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    1. Earliest Dream Memories

      by , 09-15-2022 at 11:24 PM
      It's been years since I've posted in a dream journal on DreamViews - I had one on another account which I kept going for ages, and I loved it. I've been in a rut recently fuelled by bad habits and laziness, and I want to pick myself up and grow stronger than ever. A big part of this is going to be about reducing my consumption and reconnecting with my spiritual side, something that I'm very excited to do.

      I'm very happy to see Dreamviews is still going, and it's old-school forum format gives me great solice, feeling like I can base myself here for a while for my self improvement journey. I'm hoping to join in with the community again (I wonder if the daily/weekly/monthly challenges are still about), but I'm going to start things off by returning to my dream journal. I always found that if I wasn't remembering my dreams for a while, I could simply write down as many dream-related things as I could remember and I would remember my dreams the next day.

      Earliest Dream Memories

      There's a few dreams that I remember having as a child on several occasions, essentially recurring nightmares. They were super abstract and had a overall feeling of 'doom', which I've always thought is interesting. These are abstract and mature feelings, so it's strange to have them as themes in toddler dreams.

      #1: The Rocket Launch. In this dream (I think it was recurring), I remember a vast 2D landscape, much like something you'd find in a very very old, rudimentary video game. It was in black and white, and the 'subject' of the scene was a cursor representing a rocket ship. I would see the black dot zipping across this infinite white void, not looking like it was moving due to its blank surroundings, yet something giving me a deep feeling of extreme speed. I would come to realize that this rocket was heading at enormous speeds towards a planet, perhaps earth. It also could have been the other way around, but there was just this overwhelming feeling of impending doom coming from the collision. I remember that this dream would feel infinite, timeless, and like nothing in the world mattered at that moment.

      #2: The Baby Rattle. This dream is much less detailed, but I remember it terrifying me - there were three young toddlers, perhaps one years old, standing over me on my bed giggling goofily whilst shaking rattles, getting closer and closer to me. Although it does sound like the thing of horror movies, I remember realizing that the scene itself wasn't scary in itself at all, yet in the dream it was incredibly haunting.

      #3: The Alice in Wonderland Effect. This is perhaps the most interesting of my old dreams - in fact I'm not sure it was even a dream. I remember it happened a few times and it would always happen as I was drifting into sleep. I would imagine a small ring that would have the mass of the entire universe, unimaginably heavy and dense. I wouldn't imagine it as the weight of the universe at the time because I'm pretty sure I was a toddler when this was happening. Something about the ring with this unimaginable mass really shook me up, it was an intense and almost doom like feeling. Later in life, I remember bringing this up to a couple of friends as well as my sister, and they all experienced something similar. One person remembered a feeling of the room feeling very small, whilst they themselves felt enormous. I also had a friend who had similar dreamlike experiences of being under a huge boat, with the monolithic darkness of the boat's bottom causing immense feelings of dread. I did a lot of research online to see if I could find anything similar to these experiences, and after a lot of searching I did. There was something called "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" i think, and it had something to do with being caused by very mild strokes caused naturally in children. Apparently its very common in kids but disappears as they get older.
    2. 15 Sep: At an event, then try to lucid teleport, end up fighting monsters in The Backrooms

      by , 09-15-2022 at 05:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Visiting the location of some teachings I am attending, I am amazed by the architecture and decor of the place, the temple, the gardens. I am helping out and looking for a mop to clean something when I stumble across Em. She takes me to her own apartment to get me a mop and says she is also tidying it up. And it really needs, it looks like a hoarder's house. She claims it's her mother who likes to have stuff covering every surface. I find that odd, from what I know about her, but say it's the same with me and my mom, except we don't want to, it just happens. Our teacher is on-site and welcoming small groups for personalized conversations and teachings in a large reception hall. He is receiving a group which I join in by mistake and they are talking about Jesus and calling themselves a church, it all sounds satirical yet they are truly commited to the part. I have no clue what they are up to, but not my business, so I leave. I am then invited to join a larger group who is having some kind of reception with food and drinks. We sit at a large U shaped table that goes around a U shaped corridor. Food starts being served and I ask if this is dinner, they say no and then I reply we will be full and not need dinner later. I meet some nice people and one guy is recording snips and bits of the event and makes a short clip with me, which distracts me for like 10 minutes, enough for all the food to disappear. They suggest I go directly to the kitchen and ask for more, but the only tray they still have is taken to another group and there is nothing left. I realize I am so hungry and can't wait until the next meal. I almost have a meltdown because of it.
      Some guy and girl invite me to go out and look for some café or other place to eat and I join them. The location feels like some European city with modern buildings. I feel Berlin vibes but it actually looks more like London. We are at some terraced passageway and then we need to go down some stairs to reach the main street where there is the subway and they are asking me where I am staying and where would be more convenient to go and I have no idea. They ask east or west and I mention vaguely an area but my mind is blurry. Then for some reason I decide to not go with them anymore and we separate. I then spot two ginger cats sleeping in the street, their backs against a wall, and I approach to see if they're ok. Apparently so and anyway I can't take them with me, so I leave them be.
      Then it gets blurry again but I am with a group of 2-3 people in a room and they aren't friendly to me and are menacing somehow, so I leave and try to lock the door behind me. I can't, so I start zigzagging through rooms and realize I am in some kind of the Backrooms, as each room has 3-4 doors only leading to another room and so on. Some are empty, some look like normal rooms in a home
      . I start becoming lucid and think of what to do next. Not sure, have no plan, but I spot a door that opens to an absolute pitch darkness and I decide to jump through it as a portal and see where I land. Doesn't go as planned. I just enter a darker and most dangerous area of the Backrooms, filled with monsters. First I stumble from room to room in the darkness, finding some hints of a faded light here and there showing a door or some furniture against a wall. Then I came across the first monster. It looks a bit like Venom, shiny black slim body and a big head with sharp teeth. He just appears out of nowhere and falls on me. I just have time to grab his head away from mine and we fight on the floor. I try several hooks to keep him imobilized as I try to find a weakness to hurt him. Eventually I manage to grab some object and slam it into his head, but it takes a lot of times to knock him down and he bits me a couple times. Then I continue wandering and encounter a metal staircase leading to upper or lower levels. I go up and enter a level that has victorian decor in the hallways and beautiful colored bead curtains hanging over many doors. As soon as I cross one such doors and it makes a distinct sound of beads against each other, some woman with a kid appears running and yelling that I just attracted the creature. The creature is a hollow blue mesh figure, a bit like the other slender figure before, but more hunched and walking on four limbs. The front limbs a bit longer than the back limbs. And the head is very thin, basically a neck ending in a jaw. I don't even know how this creature can hurt, because it looks so frail, but it is scary nonetheless. We run upwards but all the next floors are still in the same style with the same damn curtains. Eventually I enter one such floor any way and allow the creature to follow me throughout the rooms. I then face it and grab its head to find it is indeed frail. I rip apart the head mesh as if it is cardboard and that is it. Then I think I see the kid again, can't tell if he is the same, but must be. I call him closer, I don't see his mother around. He stares at me, doesn't move or say a word. Then he gets closer and I noticed he has a snake like tongue and he is actually preparing to attack me. He is just another monster. He tries to snatch me with his tongue and I just have time to jump to the side and escape him. Turns out the woman was walking on the ceiling like a spider and also throwing her tongue to catch me at the same time. Instead both their tongues get entangled and when she pulls her tongue in she swallows the kid whole. I run away again through rooms and rooms, until I find a new level which looks more like the real world. I hear human voices, but not knowing what it is I hide in a room which looks almost normal, with a bed and sheets and even some light coming from some kind of window. I hide under the bed when I hear the voices approaching. It is two guys and they close the door behind them, looking scared and looking for something to block it. They seem human, so I decide to reveal myself. I don't want to startle them, so I whisper to get their attention. They are still spooked at first, suspicious of me, but they end up trusting I am also human. They say they were being chased by some being who looked like a giant leprechaun with two heads. And either he has two faces on the main head or he can send one of the faces down a tentacle-like arm and generate a second head at the end of his arm. The creature arrives at our door and starts pouncing on it heavily. I help them hold it up, but we know he will eventually break it, so I look around for something again that I can use as a weapon. There is some sharp metal thingy from the bed frame and I grab it. The monster finally blasts the door open and throws us down on the ground, but he doesn't come in right away, instead he peaks with his tentacle head first and I stab it with the sharp metal. The creature leaves in agonizing pain, but I still get to see its whole body and main head and it really looks like a leprechaun with a beard and some dusty brown clothing and a semblance of a hat.