Not long after she went into the nursing home, she was walking out of it and back towards the reliant. I was hoping that grandad was doing well and then we could go and see him, but as she was fumbling through her purse for the keys and then unlocking the driver side door I noticed she was shaking and looked really upset. She sat down int the driver seat, closed her door, and then told us granddad had been taken to the emergency room and she needed to go to the hospital and check on him. She told us she needed us to be quiet and then started up the reliant and drove it to the hospital.

      When we go to the hospital, she pulled into a parking space in the parking lot and told us to stay buckled-up and then cut off the reliant and got out and walked towards the emergency room entrance.

      Me and my sister then had to wait in the reliant for what felt like an eternity pressed up against each other in the front seat which was really uncomfortable. I was really worried about granddad and what was going to happen to him. I really didn't want to talk about it, but my sister did and kept asking me things like if granddad was going to die which made me really upset. She kept wanting for us to talk about granddad and I kept trying to change the subject because I did not want to share my feelings with my sister. The longer we had to wait in the car. the more worried I was getting that something was seriously wrong with granddad and that maybe he would not make it out of the hospital.

      Eventually I heard my sister say "mommy is coming" and then I saw mom slowly walking through the parking lot towards the reliant where we were waiting.

      I woke up from the dream before mom got in the car and had no idea how granddad was doing or if he was dead or alive. It took me a while to fall back asleep after waking up from this dream.
    8. 2022-09-26 fair bit of dreaming, but recall slipped away

      by , 09-26-2022 at 08:55 AM
      Catching up on previous night's short sleep, just not enough energy to recall and record during the night.

      one scene clearly remembered:

      +[f] I'm telling my younger son (young in the dream) that he can go get his black/red rubber boots

      + [vague] some flying around an area outside

      + [vague] something happening in an indoor classroom
    9. Portal to Rome

      by , 09-25-2022 at 07:06 PM
      I had a few lucids last night. But only remember the first well. I had planned to try to create a scene change, and asked that my dreaming mind show me "something I need see".

      G/C + LT

      Portal to Rome (INRALD)

      I wake from a non-lucid dream. I figure it's best to open my eyes and check the kitchen night light. Turns out it's off, which is a sure sign I am dreaming. At first, I have a bit of trouble getting up. But I do manage to roll over and slowly get up. Making my way to the front door. When I exit, I leap in the air. Attempting to mentally pull myself toward the top of a number of tall trees in my view. This works pretty well at first, but then fizzles out. So I rely on my backstroke approach to fly horizontally. Faster and faster until I induce a scene change.

      I am now at a doorway that leads to a patio that is elevated. A woman greets me and we exchange brief pleasantries. The patio lead to a fairly steep stairwell. In fact too steep for a person to traverse. The stairwell lead down to a flat segment of land the is busy with many people on an open air square of sorts. There are buildings as I change my view farther and farther. But the buildings are not modern. They appear to be more Roman era. And quite pristine. The people however are not wearing Roman era clothes. Rather they are dressed in a more modern manner. It's an odd dichotomy. The woman somehow manages to go down the steep steps almost instantly. It looks too dicey to try to repeat her performance. So instead I leap off the patio and fly downwards toward the square. Eventually I am flying across the square at about 3-4 feet off the ground.

      As I continue to fly in this manner, I am blown away by the scene I am embedded in. It is just exquisite. The pristine Roman buildings with all their intricate detail. Just stunning. I fly for a minute or so enjoying this scene, when the visuals start to fade. In an attempt to re-stabilize the dream, I wrap my legs around the next person I fly past. A young and attractive woman. So I am still horizontal with my legs now around her waist. We greet each other. I don't recall who made the first move, but before long we are face to face and kissing quite passionately. Normally I would be put off by the other nearby people. But not this time. I return to the ground and start to take my clothes off. Which takes longer than hoped. By the time we reconvene I am no longer aroused. So she sits on my and start to manually stimulate me back to an aroused state. This is very nice, but the dream becomes unstable
      and I wake. (another FA).
    10. 2022-09-25 vivid, long, lots of frisky time

      by , 09-25-2022 at 08:30 AM
      No supplements, to bed not too late (15 mins after preferred), big vivid waking around 5 hrs, that plus major life stress meant I didn't get back to sleep so I just got up about 1.5-2 hours early and lay on the couch with the dog waiting for it to get light outside.

      + I was simultaneously me and some other guy in bed with his/my wife, getting frisky, we're kissing, she falls out of bed and laughs about it, gets back up, then our daughter comes into room, we say we're just playing, she jumps into bed and says "I want to play, too!", I roll my eyes thinking no "fun" tonight

      + rotating the handle to close a 2-part skylight that was leaking in the rain; two dishwashers, they recommend to use the less-automated one with the round dish holder. The entire dish tray is circular like a large donut, it's a strange form factor. The more normal dishwasher had something wrong with it

      + a purple couple being frisky, I tell them about the birds and the bees, they say "well THAT would have been good to know earlier!" and pull out a string of their (purple) kids from underneath the bed, I get frisky with the woman, this goes on for quite a while, it's pretty good

      + frisky time [detect the theme for the night?] with another woman who's in a room with some other men, then we're sitting around in a group talking about how it went

      (MEO 2022-09-25)

      +[f] there is blood on a crane, and it has turned blue

      + strategizing about how to defeat an enemy using advanced technology in the form of a car, and the enemy comes and steals the car

      + a pile of small, odd, round-ish gray devices on a wall, they are computer chips embedded in some sort of solidified powder

      + former work place, meeting with people sitting around a large table, meeting head says something like "and what about status from A, B, <myname>," my [former] manager who is sitting with me away from the table says "oh, he [me] is off the project, now 'Dale' is handling that", I wonder about this 'Dale'. I think Dale is a woman, and probably of Indian decent, I wonder how talented she is (I assume pretty good to be working there)
    11. 24 Sep: Home invaders and meeting a friend at an antiques store

      by , 09-24-2022 at 09:19 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      There is some stormy weather and can't close my living room window. I keep grabbing my cats to keep them inside while I try to fix it and they seem intent on getting out. Then my house is taken over by some bad people. They want something and I keep pretending I don't know anything about it. Eventually I grab the thing they want from my office and while they are distracted elsewhere and the lights go off because of the storm, I sneak out to the kitchen and leave through the back door. Luckily my dog Hachi is quietly asleep and doesn't make a sound. I hope to get back for my animals soon, but so far I must leave. The bad guys eventually notice I escaped and turn on some floodlights outside trying to spot me. But there is someone else just arriving and getting in the way of the ligths and I take advantage and run through the fields. Much much later I encounter a group of friends and I think I am safe. Except don't seem happy to see me and proceed to hide under some tarps in some construction site. I join them there to find out what's up.

      Something about an expedition and a UFO.

      Shopping with my familty for some crazy but beautiful clothes. I literally get lost in it as my family leaves me there. I decide to check the second floor of the shop, which I never visited. First part is lingerie but then all sorts of antiques for decor. I am amazed with what I find there. Then some crazy obsessed guy is melting down because he collects something and they no longer have new items for him to buy. My first reaction is to think bad of this guy, but then I realiz he has a serious mental condition and he is not guilty of it, so I feel compassion instead. Then decide to take some pics of some items and of the shop itself. Some cute guy seems happy that I find and expose a wooden piece that was hidden under other pieces and he calls his mom to come and see it and asks my help to set it up straight. I do, but the wood starts breaking apart since it's so old. We decide to put it back. He still considers buying it to restore it, it but every time we touch it, it breaks more. Then he flirts with me and I think he wants to go on a date, but I don't. Then I encounter Sevi and she is glad to see me. Actually too glad to see me, considering she's been mad at me for years. We hug and we talk and the other dude disappears. Then she gets a bit too warm and she whispers in my ear she'd like to invite me to go with her to an hotel nearby and I immediately say no and that she got me all wrong.
    12. Log 2701 - TOTY 2022 - DIY Instant Garden

      by , 09-23-2022 at 08:58 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 September 2022

      Woof. Quite a big gap since the last time I posted. Well, better get to it then.

      Spoiler for Lots o' text:

      Updated 09-23-2022 at 09:05 PM by 89930

      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment , task of the year
    13. 2022-09-23 long sleep, few dreams

      by , 09-23-2022 at 09:38 AM
      Tried 400mg L-theanine and 1g L-tryptophan at bedtime.

      Was in bed from around 22:30 to 07:50, a record for recent months, almost 9 hours!
      I usually estimate about 30 minutes of time awake in the night, meaning about 8.3 hours sleeping.

      Interestingly, there was very little dreaming that I recall.

      + writing with a pen that changes colors as you write

      + talking with musicians, that I play <main instrument>, but used to play trombone in 4th grade, and I could even hit a high "G" note at that time, the trombonists responded and said that's pretty good

      + [vague] with people in rooms, like a hostel, something about beds, bed sizes, and bedspreads


      + taking pics, someone comes to and demands to see what I've taken
    14. 22 Sep: Victorian era gentleman and a friend invites me for sex

      by , 09-22-2022 at 07:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Visiting an asylum in a castle during the victorian era. I accidentally step into the dungeons and encounter some weird looking bald grey skin people who surround me and say mysterious things like I am the chosen one. I just run away to daylight, feeling very uncomfortable. I am a rich young attractive man, looking very much like Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula. The ladies all look at me drooling, but I am very chaste and not actually interested. I am also very weirded out by what just happened. Then some tall bulky bald man, also with a weird pale skin and a tall hat stares at me as he walks past me. I hear him in my head whispering something like "soon" and "you have been chosen" and I see visions of myself in a near future as a vampire. I actually feel seducted with the idea.
      I still try not to be followed by this guy as the night falls. There is some nocturnal parade and many policemen on the streets and I am kinda forced to enter a park and end up by a lake that is restricted access. Some policemen see me and tell me to get out. So I see myself again in the parade area and stuck in the middle of a group of noisy teenagers. I try to get away by entering a perpendicular street leading to a parallell road and walking it in the opposite direction. On the other road, the sidewalk is too narrow and the road is too busy, so I spot an old fashion mall that I know can be crossed into another street so I go in.
      I am myself again and I meet some familiar faces at the food court sharing a table. Namely there's Evangelion, whom I don't see for ages and he tells me to sit down at his side. We are packed really tight, but that was his intention all along. He flirts with me and I enjoy it. He says he missed me and would like to be with me somewhere alone right now. The others hear it and laugh, but he is serious. He suggests I follow him and I ask if he is taking me for a quickie in the public restroom but he doesn't get the sarcasm in my voice, Instead he answers that he has a better idea. There is some sort of rental rooms over the mall and despite all being taken he has some friends staying there and he hopes to get a room for free. He kinda does. Some friend is packing to check out soon and says we can enjoy the room for a while while she goes do something outside. I feel embarassed with all this, but I am also horny and want to be with him so I play along. As I get in bed he disappears for a while and when he comes back he has turned into a horny pimpled chubby pre-teenager and I wonder what the hell happened. He says he can't control it when he feels horny, he just becomes his younger self. He gets in bed and I say no way. Not only I'd be in trouble if I am found in bed with a minor, he also looks terribly unnatractive. He also can't contain himself and he is already literally covered in cum. I point it out and he is like "so what"? I am disgusted. Then my mom and a bunch other people just barge into the bedroom and they are shocked. My mom asks what am I doing and why. I try to lie and say it's nothing of what they think it is. I am actually still dressed under the sheets so I get up and say I was just taking a nap and this kid snuck in and got too excited. But they actually know it's Evangelion and know he is actually an adult and that that is not the problem. So I tell him to get back to his current self and he goes to the toilet and says he'll be back soon. When he does he is back into his tall adult self. I introduce him to mom and the others and they are all very nice and cordial and say we don't need to be embarassed. But I feel a bit puzzled and want to know what the problem is after all that they all barged in on us. Turns out that my mom thought I have been too libertine and worries that I go to bed with every guy.
    15. 2022-09-22 short sleep, 3 short scenes

      by , 09-22-2022 at 08:11 AM
      Late to bed, unavoidable due to fun evening activities .
      the range of 06:00 - 06:30 is converging on being a natural wake time. Drowsiness is pretty much gone by then, and the mind kicks in. Works well if I can get to bed by 22:30

      + In a sort of hub area in the center of an area with a lot of rooms around the periphery. I'm reading an electronic sign to try to see which room our commando team needs to storm to get the bad guys. I'm having trouble reading the screen, something about "34?" Then I see a clear "20" and I should out "It's 20! Go! Go! Go!"

      + In a bar, sort of half outdoors, low-class, like build of barrels, dirty, there is a guy from T-5 (Mon. Sal) there. I/they say something?

      + walking in a cave, I come to a point where the path rises up, curves to the left, goes back down, then turns to the right around a corner. From the top of the rise I look down and see some equipment, it is either a sensor or an automated weapon turret or a combination of both, and I know these are from the enemy. I quickly draw back down around the corner so I'm not in line of sight of the turret. I ponder taking another peek around the corner at the thing again (maybe I do, quickly?)
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