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    1. Dream sign identified: phone doesn't work

      by , 09-12-2022 at 02:36 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I was at work, but work shifted between being my actual retail job and somehow being in a house I don't recognize. For some reason we had an order for someone, I think they were having a huge party. They ordered pallets of 12 pack sodas, among other items. I had to -- I forget -- unload them, check them in, something. On top of trying to so something already, I think move large displays. I remember a lot of Maybelline stuff.

      It was then that I heard someone called out, and I was asked to stay an extra half hour. Sure. Just let me call home and let my family know I'll be running late. But my phone didn't work. Could pull up contacts even though I kept trying. The screen was nonsensical. Couldn't pull up the keyboard either. I took a break to go outside and sit in a car I didn't recognize so I could concentrate better. It didn't help. My boss(I didn't recognize this woman but knew she was my boss) went out the car that was apparently mine to ask if everything was okay.

      I was very upset after trying so long to use my phone and somehow I just couldn't. I asked for her phone, and she dialed the number I gave her and handed it to me. The person on the other end was a stranger. I looked at the phone; she had dialed a totally different number that I could even quite read. I spent the rest of the dream becoming increasingly distraught as I tried to dial the right number. It never worked. At one point I told the manager to just go back to what she was doing because she was waiting on someone for a meeting but she didn't want to just leave me alone in the parking lot, something about safety like I could get mugged or something.

      Also the manager's phone was a landline, not a smart phone. I wondered why and how a landline she owned worked so far from it's cradle which was surely at her house. Also, being a landline, it had actual buttons. And every time I hit a button it registered at the button next to it, so I couldn't possibly dial correctly. My mind explained this by deciding that the wires under the buttons were breaking down with age so they were shorting together.